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Prime Critics - Your #1 Product Reviewer

Prime Critics guides you through the whole buying process. As a reliable partner, we provide you with trustworthy information. These help you to find your way around the variety of articles offered and the cheapest offers on the Internet. We want to make your online purchase as convenient and easy as possible. Because we know that this is the only way to make shopping fun!

Keep track of the vast variety

When buying a new product online, there are many things to consider – but what exactly? Which screen size is optimal for your new TV? What distinguishes a good coffee machine? And how much power should a hand mixer have? In the detailed purchase advice of Prime Critics, you will find the answers! Our editors are your buying advisors. You get the knowledge of experts in a compact and easy to understand form. You will get to know all the facts, are well informed and can start the product search. Does the offer of online shops overwhelm you again? To find out which one is the best 4K TV or the right WLAN router for you, take a look at our buying guide. At Prime Critics, we support you and provide you with customer reviews and test reports for your desired products – be it the next smartphone, a soundbar or a new multifunction printer. 

Our purchase advice and customer opinions save you time

The summer is coming and you cannot stand the heat anymore? How about a portable air-conditioning unit? Your next vacation is coming and you want to get an international Sim Card to avoid roaming charges? Do you want to book the cheapest flights possible? We show you how to do it. We are happy to assist you in choosing the right product. Every purchase advice and all tips on functions, design, and processing are extensively researched and optimally prepared for you. Save yourself the tedious gathering of information – in our guides, we’ll do it for you! Besides, we provide comparatively well-founded reviews and detailed product descriptions that give you even better insight in terms of quality.

Make the right choice

With most products, you have a wide variety of features and models that can get confusing. For example, if you want to buy a thermal mug, you should pay attention to the following: What material should it be and how much liquid does the cup have to hold? How long does the cup keep my drink warm or cold? So that you do not lose track here, you will find in addition to our leaderboards the average test score, which is composed of product reviews of customers. The extra data will help you to compare the different features.

With our price comparison, you will find the cheapest offer

If you have now found out through our buying guides, which model is the best for you, you want to get hold of the cheapest offer, of course. Our carefully curated price comparison filters the cheapest price for you – so you save money!

Discover our buying guides

Each day, the editors of Prime Critics devote themselves to new and exciting topics that are presented in a way that is understandable and informative for you. Find the best price comparisons with selected top products. Whether you want to start your summer with your new cycling jersey or your e-bike, or make every BBQ party a highlight with your great gas grill, our sales advisors will help you find just the best products for you. Especially when the choices are huge, you can rely on our editors. You have no idea about PC gaming controllers, but want the best and most advanced one that suits your needs? In our gaming controller price comparison, you will find it. Even more: You can choose the right iPhone Bluetooth Controller or Android Bluetooth Controller in the next buying guide.

How does Prime Critics compare?

We are committed to helping online shoppers find the right product. We research for you and make it easier for you to make a purchase decision. Here you can find out the principles we use to provide our services.


Every month, thousands of new items are being released on the market. Even if you have just bought a new phone, it may be that there is already a successor model after three months. Is it worth it now to change the device, or can you wait for the next model? And is the new Apple iPhone better than a comparable Samsung Galaxy smartphone? To make this decision easier, you will always find the most up-to-date manufacturer information, the results of expert, customer opinions and prices. Our data is up to date – so what’s the use of reading a report on the best laptops from ten years ago in 2018?

Careful research

Our editorial team researches for you the best offers from the most popular product categories. For this, we compile extensive product information, expert opinions and customer reviews from different sources. At Prime Critics, we see ourselves as a portal for test reports, as we compare the ratings of experts and consumers. We can give you an objective picture of how a product performs. The vividly prepared comparisons allow you to keep track of the product offers. With Prime Critics, you can not only save money but also valuable time in your research.


Based on customer reviews and expert tests, the average rating on Prime Critics is calculated to 60% from the average of the expert tests and 40% from the average of the available customer ratings. Prime Critics allows you to quickly compare different products with a simple measure. We do not hold the products in our hands. We see ourselves as a platform for the aggregation of information and therefore do not conduct our own tests. Nevertheless, with the Prime Critics rating, you will find a favorite at first glance.

Our ethical guideline

In order to offer you a trustworthy offer, we apply the highest standards to our work. In doing so, we pay particular attention to the principles of independence, transparency, and sustainable financing.


Our top priority is independence because we see ourselves primarily as a consumer portal. Therefore, it is not possible that a manufacturer or seller of a product will ever directly influence the ranking of the products in our product reviews. The same applies to the order of the offers.


We make no secret of our comparison process and our financing because transparency is important to us. As a portal for price comparisons and test reports, we build a bridge between online buyers and online retailers. Our goal is to create more price transparency in e-commerce. This benefits both end-users and retailers.


Like most price comparisons, our website is primarily financed by commissions at no extra costs for you. However, the order of products is based solely on customer reviews and expert tests. It is thus independent of the payments of individual partners.

Our Authors & Experts​

Our authors are true experts when it comes to electronic products, smartphones, Home & Kitchen appliances and many more. Through this expertise, we can guarantee that all articles are well-founded and based on current knowledge. All articles are subject to our editorial guidelines and therefore meet our quality standards of always presenting you with well-researched and relevant topics. We make sure that our authors formulate complex issues clearly and in a helpful manner.

You can find information about our authors below.

Joanna Davis

joanna davis author primecritics

Joanna has been writing about mobile technology for more than ten years, especially notebooks, smartphones and tablets. She gets her balance in the kitchen and garden, which is why household products are her new focus.

Robert Wilson

robert wilson author primecritics

Robert studied industrial engineering and as a freelance author tests all kinds of mobile technology. Monitors, memory and IT in general are his specialty.

Anthony Lee

anthony lee author primecritics

Anthony is not only enthusiastic about drones and ultra-high-resolution recordings from the air, but also about many other topics relating smartphones. He is our expert for Travel SIM Cards.