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what are air miles

What are Air Miles?

what are air miles

Air Miles explained

Those who travel a lot by plane usually try to save as much as possible when booking a flight. It’s even better if you don’t have to pay anything with the help of accumulated flight miles! But what exactly are flight miles and how do you collect them?

Air miles are collectable bonus points that can be earned via various programs, including booking flights. These can then be redeemed for free flights, other great rewards or upgrades.

The best-known frequent flyer program is probably Miles & More, for example with the airlines Lufthansa, Swiss and Eurowings. You can easily earn flight miles not only when booking flights, but also when purchasing selected products. You normally get one mile for every USD spent. However, Lufthansa online shop partners often count miles twice. We advise you to check with the specific airlines for more details.

Booking flights is a bit more complicated. The amount of miles per flight depends on the booking class selected. Therefore, there are so-called mileage calculators on the website of the respective frequent flyer program, which you can look up before booking.

This allows you to see which booking class brings how many miles. However, it is only after booking that you can tell which booking class the purchased ticket is divided into. For example, a flight in economy class will earn you fewer miles than a flight in business class, although the exact same distance will be covered.

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