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apple watch sport review

Apple Watch Sport | Review

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Apple Watch Sport

Bigger, faster, better


Top Built-Quality

Good battery life

Many fitness features

Intuitive operation...


... which, however, requires times to get used to it

Relatively expensive

Apple Watch Sport: More space for WatchOS

In the review of the Apple Watch Sport with a 38-millimeter case, we found that WatchOS requires some time getting used to before using it intuitively. Our experience, the 42-millimeter model is similar. We like WatchOS on the Apple Watch Sport 42mm much more: Menu entries can be selected more accurately, the app menu offers larger icons and WatchFaces come into their own better. Thanks to the larger screen, you also save one or two turns.

Explanation: In general, you operate the Apple Watch by touch, but to zoom in on maps, scroll through menus or operate the app list, for example, you have to use the crown on the side. The pressure-dependent ForceTouch works flawlessly, just like on the small watch.

The pixel density does not suffer from the larger display – at 334 PPI it is even 3 pixels above the value of the smaller watch because the display resolution has grown to 312 x 390 pixels. Overall, the 42-millimeter watch is easier to use, but it is not too big, like a Samsung Gear S. However, with an 11-millimeter thickness, the Apple Watch still does not stay slim, the reason is the optical pulse sensor, which takes up space and showed our current heart rate in the test after about 17 seconds.

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Apple Watch Sport: Fast Siri

After an update for WatchOS, Siri’s performance was significantly improved. The voice input works at least as reliable, but it shows search results much faster: It takes 3.32 seconds in tests until the Apple Watch has the result list for search queries ready.

Less pleasant: In the settings menu of the Apple Watch, there are still occasional jerks and stutters which occur when swiping quickly. All things considered, the Apple Watch works pretty quickly. We still miss important apps for the Apple Watch, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. You can receive the information and the content of a message, but cannot reply directly to it.

If several WhatsApps come in, you will receive a notification about it, but no longer the content. You still have to dig out the phone. However, this cannot be blamed on Apple, here the providers are asked to quickly launch their apps for WatchOS.

Apple Watch Sport: Battery Advantages

Apple uses the extra space for a 246 mAh battery. Apple does not officially state this, but Apple Watch teardowns reveal this capacity. Compared to the battery values of the 38 millimeter variant of 205 mAh circulating on the Internet, this would be a decent increase. And is immediately noticeable in the test: the strength cell only weakens after around 20:15 hours – that’s almost four hours more!

Apple Watch Sport: Strap Variety & Quality

Apple has a variety of bracelets on offer – there are 26 in total. The replacement is easy with the magnetic snap fastener. In any case, make sure that the bracelet clicks into place reliably! We like the comfort of the fluoroelastomer tape.

There is also nothing to complain about when it comes to the processing of the watch on the Apple Watch Sport – the buttons are firmly seated in the aluminum body.

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