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best 15 inch laptops

The Best 15 Inch Laptops in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

Are you looking for a lightweight and not too big laptop? Then a 15-inch laptop is the right choice for you. The 15 inch laptop is very practical and the ideal size for comfortable use. There are 15-inch laptops that can also be used as tablets.

With our laptop 15 inch test we want to help you to find the most suitable 15 inch laptop for you. You will find a comparison between 15 inch laptops with a detachable touchscreen display and without a detachable touchscreen display. You can weigh up which variant you should ultimately choose based on our advantages and disadvantages.

There are a few criteria that you should consider when buying a 15-inch notebook. But we want to find out these here and make your purchase decision easier.

  • A 15 inch laptop gives you a convenient and flexible alternative to a desktop PC. Because you can use the laptop anywhere on the go and work with it.
  • Basically, you can choose between a 15-inch laptop without a detachable display and without a touchscreen function or a 15-inch laptop with a detachable display and touchscreen, which can also only be used as a tablet.
  • A 15-inch notebook offers you an ideal and comfortable size. It’s not too big, and it’s not too small either. In addition, a 15 inch laptop with its optimal size should take the strain off your eyes the most.

Best 15 Inch Laptops

MICROSOFT Surface Laptop 3 - 15"

MICROSOFT Surface Laptop 3 – 15
  • Business and Student Edition with Windows 10 Pro, 15″ 2256 x…
  • 128 GB SSD M.2 – NVMe Storage, 8GB LPDDR4x RAM, Integrated…
  • 1.2GHz (Up to 3.7GHz) 10th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-1035G7
  • Up to 11.5 Hours of Battery Life, Dolby Audio Premium Stereo…
  • Larger Touchpad, USB Type-C port, USB Type-A Port, 1 x 1 3.5…

The platinum-colored Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 impresses with its elegant design. At 1.54 kg, it is also very light. The battery lasts up to 11.5 hours. The improved speed thanks to the Intel Core processor (Core i5) also makes it pleasant to use.

If you would like to have a light 15 ″ laptop with an i5 core processor and a long battery life, then we recommend the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. It also offers you 8 GB of RAM and a hard drive capacity of 128 GB.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 - 15"

 Our Pick
Microsoft Surface Book 3 – 15
  • Most powerful Surface laptop yet, with quad-core powered,…
  • Fastest graphics on Surface, powered by NVIDIA GTX GeForce…
  • Power when you need it. Up to 17.5 hours battery life[1] —…
  • Robust laptop, powerful tablet, and portable studio in one.
  • The connections you need, including USB-A, USB-C, and…

The silver-colored Microsoft Surface Book 2 is very powerful and offers up to 17 hours of battery life. It weighs no more than 2 kg and has a Core i7 processor type. The memory size is 16 GB and the hard disk has space for 256 GB.

If you want a versatile 15-inch laptop that can also be used as a tablet with a detachable touch display, then we recommend the Microsoft Surface Book 2. It also has a keyboard backlight and a Surface Pen.

ROG Zephyrus G15

ROG Zephyrus G15
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB GDDR6 with ROG Boost (Base:…
  • AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS processor (up to 4.2GHz)
  • 15.6” 144Hz IPS-Type Full HD (1920×1080) display
  • 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM | 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD | Backlit…
  • 0.8” thin, 4.85 lbs ultraportable form-factor

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus M with its matte display weighs 1.9 kg and also has the Intel Core i7 processor. The RAM and hard drive size are 16 GB. The laptop battery lasts up to 8 hours.

If you want to use your laptop everywhere and don’t always have the problem with screen mirroring, then the ASUS ROG Zephyrus M is an ideal companion for you. With a matte screen you have less glare and reflection.

Frequently Asked Questions: 15 Inch Laptop

What is a 15 inch laptop?

Basically, a laptop is a mobile device that is used to be “online” on the go. This would be impossible with a computer. It can therefore be used practically because it is also very light and flat.

So it can be used comfortably on your lap. Since the keyboard and mouse are of course also integrated in the housing, it makes handling even easier.

How big is a 15 inch laptop?

Fortunately, a laptop is not as big and heavy as a computer.

15 inches means that the dimensions of a laptop, i.e. the screen diagonal 38.1 cm, the width 30.4 cm and the height 22.8 cm. Thus, a 15 inch laptop has the ideal dimensions to use it comfortably on the go.

Who should use a 15 inch laptop?

A 15-inch laptop is suitable for anyone who travels a lot or who simply needs a notebook for school or study in general, e.g. B. Business people, students or pupils.

But a 15 ″ laptop is also a great device for private purposes. You can use your laptop e.g. B. for gaming, image editing or take with you on vacation to watch films. Since this notebook isn’t that big, of course, and it’s the perfect size, it’s pretty handy.

Types of 15 Inch Laptops

If you want to get a 15 inch laptop, there are two alternatives you can choose between:

  • 15 inch laptop without detachable touchscreen display
  • 15 inch laptop with detachable touchscreen display

15 Inch Laptop Without Detachable Touchscreen Display: Advantages & Disadvantags

A 15-inch laptop without a detachable touchscreen display has fewer reflections and reflections in bright places. Because the touchscreen display is not very reflective.

It’s also cheaper and more stable than a laptop with a detachable touch display. Touch laptops are much more expensive.


  • less reflection
  • cheaper
  • more stable


  • no versatility
  • cannot be used as a tablet

15 Inch Laptop With Detachable Touchscreen Display: Advantages & Disadvantags

A 15-inch laptop with a detachable touchscreen display can be used as a 2-in-1 laptop and as a tablet. So you don’t need to buy a tablet in addition to your laptop, because you already have both in one.

It also offers additional flexibility because it can be used anywhere. Since it can be converted into a tablet, it is even lighter in weight.


  • 2-in-1 laptop
  • Tablet function
  • light
  • flexibility


  • Display mirroring
  • expensive

15 Inch Laptop: Purchase Criteria

In the following we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the multitude of possible 15-inch laptops.

The criteria you can use to compare 15-inch laptops include:

  • RAM
  • Hard Drive Capacity
  • Battery Life
  • Processor
  • Weight
  • Color

In the following paragraphs we will explain to you what is important for the individual criteria.


Depending on what you need your 15-inch laptop for, you will need more or less GB of RAM.

If you use your laptop for gaming, we recommend a storage capacity of at least 16 GB. If you just surf the Internet, edit a few pictures and use the Office programs, then 8 GB is enough.

Hard Drive Capacity

The hard drive capacity is certainly an important factor. There are laptops with 16 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB or a lot more storage space.

Of course, what you need your notebook for is important. If you want to gamble with it, we recommend more storage capacity and maybe even an additional hard drive.

If you don’t need your notebook to play games, then you can also use e.g. B. 256 GB. You can also consider buying an external hard drive. Because if your laptop breaks, you have your important documents saved on your external hard drive.

Battery Life

An important point is the battery life of the 15-inch laptop.

The longer the battery life, the better.

If you have a laptop with a long battery life, you can easily work on your notebook for an entire afternoon or even a day without charging.

A laptop with a long-lasting battery charge will not get you into uncomfortable or annoying situations. If you don’t have a power outlet within reach or you forgot to charge your laptop, a laptop with a battery life of up to 17 hours is more advantageous.


The processor type is certainly a big consideration when buying a laptop. There are different types of processors & the two manufacturers Intel and AMD.

In the subclass are the Intel Core i3 and AMD Ryzen 3 processor types. 15 ″ laptops with these process types are the cheapest, but also have less performance. These are suitable for normal office activities such as B. Working with Office programs or surfing the Internet.

The Intel Core i5 and the ADM Ryzen 5 belong to the middle class and can be used for simple games or graphics applications. It is therefore a small all-rounder.

The Core i7 and Ryzen 7 belong to the upper class and are used for more complex video editing or for games that require more performance.

An i9 and Ryzen 9 processor are in the more expensive price range, but are also more powerful. These types of processes are often found in gaming laptops.

Which processor type is the right one for you, of course, depends on your usage.


Weight also plays a big role when buying a laptop. Because the lighter a laptop is, the more convenient and easier it is to transport.

There are 15-inch laptops that weigh less than 1 kg.

There are also heavier laptops that weigh over 2 kg. Of course, if you carry your laptop with you a lot, a laptop with less weight would be more beneficial for you.


There are also people who pay attention to the color of a laptop. For some, a laptop has to look elegant and chic. Others don’t care about the color and just want a laptop that works.

After all, there are many different colors. But the standard colors are as follows:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • White

There are also laptop manufacturers who use pastel colors. There are also golden, rose-red, wine-red, turquoise or rose-gold laptops.

Of course, you also have the option of re-wrapping your laptop so that it has exactly the color you want. Then it doesn’t matter what color your laptop is when you buy it.

Facts about 15 Inch Laptops

What accessories are there for a 15 inch laptop?

There are quite a few accessories. You have z. For example, you can choose from various portable mice that easily work via USB. If you want to buy a 15 inch laptop with touch function, you can also get a touch pen.

You can also get a screen protector for your laptop so that you can work on important documents without being disturbed without anyone being able to see them.

There are also suitable protective covers to protect a 15-inch laptop. That brings us to the last point “Is there any protection for a 15 inch laptop”.

Is there protection for a 15 inch laptop?

There are bags, covers or backpacks available to protect your 15-inch laptop. There are shock-resistant protective covers, but also bags made of waterproof material that adequately protect your laptop.

If you want to be comfortable, buy a laptop bag with a shoulder strap. There is also a laptop bag for frequent travelers that can be converted into a trolley. This makes the trip even more pleasant and comfortable.

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