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The 10 Best 27-Inch Monitors in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

A few years ago, a computer monitor was one of the most expensive components when you put together a new PC. But that has not been the case for a long time. You can now get large and small monitors in all price ranges. However, the variety of products makes a choice difficult. Because there are some criteria that you should pay attention to. Depending on the applications for which you plan to use the monitor, other properties are important.

We want to remedy this by comparing 27-inch monitors. We’ll explain what to look for when buying a new 27-inch monitor. For each purpose there are important aspects to which you should attach importance. 

Why do you need a 27 Inch Monitor?

This question sounds rhetorical at first: Of course you want to use a monitor to display the graphic signals from the computer. But it makes sense to answer this question as precisely as possible. There are several areas of application. It depends on what exactly you want to do with the computer:

Surf the Internet, do office work at home

In this area, you will surely place the least demands on your new monitor. A model from the lower price segment is usually sufficient here. However, with one caveat: If you spend more than an hour a day in front of the computer, you should make sure that it is a model that is as flicker-free as possible. Otherwise your eyes will tire very quickly. Working on a flickering monitor for a long time can also cause headaches.

Another important point about an office monitor is ergonomics. Therefore, the question of how good the device looks when it is switched off should play a minor role in your selection. It must be possible to set up the screen so precisely that it enables a good sitting posture. If you cannot or do not want to mount the monitor with a wall bracket, the base of the device must be very flexible. In other words: You must be able to tilt the screen in all directions and it should be height-adjustable. Not all monitors on the market offer this luxury.

The so-called pivot function is interesting: This allows you to turn the screen upright. In this way, for example, a page in a word processing document can be displayed completely without altering the aspect ratio.

Playing computer games

There are also clear demarcations on this topic: Do you only want to play so-called casual games? This is the name given to games in which there are no particularly fast movements, such as a card game. Or should it be the latest first person shooter? Here you are dealing with high quality graphics, fast movements and enormous color depth.

If the latter is the case, you should make sure that the reaction time is as short as possible, which is specified in the millisecond range. We have already listed affordable gaming monitors in our comparison; the response time should never exceed 1 to 2 milliseconds. The reaction time avoids streaking effects. The image adapts very quickly to animations and video sequences.

Another decisive factor in gaming monitors is the maximum resolution. But remember: the higher the resolution, the more powerful the graphics engine must be. The best monitor with the highest resolution will not do you any good if the computer’s graphics card does not support it. Or if the interaction between the components processor, graphics card and memory does not work.

In terms of design, gaming monitors are clearly recognizable. Many manufacturers tailor their models in this area to the users. An interesting color scheme such as a combination of black and red is the most common. Since keyboards, mice and computer cases for gamers are correspondingly stylish, such a design is very important for the end customer and a distinguishing feature of a good gaming monitor.

Watch Movies

Do you primarily use your computer to watch high-resolution films? Then your monitor must also meet special requirements. But even that is not a problem. In this case, the size of the monitor in relation to the distance between the device and the user is decisive. And the resolution also plays a big role.

Nowadays there are only a few monitors on the market that do not shine with a Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, regardless of size. That is enough to be able to enjoy a DVD or a Blue Ray in full resolution. If it is a 4k film, the monitor must support the corresponding resolution.

Video & Image Editing

If you want to edit images, photos or videos in the semi or professional area, you will not be particularly happy with the selection of our comparison. You should then look in the high-priced segment. When working in this job, the focus is specifically on color. Blue is not just blue. Anyone who has two or more monitors can confirm this relatively quickly. Colors have to look real. A monitor is therefore required that can make the necessary settings. There are specially developed devices for scaling such monitors. If you want to use multiple monitors, they should always be the same models from one company.

Increase Workspace

In the professional field in particular, you may no longer get by with a single monitor. Perhaps they want to write and do research on the Internet at the same time. You don’t want your browser window to constantly cover the window from the word processor – and vice versa. In such a case, multiple monitors are an adequate solution. These can be positioned and arranged as desired, the desktop is expanded.

For example, you have your word processor on the left monitor and the Internet browser on the right device. You can easily navigate from one monitor to another with the mouse pointer. Modern operating systems and graphics cards have long been familiar with this system. That makes work a lot easier. If a second or even a third or fourth monitor is to expand the existing system, there are other aspects to consider when choosing a new monitor.

Types of 27 Inch Monitors

In the large 27 inch monitor test, there are a variety of different display types. The test differentiates, for example, between the different panel types. With the 27 inch monitor, a direct comparison is made between an IPS, VA and TN panel. The survey also separates non-curved and curved displays.

IPS Panel

An IPS panel has a very high viewing angle stability in the test. In a direct comparison, the IPS panels are characterized by an outstanding color depth. The colors can be easily calibrated using an on-screen tool. The term IPS means In Plane Switching. A disadvantage of this technology is the higher energy consumption.


  • Very high viewing angle stability
  • Excellent color depth


  • high energy consumption
  • often expensive to buy

VA Panel

The panels that use the vertical alignment technology are characterized by very good contrast values. There is a certain congruence to the IPS panel, since both panel types have a high viewing angle stability. The VA panels are in great demand, especially in the medical field. A disadvantage of this technology is the very poor response times.


  • very good contrast values
  • high viewing angle stability


  • sluggish response times

TN Panel

Twisted Nematic is another panel technology that is especially popular with gamers. Because one of its advantages in the test is that it has excellent response times and at the same time belongs to the cheaper screen variants.

Compared to the panel technologies mentioned above, the viewing angle stability is only very poor.


  • Excellent response times
  • Inexpensive


  • poor viewing angle stability

How are 27 Inch Monitors tested?

In the large 27 inch monitor test, different factors are used for evaluation. In the practical test, many characteristics turn out to be decisive for a good test grade. Does the 27 inch monitor have good viewing angle stability? Which price category is the 27 inch monitor assigned to? A detailed test also takes a look at the existing connections. Can you simply connect the 27 inch monitor to a game console?

If you want to use a second monitor, it is always helpful if the 27 inch monitor supports several connection types. One aspect that plays a role in a test is the usability of the display device. Does the device support different picture modes? With these picture modes you can adjust the monitor perfectly to another application in seconds.

The film mode is characterized by strong colors, whereas the document mode sharpens the contrasts and makes reading on the screen easier. A comparison of the different modes shows their advantages. Some displays allow you to set your own setup. You can try out different values ​​in an experiment and then save them as your own mode. The reaction time is particularly important for computer gamers in the test. After all, you don’t want to lose out in multiplayer combat.

The comparison winner among the gaming monitors has a good response time, mostly has connections to the graphics card and has a quite high Hertz number of 144 Hz. At this point, it is worth testing different display devices, because the manufacturers indicate the response times according to a survey sometimes not always mentioning the actual value.

Screen Resolution

The resolution of a 27 inch monitor indicates how many pixels the display can display. The higher the screen resolution, the clearer and sharper the image can be. Full HD refers to a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The now very popular 4K format offers a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels according to the test.

Reaction Time

The response time indicates the length of time in which the 27 inch monitor renews its image. This value is particularly interesting for computer gamers, as poor reaction times can lead to streaking or double contours. In multiplayer combat you then suffer a considerable disadvantage.

Input / Output

In the test, you have to consider the number of connections available on the 27 inch monitor. Good monitors have a variety of connection options. Common connections include VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI. Usually there are also USB connections and sometimes a speaker input on the 27 inch monitor.


Occasionally you want to adjust the 27 inch monitor to the respective application. For example, if you want to watch a film or read an e-book on the monitor. User-friendly 27 inch monitors have a button on the side of the monitor that allows you to change the screen mode.

The different modes each represent a company-specific setup in which the values for color, contrast and brightness are preset. In film mode, the colors are usually very saturated.


In the test, the brightness of a display is measured in candela. The factor describes the maximum brightness of a 27 inch monitor.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is measured in Hertz. The more Hertz a 27 inch monitor has, the smoother the picture will be. This is an important criterion, especially for gamers.


Sync improves the synchronicity of playback in the test. It is a direct interface between the 27 inch monitor and the graphics card. Different manufacturers each have their own sync model. A comparison between FreeSync from AMD and G-Sync from Nvidia can be used here, for example.

Important Criteria for 27" Monitors

When buying a 27 inch monitor, nothing is more feared than the pixel error. In some cases this error can be fixed again with a little trickery. Nevertheless, it is very annoying when you have just spent a lot of money on a new product and immediately notice a defect. After unpacking the 27 inch monitor, a test run is absolutely recommended. During the aptitude test you can see whether there are any dead pixels on the display. A check should actually be carried out before the monitor is shipped, but this step is neglected by some brands.

The comparison between the brands underlines the existing differences in quality. Another weak point that is criticized in many reviews in the test is the labeling as a gaming monitor. Only a few monitors pass the practical test or even emerge as comparative winners. Ghosting effects occur in the evaluation of the monitor when playing games.

Every time the camera is turned, streaks appear around the character in the game, for example. The product test is then considered to have failed. This is mostly due to the poor response time of the monitor or a poor match with the GPU. After installing the 27 inch monitor, a test must be carried out. The test then quickly shows whether the image on the monitor is regularly updated in the specified response times.

The stand of the monitor is sometimes mentioned as a drawback. If the workmanship is poor, the base wobbles in the test. The lack of stability will sooner or later lead to further problems, which is why an exchange at the point is recommended.

Alternatives for 27" Monitors

Several alternatives are mentioned in the test for the 27 inch monitor. If you don’t need a large display, you can still use a 24 or 21 inch display. A smaller screen diagonal is usually sufficient, especially for the second monitor. A smaller screen format is still sufficient for many purposes. In the test result, there are no further compromises between these smaller monitors. They can display the color depth just as well, are not inferior to the 27 inch monitor in terms of response times and even prove to be more energy-efficient. In the comparison table, you will find the suitable alternative model to the 27 inch monitor after a few moments.

Because the smaller display device doesn’t have to shy away from comparison. One advantage is that the smaller display is cheaper. Congruence between the monitors is still given in all points, except for the screen diagonal. It is still worthwhile to juxtapose the various computer screens that have already been tested. If you want to put a little brother to the side of the 27 inch monitor, you don’t need to make any experiments. Because you already know the peculiarities of the screen from the 27 inch monitor.

In the test, the devices performed the same in almost all applications. The larger screen diagonal is only measured occasionally. For example in programs that open many small windows. The smaller-format display still cuts a fine figure as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions: 27 Inch Monitors

How does the 27 inch monitor affect the number of FPS?

All the facts from a 27 inch monitor test and comparison frames per second is the number of images created per second. This ratio is often used by gamers as a benchmark for the performance of a game. The graphics card, the processor and the degree of optimization of the respective game are decisive for the FPS. You can tell whether the monitor matches the FPS values by the number of Hertz present. A gaming monitor should best support 144 Hz.

Which 27 inch monitor is best for games?

The monitor should have short response times. At the same time, the Hertz number is very important for the test. Otherwise ghosting or tearing effects will occur.

Which monitor settings are easy on the eyes?

The test shows that particularly high contrast values are most likely to protect the eyes. The color temperature should be set in the evening so that the proportion of blue light is low. Otherwise, it can even affect sleep.

How should the 27 inch monitor be positioned?

The monitor should not be too close or too far from the user. Wearers of varifocal glasses can place the 27 inch monitor with a little more distance. Ultimately, the most important thing in the test is your own well-being.

Which 27 inch monitor panel is best?

That depends entirely on the area of application. The question also arises as to whether you would like to present your work. An IPS panel has a very good side viewing angle so that you can present your projects better.

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