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The Best 3D Glasses in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

3D glasses are a special type of glasses that provide a spatial depth effect when viewing 3D images and 3D movies. 3D glasses are indispensable so that movies and images can be seen in three dimensions.

Ultra-Clear HD 144 Hz DLP Link 3D Active Rechargeable Shutter Glasses

Ultra-Clear HD 144 Hz DLP Link 3D Active Rechargeable Shutter Glasses
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BOBLOV DLP Link 3D Glasses Active Shutter 144Hz

BOBLOV DLP Link 3D Glasses Active Shutter 144Hz
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BOBLOV DLP Link 3D Glasses Active Shutter 144Hz - Blue

BOBLOV DLP Link 3D Glasses Active Shutter 144Hz – Blue
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BIAL 2 Pack Red-Blue 3D Glasses

BIAL 2 Pack Red-Blue 3D Glasses
  • 100% Brand new high quality 3D glasses.
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BIAL 3 Pack Red-Blue 3D Glasses

BIAL 3 Pack Red-Blue 3D Glasses
  • 100% Brand new high quality 3D glasses.
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Red & Blue White Cardboard Glasses

 Our Pick
Red & Blue White Cardboard Glasses
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BIAL Red-Blue 3D Glasses

BIAL Red-Blue 3D Glasses
  • 100% Brand new high quality 3D glasses.
  • Made of black plastic frame and red and cyan high quality…
  • It is suitable for watching such stereo movies as The…
  • It could be used to view 3D print, magazines, comic books,…
  • Packing included:1 x 3D Vision Myopia General Glasses + case…

Blue Handcart 12 Pairs of Red/Cyan Cardboard 3D Glasses

Blue Handcart 12 Pairs of Red/Cyan Cardboard 3D Glasses
850 Reviews
Blue Handcart 12 Pairs of Red/Cyan Cardboard 3D Glasses
  • These are paper card glasses that you can carry around with…
  • To be used for DVDs Movies Photos Internet images – all that…

Frequently Asked Questions: 3D Glasses

What are 3D Glasses?

3D glasses are a special type of glasses that provide a spatial depth effect when viewing 3D images and 3D movies. Only with 3D glasses from the test can 3D movies achieve the corresponding effect. Two images are required to capture a 3D image, because the right and left eyes do not see the subject from exactly the same angle.

The difference between the positions and perspectives causes the brain to evaluate the two images separately, creating the spatial impression. Therefore, the 3D glasses are designed to create one image for the right eye and the corresponding other image for the left eye through the specific filtering.

How do 3D Glasses work?

3D glasses are indispensable for seeing movies and images in three dimensions. With them, action blockbusters, animated movies, but also concert videos and games are perceived three-dimensionally. For spatial depth, the 3D glasses from the current test are designed in such a way that the image information is separated for the two eyes.

There is a separate display and feed to the eyes. Due to the fact that the modern test winners of 3D glasses are very lightweight and thin, you can wear them quite comfortably. The tinting is minimal, so the image quality does not suffer. For functionality, the 3D glasses must be connected to the TV. This is usually done with modern devices via infrared technology or Bluetooth. This way, you get a three-dimensional cinema experience in front of the TV….

Advantages of 3D Glasses

Modern 3D glasses are based on the current standard of transmission technologies. In the beginning, these glasses were mainly used for watching movies at home in combination with a 3D-capable TV. In the meantime, the 3D glasses from the test comparison are also used in combination with PC games.

Buyers can choose between the shutter technology and the polarization method. Both types of glasses are very popular and bring the cinema feeling into your own living room. Compared to earlier 3D glasses, today’s models are much lighter and less clunky. In addition, there is no need for a cable to synchronize the 3D glasses with the TV when they are activated.

The modern Bluetooth connection is characterized by a particularly reliable signal strength and a correspondingly large range. However, the glasses with infrared signal also ensure trouble-free movie enjoyment. However, you need the closest possible contact with infrared technology, so you are less flexible here.

So you don’t need to go to the cinema for 3D movies anymore, but you can watch the exciting blockbusters or movies with great nature shots at home. Music films and concert recordings also look very vivid when you put on glasses with 3D effect. Furthermore, the 3D glasses are suitable for action-packed games with 3D effects.

You feel directly drawn into the action and have the impression of being in the middle of a movie. The 3D glasses are therefore a must-have as a supplement to the multimedia area.

Types of 3D Glasses

If you buy a 3D-capable TV, you will sometimes find the matching 3D glasses in the scope of delivery. However, you can also order these glasses separately. However, you have to make sure that these 3D glasses are compatible with your own TV.

Some models work with a universal Bluetooth technology, so that the connection with several TVs is possible. Pairing, i.e. the connection, only takes a few seconds. With the help of the Bluetooth protocol, you can count on a stable signal.

When you look at the 3D glasses from the test, you notice that there are two main variants: the glasses with active shutter method and the models with passive polarization. In addition, special 3D glasses for glasses wearers are available, which ensure optimal lens coverage.

The passive polarization glasses are used without a battery and are therefore particularly lightweight. Wearers have more freedom of movement, as changes in head position do not affect the 3D image. However, the increased filtering in the polarization glasses causes color changes, so the images are not as clear as with the shutter glasses.

Furthermore, only the second image line is used for the display, so the resolution is halved. Therefore, passive polarization glasses should only be used in combination with a Full HD TV to have sufficient image sharpness.

The advantages of polarization glasses:

  • favorable purchase price
  • high wearing comfort due to low weight
  • can be used without battery
  • good flexibility

The disadvantages of polarization glasses:

  • lower color saturation
  • reduction of image sharpness

The active shutter glasses alternately supply both eyes with full images. At the same time, the liquid crystals in the glasses only allow light to pass through for one eye at a time. In the human brain, the information received in this way is assembled into a three-dimensional image. This active 3D technology can only work with an extremely fast image change.

The refresh rate is at least 120 Hz. In addition, the shutter glasses must be synchronized with the TV set. The active 3D glasses work with battery and are therefore heavier than the polarization glasses. You also have to take into account that changing the viewing angle can lead to “ghost images” and that sometimes image flickering appears.

If you use shutter glasses for too long, your perception can be affected. However, in terms of color reproduction and resolution, these active 3D glasses prove to be of very high quality.

The advantages of active shutter glasses:

  • detailed display and good color reproduction
  • first-class movie experience
  • perfect adjustment to the TV possible

The disadvantages of the shutter glasses

  • relatively more expensive
  • heavier due to integrated battery
  • ghost images and flickering possible

Other types of 3D glasses are the red-green glasses and the red-cyan glasses. These are anaglyph glasses, available for example in the form of cardboard children’s glasses. They are very cheap and for a while you could even get them as a free TV magazine insert. The tinting of the glasses results in poorer color quality of the images, so these obsolete 3D glasses are hardly available anymore.

How are 3D Glasses tested?

In the test of the 3D glasses, various tests were carried out to get more information about the suitability and the detailed quality characteristics. On the one hand, it was about the installed technology, on the other hand about the user comfort. The following criteria are essential to consider when looking for 3D glasses.


Some 3D glasses are suitable for multiple TVs, others only work with a specific technology and are therefore limited to only a few TVs. That’s why you have to adapt your 3D glasses exactly to the 3D technology of the TV. Polarization glasses are generally suitable for TV sets and beamers that also work with polarization technology.

Here, the 3D movies are often played with a Blu-Ray player. If you have a TV with shutter technology, on the other hand, you have to buy the corresponding shutter glasses. The description of the TV tells you everything about the original accessories and compatible 3D glasses.

Infrared or Bluetooth connection

Many 3D glasses from the test work via Bluetooth. The connection with the TV is based on the same principle as the pairing of smartphones and other mobile devices. Bluetooth is also often used to connect wireless speakers and headphones.

The devices can be connected to each other as required via the corresponding Bluetooth interface. Over short distances, interference-free communication is thus ensured.

Somewhat older models, which were manufactured until 2012, often use infrared technology for the connection. The transmission should work smoothly here as well, but Bluetooth is the standard in the meantime.

Power supply

Passive polarization glasses don’t need a power supply, so you don’t have to charge them. Shutter glasses, on the other hand, require occasional charging. Depending on the battery life, the test winners of 3D glasses can be used for up to 150 hours, while other models only last 50 hours.

Darkening effect

Most of the 3D glasses in the test deliver a darkened picture. This can be seen at the first glance at the lenses, which are significantly darker in some models than in others. Unlike the tinted lenses of sunglasses, however, the actual darkening effect is related to the functional principle of the 3D technology.

The constant change alters the field of vision, which is darkened by 50%, so to speak. This is also the case with polarization glasses, which only let 50% of the light waves through. To compensate for the typical darkening effect, producers now set the 3D devices brighter than is the case with conventional TV sets and beamers. If necessary, you can also make the picture on the 3D device brighter yourself.

Glasses frame

The lightweight 3D glasses are especially popular with movie fans. The handy and delicate frames are also suitable for glasses wearers, because they can be put on in addition to normal glasses. The more the frame weighs, the more uncomfortable it is. With a movie lasting 90 minutes or longer, this is clearly noticeable.

Some shutter glasses can weigh up to 70 grams, but there are also models that only weigh 16 grams. This difference can already be felt after half an hour. In the case of polarized glasses, only a few models weigh more than 20 g.


Especially for young people, it is not only about the function and the picture quality, but also about the optics of the 3D glasses. The manufacturers are aware that this criterion also plays a certain role. They prefer to focus on a sporty and stylish design of the glasses.

After all, movie fans not only want to see well, but also look cool. While the focus is on sophisticated 3D technology and an all-around coherent movie experience, the design should also leave nothing to be desired.

In general, the 3D glasses from the test are kept quite slim, but there are also somewhat wider models. Black is clearly the classic. Silver-gray and black are also available, and some manufacturers also offer other colors like blue. The lenses of some models look a little darker than others.

The design of the frame should not be based solely on the look, but also on the comfortable fit of the glasses on the ears and nose.

What should I look for when buying 3D glasses?

Only in combination with a 3D TV or a 3D projector you need 3D glasses. These should in any case use the same 3D technology as the TV. Ideally, they should be the same brand, so that you can read in the respective product descriptions whether the glasses are compatible with the TV.

In some cases, the 3D glasses from the comparison test can also be connected with TVs from other brands. It is important that the same 3D signal is used so that you know whether passive or active 3D glasses are needed.

Besides the suitability for the existing media devices, one should pay attention to the picture quality of the 3D glasses. This is about the sharpness, contrasts and brightness. The test winners of the 3D glasses deliver a very realistic viewing experience, so that you feel directly involved in the cinema world.

For the best possible display, many buyers turn to Ultra HD-capable 3D glasses. These are now usually connected to the TV via Bluetooth. In some cases, the glasses frames adapt to different head sizes and face shapes so that consumers do not have to forgo any comfort. Those who also value a modern or particularly sporty design will also find what they are looking for.

The purchase decision may also be based on the warranty period. Some manufacturers offer a warranty period of one year, while others extend this to two or three years. Furthermore, customers should check whether the 3D glasses come with a battery and how powerful this battery is. Last but not least, the wearing comfort plays a role, which not only depends on the weight, but also on the shape of the frame.

3D Glasses Accessories

A lot of accessories are available for the pleasant 3D movie enjoyment. Apart from the 3D glasses from the test, equipment for the projector and special parts for the screen are also used. This category includes mounts, spacers and practical suspension systems. Users might also need mobile helpers like bags, an anti-theft device and a laser pointer, depending on the purposes for which the 3D glasses are to be used.

When it comes to the extended accessories for 3D glasses, TVs and projectors, you’ll find a variety of cables with various connections. Adapters and mounting elements are also included.

The technology of the 3D glasses from the current test is closely linked to the functionality of the TVs. When looking for a 3D TV, you can find large-screen sets, curved TVs or the innovative Smart TVs. For a particularly high-contrast and sharp picture, one should opt for a 4K TV or a UHD display. This way, you benefit from an incomparably good playback quality, regardless of whether you watch two- or three-dimensional movies.

To complement the private home theater, there are not only suitable Full HD projectors, but also the right sound equipment. With a modern surround system, the home cinema becomes a favorite place. The perfect sound quality makes the three-dimensional cinema experience perfect. You can choose from small boxes or complete speaker sets that consist of several components.

Depending on the quality and desired sound, a single soundbar may be sufficient. If necessary, additional hi-fi components can be connected. This way, even music videos in 3D become a special experience.

If you don’t have enough space for large floor-standing speakers, you might want to use smaller shelf speakers. And if you don’t want to disturb your housemates, high-quality headphones are needed instead of powerful subwoofers.

You should also have the right 3D glasses and compatible sound accessories for the combination with the PC. In addition, there may be other extras like gaming accessories. Of course, the corresponding 3D movies and games should not be missing.

3D Glasses Alternatives

The 3D glasses, which must be compatible with the TV, cannot be replaced by any other type of glasses. A simple pair of red-green glasses works quite differently and therefore cannot be used as a substitute. Thus, one only has the option of switching to the two-dimensional image if 3D glasses are not available.

In the case of two-dimensional movie enjoyment, a magnified image can possibly “pull” the viewer in more strongly. The high-class curved TV sets do not provide a 3D image, but they simulate the 3D effect to a certain extent.

However, this only works if you sit at the right angle to the screen. Thus, there is no alternative for the 3D glasses in the test.

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