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The 12 Best Air Fryer in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

Crunchy french fries are one of the absolute favorite dishes for many people. But fries can also be unhealthy. When immersed in hot oil for deep-frying, they soak up and we absorb all the fat while eating. In the long run, this can be stressful for the body. It’s good that there is a low-calorie, fat-free alternative to classic deep fryers – the so-called hot air fryers. You can use it to create fries without fat and can also prepare many other delicious dishes.

In the following, we want to show you in our hot air fryer comparison which models are worth buying and what is important for a good fryer. Learn more about the low-fat deep fryers in our guide and find out how to find the ideal model for your requirements.

Do you want to understand how air fryers work and learn their (dis)advantages? You will find a quick summary here.

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What are the best Air Fryers?

1. Princess XL 182020

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This chic hot air fryer is ideal if you want to fry fries with reduced calories and without fat. With high-speed convection technology, you can prepare food more healthy – and without much effort. The deep fryer has a capacity of 3.2 liters, so you can fry up to five servings in one go. You do not have to fear any loss of taste – the finished fries taste just as delicious and have a consistency as with deep fryers, in which the fries sizzle in hot oil.

But you can not only deep-fry with this Air Fryer – baking, grilling and roasting are also easily done in a healthier way than would be the case with the addition of fat or oil. Even pre-cooked dishes can be reheated without any problems – and unlike heating up in the microwave, the food does not dry out. If you want, you can also fill the deep fryer with a little oil and, for example, ensure that fried potatoes are extra crispy.

This fryer also has a timer that allows you to determine the exact time that the fryer turns off. The finished ingredients can be safely removed from the handle of the removable basket – and you don’t have to worry about burning them on the hot contents of the deep fryer.

Other features of this preparation include overheating protection and an acoustic signal that informs you when you can remove the finished dishes. Removable parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher and the remaining components can also be cleaned quickly and easily.

2. T-Fal YV960151 ActiFry

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This Tefal deep fryer has a capacity of 1.5 kg and, with a weight of 2.9 kg, is one of the lightest models in our hot air fryer comparison. The large interior of the device offers space for dishes for the whole family. At up to 150 degrees Celsius, the food is cooked gently and low in fat in the deep fryer. The food containers and the cooking plate are coated and dishwasher-safe.

The particularly quickly circulating air inside the deep fryer ensures that the food does not dry out and remains nice and juicy. The rotating stirrer distributes the food and the oil evenly and prevents scorching. The transparent lid of the device allows a look inside so that you can easily keep an eye on the cooking progress.

When it is done, the timer automatically switches off the hot air fryer and you hear a signal tone. So you do not miss anything and ensure that the food is exactly on point and optimally tempered. Anyone looking for inspiration for delicious dishes will be happy about the cookbook that comes with the deep fryer. In addition to versatile recipes, the book also contains nutritional advice.

3. Philips HD9240/90 Air Fryer

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A Philips fryer should not be missing in our hot fryer comparison. Like the Tefal model described above, the Airfryer XL is particularly suitable for those who want to prepare fries and other dishes in large quantities. This powerful device has a wide temperature range between 60 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius – and the cooking temperature can be set individually using the digital touchscreen. The favorite settings can be saved via the memory function and recalled quickly.

The RapidAir technology with which this deep fryer is equipped combines the hot, circulating air with a special design of the interior and ensures an even distribution of heat for all-round gentle cooking of all kinds of food. The 60-minute timer ensures additional security and helps to save energy.

Other product features include a cable winder and non-slip feet that ensure the device stands securely. The Philips Airfryer also makes it very easy for the user when it comes to cleaning. All parts that can be removed can be cleaned in the dishwasher or under running water.

4. Aicok Air Fryer 1400W

This Aicok hot air fryer is one of the cheapest models in our comparison. However, the low price does not mean that the user has to compromise on the quality of the device and the finished food. On the contrary – this deep fryer is characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio.

With a capacity of 3.5 liters, the device takes in enough food to provide the whole family with low-fat, healthy dishes. The temperature range of the deep fryer is between 80 and 200 degrees Celsius. Seven different temperature levels can be defined using the mechanical rotary knob. The automatic timer can be set to a duration of up to 30 minutes and when the appliance is done cooking, a signal sounds to inform the user.

Other features of the Aicok hot air fryer are anti-slip feet, overheating protection and a basket that has a heat-resistant handle so that you can safely remove the finished dishes. Both the tank and the basket of the deep fryer can be cleaned in the dishwasher – or you can simply wash them under running water.

5. COSORI Air Fryer 1500-Watt

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With the COSORI hot air fryer, we are introducing a kitchen appliance with a capacity of 3.5 liters, a weight of 4.6 kilograms and dimensions of 27 x 28 x 31 centimeters. Dishes such as french fries, side dishes, chicken, seafood, vegetables and much more are prepared with the addition of very little oil or even completely without oil. The end result: crispy and delicious in taste. Thanks to the sophisticated air circulation technology, according to the manufacturer, you cook with 85 percent fewer calories.

The COSORI heats the food from 75 degrees to 205 degrees Celsius, so that you can prepare it very gently. The capacity of this household helper is sufficient for a family of two to three people and operation is easy. Thanks to the 11 programs, you can enjoy yourself right after delivery and do not have to spend a long time reading which times you have to choose for the preparation of fries or side dishes. The output of this hot air fryer from COSORI is 1,500 watts, the voltage is specified with AC 220/240 volts at 60 Hertz.

6. Princess 182021 XL

In our hot fryer comparison, we want to introduce you to another model from the manufacturer Princess. This multifunctional device has a capacity of 3.2 liters and offers enough space to prepare dishes for up to five people. Just like the Princess deep fryer already presented, this device can also score with its high-quality workmanship and modern design.

The temperature and cooking time can be set individually using the digital touch control panel. If you are not sure which cooking time and temperature you want, you can alternatively use one of the eight pre-programmed settings. As far as the possible temperature range is concerned, this deep fryer can heat chips and more to 80 to 200 degrees Celsius. There are many ways to indulge your passion for cooking. Both the grill grate and the inner pot are non-stick coated and have handles that stay cool and guarantee safe removal.

Both the operation and handling of the Princess fryer is easy. Cleaning the device is just as simple. Everything that can be removed can be stowed away in the dishwasher and the rest can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a gentle cleaning agent.

7. Philips HD9650/96

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This model can convince in terms of design and processing across the board. In addition, it is the most powerful device in our comparison. The deep fryer is 2,225 watts strong and cooks all food in no time. The capacity of the cooking space is 3.5 liters and this amount is enough for 4 to 5 servings.

The control panel consists of a digital display that shows the temperature and the cooking time as well as a rotary wheel with which you can make all settings. The possible temperature range is between 40 and 200 degrees Celsius and the timer can be set to up to 30 minutes. Furthermore, the device has a keep-warm function and five automatic programs for fries, meat, fish, chicken drumsticks and for a whole chicken. The Philips XXL Airfryer does not require any preheating time and is ready for use immediately after setting the basic conditions.

With this model, as with the other Philips fryers, you do not have to wait long to clean it. Simply pack the dishwasher or clean it under running water. Thanks to the high-quality coating, nothing sticks, nothing burns and everything can be cleaned in a few simple steps. The cookbook that comes with the fryer delivery and the free Philips app offers lots of practical tips and information on everyday life with the hot air fryer.

8. Aicok Air Fryer 1300W

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The second Aicok hot air fryer without fat is a little smaller than the first model that we presented in our comparison. This device has a capacity of 3.2 liters and an output of 1,300 watts. In contrast to the model already presented, this version also has a touch display that you can use to set the temperature and cooking time individually.

There are also six different programs in which the cooking settings are defined in advance and which take away the selection of the ideal temperature. The memory function of the Aicok deep fryer remembers your settings and you can then call them up with a single button press. The food is cooked at temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius and depending on the setting, the deep-frying is completed in two minutes. But dishes can also be prepared at 80 degrees Celsius – and the ideal temperature level can be found for every food.

This comparatively cheap hot air fryer goes hand in hand with other features and functions – and this includes a timer with run times of up to 60 minutes and a special design that ensures that the rapidly circulating hot air cooks the food inside evenly and at the same time is very gentle.

The drawer, into which ingredients are filled, is provided with a high-quality coating, which prevents burning and makes cleaning easier. The handle of the cooking basket always stays cool and enables the finished dishes to be removed safely.

9. Tristar FR-6990

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This XL fryer by Tristar has a capacity of 3.2 liters and offers space for dishes for up to five people. With an output of up to 1,500 watts, the fries or all other foods are ready within a very short time. Thanks to the short heating-up time, the device is energy-saving despite its powerful performance.

Like most modern and high-quality hot air fryers, this model also works on the basis of fast hot air convection, which ensures that the cooked food stays nice and juicy or becomes crispy without drying out. The integrated “Power” / “Ready” lamp informs you about the status of the heating and the overheating protection ensures that nothing can go wrong.

You can fry, bake, cook, cook, and grill with this Tristar deep fryer at up to 200 degrees celsius and set the temperature using the four-stage rotary knob. The timer can be set to up to 30 minutes and after the preparation time, you will hear a tone informing you that the food is ready. The housing of the device is heat-resistant, as is the handle of the inner basket into which the food is filled.

When you have finished using the deep fryer, simply stow all removable accessories in the dishwasher and let them do the cleaning for you. Simply wipe off the rest of the hot air fryer and the non-stick coating ensures that all residues are easily removed.

10. Klarstein VitAir Turbo

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In terms of capacity, this Klarstein VitAir hot air fryer cannot compete with any other model from our comparison. With a capacity of 9 liters, the cooking space offers enough space to supply an entire party with crispy fries or other delicious dishes. This high-quality appliance can also score with the unusual dome design and the transparent lid grants an unobstructed 310-degree view of the interior of the fryer at all times.

In everyday life with the deep fryer, you have the choice between manual and automatic settings of the temperature and the operating time. This model can also score with a wide temperature range of 50 to 230 degrees Celsius, which is adjustable. In addition to the regular way of working, an additional rotation can be set on the deep fryer, which is advantageous for grilling or meat skewers, for example. All settings are made by the user via the high-resolution LCD screen and handling is uncomplicated and intuitive.

Another special feature is the extensive range of accessories that you receive with the Klarstein fryer. The scope of delivery includes a 3D grill cage, a round metal sheet, a chicken skewer, and a grill rack. So many opportunities to let off steam while cooking and to provide your loved ones with carefully prepared, low-fat dishes.

11. Klarstein VitAir 1300 Watt

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The second Klarstein deep fryer, which we would like to introduce to you, also has a huge cooking chamber with a capacity of nine liters. This model is cheaper than the one already described – but this does not mean that you have to be satisfied with a lower quality. It is a high quality, excellently manufactured device that will serve you well for a long time.

With the halogen infrared heating element, which works with 1,300 watts, french fries are done quickly and you do not have to wait long for the heating up. The adjustable temperatures are between 50 and 230 degrees Celsius and you can set the temperature and cooking time either manually or via the preset automatic programs.

The Klarstein fryer is easy to use and easy to understand. The LCD display informs you of all important cooking features and the transparent lid allows a look inside. The housing of the device is made of double-walled plastic and remains cool at any internal temperature.

Other features that you will also find in the hot air fryer described above also include the innovative technology of this model, which saves up to 60 percent of time, the high-quality coating of the cooking pan, the lid lock, easy cleaning and the many accessories that will help you to optimally prepare a wide variety of foods.

12. Tefal AH950W ActiFry Express XL

The last hot air fryer in our comparison comes from Tefal. This model can hold 1.7 kilograms of fried food and thus prepares dishes for several people. By putting on the supplied plastic ring, you create additional space for another 200 grams. With an output of up to 1,550 watts, the deep fryer is also powerful and, thanks to the improved ActiFry technology, prepares the food up to 30 percent faster than conventional hot air fryers.

The food is gently cooked at up to 150 degrees Celsius and retains both its vitamins and its juiciness. If you do not want to do without the addition of oil, you can portion it easily and precisely using the spoon provided. The lid of the low-fat Tefal deep fryer is made of high-quality, transparent plastic and allows an unobstructed view of the food.

The coating of the cooking container is made of silicon-based ceramic and is not only resistant to burning, but also to scratches. Both the housing and the handle of the container are insensitive to heat and all removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

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