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The Best AirPrint Printers in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

For iPhone owners, the Apple AirPrint interface can be another selling point. Printer tests often neglect point, but our editors have checked which externally tested printers have AirPrint. We have also analyzed hundreds of customer ratings. Of course, it’s all about the best print result, speed, equipment and follow-up costs for ink or toner.

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Frequently Asked Questions: AirPrint Printers

What is an AirPrint printer?

An AirPrint printer is a printer that is connected with the AirPrint connection type. This is a type of connection that can be traced back to the manufacturer Apple. The connection works via WiFi or WiFi. The AirPrint printer is connected to WiFi or WiFi.

Anyone who now connects to the same network can access the printer with an iOS-enabled device. It is therefore also possible to print pictures directly from your smartphone. The AirPrint connection type allows wireless access to the AirPrint printer and can therefore be used in a variety of ways.

There are many apps that can be downloaded to iOS-enabled devices to make printing the easy way. Whether you use an iPad, iPhone or iMac, you can always access the printer.

Even if a visit is announced, it is easy for him to send the documents to the printer. However, there are also so-called WiFi printers, which cannot necessarily be connected to AirPrint. You should therefore make sure when buying that it is an AirPrint printer.

How does an AirPrint printer work?

AirPrint is the name of a software interface that was launched by the manufacturer Apple. This interface enables devices that are logged in to the same WiFi or WiFi network to access the AirPrint printer. In short, the AirPrint printer is a WiFi printer. However, the AirPrint printer just needs the AirPrint interface. There are many different WiFi printers, but they cannot necessarily communicate with AirPrint.

For this reason, when buying, you should make sure that the model you choose has AirPrint. So that the devices can communicate with each other, the printer as well as the end device require this AirPrint interface. Various apps can be downloaded for smartphones, iPads etc. with which a print job can be created.

The WiFi is used so that the two devices can communicate on the same wavelength. For this it is necessary that both devices are registered in the WiFi network. Only through this meeting can the devices communicate with each other and print jobs can be created.

In principle, the printer can create a print job from any device that is registered in the WiFi. Since the connection works wirelessly and wirelessly, there is no need to lay cables. In open-plan offices and also in the private sector, this has many advantages.

Print jobs can be created throughout the house or apartment. All you have to do is get up to remove the printed document from the printer. The AirPrint printer is advantageous in offices, as every PC can be connected to the AirPrint printer.

What are the advantages and areas of application of an AirPrint printer?

An AirPrint printer can score with many advantages – even in many tests. On the one hand, such a printer works with the wireless AirPrint interface in a practical test.

This means that you save yourself the clutter of cables and can do without laying cables. The only cable that is required to operate the printer is the power cable. The printer can be used by a notebook, iPhone, iPad or other end devices that are AirPrinted.

Therefore, when buying, make sure that the AirPrint printer and the end device are equipped with the AirPrint interface. The AirPrint printer also scores points in the practical test with its simple operation.

The smartphone etc. only needs to be in the same WiFi network so that a print job can be sent. An app is used to run it, but it usually does not allow any or only a few settings. Documents, pictures or other printouts can be printed out without difficulty.

The installation in the test is easy, as no driver or the like has to be used as with conventional printers. An AirPrint printer can be used excellently in the private as well as in the commercial sector.

In offices, the AirPrint printer saves you having to install the many PCs and you can also do without the tangled cables. Anyone on the network can access the printer and send print jobs.

What types of AirPrint printers are available?

There are many different printer models. Both conventional, WiFi or AirPrint printers are available in various designs. Among other things, there are color laser printers, laser printers, multifunction printers, the traditional dot matrix printer or the widely used inkjet printer.

All of these models can be equipped with AirPrint if the manufacturer explicitly states this on the packaging. Which model you choose depends on your own interests. We took a closer look at the models in tests.

Color laser printer

With a color laser printer, colors were displayed more vividly in practical tests. Graphics can be printed with better quality. However, a loss of quality compared to the inkjet printer can be seen in images.

Color laser printers have a lower resolution so that even high-quality images cannot be reproduced exactly. The color laser printer works with so-called toners. These toners contain a powder that is required for printing. The color laser printer is equipped with four toners. The powder in the toners has the advantage that it cannot dry out.

Inkjet printers dry up after a while if they are not used for a long time. If you do not want to print out photos, but instead want to create high-quality colored graphics, the color laser printer is ideal.

Laser printer

A laser printer has only one toner – which is used for black and white printing. With a laser printer, text documents can be printed quickly and in good quality. Color printing is not possible due to the limited equipment. The laser printer is the perfect purchase for invoices, texts or simple documents.

Multifunction printer

As the name suggests, this model is a device that allows several properties. The printer can print, scan, make copies and is often equipped with a fax function. These multifunction devices are also available with laser or inkjet technology. Colloquially, these models are also known as all-in-one devices.

The multifunction printer is advantageous if you want to have several devices in one. In the home office area, this model is an alternative with regard to the individual devices. In open plan offices it makes more sense to purchase the devices individually.

Inkjet printer

With an inkjet printer, brilliant color prints were achieved in various tests. Documents and graphics are of good quality. However, these models are operated with ink cartridges.

These have the disadvantage that the ink can dry out if the printer is not used for a long time. In addition, the cartridges must be constantly bought or refilled. The printing speed is slower than laser printers, so these models are often not used in offices.

For home use or in the home office area, the inkjet printer is an inexpensive model that does a good job. The inkjet printer is the top selling printer when it comes to home use. Not least because the models are cheaper to buy.

How to install an AirPrint printer?

To install an AirPrint printer in the practical test, not many steps were necessary. However, it is a prerequisite that the printer is AirPrint capable. You can recognize this with a separate symbol. When buying, make sure that the AirPrint printer bears this symbol and that AirPrint has also been explicitly integrated by the manufacturer.

In order for the AirPrint printer to be recognized, nothing more is necessary than to switch the printer on; it is automatically recognized that an AirPrint printer is nearby. However, the prerequisite is that all devices are in the same network.

If you have a secure network that works with a password, you must register the printer on the network. Different modes of operation are possible for this, depending on the model.

How exactly you have to move through the menu of the printer can be found in the operating instructions. However, there are also other models that use WPS. Your WiFi router must also be equipped with WPS for this. To register the printer in the network, it is necessary to press the WPS button on the printer and also on the router.

Both devices now try to establish a connection to each other automatically. If the connection was successful, you can now access the printer using a Mac, Macbook, iPad or iPhone and send documents, pictures or other printable objects to the printer.

Make sure that the document has already been edited before printing, as there is no possibility of editing the document afterwards. In order to edit an image, Apple also provides the appropriate apps, which make image editing child’s play. If the document is in the desired condition, you can send it to the AirPrint printer at the touch of a finger and have it printed out. If the connection is established correctly, the document is transmitted wirelessly and can be printed out by the AirPrint printer.

All you have to do is remove the document and you can now use it. So that an AirPrint printer works, nothing more is necessary than the AirPrint interface, which is available in the software of iOS devices. It is therefore child’s play to register the printer in the WiFi and wirelessly print out documents from anywhere where the WiFi is located.

How to print with an iPhone on an AirPrint printer?

Would you like to print a document directly from the iPhone? This can be a photo, a selfie or an excerpt from a website, all you have to do is register the iPhone in the network. To do this, use the WiFi function and select a network. If the network is secured with a password, you must enter this.

If a connection has been established successfully, you will immediately recognize the AirPrint printer. Select the document you want to print, the AirPrint printer will be displayed there. The print job is sent with a tap of the finger on the printer and confirming. After a short waiting period, the printed document could be taken from the printer in the test.

You can usually choose how often the document should be printed. You can do the same with an iPad or an iPod. It is no longer necessary to connect the end device to the PC, copy the data and only then start printing. With an AirPrint printer, every printout becomes child’s play and can be completed easily.

Print with the iPhone without an AirPrint printer

The iPhone or iPad can also be connected to another WiFi printer. For this it is also necessary that the two devices are connected to the same WiFi network. If your PC is equipped with a normal printer that is still connected with a cable, things will be a little more difficult. There are various apps that allow a printer to be made visible in the network. However, this is very complex and not easy to accomplish.

How to use an AirPrint printer with Windows?

There is a possibility that Windows computers can also access an AirPrint printer. The secret lies in a program called Netgear Genie. It is a free tool that has to be installed on the PC.

It would be advantageous if a Netgear router is used. If you have a different brand of router, you may encounter problems. However, some routers can be edited with Netgear Genie. The program includes the AirPrint function. After the software has been successfully installed, it is necessary to open the software. You will now find a menu item labeled AirPrint.

Here it is necessary that you simply check the box. AirPrint is already activated and can be used by the AirPrint printer. This is useful if, for example, you have a Windows computer and an iPhone or iPad. You can now access the AirPrint printer with all devices.

How are AirPrint printers tested?

We decided to take a closer look at some of the AirPrint printers that performed well in many field tests. Before we did this, we looked for cheap prices. The prices in the shops were very high. When we compared it with the purchase prices online, we immediately saw that the models are much cheaper to buy there.

For this reason, it is advisable to obtain the AirPrint printer online. This also explains the first point of criticism in the test comparison about delivery and packaging. The AirPrint printer must be well packed so that this device can reach the recipient safely and without transport damage. In addition, the delivery must not take too long and should arrive at the recipient within a few days.

Tests also showed how easy it is to connect the printer. How long does it take until the AirPrint printer is ready for use in the practical test? Can it simply be fed into the WiFi network. Is the handling self-explanatory or is it necessary to study the operating instructions?

After the AirPrint printer was ready for use in the test, the operation of the AirPrint printer was shown. The operation in the practical test is very complicated. Can the keys be easily reached in tests and how fast can a document be printed? We will clarify questions about the print quality and provide you with some facts here too.

This makes it easier for you to decide on a model. Of course, we also clarify which accessories may still have to be purchased and what is included in the scope of delivery. You will also receive information about the manufacturer and its services.

At the end of the comparison, we will provide you with a summary in which we have once again compiled all the important data and facts from various tests.

From this conclusion it is very easy to see for which purpose the AirPrint printer was suitable in the practical test and whether it could meet your requirements.

What should I look out for when buying an AirPrint printer?

Since there are many different AirPrint printers, we have selected some facts that you should pay attention to when buying an AirPrint printer. With the purchase advice from us, the choice of the AirPrint printer will be easier for you and you will acquire a printer that fully meets your requirements.

The resolution

The resolution is generally given in dpi. This value provides information about how many pixels are displayed in the printed document. The more dpi there was in tests, the more precise and sharper the image will be in the practical test. In photo printing, this is a very fundamental part.

The image points are specified in the horizontal and vertical directions. If a resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi is specified for an AirPrint printer, the value describes that 1200 pixels can be found vertically and 600 pixels horizontally. When selecting the printer, it depends on the intended use, how much dpi an AirPrint printer should provide.

For simple black and white prints, a resolution of 600 dpi was sufficient in many tests. If you would like to print more pictures with the AirPrint printer, we recommend a resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi as a minimum.

Print speed

Print speed means how many pages the AirPrint printer can print in a minute. This value is important if you want to make several prints. If you only print one or more pages every now and then, you can neglect the printing speed.

For professional use, however, it is essential that the document can be printed out very quickly. Therefore, it is advisable that you also pay attention to the speed depending on the amount of printing

Printing costs per printout

You cannot see the printing costs on the packaging of the printer itself. However, it is possible that you will find a list of costs on various information portals. This is calculated from operating costs, ink consumption and paper.

A printer shouldn’t cost more than 2 to 4 cents in printing costs. Also make sure that the AirPrint printer does not incur too many follow-up costs. This means that you should definitely keep an eye on the cost of the toner or ink cartridge as well.


The most important connection on an AirPrint printer is the AirPrint interface. However, there are a few other connections that can be used sensibly. This would be the USB port, for example. The AirPrint printer can thus also be connected via a cable, which is useful if the end device does not have AirPrint.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

The AirPrint printer should have WPS. This enables easy connection to the router. For this, the router must also have a WPS button. If the buttons on the printer and the router are pressed, the devices try to connect to each other.


Bluetooth is another connection that you could use if no WiFi is available. This is helpful, for example, if smartphones with Android want to start a printout. Bluetooth is not absolutely necessary if you only have iOS devices. If you should decide for an Android smartphone, you can still use the AirPrint printer.


There are AirPrint printers that are provided with various features. For example, this is a function that enables documents to be printed on both sides. Whether you need this option again depends on the area of application and can be selected individually.

Multifunction printers can also be a sensible purchase if a scanner, copier, etc. are required. These multi-function printers are available from different manufacturers with various functions.

There are also AirPrint printers that support the A3 format. However, there are only a few printers with which this printout in the large format is possible. You should therefore decide for yourself whether you actually need this format.

AirPrint Printers Accessories

The AirPrint printer in this sense does not need any additional accessories apart from printing paper and the corresponding toners or ink cartridges.

When it comes to toners and ink cartridges, it is important that you consider the price when you buy the printer. This is the only way to prevent the follow-up costs from growing immeasurably.

In various tests, a cover hood was extremely useful to protect the AirPrint printer from dust and dirt when it is not in use. A cover can already be included in the scope of delivery.

If the manufacturer does not supply a cover, it can usually be purchased as an accessory in an online shop.

AirPrint Printers Alternatives

An alternative to the AirPrint printer is the simple WiFi printer that is compatible with Linux, Android or Windows. There is also the possibility that you can operate a simple WiFi printer with an iOS device. For this reason, the WiFi printer is an alternative to an AirPrint printer.

The wireless printer works in the same way as an AirPrint printer. The printer must first be fed into the WiFi network so that all devices in it can access the printer.

A wireless printer is also a wireless connection that does not require an additional cable connection. The printer only needs to be connected to the circuit so that it can start operating.

A wireless printer can be connected to the router wirelessly or via a USB cable. A USB cable is required if the printer is not compatible.

If you have a WiFi printer and want to access it with iOS devices, the printer should be connected to the router with a USB cable. The connection is therefore made by cable. If you use an AirPrint printer, the cable is unnecessary in every respect, which is another great advantage.

Wifi printers usually cost not significantly less than AirPrint printers, so it is worthwhile to switch to an AirPrint printer right away.

What to do if the AirPrint printer is not recognized?

Everybody’s nightmare is when an important document is to be printed – but the printer is not recognized. Up to now you have worked with an AirPrint printer, this was always recognized by all end devices.

Suddenly the AirPrint printer is no longer recognized. The curious thing is that the AirPrint printer is recognized by all devices and only one is out of line. So if the iPhone or iPad should not recognize the AirPrint printer, there is no need to worry.

Once you have recognized the advantages of an AirPrint printer, you would like to see it in the long term and never have to do without it. So if it should ever happen that the AirPrint printer is not recognized, proceed as follows:

  • Make sure the AirPrint printer is turned on. If there are no control lights, it is possible that the power plug has been unplugged by mistake. Make sure the printer is working and there are no errors. If the printer is connected properly, try turning the printer off and then on again. Wait a few minutes and try to connect again from the iPhone or iPad. If you can see an error code, look it up in the manual. If the error code is listed there, you will find a detailed description of what should be observed for the corresponding error code.
  • The ink or toner may have run out and you will no longer be able to print. Make sure that there is sufficient ink or toner remaining. Some printers have the option of printing a test page. If this can be seen exactly, the fault is with something else.
  • If the AirPrint printer is not displayed on the device, the software may need to be updated. To perform an update, go to the settings of the end device and check whether there is a software update. After the software has been updated, the AirPrint printer should be recognizable again. If this is still not the case, there may be another reason.
  • Are the devices in the same WiFi network? Make sure there is currently no other network nearby that the printer could connect to. If there is no further problem from another network, it may be due to the firmware of the printer. Check the manufacturer’s website to see if there is an updated firmware. If the problem is still not resolved, another problem may be causing it.
  • The router has a lot of technology and can therefore display an error itself. It can therefore happen that the router has hung up and can no longer perform its function. A remedy in this case is to switch off the router and reactivate it after a short waiting period. You should turn off the device yourself and not necessarily use the software to do so. If the router was started properly, it will be available again within a few seconds. Usually the AirPrint printer is now visible and the print job can be completed. Depending on the WiFi and router, it happens from time to time that dropouts can be observed. Therefore you should always restart the WiFi router when troubleshooting. Only if this attempt is unsuccessful, too, will the cause be more serious and a specialist should deal with the problem.
  • Use the Apple technical hotline or the AirPrint printer if the device does not display the printer despite the tips. The technicians have a wide range of specialist knowledge and can usually provide assistance over the phone. You will be guided step by step so that the error is easy to fix. If the tips from the hotline are still unsuccessful, it will be necessary for a technician to look into the printer. If the AirPrint printer is still under warranty, you can have the device checked free of charge. The defect is corrected and the AirPrint printer can then be recognized as usual. If the guarantee has already expired, you should always get a cost estimate before placing a repair order. Because a repair can usually be more expensive than buying a new AirPrint printer.
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