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best alexa skills

The 50+ Best Alexa Skills in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

best alexa skills

Countless providers have already decided to cooperate with Amazon and have launched their own free Alexa skill. Experts meanwhile speak of around 20,000 available Alexa skills.

To make it easier for customers to get an overview, Amazon has therefore provided its skill store with many horizontally aligned sections.

Our editorial team presents the best Alexa skills in the individual categories and reveals which incredibly bad skills everyone should better keep their hands off.

We also explain under what circumstances skills could cost money and where potential security risks lurk.

Amazon skills are similar to the apps on a smartphone. Alexa is activated with skills that are installed. No skills are pre-installed. The range of functions of all Amazon Echo speakers and the Alexa language software installed on them can be expanded at any time.

Accordingly, Alexa can fulfill more and more individual wishes over time. In addition, the skills also enable the control of lamps, thermostats and many other Alexa-compatible devices that do not come directly from Amazon.

Where can I find the Alexa skills?

Amazon lists its Alexa skills on its website in a section of the same name. However, if you don’t want to go to the Alexa Skill Store to search between thousands, sometimes very questionable, Alexa features for the desired function, you will also find direct links to the respective download option on Amazon in our overview.

How do I activate the Alexa skills?

Basically, all Alexa skills can be activated in the Amazon Skill Store or for the most part directly via Alexa voice command.

While most Alexa skills are still free, Amazon announced the launch of in-app purchases for Alexa skills in late 2017 to increase sales. It is therefore foreseeable that more and more paid Alexa functions will be offered in the future. Donations in charity skills of aid organizations or service offers such as learning, lexicon and information skills would be conceivable.

So that you don’t accidentally pay on it, we present the best free Alexa skills here.

The Best Alexa Skills

1. Education Alexa Skills

  • Stain Remover Alexa Skill: Not only does it save the day for mothers with small children. With the help of an extensive stain database, this skill helps to quickly erase any stain. For example, grass stains. For this, it is sufficient, for example, to ask: “Alexa, ask stain remover how I can remove grass stains.” In addition, general cleaning tips can be called up using the stain remover skill.
  • Translator Alexa Skill: This is not quite as well known as the PONS Translate Skill. In return, however, it received significantly better customer reviews. Nevertheless, the interpreter Alexa Skill, like all Alexa skills in this area, sometimes faltered in whole sentences. Conclusion: Good solution for an individual vocabulary or short sentences, but still not a perfect interpreter.
  • Green Thumb Alexa Skill: As the name suggests, the green thumb skill helps with all questions and problems with plants of all kinds. So far the list includes almost only houseplants, but will soon be expanded. The skill can be started, for example, with the statement: “Alexa, start green thumb.”
  • Timetable Skill: This skill was developed for stressed parents who ponder every day whether their darling should have their sports bag or their painting things with them today. Using the timetable skill, several timetables can be created and verbally queried via Alexa. For example with the following voice command: “Alexa, ask the timetable what hours does Anna have on Monday?”
  • Wikipedia: To quickly fill spontaneous knowledge gaps, Alexa users can have the appropriate article read aloud using the unofficial Wikipedia skill.

2. Utilities Alexa Skills

  • Bin Reminder Skill: Where there is planing, chips fall and who works a lot also produces a lot of (paper) waste. But not only in the office, but the popular bin reminder skill also ensures that the waste is always ready for collection on the street. The Amazon Echo can thus be ordered, for example: “Alexa, ask the bin reminder when the green bin will be picked up.”
  • Phone Finder: Anyone who misplaces their cell phone more often will no longer have to search for it desperately thanks to the Phone Finder skill. Instead, it is enough to activate this skill. For example, with one of the following two commands: “Alexa, start Phone Finder and call me” or “Alexa, ask Phone Finder what my PIN is.”
  • Calendar Calculator: If you want to know when the next full moon is coming up or when the next school holidays begin, the Alexa Skill calendar days is a good choice.
  • Random Number Generator Alexa Skill: Whether for the lottery ticket or the selection of a secure password, the random number generator skill calls numbers between 0 and 100 as standard. If you want other ranges of numbers, you can simply define them with a voice command. For example, like this: “Alexa, say random number – give me a number from 100 to 200.”

3. Food & Drink Alexa Skills

  • Bartender Skill: Just the thing for the next party – the bartender skill helps every guest to find and prepare the right drink or cocktail.
  • Nutella: Lovers of the well-known chocolate cream receive 55 baking recipes including step-by-step instructions via the Nutella Skill.

4. Film & TV Alexa Skills

  • Streaming Search Engine: If you are looking for the next broadcast date of your favorite series, you will get to your goal very quickly with the JustWatch skill.

5. Health & Fitness Alexa Skills

  • 7-Minute Workout: If you don’t just want to listen to sports news, but also want to get fitter and reduce stress yourself, you can do twelve exercises with the Gymondo Workout in just seven minutes under instruction.
  • Fitbit Skill for Athletes (and those who want to become one): What could be nicer than enjoying your own performance after a strenuous sport session? So that this is even more measurable, there is the Fitbit Skill for all trackers of the same name. It can be used to ask, for example: “Alexa, ask Fitbit how I slept last night.”
  • Relaxation Through Music: Are you rushed, annoyed or stressed? The “Spanish guitar will bring you peace,” at least that’s what the provider of the Relaxing Noise skill promises. If you want to try out the effects of this amazingly popular skill for yourself, all you have to do is say: “Alexa, start your Spanish guitar.”
  • Natural Sleep Sounds: If the “Spanish guitar” gets on your nerves after only a few minutes, you may finally find peace with the provider of the sleep sounds. Because this skill can mimic rain showers, ocean waves, a fire pit, a stream, frogs, birds and even a thunderstorm, a train or an airplane. It is activated with the command: “Alexa, play [… e.g. rain showers] from falling asleep.”
  • Brain Workout Alexa Skill: The brain jogging skill promises two training methods with up to five levels of difficulty. For example, Alexa mentions an arithmetic task with a result and the user must use “yes” or “no” to determine whether the solution is correct. If you want to use the skill, just remember the following sentence: “Alexa, start brain workout”.
  • Brushing Your Teeth With a Voice Assistant: Teaching children how to brush their teeth is sometimes a great test of patience. That is why brushing the teeth is supposed to give the whole family more fun in dental hygiene by starting a randomly selected song. You just have to say to Alexa “Alexa, start brushing your teeth” and off you go.

6. Home Services Alexa Skills

  • Tell my husband: If your spouse is not listening again, women can let Alexa do what they want.

7. Children’s skills

  • Tickle Monster: With the phrase “Alexa, it’s time to tickle”, the tickle monster skill is brought to life, which should provide lots of fun, especially for families with kindergarten children.
  • Red Riding Hood skill: They lived happily ever after. Most fairy tales end like this and we already know them inside out. That’s why the Little Red Riding Hood skill should provide more excitement. The interactive design enables a change in history.

8. Communication skills

  • How Do I say I love you: Are you trying to express your feelings for your SO? You do not speak the same language? This Alexa skill will help you overcome the hurdle!

9. Lifestyle Alexa Skills

  • Advent calendar: The interactive Alexa Skill Hallo Advent ensures a lot of variety so that the waiting time until the gift opening is not so long. For example with competitions, poems, music or a suggestion for a good deed.
  • Confucius says … Confucius always has a saying, which will certainly not only make fans of Far Eastern cultures smile and sometimes even inspire them to philosophize. Would you like an example? “You can’t get a gem shiny without rubbing it.”
  • Yoga: With the Yoga Skill everyone can access free exercise series comfortably and flexibly from home. This echo feature is started e.g. B. via the voice command: “Alexa, say yoga that I want to practice fifteen minutes!”
  • VEGAN facts: In the meantime, there is hardly a circle of friends without at least one vegetarian or vegan. With the VEGAN Facts Skill, meat fans can now learn interesting facts about vegan nutrition and score points at the next cooking event.

10. Music & Audio Alexa Skills

  • Thunderstorm in the endless loop? It sounds strange at first, but it can be very calming. Especially if, like in this case, it is a “gentle” thunderstorm. The natural sound of thunder weather skill is therefore particularly suitable for people who find it difficult to concentrate in a restless environment. They find peace with the admittedly somewhat ambiguous command: “Alexa, start thunderstorm.”

11. Novelties & Humor Alexa Skills

  • Akinator: Anyone who previously believed to be opaque will be instructed better by the Akinator skill. Because with just a few questions, he knows exactly who we were thinking of.
  • Alternative facts: A good dose of humor has prompted the developers of the mighty Aluhut Skills to feed their database with strange conspiracy theories of all kinds. Suitable for anyone who always wanted to know the real truth behind the alternative facts. They get enlightened with the statement: “Alexa ask mighty aluminum hat for the truth.”
  • Chuck Norries Jokes: Not only real Chuck Norris fans will love these quick-witted sayings. The Chuck Norris Fan Jokes Skill is definitely something to talk about at the next movie night. It starts with the command: “Alexa, start Chuck Norris fan jokes.”

12. Productivity Alexa Skills

  • Ego Booster: “You are really good! I’m impressed.” We hear these and similar sayings from Alexa when we ask them to start the Ego Booster.
  • Daily Challenge Alexa Skill: The Daily Challenge Skill is recommended for everyone who is not yet busy with work and personal life or is looking for new challenges. It brings a breath of fresh air to everyday routine and motivates you to do more with yourself through unusual challenges. The daily challenge can be activated by asking: “Alexa, open Daily Challenge.”

13. Travel & Transport Skills

  • Order a rental car via Alexa: Sometimes you just need to be flexible. In such cases, Amazon’s language assistant can use the Avis car rental skill to book a cheap rental car as a replacement for an accident vehicle or to order a classy Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi for special occasions.
  • Fuel prices: After storing their preferred petrol stations, drivers can use the Skill Alexa fuel prices to ask at any time where it is cheapest to refuel.

14. Shopping Alexa Skills

  • Shopping lists: Paper shopping lists are definitely out of date. Nowadays you can bring all the necessary food with you! The Skill stores it online and can be called up by the whole family at any time via smartphone. This way, you will never again buy anything twice. For example, you can get an overview of foods that have already been listed with the voice command: “Alexa, ask what’s on my list.”

15. Smart Home Alexa Skills

  • Symcom: This skill is predestined for the owners of Symcom components and can, for example, carry out the following order: “Alexa, dim the ceiling lamp to 60 percent.” If you don’t have a Symcom system, you don’t have to be sad, a large number of other smart home manufacturers now offer their own skills.
  • HomeSeer: The intelligent control cubes of the HomeSeer Smart Home solution are available in different versions with different radio standards and can be combined with each other. By activating the skill, floor lamps, roller shutters, thermostats and much more can also be controlled by voice.
  • IKEA: There is hardly a modern household that does not have at least one IKEA product. The Swedish furniture giant has now started to conquer the smart home with the lamp series. If you like, you can control lamps with a homekit or Google Home in addition to the IKEA skill.
  • Night light: Having to go to the toilet in the middle of the night is uncomfortable enough, but full lighting only really wakes you up. That is why there is now the night light skill that lights up the Amazon Echo, depending on your needs, for up to 90 seconds. The night light can be activated, for example, with the following sentence: “Alexa, night light for 40 seconds.”
  • openHAB: The open Home Automation Bus (openHAB) project is a universal integration platform for home automation. The primary goal of the project is the manufacturer-independent smart home control. OpenHAB supports: KNX, Modbus, DMX, Philips Hue, PLCBus, Sonos, Plugwise, IHC / Elko, Homematic and Samsung TV. These technologies can be controlled via the openHAB skill with Amazon’s voice assistant, even if they are not Alexa-compatible.

16. Social networks Alexa skills

  • My birthdays: A forgotten day of honor can quickly become an embarrassing blunder. So that the mother-in-law has no reason to be caught, there is the my birthdays skill, which keeps an eye on all important dates. If you are wondering whether you should quickly buy a gift for your sweetheart or have three days left, you can simply say: “Alexa, ask my birthdays: who will have their next birthday?”
  • Stop the boredom: godmothers, grandparents and above all parents who have had to bridge a rainy weekend with young children know how difficult it can be to think up new things spontaneously. The skill offers suggestions as soon as someone calls out in despair: “Alexa, we are bored.”

17. Games, Quizzes and Co. Alexa Skills

  • Detective Game: Aren’t we all dreaming of doing some heroic deeds? With the skill, you can solve a few tricky puzzles as a master detective. However, if you take the risk with the statement “Alexa, open my order” to tackle a case, you have to pay attention to every detail in order to reach your goal.
  • Journey to Jerusalem: The journey to Jerusalem is a children’s birthday classic, in which all players have to quickly find a chair as soon as the music is stopped. Those who are too slow are out of the game. The trip to Jerusalem Skill can not only start and stop the music necessary for the game, but also includes some surprising additional functions. The journey begins with the following sentence: “Alexa, start the journey to Jerusalem.”
  • Take a virtual walk: Walking around outside is not for everyone, but with the My Walk Skill it is no longer absolutely necessary. Because these are voice-controlled adventure games for Amazon Echo.
  • Puzzle of the day: The extremely popular puzzle of the day Skill awaits with different questions and three possible answers.

18. Weather Alexa Skills

  • Current temperature: This extremely useful skill tells you the current temperature on-site or in any city. The current temperature skill is a good application for outdoor athletes, gardeners and everyone who likes to be outdoors. You can start the skill by saying: “Alexa, ask current temperature how warm it is in xxx.”
  • Avalanche: Admittedly not for the general public. Nevertheless, the avalanche information skill can provide free-riders, hikers and skiers with important information. For example, if it is configured with: “Alexa, ask Avalanche Info for the report for xxx.”

19. Business & Finance skills

  • Current temperature: This extremely useful skill tells you the current temperature on-site or in any city. The current temperature skill is a good application for outdoor athletes, gardeners and everyone who likes to be outdoors. You can start the skill by saying: “Alexa, ask current temperature how warm it is in xxx.”
  • Avalanche: Admittedly not for the general public. Nevertheless, the avalanche information skill can provide free-riders, hikers and skiers with important information. For example, if it is configured with: “Alexa, ask Avalanche Info for the report for xxx.”

Alexa Skills - practical or security risk?

Security experts consider the risk to data protection and privacy from Alexa skills to be rather low. Nevertheless, every external skill provider should check exactly which data they access before installation.

Where can I find the Alexa skills?

In the left area of ​​the Amazon Skill Store, a structure tree lists all available categories with the respective number of skills. The Alexa skills can also be filtered according to the innovations of the last week, the last month or the last 3 months. If you prefer customer reviews, you will also find them on the left side of the homepage.

By the way, all skills that do not require personal data (e.g. a bank account) can be verbally activated using the voice command “Alexa open [skill name]” without going through the skill store. Skills whose payment is linked to an external provider, on the other hand, must be installed separately.

You can find an overview of all available skills in the Alexa Skills Store.

How much does Alexa cost?

The Alexa language software is now available on many different devices with or without a display. One of the cheapest models currently available is the Fire TV Stick. The Echo Dot 3 loudspeaker, the smallest device from the Amazon Echo family, is also quite inexpensive.

Alexa can also be used as a web service. This means that commands can be entered via the web browser. The app is available for Android as well as iOS and macOS operating systems and can be downloaded free of charge.

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