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The 15 Best Android Tablets in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

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If you enjoy surfing the internet, check your emails from time to time, and you do not have to write all that often, then a tablet is just the thing for you. The small devices allow you to access the same features that you can do on a laptop, or a PC – all in a more compact version. Tablets are ideal for surfing, shopping online, but also for editing presentations, documents or just to stream video. Similar to Android smartphones, you can enjoy certain advantages and disadvantages.

We want to make it easier for you to decide for or against an Android tablet. That is why we have tested the devices from top to bottom. First, find our list of the best android tablets for you.

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All You Need To Know About Android Tablets

The Pros & Cons of Android Tablets

A clear advantage of Android Tablets is the large product range. You are not dependent on a single manufacturer and can compare individual functions or services. That also applies to the prices. You just have to be clear in mind for what exactly you want to use the tablet. Do you only need it for reading or surfing? Then the computing power might not be too important to you. But if you are traveling a lot, you probably need long-lasting battery life. As far as the WiFi connection is concerned, you can choose between a 2.4 GHz frequency or the 5 GHz frequency.

Attention: If your tab should have LTE, it will automatically be more expensive.

Of course, with an Android tablet, you’ll enjoy the benefits of Google Services, such as Google Drive or Google Calendar. For example, you can keep the data in sync from your tablet and from your Android smartphone. In practice, you can take an image on your smartphone and the family can see it on the tablet at home.

Can I use an Android Tablet Without a Google Account?

Yes, an Android Tablet can also be used without a Google Account. There are numerous alternatives through which apps can be downloaded. Be aware that there are certain risks involved such as malware. The official Play Store cannot be used without a Google Account. Pay attention to third-party providers of Android applications in general.

A great advantage of Android is that the operating system is open source. That means, it is available to everyone free of charge and can be edited. The disadvantage is again that as soon as Android brings out an update, each manufacturer must upgrade the hardware and software of the devices before you can even benefit the Android update.

If that is not enough – not every Android tablet gets the latest update. Different factors, such as the age of the model play a role. By comparison, both iOS tablets and iOS smartphones automatically receive the updates. As a rule, Apple also offers longer update support for the devices of 3-4 years. Apple beats almost all Android tablet manufacturers, who keep the models up-to-date only 1-2 years until a newer generation of the tablet is on the market.

Furthermore, Android-based devices are usually very easy to connect to a laptop or PC to share data without any complicated preliminary work.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Android Tablets


  • Great product selection
  • Many manufacturers
  • Large price range – low to high-end tablets available
  • Easy to connect with other devices
  • Apps can be downloaded from sources other than the Play Store 
  • Open-source operating system


  • The highly competitive market for the manufactures
  • Downloading the apps from other sources is a security issue
  • The Play Store is not subject to very strict controls unlike the iOS store
  • Updates must be pushed to the device by the manufacturers itself
  • Not every device receives the latest updates –> security vulnerabilities

Do I need to get the latest version of Android?

In general, smartphones and tablets run on older Android versions. The only problem is that apps or their updates may no longer be developed for those devices. The app may not work properly or even become unusable. Even with the tablets, it is very likely that not every model receives the latest version of the mobile operating system Android.

On a much more serious note: A new update, in addition to new features, repeatedly closes security vulnerabilities that make older devices without updates a great risk for all devices in your home network.

Again, it depends on your user behavior. If it is not that important for you that your tablet is up to date and you are aware of the risk, then a slightly older model might be the right choice for you.

You can not go wrong with the following tablet manufacturers!

Samsung is the brand will come into everyone’s mind first when talking about smartphones or tablets. For both products, Samsung is far ahead of the rest.

Asus is starting to play an important role with its Zenpad.

Huawei is now well represented with its MediaPads but with its recent trade embargo crisis slightly struggling.

The Yoga Tablet PC from Lenovo is gaining some traction.

No matter which tablet you choose from any manufacturer mentioned above, you cannot go wrong.

The Development of the Android Versions

Since 2009, the names of the Android versions are based on sweets or baked goods. In 2008, the first Android operating system variant under the name “Base” appeared on the market. Normally, the Android versions always contain small surprises. Do you still know the game of Android’s Marshmallow?

Did you know that until Android 4.0, the Android versions for smartphones and tablets were still separate? Only after the 4.0 version, the operating system for both devices was combined.

Below is a brief history of the different versions of Android, in which we mention a few important changes. 

Android 6.0
With the Android version 6.0, Marshmallow came a new authorization system. The rights of apps have been improved. The battery life of the devices was improved as applications were automatically terminated if they were not used regularly.

We take it already as granted but only with Android 6.0, you could change the volumes (for example, the alarm clock and the ringtone). With Marshmallow, Android started to support the fingerprint sensor and USB-C is.

With version 6.0.1, there were some security updates and bug fixes.

Android 7.0
Android version 7.0 is also known as nougat. With it came the possibility of the split-screen. Additionally, there was a revision of the energy-saving mode. The revision of the so-called “Project Svelte” contributes to the fact that the operating system also runs on devices with weak hardware.

Android Nougat enabled the VR mode and the VR support for VR SDK from Google. 

Android 8.0
The Android 8.0 Oreo checks for malicious behavior on apps already installed and also improves battery life by limiting background activity.

Android 9.0

The latest Android Version called Pie was latest in August 2018. Until now, it is not yet available for every device on the market as the manufacturers are still catching up with their hardware.

Android Pie was mostly about UI/UX (User Interface / User Experience) changes to provide better handling & performance of the software. Furthermore, “Adaptive Battery” prediction was introduced as a further improvement of the battery life of the devices.

Android Tablets vs. iOS Tablets

The question that has yet to be answered here is very clear: Does an Android Tablet fit your needs better or an iOS Tablet? It’s not so much about what brand you buy now, but whether the offered tablet is sufficient. Another point that may need to be considered is how many other devices you already own from the respective manufacturers. Both Android and iOS-based devices work very well in their own system. Android connecting to iOS or the other way around can lead to problems or additional expenses.

An independent market study in Germany tested 153 tablets (Link to German Article). Among those tablets, you could find the iOS Tablets from Apple, a great variety of different Android Tablet manufacturers and even the Kindle from Amazon.

First place goes to an iPad, while second and third place is occupied by a Lenovo tablet. The biggest surprise – a tablet by Huawei was rated with a quality rating of 2.3 out of 10.0.

Which Android tablet should it be?

One thing is clear – With Android you will have a large selection of tablets with a great price range. From low to high-end, you will find everything there.

The costs depend on your expectations of the tablet. Should it be a 7-inch tablet or a 10-inch tablet? If you only surf at home and perhaps want to make a few purchases online, then a cheap tablet is enough. The battery life or the data processing time is usually not as crucial.

On the other hand, if you value high image quality, you will probably have to invest a bit more. However, the high resolution and the sharper image also require more power. But a good display also has a positive effect on reading articles or the graphical representation of games (if you have kids at home). If you like to travel a lot, the battery life will be important for you which means you will have to spend more.

At the end of the day, it depends on your individual need. For what exactly do you want to use your tablet? Especially with the Android models, you have a large selection available: both on the technical possibilities, as well as on the price range. Have fun with your new Android tablet!

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