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best blu ray players

The Best Blu Ray Players in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

Everyone is talking about Blu-ray players, but the range of products often overwhelms customers. We have compiled a list of the best players for you by examining tests and comparisons on the Internet, which includes item weight, 3D playback, smart TV functions and many other highlights.

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Best Blu Ray Players

LG BP350 Blu-ray Disc & DVD Player Full HD 1080p

LG BP350 Blu-ray Disc & DVD Player Full HD 1080p
2,663 Reviews
LG BP350 Blu-ray Disc & DVD Player Full HD 1080p
  • Plays Blu-ray & DVDs Make the most of your HDTV. Blu-ray…
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connecting your LG A/V product to the…
  • SMART HI-FI-COMPATIBLE Connect your LG Smart Hi-Fi…
  • HDMI input: HDMI cable included. High-speed HDMI cable is…

LG BP Region Free Blu-ray Player, Multi Region 110-240 Volts

LG BP Region Free Blu-ray Player, Multi Region 110-240 Volts
1,299 Reviews
LG BP Region Free Blu-ray Player, Multi Region 110-240 Volts
  • BLU-RAY & DVD PLAYBACK – Make the most of your HDTV. Blu-ray…
  • 110-240 volts player supports Pal and NTSC / Plays Blu-rays,…
  • FULL HD UP-Scaling and External HDD playback, USB input,…

Sony UBP-X800M2 4K UHD Home Theater Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player

 Our Pick
Sony UBP-X800M2 4K UHD Home Theater Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player
1,953 Reviews
Sony UBP-X800M2 4K UHD Home Theater Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player
  • Bring the theater home: See the unrivaled visual clarity and…
  • Smart Functionality: With fast, stable built-in Wi-Fi, you…
  • Features Dolby Vision and HDR10 for incredible viewing…
  • Hear more detail with high-resolution audio, Dolby Atmos and…
  • Anti-vibration construction for clearer sound

Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player with HDR10

Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player with HDR10
1,223 Reviews
Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player with HDR10
  • Premium home entertainment enjoy high-dynamic range playback…
  • Panasonic HCX Processor (Hollywood Cinema experience)…
  • Works with Alexa command a variety of operations without…
  • 4K high-precision Chroma Processor 4K image color signals…
  • Hi-res sound Connect to your audio system for Hi-Res studio…

LG BP175 Blu-Ray DVD Player

 Our Pick
LG BP175 Blu-Ray DVD Player
5,821 Reviews
LG BP175 Blu-Ray DVD Player
  • This bundle comes with a 6′ HDMI cable
  • Blu-ray & DVD playback – make the most of your HDTV: Blu-ray…
  • Streaming Services: CinemaNow, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify,…
  • Surround Sound Supported: DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby…
  • Wired: This item is not wireless and comes with an ethernet…

Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Streaming Blu-Ray Player

 Our Pick
Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Streaming Blu-Ray Player
5,249 Reviews
Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Streaming Blu-Ray Player
  • Bring the theater home: Get the best seat in the house while…
  • Smart Functionality: With fast, stable built-in Wi-Fi, you…
  • See the unrivaled visual clarity of 4K Ultra HD Blu ray
  • Play almost any disc and listen to music in multiple file…
  • Stunning picture with 4K up scaling up to 60p. Power…

LG 3D Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray 4K Player

LG 3D Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray 4K Player
1,122 Reviews
LG 3D Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray 4K Player
  • 4K Blu-ray Disc playback
  • 3D Blu-ray/ DVD playback
  • Ultra HD premium
  • 4K upscaling

Sony BDP-S6700 4K Upscaling 3D Streaming Blu-Ray

Sony BDP-S6700 4K Upscaling 3D Streaming Blu-Ray
1,257 Reviews
Sony BDP-S6700 4K Upscaling 3D Streaming Blu-Ray
  • The ultimate in wireless streaming- Experience advanced…
  • Enjoy real-life clarity with 4K upscaling- Enter a new era…
  • Stream and play everything- Play music and movies from a…
  • Package Includes: Sony BDP-S6700 4K Upscaling Blu-Ray…
  • Inputs/Outputs: HDMI output 1 (rear), Coaxial audio output 1…

DVD Player for TV, DVD CD Player with HD 1080p Upscaling

No products found.

Frequently Asked Questions: Blu-ray Player

What is a Blu-ray player?

The Blu-ray player is an electrical device that can play Blu-rays. Blu-rays are small, round silver discs with a hole in the middle. They look very similar to their predecessors, the still quite common CDs and DVDs, and also work in a similar way, as an external Blu-ray player test and comparison shows.

However, because they have many times more storage space, they can store incomparably larger amounts of data – this more information translates into higher picture and sound quality.

A Blu-ray player is always dependent on the right peripherals. Without a connected screen, there is no picture; without speakers, there is no sound. For a Blu-ray to fully exploit its superior technology, the other components must also be of a certain standard.

On a pocket-sized TV, of course, you’ll see little of the high-resolution sharpness of the modern HD format. By the way, according to a Blu-ray player test, a Blu-ray player usually also supports the playback of CDs and DVDs.

How does a Blu-ray player work?

Not only visually, but also technically, the Blu-ray disc is very closely related to its extremely successful predecessors DVD and CD. The crucial difference lies in the laser used to scan and read the data.

A Blu-ray player test shows that this laser has an extremely small wavelength and for this reason can also read particularly fine data layers. Although the Blu-ray disc is no bigger than a CD or a DVD – all three have a diameter of exactly 12 cm – it offers significantly more space in this way.

However, it is not only the physical space advantage that makes the best Blu-ray players the technically superior medium, as an external Blu-ray player test shows. In terms of software, a Blu-ray player also has powerful improvements: Modern video formats allow a much more effective and qualitatively appealing reproduction of image and sound information than was previously possible.

Furthermore, the connection to the Internet ensures regular updates of the Blu-ray player software and thus guarantees the highest possible compatibility with all software-related advancements including copy protection.

What can a Blu-ray player do?

First and foremost, most people naturally think of the playback of data carriers, movies and series directly on the TV set. But the technology in the field of Blu-ray players has made significant progress in recent years, as external Blu-ray player tests show. Of course, this also applies to the functions and features of modern players.

But what can a Blu-ray player actually do in this day and age? Which different functions can’t be missing from the modern models on the market today? In order for you to get a comprehensive overview of the functions and possibilities that a modern Blu-ray player can offer you today, the common functions and capabilities will be briefly presented below.

The first and most important task of a modern Blu-ray player is of course the playback of high-quality Blu-rays. Due to the high resolution of both the picture and the sound, these place particularly high demands on the technology used, not only for the Blu-ray player, but also for the TV at the same time. As a rule, Blu-ray players on the market today have a drawer that opens by pressing a button directly on the device or also on the remote control, as a Blu-ray player points out.

Inserting or removing the Blu-ray is then of course possible with a flick of the wrist for the user. Alternative models today also offer a drawer instead of the drawer, the principle here is of course very similar and also very simple.

However, the functions go especially in a modern Blu-ray player and in the high-quality models according to external Blu-ray player test once again significantly further. Thus, the right model is actually available on the market for every high demand.

Among other things, there are models that feature the popular and modern 3D technology. Thanks to this, a spatial representation of the content is possible without any problems.

With the right technology, the output is then in 3D, but alternatively the models can of course also be used in classic mode. This is practical, for example, if the TV with support for 3D technology is no longer available in the home, at least for a short time.

In this case, the Blu-ray player can still be used and fulfills all requirements. Further prerequisites for a successful playback with spatial representation of all content is, first and foremost, of course, a modern HDMI cable as well as a corresponding Blu-ray. Here, it is always recommended for the user to pay attention to specially optimized data carriers.

Because these really bring the best results for every playback and every use. However, with the used Blu-ray player, the playback of other data carriers is usually no problem at all. This is also shown by an external Blu-ray player test. However, only a scaling of the shown content takes place here, so it is not native 3D.

Of course, the Internet cannot be missing in this day and age, and it really plays a big role in many people’s everyday lives. Accordingly, it’s probably no wonder that more and more manufacturers of Blu-ray players decide to install a corresponding function in combination with the Internet.

Many of today’s models can be connected directly to the Internet via a WLAN interface or LAN cable. Accordingly, access to the worldwide web is established in just a few steps and within a few minutes. The user does not only benefit from a simple access to websites, but rather from specially optimized and adapted services.

It is then possible, for example, to stream music and video directly to one’s own TV via a Blu-ray player. Even social networks like Facebook and Co. have found their way onto many devices today, and of course the best Blu-ray players from the tests and comparisons no longer make an exception here. In order to always provide the user with all the functions with the best comfort, the manufacturer naturally strives to always keep the devices from the Blu-ray player sector up to date.

Especially for the models with permanent access to the Internet, this is easier than ever for both the manufacturer and the user of the technology, as an external Blu-ray player test shows. This is because updates and new versions of the installed software can thus be downloaded directly from the Internet to the new Blu-ray player and then also installed here afterwards.

Especially when the manufacturer releases new features at regular intervals and wants to bring the device up to date with new updates, this is definitely a very big advantage that you should definitely take advantage of as a user. On the one hand, you naturally benefit from better functionality, but on the other hand, you would have to install the important updates manually.

Advantages of Blu-ray Players

The simplest, closest, and most direct application of the Blu-ray player is, of course, the home theater. At first glance, it shares this advantage with its immediate predecessor, the DVD player, which also still has the overall larger selection of movies and series. So why upgrade?

The fascination of detail

If you compare one and the same film in the DVD-typical SD resolution with a high-resolution scan on Blu-ray disc, you feel like a person with impaired vision who is allowed to put on his glasses for the first time.

The difference is enormous, previously hidden and undreamed-of details become visible and convey a completely new depth and vivid plasticity.

HD sound quality in the living room

Finer sampling and punchier bass are also offered by the new HD sound standards that are making their way into the home theater with the Blu-ray player. Never before has movie sound sounded so spatial and realistic – provided the right speakers are used. Of course, the Blu-ray disc offers the same service as its DVD predecessor and allows on-the-fly switching to the original soundtrack.

3D movies finally for home theater

The tremendous success of James Cameron’s Avatar ushered in the age of 3D movies in the cinema. Initially, the rule was that the new, image-rich pleasure was only possible in the cinema, and operators rubbed their hands.

With 3D-capable Blu-ray players, the third dimension is suddenly accessible from the couch at home. Almost every recent blockbuster is also accessible on 3D Blu-ray, while DVD releases always have to settle for the poor-resolution 2D image.

3D technology is not part of the original Blu-ray standard and is therefore not supported by every device. In the Blu-ray player test comparison, we naturally go into detail about whether a model has this fascinating feature.

No more playback problems thanks to automatic update

The Blu-ray player’s standard Internet connection allows manufacturers to regularly update their firmware. This means that even with older devices, the highest possible compatibility between the playback software and the medium is always guaranteed, whereas with DVDs, the only option in these cases was to buy a new player.

Streaming is the future

Movies on haptic media have now faced formidable competition on the Internet: Streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime entice with a large offer and fast availability. Many Blu-ray players support so-called smart TV technology, which allows direct access to these sites. This means that a Blu-ray player guarantees optimum movie enjoyment even without the media inserted.

4K resolution on the rise

Technical progress doesn’t stop there, and the next generation of Blu-ray players brings another quantum leap in resolution. 4K scans entice with even higher resolution, expanded contrast, increased color space, and a faster refresh rate. That means even more detail, even more plasticity, and even smoother playback.

These possibilities are exciting, and that’s why we immediately address them in a Blu-ray player comparison if a tested model already supports this feature.

View your own photos and videos in best quality

Many Blu-ray players from the tests support common and partly exotic picture and video formats, which can thus be played back comfortably on the big TV screen.

The additional option of connecting external media, such as USB sticks and hard drives, makes the Blu-ray player the preferred playback device for the very personal picture and movie collection. If desired, this can also be played automatically – with all the technical improvements that come with a modern Blu-ray player.

Movies to participate in: Interactivity on the Blu-ray player

The Blu-ray disc offers another special feature that was hardly thought of in DVD times: By means of a specially defined data layer, interactive content is possible that can be created in the Java programming language. The feature, called BD-J, is intended to enable Blu-ray applications that can be influenced by the user and even entire movies to be played.

A Blu-ray player is also worthwhile for DVD collectors

Many an owner of a large DVD collection may wonder whether they should really dare to make the switch and think painfully of their many expensive and cherished silver discs. The good news is: Thanks to their sophisticated scaling technology, Blu-ray players can also powerfully polish up low-resolution DVDs during playback. This is not full HD enjoyment, but it is better than anything a conventional DVD player is capable of.

The most important advantages once again in a brief overview

Please note: Not all listed benefits are supported by every device. This overview is a list of possibilities, not the actual features of each Blu-ray player.

In case of doubt, a comprehensive Blu-ray player test comparison should be consulted, which puts all strengths in perspective and does not conceal any weaknesses.

  • High-resolution picture with an unprecedented level of detail
  • Crystal clear sound with massive, spatial sound
  • Multiple languages and subtitles to choose from
  • Always up to date thanks to Internet connection
  • Convenient playback of your own video files
  • Enjoy your existing DVD collection in better quality
  • Enjoy 3D movies like in the cinema
  • Step into the next generation of technology with 4K playback
  • Convenient Smart TV function allows quick and easy access to streaming services
  • More interaction thanks to BD-J

Typoes of Blu-ray Players

Although, according to a Blu-ray player test, there is an official standard for Blu-ray systems that all certified manufacturers have to follow, you can now find different types of devices on the market, some with greatly expanded functions.

Standard Blu-ray Player

According to a Blu-ray player test, commercially available, ordinary Blu-ray players only have to be able to play all media made according to the clearly and authoritatively defined Blu-ray standard. You can usually recognize these by the iconic blue sleeves, which are usually slightly smaller and flatter than their DVD counterparts.

Standard models usually can’t play 3D, 4K, or Ultra HD Blu-rays. The extent to which they are compatible with Internet streams and various video file formats is highly manufacturer-dependent and has to be taken from the respective product description. Of course, the Blu-ray player review comparison also addresses such questions.

3D Blu-ray Player

Tentative attempts at film reproduction in 3D have been around for over 50 years. But it was the worldwide success of James Cameron’s special effects orgy Avatar that gave 3D technology its final breakthrough. Cinema operators in particular are delighted with this welcome opportunity to boost revenues.

With a 3D-capable Blu-ray player, however, it is no longer necessary to make an extra trip to the cinema to enjoy a film in 3D. However, there is one small catch: Not only the Blu-ray player, but also the connected TV or projector must support the demanding 3D format – otherwise all surfaces remain flat.

Today, the vast majority of Blu-ray players available on the market support 3D playback according to various Blu-ray player tests – but when buying a 3D-ready movie, you always have to make sure that the 3D version is also included on the disc.

Blu-ray Recorder

Blu-ray recorders are special Blu-ray players that are able to record Blu-rays (BD-ROMs) suitable for this purpose. They are suitable for high-quality recordings of HD TV broadcasts or comparable sources. Blu-ray recorders are more expensive than their ordinary equivalents and also consume more power. A special form of Blu-ray recorders are Blu-ray burners for computers.

Software Blu-ray

While DVD drives were able to establish themselves quite quickly as the new standard for PCs, Blu-ray drives still have a shadowy existence today and have not yet been able to establish themselves across the board. Nevertheless, they do exist and their installation opens up the possibility of Blu-ray playback to the computer user, at least in theory.

However, for this to work in practice, you need to install special software. In principle, software Blu-ray players work similarly to their hardware counterparts, but are heavily dependent on the components present in the PC system (processor, RAM, graphics card, sound card) and are more prone to malfunction.

In the Blu-ray player review comparison, we did not consider these pure software solutions, but limited ourselves to independent standalone devices.

Game Consoles as Blu-ray Player

Since the release of the Playstation 3, Blu-ray drives have established themselves as the standard for the big consoles, and the current generation also has two Blu-ray players in disguise with the Xbox One and Playstation 4 – which do a more than decent job and also cut a good figure when playing 3D Blu-rays.

In contrast to the usual competition, they can of course also read the respective game Blu-rays! Nevertheless, they are only suitable as a full-fledged replacement for a Blu-ray player to a limited extent: their power consumption is clearly above the device’s average.

Although the consoles can definitely be considered as real Blu-ray players, they did not find their way into a Blu-ray player test, since their respective features vary at times and depend very much on the current firmware version – basically, it is a variant of the software players, and we would like to focus on hardware models.

Basic requirements for a Blu-ray Player

Of course, according to the Blu-ray player test, the technology of the Blu-ray players requires certain and basic requirements so that you can use them in your own living room without any problems and restrictions. Which technology simply must not be missing in the living room so that the new Blu-ray player can really unfold its functions with full effect will be briefly presented below.

A modern Blu-ray player makes special demands on the TV used. In various Blu-ray player tests, it is always very clear that the right quality definitely pays off here. After all, a modern Blu-ray player is used in one’s own living room to convince here with a very good quality.

This applies to the actual picture as well as the sound. A modern flat-screen TV is therefore an obligatory prerequisite so that all content and all subtleties can really come into their own very well during playback.

A very important point concerns the selection of available connections. As the external Blu-ray player test also increasingly shows, most manufacturers rely on a modern HDMI interface for the majority of models on the market.

On the one hand, this is not only very important for comfort, but also plays a major role in the high resolution in combination with the very good picture quality of the Blu-rays.

After all, most devices today meet the popular Full HD standard completely without any problems, even other and even higher resolutions can be found here on the market today.

If you want even more performance and even more functions with your new Blu-ray player in your own living room, you should also attach very great importance to another aspect.

Because besides the simple playback of the data carriers, the small devices are real all-rounders today according to the external Blu-ray player test. Accessing numerous online services and the Internet is no longer a problem with a modern Blu-ray player.

However, not all devices on the market have a WLAN interface to connect the device to the WLAN network. If you still don’t want to do without the numerous online functions when using the device, you should definitely make sure that a connection to the Internet via cable is possible.

Incidentally, the functions via the Internet turn out to be very practical in various Blu-ray player tests. This is because other content can be displayed on the TV without any problems if desired. But also a use of Facebook, the playback of music and more can be reproduced here.

You should also use a corresponding sound solution with a Blu-ray player in your own living room. After all, the data carriers are also optimized for playback with a Blu-ray player in terms of sound, special results come out very well here, as various Blu-ray player tests show.

The integrated speakers in most TVs are only insufficiently suitable for this, because they leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality. So, if you want to enjoy and experience all the acoustic subtleties while watching movies, series and co, you should invest the money in a soundbar or suitable speakers here.

In this day and age, external Blu-ray player tests also show that this simple but very effective measure can significantly increase functionality. So if you also attach great importance to this value and a particularly good result in every use, you should also invest some money here. In fact, much less money has to be spent on this in time than many people think at first glance.

Because very good solutions from the well-known and large manufacturers on the market for a significantly better sound can already be found for just under US$100 on the market, which can be ordered both in the local store as well as directly via the Internet.

Another, but very special, requirement only comes into question for some models on the market. In this case, we are of course talking about a Blu-ray player with a 3D function.

enerally, this works very well, as the numerous models in various Blu-ray player tests can prove again and again. Of course, the corresponding technology must be available in the living room so that the suitable function really comes into its own. Of course, the use of such a model only makes sense when a TV with a 3D function is available in the home and can be used here.

How are Blu-ray players tested?

In this section, we reveal what was particularly interesting in many external Blu-ray player tests and provide an overview of the most important test criteria so that our readers can understand how the Blu-ray player comparison test winners were chosen.

Price-Performance Ratio

We are also happy about a tempting bargain price, but of course the cheapest offer does not automatically come out best.

Instead, the external experts take a close look in a Blu-ray player test and want to know what is offered for the purchase price – the relation between the available feature set and the price called by the manufacturer was decisive in various tests.

Supported video formats

It goes without saying that a Blu-ray player is capable of playing back Blu-rays without any problems. This was also shown in the external Blu-ray player tests. But today, it is good form that other video formats are also supported.

This is often where the wheat is separated from the chaff in a test, because the compatibility of the different Blu-ray players with the common formats is sometimes extremely different.


Whether speaker systems or HD TVs: additional peripherals have to be connected to every Blu-ray player to enable meaningful use.

HDMI is standard according to a Blu-ray player test, but beyond that, some models also offer optional analog and digital audio connections, plus LAN and USB ports for connecting USB sticks and external hard drives.

Additional functionality

While the first generation of Blu-ray players was still very generic, the latest generation offers plenty of additional options.

Of course, we take a close look at them: For the playback of 3D Blu-rays or 4K movies, there are fat extra points. The Smart TV function, which allows access to streaming sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime, is increasingly popular and hard to imagine today without it.


If a device has unique selling points of a positive or negative nature, these are naturally also included in the Blu-ray player test comparison.

This can be a pleasantly quiet (or unpleasantly loud) drive, a fast reacting processor, a particularly compact design or a clearly structured and intuitive menu.

What should I look for when buying a Blu-ray player?

Even though personal preferences can (and inevitably will) overlap with objective test criteria, every buyer should be clear about their own needs profile before deciding on a specific device.

Are the Blu-ray player’s ports compatible with my peripherals?

Often, the TV and speakers or receiver already exist and are to be used with the new Blu-ray player. Therefore, it is important to clarify in advance which connections are needed and whether they are actually available on the desired model.

Today, no one gets far with an old-fashioned Scart cable, and all Blu-ray players support the HDMI standard, which also transmits the audio track. However, if you want to connect a receiver or directly boxes, you have to rely on the corresponding jacks.

What video and audio formats are supported besides the Blu-ray standard?

If you like to watch self-created videos via the Blu-ray player, you should definitely make sure that the desired file formats are actually supported by the device before buying. In a large Blu-ray player test comparison, we list exactly which formats can be read by the model in question.

Do I value the playback of 3D Blu-rays?

3D is the trend of the moment, but not all Blu-ray players support the playback of this special media. Those who want to indulge in 3D enjoyment need a particularly suitable 3D Blu-ray player and a suitable TV or glasses. A Blu-ray player test shows whether a tested model meets these requirements.

Can I connect external storage media?

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to watch a video file they created themselves, digital vacation pictures or a movie download from the web on the big HD TV. Therefore, it is important that the Blu-ray player has a USB interface that allows you to connect external hard drives or USB sticks. Unfortunately, this useful feature is not yet completely standard.

What about internet capability?

No Blu-ray player can do without a connection to the Internet, but many devices only support a connection via cable. This is not suitable for every household; a large part of users will want the option of a wireless connection. However, WLAN is by no means standard, so its presence should be clarified in advance.

Do I need a recording option?

Normally, Blu-ray players are only meant for reading Blu-ray discs, recordable media are the exception as well as writeable devices. Nevertheless, retailers offer both options, and those who would like to write BD-ROMs need either a Blu-ray recorder or a computer with a Blu-ray burner.

How loud can the Blu-ray player be?

Especially for devices that are placed in the living room, it is often important not to produce too much noise. Not all Blu-ray players are pleasantly quiet. In order to prevent possible noise, the volume of the drive and fan should be checked in advance – the large Blu-ray player test comparison also provides satisfactory information about this.

Blu-ray Player Accessories

A Blu-ray player test shows that the Blu-ray player today offers a variety of practical functions. However, these can only be used properly with a little specialist knowledge and the right motivation. Which accessories play an important role in the use of a modern Blu-ray player from the Blu-ray player test and which techniques should not be missing in your own living room, you will learn in the following.

A very important role and high-quality accessories for a Blu-ray player in your own living room is the cable used. As a rule, the players of the well-known manufacturers are connected to the TV quite simply by means of HDMI cable. However, there are significant differences in the cables on the market today. This begins not only with the quality, but additionally extends to the optics and the length.

Especially with the latter, it is better to choose something more generous, because only in this case then a free positioning of the player is also really possible. At the same time, the cable should of course be suitable for the corresponding technologies that the Blu-ray player provides for the user.

Not necessarily particularly important for operation, but still extremely practical, especially in the context of daily use in the evening or even at night, is the next accessory. These are classic headphones, which you can, however, connect to the source or the end device via wireless. Because in many homes, it is often not appreciated when the volume is increased accordingly during a cozy evening in front of the TV.

However, this is precisely what makes many movies a lot of fun, since the sound effects can only come into their own particularly well this way. But of course, you don’t have to do without the good sound in high volume if you choose the right accessories to match your Blu-ray player.

Headphones with wireless technology offer maximum comfort during use, even standing up and walking around the living room is no problem at all with them, as various Blu-ray player tests show.

The fact that nothing should stand in the way of watching movies comfortably even in the middle of the night is also very practical. Even at a very high volume, the neighbors benefit from maximum silence.

A spilled glass of cola or simply a normal defect over the years, it can always happen that the remote control on the Blu-ray player is no longer ready to work from one day to the next. In this case, however, it is of course not immediately possible to buy a new complete player, because here there is a much better and simpler solution for all users. On the one hand, it is of course no longer a problem to buy an appropriate remote control directly via the Internet.

Because especially in the large auction houses, the corresponding models for the appropriate Blu-ray player can be found again and again in a very large selection and here often also very cheap, so that the new purchase is almost a bargain.

As an alternative, the purchase of a universal remote control is of course also possible. A Blu-ray player test shows that the various models on the market also work completely without problems with those as a rule. The models cost only a few Dollars both on site and of course on the Internet, and then directly enable further use completely without restrictions.

Blu-ray Player Alternatives

Even though a Blu-ray player is perhaps the best method for unrestricted movie enjoyment at the moment, there are still other ways to experience movie pleasures in an appealing way. We present some substitute solutions here and warn against false or exaggerated expectations at the same time.

VHS, laserdisc and video CD

The media of the 80s and 90s of the past 20th century have only nostalgic value. The video cassette was never famous for a particularly sharp picture or long durability; it was simply a technically feasible solution for the dull early years of home cinema. The video CD offered only a slightly better picture and suffered from extremely limited space – films usually had to be pressed onto two discs.

Still of some interest to some collectors today is the laserdisc, which can probably best be described as the forerunner of DVD and Blu-ray. However, due to its high price and poor availability, it is still a niche product for enthusiastic and affluent film fans.

In terms of quality, it can clearly leave both VHS and Video CD behind, but it has to admit defeat to DVD and, of course, Blu-ray disc.


Collecting films in good quality only became a hobby suitable for the masses with the introduction of the DVD, which, in contrast to the VHS, not only offered a significantly better picture largely free of wear and tear, but also for the first time came with optional additional functions such as several languages, subtitles, scene selection and many extras.

What is taken for granted today was a genuine sensation just a few years ago, triggering a true DVD boom that has still not been completely broken.

Even if the DVD has long since been unable to keep up with the sophisticated cabinet pieces of the Blu-ray, it still has a few aces up its sleeve. Many niche films and TV series have not yet made it onto the new medium, and it is questionable whether the entire, almost unmanageable catalog will ever be completely re-released.

So lovers of some rare titles won’t be able to avoid having a few DVDs in the closet in addition to the Blu-ray.

Streaming Services (Netflix, Amazon)

Streaming sites often enjoy a bad reputation, as they always have a dubious reputation for being illegal. However, this is by no means true for all offers: Legal providers are increasingly appearing on the Internet, and you can usually recognize them by the fact that they charge a fee for their services.

The quality of the official video streams has improved considerably and some of them have high-resolution image quality.


If it doesn’t necessarily have to be the home theater within your own four walls, then the oldest of all alternatives for movie enjoyment is still available: What’s wrong with a visit to the cinema, perhaps with a few select good friends?

With the development of the seminal 3D standard, the cinema has also regained its appeal. Besides, it’s always a special moment when the auditorium goes dark, the curtain opens and the longed-for film finally begins.

No alternative is an equivalent substitute

No matter how you turn it around: Highest quality and cozy ease of use are nowhere combined as well as in a Blu-ray player.

Even considering all alternative solutions, buying a Blu-ray player remains a very interesting option – and a second look at the Blu-ray player test comparison is worth a recommendation.

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