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The Best Bread Boxes in 2022

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

To keep bread, rolls and other baked goods fresh for longer, a bread box is a good choice. For our best list, our team has checked various tests and comparisons on the Internet, so that evaluations of weight, material and other features could be included.

Modern Metal Bread Box with Bamboo Lid by RoyalHouse

Modern Metal Bread Box with Bamboo Lid by RoyalHouse
4,259 Reviews
Modern Metal Bread Box with Bamboo Lid by RoyalHouse
  • Perfect Size Bread Box Saves your kitchen counter space in…
  • Vintage bread box can hold two full loaves of bread with…
  • Metal Bread box with Bamboo Lid is a classic design to suit…
  • Nice breadbox best gift for any kitchen lover or as a…

LAURA’S GREEN KITCHEN Extra Large Double Compartment Bread Box

Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop by Claimed Corner

Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop by Claimed Corner
4,289 Reviews
Bread Box for Kitchen Countertop by Claimed Corner
  • MAXIMIZE LIMITED SPACE in your kitchen with the Claimed…
  • FORM MEETS FUNCTION. Yes, this really cute bread box will…
  • GENEROUSLY SIZED bread box will hold two full loaves of…
  • DURABLE ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION featuring a clean white…
  • SIDE CARRYING HANDLES will make it easy to move your bread…

Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box by RoyalHouse

 Our Pick
Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box by RoyalHouse
5,329 Reviews
Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box by RoyalHouse
  • 100% BAMBOO: Bamboo wooden surface is tasteful and useful…
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN!: Big bread box made of unadulterated…
  • SIZE: Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 15.12″x 11″x 6.8″,…
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: It’s more grounded and sturdier than wood,…
  • STURDY AND STAIN: Safe and Simple Support – The…

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box
2,925 Reviews
Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box
  • Large internal capacity with room for up to two loaves of…
  • Flat top design allows for additional storage capacity such…
  • Clever magnetic seal keeps bread and baked goods fresh for…
  • Durable, corrosion resistant and fingerprint proof finish -…
  • Comes with a 10 year guarantee

TQVAI Natural Bamboo 2 Layer Bread Storage Box

TQVAI Natural Bamboo 2 Layer Bread Storage Box
625 Reviews
TQVAI Natural Bamboo 2 Layer Bread Storage Box
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: Made of superior phyllostachys…
  • FOOD-GRADE WOOD WAX OIL – Wood wax oil is a natural plant…
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 2 layer total height: 14.2 inch; Single: Top…
  • MATCH SILVERWARE BASKET – We upgrade the old plastic…
  • HUMANIZED DESIGN – Separable, you can use as 2 individual…

Alessi | Gnam - Design Bread Bin

 Our Pick
Alessi | Gnam - Design Bread Bin
507 Reviews
Alessi | Gnam – Design Bread Bin
  • Keep your bread fresh with this design bread bin
  • Designer: Stefano Giovannoni, Elisa Gargan
  • Material: thermoplastic resin
  • Dimensions: height 16.50 cm, lenght 46 cm, width 30 cm
  • Hand wash suggested

Now Designs Bread Bin

Now Designs Bread Bin
2,053 Reviews
Now Designs Bread Bin
  • A beautiful way to store bread and keep it fresh for longer….
  • Bright Red with bold white font livens up the look on your…
  • Powder-coated steel design Is rust resistant and makes this…
  • Hand wash and dry or wipe clean for lasting use
  • Now Designs is a collection of kitchen and dining essentials…

Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box

 Our Pick
Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box
5,329 Reviews
Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box
  • 100% BAMBOO: Bamboo wooden surface is tasteful and useful…
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN!: Big bread box made of unadulterated…
  • SIZE: Approximate Dimensions (in inches): 15.12″x 11″x 6.8″,…
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: It’s more grounded and sturdier than wood,…
  • STURDY AND STAIN: Safe and Simple Support – The…

Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box

 Our Pick
Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box
3,048 Reviews
Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box
  • Item Shape: Rectangle
  • Included Components: 1 X Bread Box
  • Made of corrosion resistant materials. Planet friendly -…

Bread Box for Kitchen by GA Homefavor

 Our Pick
Bread Box for Kitchen by GA Homefavor
2,207 Reviews
Bread Box for Kitchen by GA Homefavor
  • 🍞FREE TO BREATH AND KEEP BREAD FRESH – Bread needs free…
  • 🍞BAMBOO LID – Our bread box has a bamboo lid without…
  • 🍞BUILT TO LAST AND IDEAL FOR A GIFT – Our bread box is…

Large bread box by PremiumPresents

Large bread box by PremiumPresents
1,893 Reviews
Large bread box by PremiumPresents
  • No assembly required. Dimensions 7 Height x 17 5/16 Width X…
  • Largest natural bamboo wood roll top bread box container in…
  • Excellent bread keeper, potato bin, bread bin, countertop…
  • Vintage bread box style bread storage box

Frequently Asked Questions: Bread Boxes

What is a bread box?

The history of the bread box is long, it is as old as bread itself. To preserve the taste and consistency of bread as long as possible, the baked goods must be protected from drying out. Bread boxes are ideally suited for this purpose.

In the early days, these were vessels made of clay, but today the most modern materials are also used, which ensure that the bread retains its moisture and at the same time does not mold too quickly. In a bread bin test, these capabilities are tested in detail, because they are the prerequisite for a high-quality bread bin.

How does a bread box work?

The box has the task of keeping the bread from drying out and at the same time also delaying the formation of mold. This task is a real balancing act, since moisture enormously promotes the formation of mold. Nevertheless, a relatively high humidity must prevail within the container in which the loaf of bread is stored.

However, it must not be too high, otherwise mold growth will start prematurely. The air must circulate in the bread box, but the container must not be hermetically sealed. Throughout the history of the bread bin, a wide variety of mechanisms and construction methods have been developed to best regulate humidity.

Thus, some boxes are equipped with fine holes or with razor-thin slits that ensure the circulation of air. The bread bin comparison test winners have been able to achieve the best results in many tests, especially in this area. But the material itself can also ensure the perfect liquid balance, so bread bins made of clay or earthenware can still be found in the range of leading manufacturers.

Why do I need a bread box?

In addition to the visual benefits, a bread bin should of course keep bread and possibly also the cake for breakfast fresh for a longer period of time. Various tests have shown that all bread boxes meet this requirement, so you do not have to worry or think about this point.

In the bread boxes there is a constant temperature and thus the bread and pastries automatically stay fresh longer. Also very important for freshness is humidity. However, for more detailed information on this subject, experts recommend taking a look at the individual test reports.

Food waste is a heated topic and with a bread bin you will not have to dispose of pastries after a few days in the future. You save with the purchase thus also your wallet and do not have to buy fresh bread several times a week.

Whether a bread box made of wood, stainless steel or any other material, with the bread boxes you certainly do not make a wrong purchase. In addition, there is the advantage that freestanding bread boxes also serve as eye-catchers and perfectly and skillfully set accents.

In terms of design, you really have a lot of models to choose from and there are actually all variants of bread boxes. However, the bread boxes in a chic and modern design are not only suitable for personal use, because a bread box is a popular gift to friends and acquaintances.

The shapely bread boxes are available at attractive prices in stores or in one of the countless online stores. Buying in a specialty store offers the advantage that you can even take advantage of personal advice if necessary.

How long does bread stay fresh in the bread box?

Fresh from the bakery around the corner or from the oven at home, bread tastes really delicious. However, to ensure that it stays that way for a long time, proper storage is very important. The fact is that bread made from 100% wheat flour dries out quickly. The higher the proportion of rye, the longer bread keeps fresh.

Rye can hold moisture much longer and therefore this type of bread does not dry out as quickly. The situation is similar with sourdough bread and wholemeal bread. For longer freshness, you can freeze the bread or simply store it in a fancy bread box. The selection of these practical kitchen helpers is diverse and true gems can be found in every price range.

Whether in a classic design made of high-quality wood, modern stainless steel or a combination of both materials, bread boxes are available in many different variants.

Not only do you have a wide choice of design, but also in terms of size and shape, there are numerous bread bins to choose from in stores or online stores. For many, however, the question now arises as to how long bread actually stays fresh in a bread bin?

What should be considered when storing in a bread in a box?

Bread is undoubtedly a very expensive food. Tastes are also very different and due to the large selection it is often not so easy to find a good and tasty bread.

Rye bread, as you now know, keeps fresh the longest, but many prefer to reach for a bread made from wheat flour. If you do not want to dispose of the freshly bought bread after two days, you should pay attention to proper storage.

With the bread boxes of the various manufacturers you ensure that the bread is still tasty for several days. Mold growth is of course also avoided. When storing in a bread box, you should always make sure that the lid is also closed.

Only in this way can the required temperature be maintained and also the appropriate air circulation is ensured. However, be sure to remove all packaging material.

It is important with a bread box that it is also cleaned at regular intervals. A clean bread box also contributes an important and essential part for the freshness. Very good and many more tips and tricks can be found on the Internet. Once you have purchased a bread box, you will not want to do without the benefits.
The most important things in a nutshell:

  • Remove packaging material
  • Close the lid of the bread box
  • Store bread with the cut side down
  • Clean bread box regularly

Types of Bread Boxes

The original form of the bread box was a pot, which was mostly made of clay. Even modern bread boxes still fall back on this original idea, but this classic is always interpreted in a new and trendy way. For this reason, clay bread pots can be found today not only in kitchens dedicated to the country style.

World-renowned designers have been able to give them new and exciting shapes. This bow to the spirit of the times has also made the stoneware bread boxes. Because in the field of glazes and coloring, the trends of modernity are always used.

And for all those who appreciate something special, bread pots made of clay are an excellent choice to enrich the kitchen with another extravagant design idea. Therefore, these bread pots made of wood are mostly found among the winners of design awards.

After all, a traditional material can attract a lot of attention in a new design. These pots have also been closely scrutinized in many bread bin tests.

Bread boxes with rolling lid

Bread bins with rolling lids are very popular especially among the friends of the 50s design. They cut a very good figure in any kitchen. The reason for this lies in the variety of materials. Stainless steel is often the material of choice to bring a retro touch to the design.

However, it can also develop a cool Bauhaus charm that makes the bread bin a central design object in the room in no time. Boxes made of wood, on the other hand, are best suited for kitchens that follow the warmer schools of design.

Bread boxes with folding mechanism

The folding mechanism is an achievement of modernity. Modern materials can ensure that the lid of the bread box closes securely. These current materials are usually also given a trendy shape.

A number of award-winning designers have therefore adopted this form of bread box. But with all the design, the practical aspect of the bread bin with folding mechanism is not neglected. The hinged lid makes cleaning the box much easier. Here, practice and idea go hand in hand.

Advantages of Bread Boxes

The bread box not only helps to keep the bread fresh longer. It has also become a design object for the kitchen. Nowadays, in the field of kitchen design, a lot of attention is paid to every detail, and therefore the storage of bakery products is also in the focus of renowned designers.

Therefore, professional storage of bread is important not only for families with a high consumption of buttered bread, but also singles who store only a little bread are very well advised with a stylish bread box, because it provides a very clear eye-catcher in the interior of the kitchen.

Importance of Bread Box Design

Bread boxes ensure a longer freshness of the pastries and should therefore not be missing in any kitchen. The practical kitchen accessories are available in many different designs and variants, so that all tastes can be met perfectly.

The bread boxes play an important role in the kitchen and thus should not be missing in your home. The boxes protect bread and pastries from mold and are therefore indispensable. With an unusual bread box you set accents and thus beautify your kitchen.

Of course, not only the appearance is important, because with a bread box you automatically also provide a tasty fresh breakfast. However, the design should not be forgotten, because mostly the bread boxes are free and visible in the kitchen.

Thus, you should not only pay attention to functionality when buying, the appearance is also an important point. Bread bins are available in a wide variety of designs. Whether round, square or oval, you have a diverse selection of bread bins to choose from. In addition to the visual selection criteria, you must first choose from the countless manufacturers.

How are Bread Boxes tested?

The bread bin comparison test winners were subjected to numerous tests to prove their quality. A bread bin test focused on the following aspects:

Overall Quality

The workmanship of the bread boxes naturally had absolute priority in all tests. In the case of the pots, the lid and pot had to close securely, yet enough air had to be able to circulate. In the case of the rolling bins, the focus was on the mechanism, which had to prove that it had a long service life and still functioned perfectly and without resistance even after a long time.

In the case of the bread bins with hinged lids, the testers looked particularly closely at the hinges, as they are among the wear parts whose malfunction can render the bread bin unusable. All models were tested to see if the materials were professionally processed, meaning that no edges were allowed to protrude or other defects were present.


The quality of the material was tested primarily in terms of durability. However, tests were also carried out to determine whether the bread bins were contaminated with unnecessary pollutants. This would have led to a devaluation in the test result. The material had to prove that it was strong and resistant and completely suitable for its area of application. It was also tested to see whether it could still perform its task satisfactorily even after long periods of use.


In terms of features, special aspects such as ventilation slots or extra accessories were the focus of the test series. Dishwasher suitability was also a test criterion. The extra accessories also had a major influence on the test result, because grids or enclosed bread bags are not only unique selling points, they also help to keep the bread fresh and mold-free for even longer.


The design was not tested from an aesthetic point of view in the tests. Here it had to be proven that the creativity of the designers did not get in the way of practical utility. After all, even the most beautiful design is useless if the bread in the container molds or loses its flavor. The bread bin comparison test winners therefore had to convince in every area.

What should I look for when buying a bread box?

The first question that should be asked when buying a bread box is the size. Bread boxes are offered in a wide range of sizes. There are models in which a loaf of bread already completely occupies the space, but there are also offered models in which the supply for a large family will find enough space.

When choosing the size, your own bread consumption is the first decision-making aid, but the box should be chosen rather too large than too small. Because at the latest when the family has learned to appreciate the benefits of home-baked bread, the space in the bread box quickly becomes too small.

The design of the bread bin is also a purchase criterion. The container should fit seamlessly into the interior of the kitchen. However, it can also become a designer eye-catcher, this is especially the case with those models whose design has already won awards. In this case, however, the box should also occupy a prominent place in the kitchen.

Another aspect when buying is the resistance of the bread box. Break resistance is especially a criterion when small children also pursue their urge to explore in the kitchen. But also hard kitchen tiles let the break resistance of the bread box come into the focus of the purchase decision.

Tips & Tricks on how to clean a bread box

In the care and cleaning of the bread box there is a strong ally: Vinegar. For this reason, this substance is also preserved in numerous kitchen cleaners. But even in pure form, vinegar performs very well. The vinegar used should be a clear distilled vinegar and can also come from the lower price segment. And if a stronger mold infestation should occur, vinegar essence is a quick and very thorough help here.

Manual cleaning of the bread bin is also of great importance in ensuring the freshness of the stored bread. Here, the bread crumbs, which unfortunately inevitably find themselves in the bread bin, must be removed. This should be done several times a month.

Bread crumbs offer mold very good breeding ground, as they have a large surface area on which the spores can easily settle. For this reason, care should also be taken to ensure that the box is completely cleaned when it is cleaned. Roll boxes in particular have many small grooves and corners where crumbs can easily hide.

After removing the bread residues, the bin should then still be wiped out with a damp cloth and is thus completely ready for use again and thus performs its function perfectly again.
Stainless steel bread bins should be thoroughly cleaned not only inside, but also outside. Then they shine again in full beauty and live up to their name as a design object again.

In the case of wooden bins, the surface also makes some demands in order to look immaculate. Gentle cleaning agents are very suitable for these containers. These cleaners should not degrease too much, otherwise the wood can easily become porous. This is not only a blemish, the rough surface also provides a good breeding ground for mold spores.

This is because the air also contains the spores, which are suspected of being hazardous to health. Unfortunately, since the mold reaches even the cleanest kitchen, the care and cleaning of the bread bin is of great importance to preserve the quality of the bread in every way. That is why the bread box comparison test winners also very thoroughly tested for their practical usefulness.

Bread Box Accessories

In the bread bin bread bag is one of the most useful accessories. It ensures that the bread stays fresh and crispy longer, and at the same time also maintains the elasticity of the bread.

The bread bag has the further advantage that it prevents the formation of crumbs, because even cut bread is stored in the best way. And the bread bag also provides valuable services for sliced bread. Here, the surface of the bread is much larger and must be reliably protected from unnecessary drying.

In combination with a bread bin, the bread bag performs very valuable services in this case. Bread bags are available in various designs. Mostly they are made of a dense fabric woven from natural materials. Thus, the natural product bread also gets a natural cover.

Especially for homemade bread, this storage is a very effective means. Professional bread storage is also guaranteed by the bags in which bakeries pack their bread. These paper bags are perfect for increasing the shelf life of bread.

Their only drawback is their appearance, after repeated opening they are not as attractive as a bag made of fabric, but this does not affect their function.

Another tool to perfectly store bread in the bread box are grids, which are inserted into the bread box. They noticeably increase air circulation and in the process contribute to the improved shelf life of the bread. These grids are available in different sizes, so it is also easy to find the right grid for each bread bin. And even such small tools as a brush can become valuable accessories for the bread bin.

Brushes with resistant bristles are very helpful to clean the box thoroughly. Their bristles can get into even the smallest nooks and crannies, ensuring that the bin remains spotlessly clean and all-around hygienic in the process. Roller boxes are known to have higher cleaning requirements, and therefore the brush is an excellent help to clean these vessels easily and at the same time impeccably.

Bread Box Alternatives

Even if the bread box offers the best possible storage of bread, there are still alternatives. The bags in which the bread is packed in bakeries protects the baked goods from drying out and keeps them fresh. Another option for storing bread is the freezer.

The bread can also be stored here in slices, so the supply is guaranteed and defrosting is faster in this case. The slices can also be defrosted in the toaster, this creates the advantage that the morning bread is even still warm.

Since bread bins are almost as old as bread itself, an existing container that guarantees sufficient ventilation while preventing drying out can also become a bread bin. In many households can be found containers made of wood or earthenware, which can function very well as a bread box.

It quickly becomes apparent whether the container also fulfills its purpose, because a lack of air circulation or a too hermetic closure quickly show their negative effect.

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