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The 5 Best Broom and Dustpan Sets in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

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Broom Dustpan Sets - The Essentials

Sweeping the floor – an activity that everyone has certainly done before! Because sweeping the floor is the “classic housework” par excellence, of course with the help of a broom dustpan set.

Quickly remove the coarse dirt from the floor – the room immediately looks cleaner! But is a broom still appropriate when there are so many other electric sweepers or robot vacuum cleaner? Despite all the electrical aids, there is certainly at least one sweeping set in every household. 

Broom Dustpan Sets - All You Need To Know

When buying a new set you can of course buy a cheap one. But these are built very simply, so that they break relatively quickly and you need a new set again. In the long term, it is cheaper for you if you buy high-quality sweeping sets and properly care for them. But what exactly do you have to consider when buying?

Which floors would you like to sweep?

Depending on the type of floor, whether parquet, laminate, vinyl or tiles, different brooms are suitable for this. For smooth floors, e.g. Brooms with natural hair (horsehair) are very suitable. If your family has pets and they lose hair, use a rubber broom.

What components should your broom consist of?

The common sets only consist of a hand broom and a hand shovel. Some sets also contain a large room broom, some contain a shovel flap.

What material should the broom dustpan sets be made of?

Cheaper sets are made almost entirely of plastic, and the shovel may have a rubber lip. Higher quality sets can include a metal shovel or broom with a wooden handle.

Where do you want / can you store sweeping sets?

It is best if you can hang up the broom, as this is gentle on the bristles. So find a suitable place where this is possible. Maybe in a kitchen cupboard on the inside door? It is important, however, that it should be ready to hand so that you can always use it immediately – if necessary.

What visual requirements do you have?

Sweeping sets are now available in many colors and shapes. Determine how important a special design is to you.

Types of Broom Dustpan Sets

A broom dustpan sets consists of at least one broom and one shovel. It can be a “normal broom with a handle” or just a small hand brush. Sweeping sets can therefore be combined in different ways.

Features of the broom:

  • The bristles for sweeping can be made of natural fibers, animal hair, synthetic, rubber or microfoam. These can also be arranged in different lengths so that the corners of the room can be cleaned well.
  • Some brooms have an extendable telescopic handle, an adjustable joint or are asymmetrical.

Features of the shovel:

  • Shovels are made of different materials. Plastic shovels are much lighter in weight than galvanized metal shovels. However, these are also suitable for hot substances, e.g. Embers or heavy dirt are suitable.
  • The sweeping surfaces of the blades are of different sizes and shapes.
  • Some shovels are equipped with a container for the dirt. The included flap closes this container. Such shovels also have a handle so that the dirt can be picked up without having to bend over.
  • It is advisable to buy a shovel with a rubber lip. It prevents the fine dust from getting under the shovel when sweeping.
  • It is also advantageous for storage if you choose a sweeping set in which the hand brush is clipped into the shovel. Then they can always be stored together and you don’t have to look for the hand broom or shovel.

How to take care

  • Avoid putting brooms on its hair. Hang it e.g. rather in the closet.
  • Wash the broom in soapy water from time to time, rinse it with clear, lukewarm water and let the broom hang or lie to dry.

Conclusion: Broom Dustpan Sets

A sweeping set is a household utensil that should really be available in every household. User-friendly and pleasant are, above all, those in which the shovel has a handle so that you do not have to bend down to pick up the dirt. The only important thing is to keep the broom dustpan set within reach so that it can be used at any time without having to fetch it for an extra long time.

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