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The Best Cake Pop Makers in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

A cake pop maker is extremely practical for parties of all stripes, creating unique mini cakes. For our list of the best, our team checked various tests on the Internet in order to be able to present ratings for non-stick coating, number of cakes, wattage and much more.


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Cake Pop Maker Set with Silicone Molds

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Babycakes Cake Pop Maker

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Takoyaki Pan and Ebelskiver Maker

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Frequently Asked Questions: Cake Pop Makers

How does a cake pop maker work?

A cake pop maker is similar to a waffle iron and bakes raw cake batter in the desired shape within a few minutes. It consists of two plates with matching hemispheres. The plates have a non-stick coating on which fat does not stick and which prevents the cake pops from sticking and cannot be removed in one piece.

With some cake pop makers these plates can also be exchanged for others, for example waffle plates – this turns the cake pop maker into a waffle iron.

The cake pop maker is connected to the electricity, the temperature is set and the molds are filled. Then it only takes a few minutes and the cake lollipops are ready.

The cake pop maker is carefully opened and switched off when the cake pops pass the puncture test and are baked through – after a short cooling time they are removed and decorated.

The lower side of the Cake Pop Maker is filled with raw cake batter after the device has finished heating up. The hemispheres on the bottom are filled up to the edge, the upper ones are not. This can be done with a tablespoon or with a piping bag with a fine attachment, both are quick and easy. Then the cake pop maker is closed and the heat acts on the cake batter.

It opens up as a result of what would normally happen in the oven without shaping. In the cake pop maker, the cake batter can only rise into the upper hemispheres, which give the cake pops their shape. When you’re done, you’ll have a perfect cake pan.

Thanks to the non-stick coating, the cake pop maker can be switched off and opened carefully without the cake pops crumbling.

Even if they are not fully baked, they remain in the spherical shape and the cake pop maker can easily be closed again for another minute of baking. The finished cake lollipops can be left to cool in the open cake pop maker until they can be touched.

What are the advantages & use cases of a cake pop maker?

A cake pop maker is not worthwhile for a single attempt. To see if you like them, it’s best to buy them in the pastry shop or order them online – or just roll the little cake lollipops yourself. Those who make cake pops on a regular basis, on the other hand, benefit from the cake pop maker and can use it faster and, above all, more thoroughly work.

The Cake Pop Maker is therefore popular in bakeries, pastry shops or with catering service providers who offer cake pops. You can also find them with self-employed bakers, who are mostly laypeople and have taught themselves their skills. In larger cities you will find many small shops that offer artistic pastries such as cupcakes or cake pops – they certainly work with a cake pop maker and no longer make them by hand. One or the other talented hobby baker has already started his own business with a cake pop mail order company or has an ancillary business and also works with a good cake pop maker.

In a household with children, the cake pop maker will quickly become as popular as the waffle iron. In kindergarten and school, it is welcome and very welcome at parties when parents contribute cakes, salads, snacks or cake pops. This will happen again and again during kindergarten and school, and cake pops are guaranteed to always go down well with the little ones. You can speed up your own contribution to the festival with a cake pop maker, which at least makes baking easier. It pays off from the second serving of cake pops, which you no longer have to laboriously roll by hand.

The advantages of a cake pop maker compared to making it by hand is that only cake batter can be used. In the case of handmade cake pops, a cake is baked first, then crumbled and then shaped again with a binding agent. This not only takes a long time, but also results in very powerful cake pops that will fill you up after the first cake lollipop. In addition, the result can be too sweet. This does not happen with a cake pop made from pure cake batter from the cake pop maker and the guests will be happy to eat more of them. This is also due to the fact that the cake pops have a perfectly round shape and do not turn into small eggs, which often happens when you roll them in your hand.

In addition, the Cake Pop Maker makes much less effort, because the cake batter is only mixed in a bowl and does not have to be baked in the cake pan, which then needs to be rinsed off.

A cake pop maker can theoretically bake anything that is dough-shaped and should take on a round shape. It has already inspired one or the other creative recipe. For example, certain bread doughs can be baked in the cake pop maker and served as savory bites.

The whole thing also works well with other doughs such as donut or bagel dough, the result can be sweet or savory. Whisked eggs with the same ingredients as an omelette are also a good idea. This results in filling, healthy and protein-rich finger food, even if eggs may not be perfectly spherical. Even foreign specialties such as falafel or Italian arancini can be made with a cake pop maker – you won’t be able to create such a perfect spherical shape by hand.

What types of cake pop makers are available?

The Cake Pop Maker is a relatively uniform device. Cake pop makers look pretty similar except for the color and work pretty much the same. Nevertheless, there are one or two small differences in the functions that you should be aware of if you want to use the Cake Pop Maker more often in the future.

First of all, Cake Pop Makers differ in the number of hollow balls. Some devices have around 10 cake pops that can be made at once, others more. But they are smaller. There are also Cake Pop Makers, the temperature of which can be set in steps or infinitely, while the entry-level models often only have a single temperature. An integrated timer is also a practical extension for the Cake Pop Maker, especially since the Cake Pops only come into the device by the minute. Most cake pop makers are round in shape.

The multifunctional cake pop makers are a little special. You have also integrated other devices, for example a waffle iron or a sandwich maker. You can also bake donuts, cupcakes or bagels. The surfaces of the two flaps are simply given the desired shape, and the Cake Pop Maker can do more than just cake lollipops. Such a device is ideal for people who don’t want to bake cake pops every day, but also other things themselves – but when they do, they should all look perfect!

What do I have to look out for when buying a cake pop maker?

A cake pop maker is easy to choose because there are few differences between the individual products. The functions of the device should be read through beforehand and pay attention to properties such as the number of hollow bodies.

If you only want to bake cake pops occasionally and don’t make them for a whole wedding party, you can opt for a small and inexpensive device. But it can be pleasant if it has an integrated timer – unless you have already got used to the timer in the kitchen and no longer need devices with their own timer. If you don’t want to put sophisticated cake dough into a cake pop shape, you don’t necessarily need temperature control. This only makes sense if you want to go beyond simple cake batter.

Attention: cake pops without flour, but with egg foam instead, are a specialty, open differently and can use a finer temperature setting. But they are fluffy and have fewer calories than conventional cake pops. That is why you should consider whether the temperature control could be useful before buying.

Since the cake pop maker is not used every day, it should be the right size for the kitchen at home. Sometimes it is left on a shelf so that it can simply be switched on if necessary. But it often ends up in the cupboard next to the waffle iron and sandwich maker and should also fit in there. It is better to buy a smaller cake pop maker that can be conveniently stowed away than a device that is much too large.

Last but not least, you should also pay attention to the design of a cake pop maker. This not only includes the outer shell, which can be an eye-catcher in the kitchen. The size of the individual cake pops is slightly different for each device. Some cake pop makers bake very small cake lollipops, while others can bake cake pops the size of a quark ball. A cake pop maker can also be used for other recipes, for example for spicy balls with eggs or made from bread dough. This is a nice secondary use, but such bites also need a certain size.

If the Cake Pop Maker is to be used multifunctionally, it should be purchased in such a way that the individual Cake Pop forms allow this use. The multifunctional devices among the cake pop makers are a special design highlight. Not only can you bake cake pops, you can also change the plates between the two flaps. Donuts, bagels, cupcakes or waffles are possible and ensure that the Cake Pop Maker remains interesting even if nobody has an appetite for cake pops for a while.

Cake Pop Maker Accessories

Mixing the cake batter and baking it is only the beginning of the work in making cake pops. The real trick is decorating – and that requires a lot of accessories.

First you need sticks for the finished cake pops. These are sold in the most beautiful colors in bakery shops. A shish kebab skewer is not enough and a straw would not be strong enough to hold the cake pops. A sturdier plastic handle is more likely to be something – and it can be reused.

In order to be able to decorate the impaled cake pops all around, it is advisable to put the stems in a base. As a makeshift solution, styrofoam is very suitable. Anything that drips onto the styrofoam plate can then be thrown away with it. The cake pops can also be placed in a special cake pop holder, which can be used later to set up on the table.

For a more elaborate decoration or for a frosting, piping bags with different attachments should be nearby. With the piping bag, for example, flower shapes made of frosting can be applied to the finished cake pops. This not only looks nice, but is also completely sufficient as a decoration for the cake pops. If chocolate is to be used as a coating, some confectionery supplies make sense. A praline fork, for example, helps to dip the cake pops all around in the chocolate. They can drain on a praline rack. With additional pastry tools, artful chocolate patterns can be conjured up on the cake pops, which also make any further decoration superfluous.

Finally, we recommend a selection of sprinkled decorations. Small sugar balls are particularly suitable as they will stick to any coating. The decoration shouldn’t be too big, because a cake pop cannot hold large pieces so easily. The smaller the better – or a larger piece of decoration is simply placed on top.

Cake Pop Maker Alternatives

A cake pop maker is certainly not used every day, so that you should think carefully about your purchase, even with the low prices for such devices. Bakeries, pastry shops and small manufacturers benefit from the device, but are there alternatives for the home kitchen? Actually there is only one, and that consists of rolling the cake pops yourself from a crumbled cake and a binding agent.

This is the best choice for the first attempt at making your own cake pops. It would also be conceivable to buy a cupcake maker instead, which works in a very similar way, and then try to cut the desired shape out of the finished cupcake. After all, a cupcake maker could also be used for muffins. However, there are not many additional alternatives to the Cake Pop Maker and you will hardly get around the device for perfectly round cake lollipops. Fortunately, cake pop makers aren’t that expensive!

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