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best canister vacuum cleaners

The Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

A canister vacuum cleaner is a classic vacuum cleaner. All canister vacuum cleaners have a similar structure. On the housing there are minimal rollers. This allows the canister vacuum cleaner to be conveniently guided around the room.

Eureka WhirlWind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka WhirlWind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • Innovative Multi-Surface Vacuum: Deep clean with the…
  • Lightweight And Easy To Maneuver: Vacuum anywhere around…
  • 2.5L Dust Container, No Maintenance Costs: No bags or…
  • 2-In-1 Integrated Crevice Tool: The Eureka whirlwind…
  • Easy-To-Use: Spend more time cleaning and less time…

Eureka 3670M Mighty Mite Canister Cleaner

Eureka 3670M Mighty Mite Canister Cleaner
  • Dust bag capacity is up to 2.5 liters. Lightweight &…

Miele Grey Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Grey Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • GERMAN ENGINEERED: Bagged canister vacuum cleaner ideal for…
  • STRONG SUCTION POWER: Switch between 6 suction power…
  • MAXIMUM MANEUVERABILITY: Vacuum easily around and underneath…
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: SBD 365-3 Combination Floorhead,…

Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2)

Miele Electro+ Canister Vacuum Marine Blue (Compact C2)
  • Air clean sealed system. Nominal power consumption in W :…
  • 6 stage variable speed Miele Made Vortex silence motor
  • HEPA air clean filter. Filterbag volume in Liter: 3.5….
  • Optimum carpet care – electrobrush for intensive deep…
  • Sbb parquett-3 hard floor nozzle.Telescopic suction…

Bissell Zing Canister, 2156A Vacuum, Green Bagless

Bissell Zing Canister, 2156A Vacuum, Green Bagless
26,072 Reviews
Bissell Zing Canister, 2156A Vacuum, Green Bagless
  • Dirt cup capacity 2 liters; Cyclonic action and powerful…
  • Easily go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with the flip…
  • Dirt cup filters and post motor filter help capture more…
  • 15 feet of cord for great cleaning reach and retracts with…
  • Weighs less than eight pounds. Easy to maneuver with the…

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum, Yellow

Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum, Yellow
  • Capacity (volume) – .47 gallon. Self-rights when toppled -…
  • HYGIENIC dirt ejector – Drives Out trapped dust and debris…
  • Carbon fiber turbine head – carbon fiber filaments pick up…
  • Ball technology – core Components are housed within the…
  • 5 year Warranty – parts and labor. Brush Bristle Type:…

Frequently Asked Questions: Canister Vacuum Cleaners

What is a canister vacuum cleaner?

A canister vacuum cleaner is a classic vacuum cleaner. All canister vacuum cleaners have a similar structure. On the housing there are minimal rollers. This allows the canister vacuum cleaner to be conveniently guided around the room.

The interior of the device consists of two categories: The motor to drive the vacuum cleaner and the fan for the production of air flow. The second part of the design includes the components for absorbing the dust. Regardless of which version you choose with or without a bag, always in the same position is the bag of the vacuum cleaner or the container for collecting dust. Another distinctive feature is the suction hose.

The suction tube and the pick-up nozzle form a single unit. On the casing, among other things, there is the switch for adjusting the suction power. Addition accessories nozzles can be mounted in the canister vacuum cleaner or immediately on the clip device immediately on the suction tube.

How does a canister vacuum cleaner work?

The principle of operation is the same for all vacuum cleaners. The fan is driven by a motor and forms an air stream. This airflow absorbs dust, crumbs and hair through the suction tube and directs the dirt into the interior of the housing. There, special filters are ready and relieve the air of the dirt.

At the same time, air is used to cool the motor. This eliminates the need for additional cooling mechanisms. Therefore, canister vacuum cleaners have a compact high performance and are comfortable to move from one room to another. The actual dirt in the absorbed air is collected in a dust bag in variants with bags. In bagless models, the dirt goes into a dust collector.

In the case of canister vacuum cleaners with dust bags, this can represent negative sides for allergy sufferers with great influence. Increased exposure to germs can form due to the accumulated dirt in the dust bag. It is recommended to replace the bag with a new one every now and then and also to clean the interior of the canister vacuum cleaner well.

When is it necessary to replace a vacuum cleaner bag?

There is no general answer to this question. The perfect solution depends on different circumstances.

The size of the premises is important. Cleaning an area of 40 square meters is associated with less dirt ,than with a property of 150 square meters. In a small apartment it is quite possible to use the bag for three to six months without a replacement. With a 150 sqm property, the dust bag is due for replacement between one to three months.

Another factor is the frequency of use. The more often the vacuum cleaner is used, the more often the dust bag needs to be replaced. As a rule, the best ratio between expenditure and use is twice or at least once a week vacuuming.

The final framework condition is the degree of soiling. The more hair, dust and additional dirt is on the floor and absorbed by the vacuum cleaner, the faster the dust bag is filled. Significant differences occur due to the location of the property and the living situation. Young children and pets can contribute to shortening the life of the dust bag. Likewise, urban environmental factors can have a noticeable impact.

It is a pleasant matter when the canister vacuum cleaner decides when it is time to replace it. As a rule, an LED light indicates the already full state. If your canister vacuum cleaner does not have this feature, they only need to pay attention to the suction power of the bag. As the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag increase, the suction power decreases significantly.

From time to time, unpleasant odors may occur. If there is a clear evaporation, they should not wait longer with the replacement. Under no circumstances should you use the vacuum cleaner bag to the last limit.

How are canister vacuum cleaner tested?

Due to the numerous variants available on the market, a comparison of prices is absolutely necessary. A vacuum cleaner test shows that the corresponding models are offered at a lower price on the Internet, so the delivery and packaging were also assessed as the next feature. Thus, the delivery time of the canister vacuum cleaners and the type of packaging were assessed. Excellent padding is important so that the upright vacuum cleaner arrives at the user without demolition.

The further step was to find out all the details. The volume and also the classification of the canister vacuum cleaner were taken into account. All the data gives a good overview in a canister vacuum cleaner comparison table. Priority is given to the switch-on. This will give you information on how easily the upright vacuum cleaner is assembled. Conceptually, a canister vacuum cleaner must have good handling.

A practical test for canister vacuum cleaners was vacuumed various floors. The performance of the vacuum cleaners with or without a bag was determined. An attempt was made to achieve precisely the same degree of soiling, and the bag also reached its maximum limits in the process. This determined the performance of the canister vacuum cleaner with a full dust bag.

Manufacturer information provides information on how the issue with canister vacuum cleaners is handled at the respective company. How long is the warranty period and can this possibly be extended again under certain conditions.

In a summary, an overall impression is once again created at a glance. This makes it much easier to make a purchase decision for a particular vacuum cleaner. In addition, you will receive a recommendation for which work areas the vacuum cleaner can be used.

Advantages of bagless canister vacuum cleaners

The canister vacuum cleaners without a bag offer a significant plus point. Between a canister vacuum cleaner without a bag and the variant with a bag, there are additional costs. Canister vacuum cleaners with a bag must use it to absorb the dirt and dust. The advantage of a vacuum cleaner without a bag is that the dirt is collected in a container. This means that you do not have to buy a new bag at regular intervals and this vacuum cleaner also contributes to environmental protection.

The emptying of the canister vacuum cleaner without a bag is triggered by pressing a button. After pressing the button, a hatch opens and the dirt can come out.

Canister vacuum cleaners without bags do not require high-priced filters and dust bags with this technology. The dirt is immediately directed into the dust bin. The maintenance of these canister vacuum cleaners is significantly cheaper. In addition, due to the lack of dust bags to dispose of, these variants are the better alternative than canister vacuum cleaners with bags in terms of the environment.

Advantages of a vacuum cleaner without bag

  • The filters can be washed out by hand and reused
  • is especially good for the environment, because no bags are used
  • vacuum cleaners without bags are cheaper in the long run
  • available in many different versions and designs

Another advantage with this technique, no high-priced filters and dust bags are required. The dirt lands immediately in the dust container. As a result, these canister vacuums are much cheaper to maintain. In addition, because of the lack of dust bags to dispose of, the variants are the better answer to the environment than canister vacuums with bags.

When it comes to vacuuming, there is an interesting point of view to consider. With these canister vacuum cleaners, the suction power does not immediately decrease when the container fills with dirt. Some manufacturers also offer vacuum cleaners with a transparent dust container.

This way, you can always see what volume of dirt is in the container.
Perhaps you have already noticed that during the vacuuming process you have run out of dust bags and need to buy new ones before continuing the process. This case is not possible with a canister vacuum cleaner without a dust bag.

Disadvantages of a vacuum cleaner without a bag

  • When emptying the collection container often forms a cloud of dust

A big disadvantage with a canister vacuum cleaner without a bag is the container emptying. A bag is easy to dispose of in the trash, but here the disposal is actually more unhygienic. With the resulting dust cloud, new dirt is created and therefore caution is required, especially for allergy sufferers. Vacuum cleaners without a bag with a HEPA filter are offered in stores, but contact with the dust cannot be ruled out when emptying the container at the trash can.

Advantages of canister vacuum cleaners with bags

Due to its design, the canister vacuum cleaner is capable of absorbing dust and dirt in hard-to-reach areas such as under cabinets or in minimal slots. Canister vacuum cleaners should never be missing in a household, because as minimal handy partners they have become indispensable.

In addition, canister vacuums can do much more. With a canister vacuum cleaner, they can vacuum sofas, upholstery and mattresses. Some canister vacuums have special brushes and brushes and allow vacuuming cabinets and shelves.

Advantages of a vacuum cleaner with a bag

  • cheaper to buy
  • often quiet operating noise
  • better and more thorough suction performance
  • less susceptible to damage

Canister vacuum cleaners with a bag have some typical features. In contrast to its bagless relative, absorption is significantly higher. Perfect conditions to clean the floor and carpet extensively. In addition, these canister vacuum cleaners remain the clear market leader in Germany. They are cheaper when you buy them and the operation is very quiet. Nevertheless, you need to take into account the high-priced maintenance, which is formed by the necessary purchase of new vacuum cleaner bags.

Disadvantages of a vacuum cleaner with a bag

  • permanent expenses for new vacuum cleaner bags
  • replacement of the bag can cause dirt
  • lower weight, more compact design
  • better adaptability during vacuuming

Types of bagless canister vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaner without bag uses centrifugal force. All dirt is thrown against the outer wall of the collection container. Basically, two designs are generally differentiated:

  • Simple cyclone canister vacuum cleaners without a bag.
  • Multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner without bag

In a simple cyclone vacuum cleaner, only coarse particles go into the collection bin. Smaller particles find their way into the central filter. In order not to negatively influence the suction performance, the filter must be cleaned regularly. At best, it is held under the water running out of the faucet and then dried completely. After that, the filter is placed in the old position as before. A filter with proper care reaches a shelf life of about a year and then should be replaced.

Multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner works on a similar principle. However, the lift is conveyed through several rises and is also cleaned of filigree dust particles by additional undersized cyclone stages. There is no central filter in this canister vacuum cleaner and this eliminates the need for costly cleaning.

Single-cyclone vacuum cleaners are cheaper and recommended for small rooms. However, in a large household, the best selection is the non-demanding multi-cyclone vacuum cleaners.

What should I look for when buying a bagless canister vacuum cleaner?

When buying a vacuum cleaner without a bag, there are a few things to consider. The performance differs significantly and cannot always be determined by the price. However, there are additional characteristics to consider when purchasing a bagless vacuum cleaner.


The performance of a bagless vacuum cleaner depends on its power. Many manufacturers produce vacuum cleaners with high power. However, the wattage is not the decisive criterion. The power of the bagless vacuum cleaner comes from the improvement of the air flow.

Nowadays, variants that have a performance of only about 700 watts are already sufficient. In fact, a canister vacuum cleaner with 2000 watts may eventually show a lower performance when vacuuming. That’s why it’s advisable to be sure to check test reports for info before buying a canister vacuum cleaner.

Ergonomics & Smooth Handling

A canister vacuum cleaner without a bag has a compact design. Usually, these variants are already very minimal and convenient to use. However, the weight of these canister vacuum cleaners is very differentiated. When buying a canister vacuum cleaner, you should already consider the weight. This is especially recommended if you have staircases or other barriers in front of you with the canister vacuum cleaner.

The suction tube should be adjustable in height. This allows you to assimilate it to your own body size. An additional criterion is the simple handling of the container. The emptying should be possible without any problems and should have a button that allows a simple emptying.

Cable length

Canister vacuum cleaners without a bag have a power cord. During the suction process, it is very exhausting to permanently change the socket, because the cable does not have an appropriate length. A clear criterion is the length of the cable, which you should not ignore. As a rule, a cable length of 7 meters is sufficient for minimal rooms. Voluminous rooms should be vacuumed with a canister vacuum cleaner and a very longer cable.


Besides a motor, there are additional conditions in a canister vacuum cleaner that cause an increasing noise level. Canister vacuum cleaners without dust bags are produced with a minimum volume by manufacturers, but the response is not always successful.

In the manufacturer’s specifications you can find details of the noise level of the vacuum cleaner. The specifications are given in dB. When purchasing, pay attention to the class of noise level of the canister vacuum cleaner. If the noise level is not disturbing for you, you can ignore this point.


The container should have sufficient capacity. In most cases, vacuuming with a canister vacuum cleaner without a bag is feasible 5 to 10 times. When vacuuming a large area, the vessel should be selected in an appropriate volume. Smaller rooms require a small capacity.


Vacuum cleaners without dust bags should be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals. Dust and dirt are deposited in the vacuum cleaner during vacuuming and should be removed. Recurring cleaning of the container should also be performed. This will prevent the formation of germs and bacteria.

When purchasing a canister vacuum cleaner, it should be possible to disassemble the vacuum cleaner into its individual parts again without any problems. This also applies to a possible built-in filter.

What should I look for when buying a canister vacuum cleaner with bag?

When buying a vacuum cleaner with dust bag, there are also a few things to consider. Numerous models differentiate in numerous areas. On the Internet you can find numerous references and gathering information there is very easy. However, when searching for information, the following things should be considered.


A canister vacuum cleaner is used in recurring distances. That is why it is important to use a vacuum cleaner with excellent quality. That is why you should prefer a producer that has a certain level of recognition.

Distance should be taken from no-name producers. As a rule, these do not have appropriate stamps, which reflect some certain quality and testing of products. A canister vacuum cleaner should have these awards for proof. Also, make sure that the canister vacuum cleaner has a compact design. It should have little or no fine components, The more resilient the canister vacuum cleaner is in its construction, the more durable the casing.


The performance of the vacuum cleaner is not always determined by the wattage. Excellent performance can be achieved even by a canister vacuum cleaner with a lower wattage, if the complete package was perfectly matched. On the World Wide Web, you can find information provided by other users. This will again underline the performance of a canister vacuum cleaner or advise against its purchase. Take into account the filters used, for which the canister vacuum cleaner is designed.

HEPA filters are already very well established in the market and provide support for the canister vacuum cleaner to perform well. Canister  vacuums with a different filter system often use unknown filters. They can eventually affect the vacuum cleaner bars.


A canister vacuum cleaner should have an ergonomically adjustable height. This assimilates the suction tube to the height of the user. A plus point if the canister vacuum cleaner also brings a minimum dead weight. Agile mobility also ensures easy transportation. When overcoming obstacles, the canister vacuum cleaner should have a carrying handle for easy transfer.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

The canister vacuum cleaner can be used not only for numerous household tasks. In the outdoor area, for example, the interior of the car can be cleaned. Numerous minimal crevices contribute to the fact that a classic nozzle is not enough for all areas. In this area, manufacturers offer a wide range of accessories.

Canister vacuum cleaners are usually supplied with a floor, crevice and hard floor sleeve. There are also other additional accessories available. The following components count as help:

  • Different hoses
  • Microfilter for the exhaust air
  • Attachments for cleaning
  • Fragrance sticks for fresh scent when vacuuming the room
  • Tubes for the canister vacuum cleaner for replacement and extension
  • Cleaning agents for wet vacuum cleaners
  • Spray attachments for wet vacuum cleaners
  • Different suction nozzles
  • Minimal nozzles
  • Nozzles and handles
  • Connections for machines
  • Vacuum cleaner bags or reusable bags

Canister Vacuum Cleaner with Bag Alternatives

The option would be an everything vacuum cleaner. He manages, as the name already informs, suck up everything. No obstacle is liquid dirt. Usually, everything is picked up in one container and can be easily emptied and cleaned.

The all-suction vacuum cleaner is ready for classic suction work, as well as for picking up liquid and coarse dirt. It can also be used for all other jobs such as dust removal from furniture.

An additional variant of the all-vacuum cleaner are canister vacuum cleaners, which have a function for a wiping operation. During the work, the dirt is absorbed and at the same time the floor is wiped again. The plus point, you get a great time savings. These models are also perfect for cleaning upholstery and carpet.

In particular, they are a solution for allergy sufferers, the dust and dirt immediately fused with the water and will no longer sift.

The disadvantage of these variants is that these canister vacuum cleaners require a longer period of time for cleaning. Unlike a vacuum cleaner with a bag, the all-vacuum cleaner must be cleaned after finishing work.

Due to the use of water, germs can form with increasing tendency by not cleaning immediately after use.

Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Alternatives

The canister vacuum cleaner with a bag can be an alternative. These devices are often significantly cheaper than the counterpart without a bag. However, there are also disadvantages. The bag must be bought again at regular intervals and increases the complete price of the canister vacuum cleaner with a bag in the long term. Classic vacuum cleaners are not suitable for allergy sufferers.

All dirt and dust particles are pooled in the dust bag and remain there until emptied. The container of a bagless vacuum cleaner is cleaned after each use.

The future certainly belongs to bagless vacuum cleaners. For allergy sufferers, a canister vacuum cleaner with a water filter is a plus. The creation of dust is avoided and this device is used to clean the air.

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