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The Best Mobile Phone Holder For The Car In 2021

Author: Anthony Lee

Phone & Tablet Expert

The car phone holder is the ideal accessory for those who want to use the phone safely in the car

The mobile phone holder is the perfect accessory for your smartphone, with which you can secure your mobile phone quickly and easily. Thanks to the mobile phone holder, you can also charge your mobile phone in the car or make calls without using your hands and without distracting yourself from the wheel.

With our car phone holder test, we want to help you to find the right phone holder for you. We have compared different car cell phone holders for you and explained the most important aspects around the topic, as well as listed the advantages and disadvantages. Here you can find out what exactly you need to know before you buy a mobile phone holder for your car.

  • The car mobile phone holder allows you to access your mobile phone safely and easily while driving, without being distracted
  • These accessories are available in all electronics stores and online shops, and you can even get them in some supermarkets. There are different types of products so you can find the mount that suits you best and that suits both your tastes and your smartphone
  • You can attach your cell phone holder to your car quickly and easily and use your cell phone without any problems.

Best Mobile Phone Holder for the Car

AUKEY Car Phone Mount

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The magnetic mobile phone holder from AUKEY is characterized by its compact size and high compatibility. This model is easy to use and takes up little space in your car. Thanks to all these features, this product is compatible with all models of smartphones: iPhone and Android.

The excellent price and quality make this particular model one of the best on the market. This cell phone holder is available at an affordable price and is ideal for anyone looking for a good model but not wanting to spend too much money.

Mpow Car Phone Mount

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The Mpow mobile phone holder is equipped with a suction cup that allows you to attach the holder to the smooth surfaces of your car, such as the dashboard and the windshield. This model also has an extendable arm that allows for easy adjustment.

This model is one of the best mobile phone holders with suction cups for your car on the market: it is a bestseller and has very good reviews.

Mobile Phone Holder for the Car​: Purchase Criteria

In the following we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the multitude of possible car cell phone holders.

The criteria by which you can compare the car cell phone holders with one another include:

  • Compatibility
  • Degree of rotation
  • Mounting location
  • Mount type

In the following paragraphs we will explain to you what is important for the individual criteria:


Nowadays there are different models of smartphones, so it is important that the chosen car phone holder is compatible with your phone so that you can take advantage of the advantages.

A little tip: to avoid any compatibility problem, you can buy the universal model.

To ensure the highest possible compatibility, you have to consider the size, but above all the width of your mobile phone so that you can attach it correctly: the width of your mobile phone is measured in inches. A universal model is compatible with all smartphones.

Degree of rotation

Not all car phone holders can be rotated, but some models have a rotation angle of 180 ° or 360 °. The rotatability may depend on the material, for example plastic models are usually not rotatable.

The rotating car phone holder models have a ring that allows easy rotation; As a rule, the models with a 360 ° rotation are more in demand because they are easier to use.

Mounting location

To achieve good stability, you need to make sure that you have secured your phone holder in the correct way. The different models available can also be differentiated according to the place of attachment.

A little tip: please make sure that there is enough space so that the cell phone does not interfere with driving.

You can attach the bracket in different places:

  • on the windshield
  • on the dashboard
  • on the ventilation

Mount type

Once you’ve decided where to mount your phone, now is the time to control how to do that. You can attach your phone in a number of ways. It depends on the model you want to buy.

Types of Mobile Phone Holders for the Car

If you want to buy a mobile phone holder, you can choose between different options. The alternatives differ mainly according to the type of fastening:

  • with suction cup
  • with magnet
  • with cup holders

In the following section, we explain the various options as well as the advantages and disadvantages for each model.

Car Phone Holders with Suction Cup: Advantages & Disadvantages

The mobile phone holder with suction cup is versatile and can also be easily attached with one hand. It is the most common model. Thanks to the silicone material, you can stick it on the smooth surface of your dashboard without the risk of scratching it.

This model usually offers a 360 ° rotation and you can also attach it to the windshield. For a better grip, it is recommended to clean the surface to which you want to attach the mobile phone holder.


  • 360 ° degree of rotation
  • Quick attachment


  • Can overheat in direct sunlight
  • No operation possible if too far from the driver

Car Phone Holders with Magnet: Advantages & Disadvantages

The magnetic mobile phone holder has a round or rectangular magnetic plate to which you can attach the mobile phone. This model offers a great advantage: it is universal. Thanks to this feature, a magnetic mobile phone holder is compatible with all types of mobile phones, iPhone and Android. You can attach this phone holder to a CD slot or to the dashboard.


  • Universal
  • Compatible with all cell phone models
  • Easiest attachment


  • Does not fit all vehicles
  • The magnet can be damaged by direct sunlight
  • Not suitable for all dashboards

Car Phone Holders with Cup Holder: Advantages & Disadvantages

This type of model is not in great demand, but if you have a cup holder in your car, this model may be right for you. This holder holds your phone with your feet and you can attach it within sight without a suction cup or glue holder.


  • No suction cup or adhesive surface necessary


  • Not all vehicles have a cup holder

FAQ’s: Mobile Phone Holder for the Car

What alternatives are there to a car phone holder?

It is not absolutely necessary to buy a car phone holder. You can build and tinker your own personal car phone holder at home in just a few steps. On YouTube you can find videos that explain step by step how to make this product yourself with just a few materials.

We explain to you one way how you can do this. What you need is a sturdy rubber band:

  • Step 1: You can use the elastic band like a loop. Take the rubber and stick it in the ventilation grille.
  • Step 2: Put your cell phone in the loop.
  • Step 3: In the end, all you have to do is tighten the elastic band to ensure a stable and secure attachment.

A few tips on this:

  • Tip 1: for a more stable attachment, you can use a hair elastic
  • Tip 2: You can use a pen to optimally set the elastic band

Cell phone holders are easy to make at home. All you need is a rubber band!

Can I charge my cell phone wirelessly?

Yes! To charge your cell phone wirelessly, you need a cell phone holder with a QI system. This system enables a quick charge function, with which you can easily charge your mobile phone. Thanks to an induction surface, charging is automatic and uncomplicated. What you have to do: simply attach the mobile phone in the holder and off you go!

How can I make calls in the car with the mobile phone holder?

If you want to use your cell phone in the car, you have to note that there are certain rules that must be followed.

You can only make calls with your own smartphone via the corresponding loudspeaker

It is important to follow the rules to avoid distractions while driving and to ensure your own safety and that of others. Violations of the rules lead to penalties.

According to the law, it is allowed to make calls in the car, only using a hands-free system. Any other use of your smartphone is strictly forbidden: it is not allowed to send SMS or WhatsApp, use social networks and so on while you are behind the wheel.

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