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best cheese fondue pots

The Best Cheese Fondue Pots in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

Friends of cheese will be delighted with a cheese fondue. Our team of experts has taken on the task and examined various tests on the Internet. The result is a list of the best, plus ratings for capacity, types of stove, feet, and much more.

Zen Kitchen Fondue Pot Set

Zen Kitchen Fondue Pot Set
  • THE OLD AUTHENTIC WAY – Ceramic is well known for its even…
  • SAFE AND CONVENIENCE – Unlike the electric fondue, there…
  • EASY TO USE AND CARE – This glazed ceramic fondue pot can…
  • IDEAL FOR PARTY of 2 to 3 – The heart shape main pot has a…
  • PERFECT GIFT SET: Our Zen Kitchen cheese fondue set is boxed…

NutriChef PKFNMK23 Countertop Set Cooker Cheese Maker

NutriChef PKFNMK23 Countertop Set Cooker Cheese Maker
  • FUN DINING EXPERIENCE: Perfect for serving large groups, the…
  • COMPACT & CONVENIENT: Cool to the touch handles & adjustable…
  • COUNTERTOP SAFE: The fondue pot is non-stick &…
  • MELT CHEESE & CHOCOLATE: Just like your favorites…
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The electric fondue set contains a removable…

VonShef Swiss Fondue Set

VonShef Swiss Fondue Set
  • ALPINE INDULGENCE AT HOME – bring the exquisite experience…
  • CAST IRON – ultra-tough cast iron construction for…
  • SWISS STYLE – graduated red exterior with cream interior,…
  • MADE FOR SHARING – includes six long stemmed forks with…
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN – splash guard catches drips while…

Artestia Ceramic Cheese Fondue Cooking Pot

Artestia Ceramic Cheese Fondue Cooking Pot
  • Swiss Alps Eureopean Style
  • Ceramic cheese fondue cooking pot; It can be used as…
  • 2000ml volume (2.11qt), big size to serve a family; Bottom…
  • Dishwasher and Stovetop safe
  • Premium qualify, design and manufactured by Artestia

Swissmar Lugano 2-1/2-Quart Cheese Fondue Pot

Swissmar Lugano 2-1/2-Quart Cheese Fondue Pot
  • Enameled cast iron fondue pot; rests on rechaud/stand or can…
  • Provides even heat distribution; no hot spots
  • Ideal for cooking at high and low temperatures
  • Can be used on all heat sources
  • 2.5 quart capacity; easy to clean

Twine 5998 Farmhouse Fondue Set Cheese

 Our Pick
Twine 5998 Farmhouse Fondue Set Cheese
  • THE TRADITIONAL FONDUE EXPERIENCE can be yours with this…
  • STURDY CAST IRON fondue pot can be heated on a gas or…
  • ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDED, including heat resistant enamel…
  • ATTRACTIVE ENAMEL COATING off-white cream finish is subtle,…

Boska Holland Tealight Fondue Set

 Our Pick
Boska Holland Tealight Fondue Set
  • FONDUE FUN: Works for both cheese and chocolate
  • MICROWAVE SAFE: Melted cheese or chocolate in a flash – no…
  • SIMPLE & ELEGANT: Heated by a candle – no lighter fluid, no…
  • INCLUDES: Ceramic pot, wooden base, 4 fondue forks, tea…
  • TRUSTED SINCE 1896: Boska Holland has built up their…

Frequently Asked Questions: Cheese Fondue Pots

What is a cheese fondue?

The word “fondue” is primarily understood to mean food in the form of small pieces of various foods, including bread, meat or vegetables, dipped into a heated liquid. Long-handled forks or skewers are mostly used for this purpose. The word comes from French and therefore means “melted”.

In fact, the version with cheese is the oldest form and has become especially popular in the Western Alps. What is important are the bite-sized pieces and the accompanying cheese mixture, which is heated on a tabletop stove and kept warm. As an alternative to the classic cheese fondue, there are also wine, broth or oil fondues, in which meat is preferably roasted.

This type of preparation comes from the Asian area and is prepared in countries such as Japan or China in oil also with dumplings or vegetables, which are then deep-fried. Another type of fondue is chocolate fondue, in which pieces of fruit or cake are then dipped in hot chocolate.

The classic cheese fondue originated in areas of French Switzerland, Savoy, Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont.

The method of preparation varies from country to country. In France, various cheeses are melted to simmer in the pot, while in Italy, the fondue is additionally prepared with egg yolks, milk, butter and truffles. Also the tomato or curry fondue are variants that are additionally seasoned with garlic.

With or without alcohol, fondue belongs in the middle of the table and is almost always eaten in company. The simmering cheese mixture is placed on a base and heated in a pot. Cubes of bread are skewered on skewers or longer forks, which are then used to soak up or coat the liquid cheese with a circular motion in the pot. White bread is particularly suitable for this, although other types of bread are now also used.

In Switzerland, on the other hand, there is even special fondue bread that has a pre-notched crust and can thus be fixed even better on the fork.

The somewhat simpler version is the reverse, so that the bread is cut into pieces but left on the plate, while the liquid cheese is then scooped out of the pot with a spoon and poured over the bread. This is traditionally accompanied by a shot of brandy so that the cheese does not weigh heavily on the stomach.

To serve a successful fondue, the evening hours are optimal. In some areas, however, cheese fondue is also served for breakfast. Here the connection to custom and habit is always present, for example in Switzerland, where the cheese fondue is a national dish.

What is the best way to use the cheese fondue?

So traditionally, the Swiss lay claim to the invention of cheese fondue. This is partly due to the fact that, especially in Switzerland and around the Alps, pretty much every cheese was melted over a fire and then eaten together with some bread. Of course, people rarely did this alone, but mostly in convivial company. So the basic ingredient for a fondue is Swiss cheese, but then enriched with a mixture of other and different cheeses, so that both mild and spicier variants can be tasted.

Not everyone likes the too strong taste in cheese, so the rule of thumb should be followed that cheese, the longer it is matured, also becomes more intense and spicy in taste. This is because it loses more and more water with the duration of storage, so that the cheese flavor becomes more and more concentrated and therefore also stronger.

During the melting process itself, in turn, the spiciness is lost somewhat, so very young cheese, for example, is less suitable. It is not only mild in taste and loses flavor, but it also does not melt well, but becomes rather crumbly. On the other hand, cheese that has been stored for too long is also not recommended, as its flavor can become too intense. It is important to use cheese that is made from raw milk.

Gourmets also avoid purchased cheese from a large factory, but resort to specialty and cheese stores, varieties that come from the hands of dairies. This in turn brings, in addition to the better taste, that the cheese then contains all the important minerals and enzymes, so that the cheese fondue can become a healthy eating experience.

What cheese is suitable for cheese fondue?

Classic varieties are the mild “Vacherin” or the strong “Gruyère”. But of course many cheeses are suitable for a fondue of this kind, including mountain and hard cheeses, Emmental, Tilsiter, Appenzeller, Sbrinz, Cheddar or special raclette cheese. Soft cheese, on the other hand, is not particularly suitable for melting, but is rather added only as a garnish and condiment, that is, in small quantities.

Of course, the cheese fondue is intended rather for common and sociable evenings and not for daily consumption. For a portion of fondue, about 200 grams of cheese are needed, which is then already about 800 calories. In addition, there are the various side dishes, the drinks, including mostly alcohol, so that the meal already contains quite a bit of energy and fat.

How does the cheese fondue work?

The rules of the game are simple. The fondue pot is placed in the middle of the table so that everyone present can easily reach it with their forks. The side dishes are arranged around the pot and can then be eaten on the side. The basket of bread cubes should be well stocked so that the fondue fills everyone up.

The cheese is now melted in the pot. Using the appropriate cutlery, the cubes are skewered and dipped into the heated cheese mixture. Before removing, it is advisable to turn the fork slightly so that the threads do not run back into the pot or get tangled with the forks of the others.


Cheese fondue - with or without alcohol?

Of course, this is a matter of taste. The original dish contains alcohol, mostly white wine, but can also be mixed with other alcoholic beverages. The white wine contributes to the special flavor development and continues to be contained in the cheese mass despite the cooking and melting process.

If you still want to do without the alcohol, you can alternatively prepare a non-alcoholic fondue, then instead of white wine use broth, lemon juice or sweet must, which, like the white wine, prevent the cheese from becoming tough and melting well. Here, too, trying is certainly more important than studying. Taste do both variants.

What belongs to a good cheese fondue?

Important for the cheese fondue is the appropriate set, consisting of the rechaud, the caquelon and the forks belonging to it. The caquelon is the cheese pot and is made of ceramic or cast iron. Both variants are recommended and also convince by their longevity. With the fondue forks the selection is already more difficult.

Cheap forks are often too pointed, which means that the coating of the caquelon can be scratched on the bottom, which can then also cause the cheese fondue to burn more quickly. Forks should never be too pointed and, if necessary, be sharpened so that they are a little duller.


What ypes of cheese fondue pots are available?

The variants for a fondue are, as seen in our test, very diverse. Fish or meat fondues, vegetable or tomato fondues, even the sweet variant of chocolate fondue do not always require different sets and pots. For the cheese fondue, however, there are definitely separate models. Accordingly, the set types of cheese fondues can be divided according to their heat source, and here we highlight three.


Electric fondue

This set is the simplest option to serve cheese fondue, as it is particularly easy to use and does not require much effort. The fondue is connected to the power in the electrically heated plate and requires very little time for the heating process. The cheese is kept evenly liquid in the pot and cleaning afterwards is very easy.

The difference lies in the heavy weight compared to other fondue sets, the construction and the somewhat difficult regulation of the temperature. Also, of course, with the electric fondue the preparation fun is somewhat smaller, which makes a good and sociable fondue evening, since these conditions are also added to the actual process that all help so that the cheese fondue succeeds in the best way.

Candle fondue

The small version is the fondue, which is heated with a tea light. Since the capacity of this pot is rather small, the cost is also very low. In addition, the model is particularly suitable for transport, so it can also be used for camping or picnic fun. The tea light fodue set combines the stove and the rack, so it does not have several components, like the larger variants. On the other hand, melting the cheese takes quite a long time, as the heating source is a candle.

For romantics, the set is nevertheless well suited, because lovers usually have a lot of time and enjoy the food more on the side.

How are cheese fondue pots tested?

For our cheese fondue test, we have paid special attention to some points in order to select the best possible fondue set. In addition to the pot for the cheese, the fondue set contains a base and associated forks or skewers so that the pieces can be held in the cheese.


Equipment, design, material and workmanship

Power and heat source

The heating source of a fondue set is important for the speed and success of the preparation of cheese fondue. The simplest option was the electric burner or electric plate, on which heated the pot with cheese. These run on electricity. Others could be heated with gas burner or fuel paste, a few had the holder for a tea light, although here the pot must be rather small and for this also takes more time to melt the cheese.



For our fondue test, we tested both smaller and larger versions, including very elaborate sets with many accessories and the standard versions with six skewers, pot and base. The volume of the pots varied from half a liter to 2.5 liters and were then suitable for two and more people.


Easy operation and cleaning

In addition to the visual effect, the ease of use and functionality of the fondue sets was also a decisive factor. Even though cheese fondue tends to be used on special occasions, it should be easy to operate, take little time to prepare and be suitable for everyday use.

Since the melting process involves a more elaborate cleaning, the pots should be of particularly easy to clean material, heat-resistant and, in the best case, dishwasher safe. These points we have also considered and tested for the selection of our favorite cheese fondue sets.


The number of accessories was another criterion for our test. A minimum number of skewers/forks was a prerequisite, and small bowls for serving the side dishes were also favorable. Some fondue sets also had a plate with a hot stone for roasting meat as an alternative to cheese fondue. The required individual parts should be easy to assemble, space-saving storage and user-friendly design.

What should I look for when buying a cheese fondue?

Those who have many friends or a larger family are well advised to buy a fondue set, which will make a meal a special and unique experience. A few points should be considered in advance to select the appropriate cheese fondue set, including the desired heating and operating mode, the number of people attending an evening of cheese fondue, the price of the set and the reasonableness of the cost in terms of frequency of use.

Also important is the material, which is decisive both for rapid heating and for easier cleaning. Some value the visual effect and want a fondue set that matches the decor or is particularly convincing in design, for example, a carousel that rotates and makes it even easier for everyone present to reach the pot.

What source of heating is useful?

This question should be answered before buying, so that the handling then goes without problems.

Traditionally, the cheese fondue is ignited with real flame, that is, with a base and a burning mass that heats the pot and melts the cheese.

Another form is the electric heating plate, which is operated by a switch and, of course, particularly simplifies the process, in addition, does not require additional fuel, but only electricity. Those who prefer the small version can opt for racks that are heated with a tea light. However, this model is really only for one or two people, the melting process is also very slow.

The number of people

To estimate approximately how many people will come to dinner is also advisable before buying a cheese fondue set, because the capacity of the fondue pots varies. The cosy togetherness with a glass of wine does not need a large and accessory-rich set, on the other hand, the equipment of the cheese fondue with many people should be a bit more elaborate and at least get many skewers and portion pots, so that the replenishment is not too long in coming and hunger does not outweigh appetite. Here, of course, also worth a rotatable model, so that many people can reach the pot from all sides.

Price-performance ratio

The price plays a role in terms of frequency of use, but also in the set design in material, accessories and design. Since the fondue is usually enjoyed with guests, it should also be visually appealing and make the table an eye-catcher in addition to good functionality. Because the cheese fondue requires very specific garnishes, a chic fondue design can help shape the table and the atmosphere.


Cheese Fondue Pots Accessories

So that the heat is distributed more evenly and the cheese fondue does not burn, there is an aluminum plate in addition to the fondue set, which is placed between the base and the pot. Especially with the ceramic pot, this distributes the heat over the entire surface. With the cast iron version, on the other hand, the aluminum plate is not necessary, as these already provide an even distribution of heat.

Fondue forks can, of course, always be purchased separately with the set, as well as the small and visually appealing bowls for the side dishes.

Cheese Fondue Pots Alternatives


A similarly sociable fun is the raclette. This is a table grill, which also allows all the people present to prepare various pieces of meat and side dishes themselves. Raclette is also an invention of the Swiss, and usually consists of a grill plate on top and smaller pans in which raclette cheese is specially prepared and mixed with various other ingredients, such as potatoes or other vegetables.

On the grill surface, which can also be made of a hot stone, the meat is then roasted, the potatoes roasted or other food prepared. As with fondue, here everyone can determine the amount and composition of the side dishes themselves and has, instead of their own fork, then their own pan for the preparation.

Oil Fondue

The fondue pot, filled with broth or hot oil, is also particularly fun in a convivial gathering. Instead of melted cheese, meat is served, usually in different varieties, which is dipped on skewers into the boiling oil in the pot. Compared to the cheese fondue, which already makes you full due to the consistency of the cheese, the oil or broth fondue pot is rather appetizing.

The somewhat longer preparation time has already driven one or the other into hunger, while the spit in the pot still hissed properly. However, the joy of preparing together is also given here and can become a successful eating party.

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