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best cherry pitters

The Best Cherry Pitters in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

A cherry corer makes coring the pome fruit effortless. In order to create a list of the best, our team of experts examined countless tests on the Internet. In addition, we were able to integrate ratings for weight, pressure systems, guarantees and other gadgets.

OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter

OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter
  • Splatter Shield protects work area from juices and removes…
  • Sturdy, die cast zinc construction removes pits with ease
  • Soft, comfortable non slip handles absorb pressure
  • Generous holder accommodates large cherries like Bing and…
  • Locks closed for convenient storage

Ordekcity Cherry Pitter Tool Cherry Remover

Ordekcity Cherry Pitter Tool Cherry Remover
  • Convenient Cherry Pitter: Pit up to 6 cherries quickly, just…
  • Perfect Tool: This cherry pitter pits cherries without…
  • Easy to Clean: Disassembles for cleaning and locks tightly…
  • Durability: Made of food-grade silicone to guarantee safety…
  • Warranty: The cherry pitter enjoys 30 days money back and…

ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter Stoner

ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter Stoner
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Easy one hand use with no hand fatigue,…
  • PERECT CHERRIES: Pits Cherries without bruising and wasting…
  • DURABILITY: Professional heavy-duty designed to last for…
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Easy to wash! Will not stain or discolor…
  • WARRANTY & EBOOK: YouTensils will provides a 120 return…

Westmark 40702260 Cherry Stoner

 Our Pick
Westmark 40702260 Cherry Stoner
  • Westmark “kirschomat” Cherry stronger, made in Germany
  • High efficiency: stones up to 33 lbs/hour; slanted chute…
  • Pit cherries by the pound! You can pit up to 33 pounds of…
  • Hand wash
  • Backed by the Westmark guarantee

Prepworks by Progressive Cherry Pitter

 Our Pick
Prepworks by Progressive Cherry Pitter
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Easily Press Down with little effort to…
  • MESS-FREE: Your kitchen counters and hands stay Mess-Free…
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: The Non-Skid base keeps the pitter stable…
  • PATENTED DESIGN: This product is patented and measures 8″L x…

Cherry Pitter & Melon Baller Scoop (2Pack) by Vusoset

Cherry Pitter & Melon Baller Scoop (2Pack) by Vusoset
  • 【Cherry Pitter】 Designed with a longer pit rod for…
  • 【Melon Baller Scoop】Large scoop can dig round fruit…
  • 【Safe and Durable】 It is made of mostly high quality ABS…
  • 【Best Helper】 Easy to use,perfect every time, easy to…
  • 【Reliable Support】Our emphasis is on both high quality…

PCTC Cherry Pitter Tool Heavy-Duty Cherry Pitter Remover

PCTC Cherry Pitter Tool Heavy-Duty Cherry Pitter Remover
  • Material: ABS + 410 stainless steel, strong and durable, not…
  • Perfection Each Time : Able to pit sour cherries, wild…
  • Easily Washable : The cherry pitter is dishwasher-safe and…
  • Lengthened spatter shield: As a removal tool designed to…
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to use: suitable for all ages,…

Chef'n QuickPit Cherry and Olive Pitter

 Our Pick
Chef’n QuickPit Cherry and Olive Pitter
  • Get rid of cherry and olive pits in seconds with this…
  • Remove pits easily over a bowl or trash can with its…
  • Insert a cherry or olive into the nook and pull the trigger…
  • With no sharp blades or parts, even kids can get involved in…
  • The cherry pitter is top-rack dishwasher safe.

Norpro Deluxe Cherry Pitter Automatic Feed Tray

 Our Pick
Norpro Deluxe Cherry Pitter Automatic Feed Tray
  • Ideal for canning, freezing, dehydrating and baking!
  • Removes pits quickly without bruising or crushing cherries….
  • High vacuum suction base keeps unit in place during use….
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning and storage. Instructions…

Talisman Designs Chomper Cherry Pitter

Talisman Designs Chomper Cherry Pitter
  • Talisman Designs are the only trusted online sellers for the…
  • Pit cherries or olives quickly and safely with the…
  • Cherry Chomper’s belly catches pits and residual juice…
  • Large front tooth protects fingers from the Chomper, making…
  • Made of BPA-free plastic; stands 6-inches high

Frequently Asked Questions: Cherry Pitters

What is a cherry pitter?

Cherries are a small stone fruit, which have stones in their flesh. These stones are also called pits. Cherry pits must be removed from the fruit before they can be further processed. Usually, pitting stone fruit is very tedious and also often involves unpleasant splashing and smearing of clothing or the furniture. This is not least due to the fact that seeds in stone fruit generally sit very firmly in the pulp.

A cherry corer is a practical household helper that now comes into play. If you have your own cherry trees in your garden, you will naturally want to process these delicious summer fruits efficiently.

In this case, more fruit accumulates during the summer months than can be eaten fresh. Thus, it is traditional to produce durable products from cherries – as well as from other pome fruits. Here, of course, in the first place are jams and jellies, but also preserved cherries for compote, soup, desserts or cakes are very popular.

In this case, the pitter, or corer, performs well. Quick, clean removal of pits from stone fruit is done effortlessly by a cherry corer. Many devices can also be used for coring mirabelles, plums or damsons.

Mostly, these devices are made of metal or plastic. Both materials promise a long service life and are hygienically safe. Easy to clean and stable in design, cherry corers are also usually.

There are different models of cherry pits. Thus, the most popular designs are those that can be permanently installed on the table – usually by means of suction feet. These devices manage a high number of kilos of fruit to be pitted and are very efficient. Another popular form of a cherry pit remover are the traditional handheld devices. They are ready to use immediately and take up little space in the kitchen cabinet.

There are also “luxury corers” that come with a collection container for the fruit that has yet to be pitted, one for the pits, and a juice chute (to collect the fruit juice). These cherry pits are often larger in size and therefore require more cleaning and storage space than simple hand pits. In return, they handle a larger amount of the fruit to be pitted in a quick time.

How does a cherry pitter work?

The principle of a cherry pitter is always identical:

The cherry or fruit is placed in the holder provided for this purpose and the pit is pressed out from above by means of a rod. If it is a corer that is also suitable for plums, the fruit is not only cored but also cut into four equally sized pieces in one operation.

Here, the great benefit lies in a well thought-out, coordinated workflow. All steps are to be carried out in the same order, thus creating an even and clean end result.

A cherry corer works on the principle of a pressure device. A rod presses the pit cleanly out of the fruit, thus offering the greatest possible convenience in handling.

This is especially appreciated by cherry lovers who want to pit large quantities of fruit.

There is no need to slice the fruit by hand, and the fruit remains virtually intact. This is particularly important if the fruit is to be used for decorating cakes, for example. Crushed or cut cherries do not look so nice.

Advantages of Cherry Pitters

Cherry pits are used to gently and efficiently remove pits from fruit. Cherry pits can often also cleanly separate other pome fruits (such as plums) from the pulp.

Anyone who has ever tried to pit a large bowl of delicious cherries by hand knows the dilemma: on the one hand, you want to finish quickly, but on the other hand, you want the fruit to end up in the collection bowl as intact and pitted as possible.

The advantages of a professional cherry pitter are obvious:

It is quick to pit any pome fruit and, in addition, the fruit is gently freed from its pit. The fruit is virtually intact and thus ready for any use. It is not unsightly crushed and the maximum amount of pulp is almost completely available for further processing.

Types of Cherry Pitters

There are different variants of cherry corers available for purchase on the market. The range of cherry pits available on the market extends from simple, classic models to practical combination units and the “high class” double pits.

Which model you ultimately choose depends entirely on the volume of fruit that needs to be processed.

If you only need a few cherries for a cake or a dessert from time to time, a classic device that can be easily stored with the other kitchen gadgets is certainly sufficient.

However, if a large amount of fruit needs to be pitted for jams or jellies, for example, this job is more likely to be made easier by a device with a chute or even a combination pitcher.

The latter is certainly also the choice for people who want to pit various pome fruits.

Simple Cherry Pitters

With simple, that is, conventional models, you can also effortlessly remove cherry pits from the fruit. As for the classic corers, they are hand tools that are robust and durable. They are often made of stainless steel or high-quality plastic. All the necessary work is done so a simple cherry corer quickly and reliably. Sometimes these cherry corers are equipped with a chute from which the pome fruit rolls into the corer automatically. This saves time and makes the work easier.

Double Cherry Pitters

The combi corer or also called double corer belongs to the royal class among corers. Anyone who wants to pit large quantities and also frequently different pome fruits such as mirabelles, plums, prunes or churches is well advised to use such a device.

The double cherry corer is a multifunctional kitchen helper. It combines the coring of fruit with the simultaneous cutting of larger fruits (such as plums). The practicality of these household tools is without question the versatile range in the coring of fruit.

How are Cherry Pitters tested?

The following table provides an overview of the most important criteria in our cherry corer comparison:


In this feature, special attention was paid to how many kilos of fruit can be liquid pitted in one piece with the respective cherry corer in a specified time of one hour. Nevertheless, attention was paid to the fact that there is a distinction between classic hand-held devices and corers with a chute and automated operation. Therefore, the evaluation is carried out in the same way, but attention is paid to the different design.


These criteria describe almost objectively on the one hand the handling of the respective cherry pitter and on the other hand the intuitive operation of the household helper. Attention was also paid to possible dangers in use, as well as to the innovative idea of the product. The handling was tested as an inexperienced user of such a device.


The cleaning criterion played a major role in our tests. After all, a cherry corer is supposed to relieve the workload in the kitchen and not ruin the time saved and the fun afterwards with elaborate cleaning processes.


In the case of the material characteristic, particular attention was paid to the condition of the cherry pit. The susceptibility to discoloration was examined, as was the wear of the surfaces and the pressing and cutting tools. The quality of the product’s workmanship and its robustness in daily use were tested. These test criteria are rounded off by a prognosis of the product’s longevity and its suitability for children’s hands.


The design played a rather subordinate role in our test because it is often a matter of taste what is liked and what is not. However, special features of the respective product design are listed and also flow into the overall rating.

Price-Performance Ratio

Here, the price of the respective test product was still looked at very closely. Is it worth the money? Are there competitors that offer more for the same money? It was critically tested whether the usual retail price fits the product and is justified.

What should I look for when buying a cherry pitter?

It is very important to screen your own processing of fruits.

  • Do I have several kilos of pome fruit to process several times a year?
  • Do I only pit a few cherries for immediate consumption?
  • Do I have only a few cherries to pit, but they should be pitted attractively and as unharmed as possible?

Once the requirements have been formulated, the right device can be selected with confidence. So, the cherry corer that will do the job most effectively.

Some important facts to consider, of course. Material, performance, feel and cleaning properties are just as important as design when choosing a new kitchen appliance. A cherry corer is no exception, even if the purchase price is usually rather low.

In summary, the following key points facilitate the selection of a cherry pitter:

What should I look for when buying a cherry pitter?

It is very important to screen your own processing of fruits.

Do I have several kilos of pome fruit to process several times a year?

  • Do I only pit a few cherries for immediate consumption?
  • Do I have only a few cherries to pit, but they should be pitted attractively and as unharmed as possible?

Once the requirements have been formulated, the right device can be selected with confidence. So, the cherry corer that will do the job most effectively.

Some important facts to consider, of course. Material, performance, feel and cleaning properties are just as important as design when choosing a new kitchen appliance. A cherry corer is no exception, even if the purchase price is usually rather low.

In summary, the following key points facilitate the selection of a cherry pitter:


  • How many pounds can the machine do, how much does it need to do for my needs?


  • Is the device easy and intuitive to operate or easy to set up?
  • Should it be able to handle other pome fruit?


  • Are special cleaning agents or procedures necessary?
  • Does the device consist of many individual parts (this increases the cleaning effort)?
  • Can the parts be put in the dishwasher?


  • Is the corer made of durable materials such as plastic and/or stainless steel (rustproof 18/10)?
    and/or stainless steel (18/10 stainless)?
  • Does it make a robust impression, or does the device “feel” like it will fall apart the first time it is used?


  • Do I like the look of the cherry corer?
  • Does the device visually fit well with my other kitchen appliances or my kitchen?

Cherry Pitter Accessories

To make pitting and storing delicious cherries even easier, we present here small and large helpers that are not only extremely useful for pitting cherries. Rather, they generally facilitate the processing of fruit from your own garden.

The “ProLine” straining mill from Leifheit perfectly complements any cherry corer. For under US$35, this device is an asset to any kitchen. It has three different straining inserts in the strengths fine, medium and coarse.

It strains cherries and other fruit for compotes, jams and fruit chutneys in thicknesses of 2, 3 or 8 millimeters. The straining mill can also be used for making gravy, soups, mashed potatoes, spaetzle, vegetables, baby food and much more.

Another practical accessory is also the jam funnel from WMF. For under US$10 it is a great help when filling and preserving. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher and made of durable 18/10 stainless steel or Cromargan. The funnel has a diameter of 14 centimeters and the opening has a diameter of 4 centimeters. Thus, the jam funnel is perfectly suitable for all common jar sizes and offers help with clean filling of jars.

Anyone who has ever canned the delicious cherries as jam or jelly knows how unpleasant it is to lift the jars out of the cooking pot. That’s where Westmark’s great canning and preserving jar lifters come in.

They are made of chrome-plated steel and plastic and hold jars up to 18 inches in diameter. From now on, these handy tongs will let you effortlessly place or lift canning and preserving jars out of and into the jar.

The handy gripping tongs made of durable steel prevent scalding on hot jam jars – the plastic-coated handles stay cool!

The lifters are small and handy – can be easily stored in the kitchen cabinet and effortlessly cleaned under running water. For little money (under US$10) the manufacturer also gives 5 years warranty on this thoughtful kitchen helper.

Cherry Pitter Alternatives

One thing first: There are no real alternatives to a cherry pitter! Anyone who has ever tried to remove a pit from the flesh of a cherry by hand and without any tools has quickly discovered that it quite often ends in a big mess. It is no pleasure to pick around in a cherry (not even with a peeler knife) to get hold of the pit.

Extensive research on the Internet has shown that while there are many tips and advice on how to remove pits from stone fruit, no solution is as effective, simple and clean as using a professional cherry pitter.

Even the method circulating on the net of placing each cherry individually on a standard beverage bottle and using a wooden stick to push out the pit is hardly a solution if you want to bake a cherry pie or make several jars of jam. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a simple cherry pitter or a top-of-the-range model.

The result is always the same: clean and fast cherry pitting is only possible with the right tool.

If you want to pit small quantities, choose classic cherry pits made of zinc, stainless steel or aluminum. They lie well in the hand and for immediate consumption, 1-2 kilos of cherries can easily be pitted cleanly.

If guests are arriving or desserts are to be made, pies or cakes are to be baked, the semi-automatic machines offer reliable help. However, if you want to pit more than 10 kilos of cherries in one piece, for example, to preserve them or make jams and jellies, you will need a cherry pitter with a funnel and collecting container. Here large quantities can be processed in one operation – this saves enormous time, a lot of trouble and also your nerves!

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