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The 10 Best Coffee Machines in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

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What is the best Coffee Machine?

Looking for the perfect coffee machine? We selected the best bean-to-cup, filter and espresso machine for your quick caffeine fix in the morning!

Do you want an authentic cafe-style coffee maker to show elegance with a tasty cup of coffee or do you prefer the simplicity of a glass carafe with an old-school filter coffee machine? At the end of the day, we are all coffee lovers and wish to enjoy a tasty coffee. We guarantee that there is the coffee machine for everyone out where! That’s why we curated the list of the best coffee machines for your below to choose from.

1. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Classic yet functional – brew coffee simple and easy

Turn on and brew. There you got your coffee richful in taste! The Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause is a lifesaver when you need a coffee quickly before work. It stops brewing so you grab your coffee cup and then finishes the brewing cycle for the rest of the family.

Key Features

  • On/off indicator: Lets you know when your coffee maker is on or off
  • Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause: Stops brewing if you need a coffee before everyone else
  • Dual water window: No more water refill overflow
  • Lift and Clean Filter Basket: Quick, easy clean-up

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2. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Quick – simple – always fresh

If its the first cup or the fourth cup – with this great coffee machine it does not matter! It always tastes as fresh as the first one. It brews the perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in less than a minute with a simple button press.

Key Features

  • Strong variety: Make yourself coffee, hot chocolate, tea or iced beverages
  • Ready in seconds: Brews your favorite drink in under a minute
  • Programmable: Program your brewing process as needed
  • Huge water reservoir: Includes 48 oz. water tank

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3. Breville the Barista Express

From bean to tasteful coffee within seconds

Invite friends & family to your own private espresso tasting! Ready in seconds, the Barista Express grinds your coffee beans into the best coffee you have ever tasted. Its style and choice of manual & automation operations ensure an authentic café environment.

Key Features

  • Controlled Bean Grinding
  • Precise Coffee Extraction
  • Micro-Foam Milk Texturing
  • Grind Size Dial

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4. Hamilton Beach 49980A

Brew premium roast coffee at home

Need a fix for those early morning caffeine pains? Brew your own premium roast coffee at home with this super low-maintenance yet elegant coffeemaker! Enjoy a richful cup of coffee at home just like you would have in a Café.

Key Features

  • Variety Coffee Brewing: Single Cup or Full 12-cup carafe
  • Single-serve basket: Includes a mesh filter to store ground coffee
  • Brew Strength Selector: decide on your own flavor and strength
  • Advanced Control Panel: Control the brewing time up to 24 hours in advance

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5. Cuisinart DCC-3200

Are you a regular or bold coffee drinker?

This coffee machine provides you with the coffee that you need! The included brew strength control brews coffee beans as you wish – regular or bold coffee. The keep-warm functionality allows for ready-to-drink coffee all day long.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art coffee: Never sacrifice your coffee taste
  • Brew Strength Control: Do you like regular or bold coffee? It’s your choice
  • Fully automatic: Self-Cleaning Coffee Machine with 24h programmability
  • Keeps your coffee warm: Includes an adjustable Keep-Warm control

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6. Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother

For the perfect start in the morning

Trusted by many hobby coffee drinkers – the Ninja Specialty Coffeemaker helps you with an energy-rich and happy start in the morning – You never tasted a coffee as intense as this one!

Key Features

  • Classic & rich brew: Soft to intense coffee taste – get ready for a perfect start in the morning
  • Strong variety of coffee choices: Make your own latte, macchiato, cappuccino or others
  • Many sizes: Brew anything you wish – Single cup to full glass carafe
  • Fold-away frother: Turns milk into delicious, silky-smooth froth

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7. Hamilton Beach 46310

Front-Access Water Refill – Great thinking

Finally a coffee machine that can stay tucked in the cabinet. With easy front-access to the water reservoir you can easily refill it without making a mess. It also makes great coffee!

Key Features

  • Easy refilling: Front-access water reservoir with a 12 cup capacity
  • Great Brewing Options: Get regular, bold & 1-4 coffee brewing options
  • Automatic Coffee: Programmable clock with automatic pause & serve function
  • 100% No Mess: Easy coffee pouring

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8. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica

Patented Cappuccino System for the extra “Wow” Effect

Instantly grind beans with the compact, patented technology. Make the perfect espresso at home with single push of a button.

Key Features

  • Patented “Cappuccino System”: You won’t find it anywhere else – Create rich, creamy froth
  • Advanced Control System: Programmable system with rotary and push button controls
  • High-Performance Grinding: Extract the perfect espresso with ease with the compact “Direct-to-Brew” System
  • 100% Easy Maintenance: Cut cleaning time in half – No chemicals needed

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9. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

Delicious Latte & Cappuccino all day long

No time left in the morning? Press the SHOT button for a quick, concentrated, tasteful cup of coffee ready in seconds.

Key Features

  • SHOT  button: With a single push of button you richful coffee is being served
  • Large Water reservoir: 60oz water tank allows for 6 cups before refilling
  • Easy cleaning: Dishwasher-safe frother for an easy clean-up after use
  • 100% Control: Increase strength and bold taste of your coffee as you like

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10. BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

Who said delicious coffee needs to be hard?

Flip the switch and ready is the full of flavor coffee at the optimial drinking temperature.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Carafe: Pour coffee without a mess with a comfortable handling system
  • Grab-a-quick Cup System: Stops the brewing process if you are ever in a hurry for a quick caffeine shot
  • Super Compact Design: Designed for minimal space, it perfectly fits any room
  • 100% Easy Control: No unnecessary buttons allow for easy operation

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Coffee Machine Advantages & Disadvantages

What would we do without our coffee machine? According to statistics, coffee drinkers in the USA consume 3.1 cups of coffee per day and 2.9% of them even more than 10 cups a day. The latter is not really recommended, although coffee is healthier than you think. But one thing shows the statistics: In almost every American household is at least one device to prepare homemade, fresh coffee.

With a coffee maker (for example French Press, Aeropress,  Handfilter) everything runs by hand and thus slower. In contrast, a coffee maker is a more convenient alternative as it takes less steps for a freshly brewed coffee. Automatic machines are not only the best choice for cafés, but also for larger households or people with limited time. It is perfect if you want consistent results, because the human being as a source of error is left out. 

Keep It Simple - The Filter Coffee Machine

filter coffee machine

The filter coffee machine is the most popular type of coffee machine, and not just since filter coffee as a hand-made “pour over coffee” comes back into fashion. Over 70% of US households own such a cheap device. Probably not only because of the price, but also because the preparation is very simple and larger amounts of coffee can be produced.

Advantages of the Filter Coffee Machine

Coffee from the filter coffee machine is cheap as you can prepare many cups at once and requires relatively little coffee powder. The filter bags and the filter coffee machine itself (about US$50) are cheap. With a hand coffee maker or a coffee machine you can make a cup of coffee at the touch of a button but hopefully you will not find yourself constantly doing it-  how often does it really stay with a single cup of coffee anyway?

With the filter coffee machine, everything is super simple and quickly: insert paper filter (if the device has no permanent filter), fill in the desired amount of coffee, and start the machine. Everything works almost by itself. The result is a pot of fresh coffee, enough for a family or a cozy coffee break. Simple, practical – but also delicious? It all depends on who you ask … But the taste of coffee brings us to the other side of the coin.

Disadvantages of the Filter Coffee Machine

The coffee filter starts languishing among the US households machine compared to automatic coffee makers and high-quality coffee machines. Although it is in most households, hardly anyone likes it. Why? It’s not because you can not make coffee specialties like latte macchiato or cappuccino. Rather it is the taste that can be argued about. Even among our team we have dealt with taste prejudices on common filter coffee machine. The conclusion: a filter coffee machine can produce bad results.

It gets problematic if the preparation is not done carefully. Often, the contact time between coffee powder and water is too long, because the water in the filter coffee machine stagnates and seeps through the filter too slowly. The result is that too many bitter substances are dissolved out of the coffee powder. A fluctuating brewing temperature due to a weak heating element leads to an uneven extraction of the flavors. An enemy of the good coffee taste are also warming plates, which heat up the finished coffee and literally burn it. These things can be avoided with a automatic coffee maker or some dedicated coffee-making skills.

Things to Consider When Buying a Filter Coffee Machine

If you are looking for a cheap and reliable coffee machine, you can get a filter coffee machine without any worries. However, one should pay attention to a few key criteria when buying:

➡️ Constant brewing temperature: This ensures that the extraction of the aromas is uniform.

➡️ Thermos Carafe: It is tasteless and does not unnecessarily heat up the finished coffee (unlike a glass jug with external heating).

➡️ Suitability for filter paper: Exchangeable filter paper results in better coffee than a permanent filter, which also breaks down quickly.

Filter coffee machines that combine all these criteria are the AmazonBasics 5, the Black+Decker 12-Cup, the Mr. Coffee or the Cuisinart DCC-450BK.

The Versatile Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

automatic coffee machine

Anyone who has ever tried an automatic coffee machine does not want any other. Is this cliché correct? In our opinion: yes. A coffee machine grinds the beans fresh and produces delicious coffee – but you get that with other devices. What really makes it unique is indeed its diversity. But it has its price …

Advantages of the Automatic Coffee Machine

A few things can really make this type of coffee maker as good as no second. There is the variety of coffee specialties with milk that can be prepared so easily: A delicious cappuccino, a beautifully layered latte macchiato – you can get all that with the push of a button. In addition to delicious coffee, a good fully automatic machine also conjures milk froth and produces a great coffee taste because the beans are freshly ground.

It can either be operated completely automatically or you can adjust custom parameters yourself: For example, the degree of beating, the brewing temperature, and individual flavor profiles – depending on how strong or milky you like your coffee. This makes the fully automatic coffee machine a convenient and yet customizable all-rounder for households with different coffee preferences and results just like in your favorite café.

Disadvantages of the Automatic Coffee Machine

Just like everything else, it has it compromises. First, it does not provide “real” filter coffee as you may know: it does not work with a filter system, but rather “pushes” the water through the coffee powder. Secondly, the pressure of this coffee machine is not as great to create the perfect espresso – this often done better with a portafilter machine. As a result, fully automatic machines excel in their variety, but not necessarily in the individual disciplines.

In addition, cleaning the coffee machine is more complicated and time-consuming, especially with integrated milk foam systems and permanently installed brewing systems. It takes more space than any other coffee machine, it is often very expensive to buy (good models are available from US$500 upwards with open-up borders) and produces only one or two cups of coffee at a time. A purchase needs to be well though through…

Buying Tips for the Automatic Coffee Machine

The available offers on the market are overwhelming for most consumer.  That’s why we not only presented our coffee machine test winner in a separate article, but also consulted an experienced coffee expert. Here is what he has to say which coffee machine models he personally likes and why:

The fact is that you can spend a small fortune on a coffee machine. Before you buy it makes sense to think carefully about what is important to you and which additional features you can live without. Every extra means an increase on the price! Do you need a milk foam system, or is a machine with a steam lance enough? Is plastic okay for you or does it have to be a classic metal design? Do you really need technical gimmicks like an app control?

In the entry-level range, you can find the Delonghi ECAM and in the middle price segment the Saeco Incanto. Anyone looking for an automatic coffee machine from the high-end segment can grab the Jura E8 Platinum.

For Espresso Lovers: The Espresso Machine

espresso machine

It is what we all know – the great smell, the flashing metal, the numerous levers & the characteristic hissing: In almost every café or restaurant there is a professional portafilter machine. They cost from US$1,500 upwards and can reach the price of a small car! It is a particularly durable coffee machine, which actually belongs more to the espresso machines. For your household you do not need such a thing of course, but there are cheaper portafilter machines available for home use. They are especially suitable for lovers of espresso and a real eye-catcher in every kitchen! However, they require real know-how. You should be ready to deal with it a little bit.

Advantages of the Espresso Machine

With no other coffee maker you get a better espresso – no discussion! This is because only the portafilter machine works with the necessary pressure of about 9 bar to achieve the typical strong espresso flavor. An automatic coffee machine as mentioned above can not get to this perfection. In addition, you can adjust not only the degree of grinding and the brewing temperature, but also the compression of the coffee powder!

You will have the pleasure of using a sieve carrier in your own hands. You will prepare your own milk foam with the steam lance. This is appreciated especially by coffee fans who really want to enjoy brewing coffee. Today, most devices are semi-automatic. However, there are also the nostalgic hand lever machines in which the pressure is generated by muscle power. They are for the real coffee lovers out there.

Disadvantages of the Espresso Machine

If you just want a cheap coffee machine with simple operation, then the portafilter machine is not the right choice for you. It costs a decent amount of money even for private households! If you do not have a luxury model with a built-in grinder, you will have to mill your own coffee. It is necessary to choose the correct brewing temperature. Even the tamping (pounding the ground coffee in the portafilter) is a science in itself just like the cleaning of the brewing head. For lovers, it is no disadvantage though!

Another disadvantage is that you have fewer options with the espresso machine than with an automatic machine. It delivers the best espresso and the best espresso-based coffee specialties- but with more effort needed.Please do not forget, that you can not make “real” filter coffee with it.

Buying tips for the Espresso Machine

Anyone who acquires a portafilter machine must first master the technical understanding of this type of coffee machine. What do you want: single-circuit, two-circuit or dual boiler? Depending on the model, the steam and pressure operate differently. How powerful does the pump have to be? How good is the coffee grinder? How much manual operation is important to you? 

The most popular portafilter machines are made by Italian manufacturers. Of course, the country of origin of the espresso knows how to do it right! There is the Rancilio Silvia (single circle), the Bezzera BZ10 (double circle) or the Breville BES920XL (dual boiler). If you really want to do everything yourself: La Pavoni delivers really great hand lever machines.

The Most Convenient - The Coffee Pod Machine

pod coffee machine

A capsule machine produces coffee for a relatively low initial cost, and is particularly popular with one or two-person households. Many are surprised that capsule coffee does not even taste sooo bad. However, capsule machines produce a lot waste – the relationship between packaging and content is more than inefficient!

Advantages of the Pod Coffee Machine

To be objective: Yes, capsule machines are quite cheap and you can quickly make a cup of coffee. But to be frank, you can do that with a filter coffee machine – it does not cost more and is more environmentally friendly! The coffee grounds are compostable and the filter paper is biodegradable, which is not the case with the aluminum capsules.

Now comes the taste argument: The coffee powder in the aluminum capsules is packed airtight and more flavorful than in the standard coffee power. That’s why you can store them longer and the capsule coffee tastes better than an opened pack of coffee powder.

Disadvantages of the Pod Coffee Machine

We say it again: Capsule machines produce a lot of waste, which can be avoided with any other regular coffee machine. They are usually made of cheap plastic, which has a negative effect on the taste. In general, the taste of capsule coffee never comes close to a good filter coffee or coffee from the fully automatic or the portafilter machine!

On top of that, the individual coffee capsules are much more expensive than when you buy a decent pack of coffee beans and grind them fresh. Nespresso capsule coffee at least US$60 euros per kilo! You can calculate the cost of your pod coffee per kilo here. In contrast, even specialty coffee from direct and sustainable trade costs only between US$20 – US$30 per kilo.

Buying tips for the Pod Coffee Machine

We would rather advise you to purchase a filter coffee machine, if you are concerned about the price. But if you, for whatever reason, want to grab a capsule machine – which device you buy is almost irrelevant. More important are the capsules! Because that determines whether you pollute the environment or not.

There are today various re-usable coffee capsules available on the market. They all follow the same principle: grind the coffee fresh, fill it into the capsule, firmly press it, close the capsule. Such reusable capsules fit into any capsule machine and are not thrown away after a single use, but rinsed and used again and again! Re-usable pods are made by Capssana and WayCap – both made of high-quality stainless steel. Better than the disposable pods mentioned are biodegradable coffee capsules from Halo, which are made from organic fibers.

Are Coffee Filter Machines Better Than Capsule Machines?

On the one hand, filter coffee is more environmentally friendly and significantly cheaper than aluminum coffee pods. On the other hand, the coffee in the filter loses its aroma very quickly and mostly tastes like watery broth. Then again a coffee machine with filters can be so cheap –  but it just does not taste good!

usa coffee consumption infographic
Facts about the Coffee Consumption in the USA

Coffee: Why We Just Love It

No matter which coffee maker you prefer – the fact is: the Americans love coffee! After all, the USA drinks 4600 cups per second . And in all possible variations, special designs and individual quantities. Coffee is an indispensable part of our everyday life! Finally, we have a few facts and figures about the USA and the coffee consumption:

➡️ Men drink more coffee than women

➡️ 55-70 year olds drink more filter coffee than other age groups

➡️ Modern coffee specialties are much more popular among the younger age groups

➡️ 36% consumed a coffee that was prepared out-of-home

We hope, we could give you a little insight into the world of coffee machines. Read our other article in which we reviewed the 10 best coffee machines!

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