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best cotton candy machines

The Best Cotton Candy Machines in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

The coveted sugar dish can be made with a candy floss machine – just like at the fair. Our team checked various tests on the Internet and created a list of the best. Reviews on splash protection, performance, cleaning and much more can be found here too.

Nostalgia PCM405RETRORED Cotton Candy Maker

Nostalgia PCM405RETRORED Cotton Candy Maker
  • Flossing or hard candies: Unique extractor head allows you…
  • Nostalgia cotton candy kits: Make cotton candy with these…
  • Simple operation: Warm up the unit, add your flossing sugar,…
  • Retro design: This unit has retro design and details that…
  • Clear rim guard: Acts as a protective guard and lets you…

Nostalgia PCM306PK Vintage Cotton Candy Maker

 Our Pick
Nostalgia PCM306PK Vintage Cotton Candy Maker
2,513 Reviews
Nostalgia PCM306PK Vintage Cotton Candy Maker
  • Flossing sugar or hard candies: Unique extractor head allows…
  • Nostalgia kits: Unit works perfectly with all Nostalgia…
  • Simple operation: Warm up the unit, add your flossing sugar,…
  • Vintage design: This unit has vintage design and details…
  • Clear rim guard: Acts as a protective guard and lets you…

ANCROWN Cotton Candy Machine

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Cotton Candy Maker (Blue)

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The Candery Cotton Candy Machine

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Paragon Classic Floss Cotton Candy Machine

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The Candery Cotton Candy Machine and Floss Bundles

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FAQ’s: Cotton Candy Machines

What is a cotton candy machine?

With a cotton candy machine you can easily and comfortably bring the pure fun fair feeling home. After all, who says that you can only enjoy cotton candy once a year when the fairground operators are in town? After all, this sweet is about much more than “just” a treat.

Rather, cotton candy takes some people back into the past again and again: to a time when you could still be a child and enjoy the huge lumps of sugar on the wooden stick with your eyes closed.

In view of these precious memories, what could be more natural than to bring the “good old days” home with a cotton candy machine as you please and, in the process, not only fulfill yourself, but also the wishes of the youngsters, they participate let on what was once really good?

Enjoying cotton candy is indeed something wonderful, and it is all the nicer that today everyone has the opportunity to bring that good feeling home with a cotton candy machine whenever they feel like it

Bring childhood memories back home

Anyone who thinks that it is necessary to purchase a huge device, as is known from fairs, etc., to make the popular cotton candy at home, is wrong. Because as complicated as it may seem at first glance at a fair, so simple and efficient is the functionality that already distinguishes a cotton candy machine that is created for use in your own four walls. The size of such a device is surprisingly compact, although it is very possible to produce larger quantities of cotton candy at will. It really doesn’t take much – just sugar and a few flavors to taste.

A cotton candy machine is a very compact device for the home, which is very similar in its functionality to the device that can be seen in very large dimensions at public events, at fairgrounds, etc. As a rule, a cotton candy machine is made of a relatively light, but nonetheless very robust material in which the sugar, the main component of the cotton candy, is melted and swirled around with the help of an implemented rotation system in such a way that the much-loved sugar threads are formed from the melted sugar mass.

And this must then be caught with a stick, which is usually included in the scope of delivery, rolled up – and then enjoyed with all your senses. Although a little practice may be required at the beginning for one or the other cotton candy fan, after the second portion of cotton candy it usually becomes apparent how easy and fast it is to be able to make this traditional delicacy in your own new cotton candy machine.

How does a cotton candy machine work?

As unique and delicious as the experience of eating cotton candy is, it is also easy to make this delicacy yourself with a cotton candy machine.

Indeed, the operation of such a device is very simple and at the same time very efficient.

It is worth knowing that a cotton candy machine consists of different modules, mainly a body, a rotating, so-called spider head and a splash guard. However, this is not available on every model. In order to be able to work with the device, only the sugar has to be poured into the container, whereby it is also possible to add other flavors, depending on your taste.

The sugar is then heated in the container to an average of around 180 degrees, using the rotating spider head. This is then usually switched on or activated automatically when the temperature required for good quality cotton candy has been reached. The liquid sugar is swirled back and forth with the help of the said spider head, creating threads that can be caught with a wooden stick in just a few simple steps.

It is also helpful to have the splash guard when “collecting” the threads created when the spinning head is rotating. If this were not the case, the initially liquid sugar could very easily get over the border, so that, for example, the worktop in the kitchen or the coffee table at a children’s birthday party, etc., becomes sticky very quickly.

What are the advantages & use cases of a cotton candy machine?

The advantages of a cotton candy machine are obvious. The fact is that such a device can do a lot more than just produce cotton candy. Rather, it is possible for small and large connoisseurs to always make cotton candy exactly when they feel like it. This not only makes the big ones happy, but also the dear little ones become happy connoisseurs.

The nice thing is that every owner of a cotton candy machine can make cotton candy without being tied to time at fairgrounds, fairgrounds, fairs, Oktoberfest or similar inviting events.

As it turns out time and again, the desire for cotton candy can “overwhelm” you in the strangest moments: Either when sitting on the couch in the evening, when meeting friends, when children’s birthdays or other parties are celebrated – or just in between.

Anyone who does not have the time and inclination to do extensive research in order to find out where the next fair is near, where there is also cotton candy, is in fact very well advised to use a cotton candy machine.

The special thing about such a device is not only that it is incredibly easy and possible to make cotton candy within a relatively short time, but most modern devices of this type are even able to make tasty candy. This is truly a double pleasure that can be seen.

The taste buds are literally pampered according to every trick in the book, and at the same time you have the opportunity to relive childhood memories: an essential aspect that – one can rightly claim – is literally priceless. There are many good reasons to decide to buy a cotton candy machine.

It is very easy to use and, depending on the device, cleaning is usually very simple and easy. In view of its often very compact design, the much sought-after device fits into small corners or cupboards and is available whenever you need delicious cotton candy.

What types of cotton candy machines are available?

With a cotton candy machine you can literally revive the dreams of your earliest childhood. When deciding to buy such a device, the quality-conscious consumer is spoiled for choice between different types of cotton candy machines. On the one hand, there are the small, handy and mostly very compact devices that are usually no larger than a conventional bowl. 

The rotating spinning head is just as present as the container into which the sugar can be placed. With regard to the size of the container there are – depending on the provider – sometimes considerable differences. But also with a view to other variations, the consumer can choose between different designs.

With hood

Not every cotton candy machine has a protective cover. With devices that have such a device, it can be ensured from the outset that the liquid sugar cannot get over the edge in the course of its processing in the device and, for example, contaminate the work surface. Interestingly, such a protective cover is often referred to as a spit guard.

As unsavory as this may seem at first glance, its functionality is just as important. When you consider that there are usually many astonished connoisseurs and cotton candy fans around the bowl to watch the coveted cotton candy being prepared, it is not surprising that your mouth literally watered. This is where the deeper understanding of spit protection lies.

For sugar candy

Numerous cotton candy machines are designed in such a way that they are not only very suitable for the production of the beloved cotton candy, but can also be used to make candy. For this purpose, the rotary clamping head can be deactivated in order to prevent the thread formation of the melting sugar in the beginning.

Extra big

As is well known, the extra-large versions of the cotton candy machines are available for the commercial sector, although here too many modifications are available in well-stocked specialist shops. If you like, you can opt for the classic large devices, while others choose cotton candy machines that are implemented in a mobile frame or a shop system equipped with wheels.

How are cotton candy machines tested?

If you want to buy a cotton candy machine, you shouldn’t rely on the first offer. Rather, it makes sense to take a look at our corresponding product reports in order to receive objective, professionally designed and, above all, meaningful analyzes and recommendations that are a valuable aid in decision-making.

In our institute, cotton candy machines from different manufacturers were tested, analyzed and evaluated. Our testers tested the devices as follows:


A cotton candy machine should be able to do one thing above all else: make cotton candy. In the simplest and most efficient way possible. It is important that the results are impressive – without having to invest a lot of time and nerves in advance. In this respect, the functionality of the device plays a very important role. By the way, some machines are able to produce different types of candy in addition to cotton candy. However, this does not necessarily have to be an adequate evaluation criterion.


If a cotton candy machine has many functions and features, it can be beneficial for the consumer. However, only if the device is as easy to handle, clean and maintain as possible. After all, you want to enjoy cotton candy in the shortest possible time – and not spend hours making technical adjustments.


Many modern cotton candy machines score with their high quality and comprehensive performance. But sometimes there is a lack of suitable accessories. If, for example, a splash guard or spit guard is not included in the scope of delivery, or if there are no chopsticks in the delivery, the consumer must purchase these utensils separately in order to be able to fully enjoy his own cotton candy.

Power Consumption

Experience shows that small devices that are only used now and then are characterized by a wattage of around 600 to 800 watts. Compared to more powerful models, it certainly takes a little longer with these machines until the coveted cotton candy is ready. Basically, a lower service portfolio does not have to be meaningful to check the quality of a cotton candy baking machine. In general, however, it is advisable to take a look at the relevant information when it comes to weighing how much and how often cotton candy should be made. In the commercial sector, users can do little with 600 or 800 watt devices. It should be at least 1,200 to 1,500 watts.


As has been shown again and again – also with a view to the cotton candy machine – good quality does not necessarily have to be associated with high costs. Cost-conscious cotton candy fans find out in our tests which cotton candy machines are high-quality, powerful and functional and also score points with an attractive price-performance ratio.

What do I have to look out for when buying a cotton candy machine?

The purchase of a cotton candy machine needs to be well thought out. To ensure that you get everything right from the start and that there is no bad purchase afterwards, the testers at our institute recommend that you pay attention to these criteria when buying a new device:

The material properties should be as high-quality, solid and robust as possible. Certainly there are devices in well-stocked specialist and online shops that are made of high-quality plastic and that contain a powerful heating device. However, caution is often required with these products, because sooner or later defects or signs of wear due to excessive exposure to heat etc. could occur in the connection areas.

It is therefore much better to rely on cotton candy machines that are designed from robust and, above all, rustproof stainless steel. They remain flawless even for years, they do not rust or corrode, and they are otherwise very resistant, solid and scratch-resistant.

The wattage should correspond to the individual requirements of the hobby confectioner. If the machine is only used occasionally “just for fun”, a low wattage of around 600 to 800 watts is sufficient. If, on the other hand, a higher service volume is required, it makes sense to rely on an adequate service portfolio.

The size of the container also corresponds to the desired amounts of cotton candy that you want to make. Anyone who opts for smaller devices to save costs, for example, will end up paying extra with a view to energy costs.

The accessories portfolio should be of the highest possible quality. It is important that at least one splash guard and wooden sticks are included in the scope of delivery. So you can save these costs before the first cotton candy production and you can literally “get started” right away.

Cotton candy machine accessories

In no way does it hurt to have not only the right cotton candy machine available for making your beloved cotton candy, but also adequate accessories. In this context, we are not just talking about the all-important splash guard, which is still not included with every machine.

Other accessories that facilitate the production of the sweet spinning sugar or can make it even tastier are, for example, the corresponding wooden sticks. You can either get these directly from the manufacturer or order them from one of the numerous online providers. The purchase of food coloring is also recommended.

Regardless of whether it is rosé, yellow, blue, purple or green: Cotton candy always looks more attractive and tasteful when it comes across as brightly colored and creative. Then it’s not just the little ones who prefer to grab it.

Cotton candy machine alternatives

Simply make cotton candy in between: For many connoisseurs, there is nothing better than knowing that you only have to get the cotton candy machine out of the cupboard to start making the popular delicacy. Because it goes very quickly, so that you can usually enjoy the most beautiful portions of cotton candy after a few seconds.

However, if you can’t call a cotton candy machine your own, you have to rely on alternatives. While they are quite practical, they are far from offering the convenience and fun that the functional cotton candy machine has to offer.

From the saucepan to the baking sheet
It is entirely possible to make cotton candy with the saucepan. In contrast to the production of cotton candy in a machine, you not only need two to three tablespoons of sugar per serving, but five to six cups of sugar. There is also water, corn syrup, corn starch, a little vinegar and, if necessary, some food coloring. The mass is then only boiled and stirred until a homogeneous liquid is formed. This can now be further processed into cotton candy at will, although it should be mentioned that the result is visually very different from the popular original:

The liquid is evenly distributed on a baking sheet on which a little parchment paper has been laid out beforehand. Now the whole thing has to cool down a bit, whereby the mass becomes gradually harder. It is important to wait for the right moment when the consistency changes from liquid to solid. Then the whisk is used, with which the threads can be plucked out and then turned inward. The cotton candy is ready.

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