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best digital photo frames

The Best Digital Photo Frames in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

The most beautiful favorite pictures can be cleverly staged on a digital picture frame. For our list of the best, our team checked countless tests on the Internet. In addition, ratings on format, resolution, functions and other points were considered.

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame 10.1 Inch

 Our Pick
Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame 10.1 Inch
19,392 Reviews
Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame 10.1 Inch
  • NIXPLAY DESIGN: Wall Mount or Tabletop, Portrait or…
  • FAMILY FOCUSED SOFTWARE: niX-FamilyCircles allows you to…
  • PRIVATE, SECURE & TRUSTED: Nixplay’s cloud storage is…

Digital Photo Frame with IPS Screen

 Our Pick
Digital Photo Frame with IPS Screen
4,304 Reviews
Digital Photo Frame with IPS Screen
  • HD IPS Screen With 178 Degree Wide Viewing Angle: The IPS…
  • Image Preview and Auto Rotation: This digital photo frame…
  • Multiple Slideshow Modes: This digital picture frame can…
  • Plug and Play: Please turn on the power, then plug in SD…
  • More Interesting Features: Alarm clock, time, calendar, auto…

Aluratek 7 Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame

Aluratek 7 Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame
10,847 Reviews
Aluratek 7 Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame
  • The unit does not have a touch screen. There is no built in…
  • View hi-quality digital photos on the 7 InchTFT true color…
  • Photo slideshow mode will begin automatically once the frame…
  • Configure photo slideshows to play in various display and…
  • Supports various picture formats as most file formats are…

Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame

Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame
6,864 Reviews
Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame
  • Amazing high resolution photo and video viewing experience…
  • Easy Set-Up: Wi-Fi enabled (2.4 GHz Only, 5 GHz network not…
  • Video and photo sharing by email or via the Pix-Star Snap…
  • Simple, two-way send & receive. Send pictures from your…
  • We have thousands of happy customers. The quality of our…

Digital Picture Frame, Crosstour 8 Inch Electronic Photo Frame

No products found.

AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame, IPS Touch Screen

AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame, IPS Touch Screen
5,717 Reviews
AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame, IPS Touch Screen
  • ❤INSTANT WIRELESS SHARING: Frameo is a pro…

BSIMB 9 Inch 16GB Digital Picture Frame WiFi Digital Photo Frame

BSIMB 9 Inch 16GB Digital Picture Frame WiFi Digital Photo Frame
1,840 Reviews
BSIMB 9 Inch 16GB Digital Picture Frame WiFi Digital Photo Frame
  • 【Wireless Image Sharing 】Send photos/videos from your…
  • 【Gorgeous IPS Touch Screen】Featured with IPS extra-wide…
  • 【Peret Gift Option】BSIMB smart digital frames with…
  • 【More Than A Picture Frame】Built-in motion sensor will…
  • 【Satisfaction Guaranteed】As a professional digital…

Digital Photo Frame 1280x800 16:9 IPS Screen

Digital Photo Frame 1280x800 16:9 IPS Screen
905 Reviews
Digital Photo Frame 1280×800 16:9 IPS Screen
  • [Image Preview and Auto Rotate]: The digital photo frame is…
  • [Wide Viewing IPS Screen]: This digital picture frame is…
  • [Auto Play HD Photos and Videos]: The 7 inch digital picture…
  • [More Fun with Different Play Mode]: Easy plug in and play…
  • [Widely Compatibility]: Widely compatible with picture…

Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Photo Frames

What is a digital photo frame?

A digital picture frame receives the information from a digital source, which it decodes and displays graphically. It presents the images on its display as a liquid crystal display. The digital images are located directly on the digital picture frame or they come from a connection. Most of the digital picture frames from the test are equipped with a USB port, and they often have a memory card reader.

With the digital picture frame you don’t have to print it out, because here the pictures are shown in large format on the display so that you can simply pass the frame around. The outer frame makes it easy to use. However, some models do not have a surrounding frame, or they are only very thin.

How does a digital photo frame work?

A digital picture frame from the test comparison can store many photos and shows them in alternation. So you can import several series of images and present them together. Which motifs are to be displayed can be determined in advance. The selection of pictures can be changed again and again, and a current digital picture frame test winner has a very large memory, so it is no problem to add numerous pictures.

In some cases it is also possible to display videos. With a storage capacity of often 4 GB, there should be no difficulties in loading the new photos onto the digital picture frame. With some devices, in addition to pictures and videos, music can also be uploaded and played back. In this way, the picture presentation is given a musical background.

Functions such as a calendar and a timer are already standard on many models. With the controls you can determine, for example, how long a single photo should be displayed. The data source can also be selected using the controls, so that you not only have access to the photos that are stored on the digital picture frame, but also to the files that are on another device connected to the picture frame.

What are the advantages & use cases of a digital photo frame?

Many photos are taken with digital cameras and smartphones, but only a few are printed out. They stay on the computer’s large hard drive and may be forgotten. However, a digital picture frame keeps the memories alive. Anyone who owns such a device does not have to print out the photos and stick them in a photo album, but can import their recordings directly and run them through regularly.

The souvenir pictures are displayed alternately when the digital picture frame is on the shelf or passed around at a meeting with friends. Unlike a conventional photo frame, you don’t just see a single motif, but take part in a kind of slide show. A digital picture frame offers space for all holiday photos. So you don’t have to go to the desktop computer with your friends or fetch the large notebook: the light, slim digital picture frame is completely sufficient.

The advantages are particularly evident in the high display quality. The pictures are just as rich in contrast and clear as the picture itself and therefore more precise than conventional photo prints. Even those who avoid laptops and smartphones can cope with the ease of use. That is why a functional digital picture frame from the test is particularly popular with older generations who are less technically savvy. The seniors do not feel left out and are delighted with the lightweight, easy-to-use frames.

Especially if you like to take pictures, a digital picture frame helps with precise control of the recordings. Some of the images can even be edited in the device. An unfavorable exposure or the contrasts can be improved if necessary.

What types of digital photo frames are available?

A digital picture frame is available in three main categories: a simple model, a simple multimedia picture frame, and an enhanced digital multimedia design. Multimedia talents can also play music in addition to displaying images and videos. The MP3 format is mostly used for this, but a digital picture frame can sometimes also recognize other formats.

Some digital picture frames have a network connection, so they allow access to the Internet. Here it is possible to load new photos from another location. Pictures from vacation land directly on the grandparents’ screen, or you can send an individual birthday greeting from afar. Depending on the technology standard, a digital picture frame is capable of receiving e-mails or reading an RSS stream.

The following advantages apply to all types of digital picture frames:

  • It is no longer necessary to print out photos
  • lightweight,
  • automatic display and zoom option available,
  • often equipped with many additional functions.

Digital photo frame – the disadvantages:

  • In contrast to the classic frame and photo album, they consume electricity,
  • relatively high price.

How are digital photo frames tested?

The various digital picture frames from the test score with various functional features. Some of them are even suitable for wall mounting. When looking for the test winner of the digital picture frame, however, it is more about the technical properties.

From the lightweight to the slightly larger, heavier model, from the simple versions to the multimedia products, in the following the customers should first be informed about the important selection criteria that should be taken into account when purchasing.


The image resolution of the digital picture frame affects the quality of the display. It is based on the format of the devices and, due to the number of pixels, ensures a more or less sharp image. A high resolution makes the details easier to see, while a low resolution results in a blurry, grainy image. This is why the resolution should be a little higher even with a smaller screen diagonal.

The image quality can be calculated using the resolution values. With a resolution of 720 x 480 screen points, 345,600 pixels are available, while 1,024 x 768 points offer 786,432 pixels. A digital picture frame with a resolution of 800 x 600 is a good interim solution.

Screen Diagonal

A digital picture frame with a diagonal of 7 inches, for example, should have a sufficiently high resolution of at least 720 x 480 pixels. The 7-inch diagonal is the equivalent of almost 18 cm, which means that the image size is around 10 x 15 cm. With a 9-inch frame, the overall size is around 13 x 18 cm. The larger the digital picture frame, the higher the resolution has to be in order to avoid blurry pictures.

Display Type

Many manufacturers use TFT displays for their digital picture frames. This is also referred to as LCD displays. The technology ensures a high-contrast, sharp display with bright colors.

Most of the newer digital picture frames also work when viewed from the side: This is due to the wider viewing angle. With current technology, a digital picture frame doesn’t need a lot of electricity.

Often, fluorescent tubes in small format at the edge of the display provide the lighting. The latest models are equipped with light-emitting diodes, with which the colors appear even brighter and at the same time more natural. In addition, the power consumption by the LEDs is reduced even further.


The luminosity of the digital picture frames is given in candela per m². This unit refers to the luminosity of a single candle per square meter. The color tones shown only appear natural from around 200 candela. The higher the luminosity, the better the picture.


The contrast value is the luminance ratio between the black and white pixels. The minimum value is 300: 1. As the first value increases, the contrast increases. The newer displays with LED technology offer significantly better options than the TFT technology used up to then.

Reaction time

If a digital picture frame is to display films as well as photos, a short response time is essential. This ensures that the movements and pans do not leave any annoying streaks. In the best case, the response time for video playback is less than 25 milliseconds.

The reaction time can also be important in a slide show, because otherwise the optical effects will not really come into their own when the image changes. Smooth processes are only achieved if the response time is a maximum of 100 milliseconds.

Storage capacity

In general, a digital picture frame from the test comparison has an internal storage space. With a large capacity, it is not a problem to store the numerous files on it. In addition, many picture frames offer additional slots for memory cards. These can expand the storage capacity in no time at all.

Depending on how often the digital picture frame is used and how many photos you want to have access to, it needs a little more memory or manages with a smaller capacity.

If you want to save and show videos every now and then, the memory should be at least 1 GB. This saves the frequent exchange of photo files.

The slot for the memory card not only helps with the direct import of pictures and with the expansion of the memory, but it also supports you in the transfer of files between the digital picture frame and the PC or another device.


Some digital picture frames are kept relatively simple, so that your own design takes a back seat and the focus is on the images displayed. Other frames catch the eye with glossy borders or elegant decorative elements. Especially if the picture frame is to be a gift, the models with a wide, decorative frame are ideal.


A digital picture frame can be controlled via the control buttons on the device itself or via a remote control. The latter enables comfortable handling without having to hold the frame in your hand. The digital picture frame can also hang on the wall here.

However, if you mainly buy the frame to take away, the devices with buttons on the side are ideal. If the controls are on the back, you have to constantly turn the picture frame back and forth to see where to switch and how the image reacts to it.

What should I look out for when buying a digital photo frame?

The decision in favor of a digital picture frame depends on the ideal coordination of display size and resolution, but also on the storage volume. It is also important to know about the additional functions. Some consumers want a frame that is as easy to use as possible, others are happy about special extras.

The focus is on the quality of the image display. That is why many buyers use the high-resolution devices, which show the photos and videos in first-class HD quality.

The type of energy supply is also important. A digital picture frame that is powered by a battery does not require a cable, which makes it very convenient to use. Regular charging is required here.

For many users, the design is also decisive: Should the digital picture frame from the test have a simple, elegant metal look or should it look extravagant and have decorative extras on the edge?

Ease of use plays a major role, because ultimately you want to be able to make the desired settings safely and specifically without constantly consulting another, more experienced person.

Operation is particularly easy when the control buttons are on the edge, because if they are hidden on the back of the picture frame, you have to constantly turn the device around to check which buttons are pressed and how the display reacts to them.

A remote control is very convenient in this context. With this you always have the screen in front of your eyes. A digital picture frame with a touchscreen may be practical, but it has a negative effect on the appearance, because frequent finger touches leave unsightly marks on the display.

The modern operation with the help of gesture control, on the other hand, has no trace. A sensor is used here, which determines whether the viewer in front of the picture frame “continues to wave” the photos or whether other movements are being made.

Digital Photo Frame Accessories

For the digital picture frames, it may make sense to purchase additional memory reserves. These are compatible memory chips that are available relatively cheaply.

However, you should be careful that the memory card has enough capacity. The coordination with the digital camera and the digital picture frame is therefore an important point. The memory chip previously used for the camera can possibly also be used in the frame.

In addition to the instructions, the accessories included in the scope of delivery also include the remote control and a power cord as standard. There is also often a USB cable. This enables the connection with the PC or another digital device.

If you often take the digital picture frame with you, for example to show pictures from your last vacation or a family celebration, it is advisable to buy a cover or bag for transport.

This transport bag should be so big that the picture frame doesn’t slip around in it, but also doesn’t suffer from a tight closure. With such a cover you always have your photos with you and can show them to a small or larger group.

There are special accessories for maintenance. The cleaning agent can often be bought with a dust-free microfiber cloth. If this cleaning set is in a bag, the corresponding utensils are stored together so that everything is at hand when it is time to clean the digital picture frame.

In a broader sense, the photo accessories also belong to the picture frame. A complete set of equipment includes a camera and the necessary material for storing the images. These can be other digital picture frames in different formats, but also real picture frames and photo albums.

Suitable mounting accessories are available for wall mounting the digital picture frames. When looking for a wall mount, one should consider the VESA standard.

This refers to the hole spacing of the bracket and is noted directly on the picture frame or stated on the packaging. For example, when marking with VESA 75 x 75 mm, the hole spacing is exactly 75 x 75 mm.

Digital Photo Frame Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to the digital picture frame from the test, you will often use a tablet or notebook. A digital display of images is also possible here, and there are many more functions to choose from. However, these do not necessarily make the operation easier than the digital picture frame.

For this reason, the innovative laptops and tablets are mostly the favorites among the tech-savvy people, while the digital picture frames are more likely to be used by those who want to concentrate on just a few functions.

If you want to hang your picture frame on the wall and don’t need to change the picture, you can still opt for the classic variant and a printed photo. The picture can occasionally be exchanged with a removable frame. However, such images are not used to take away.

When it comes to presenting the photos from the last vacation or from a wedding party, one rather reaches for the photo album or photo book if it is to be the analog form of the photo presentation. The older generations in particular are happy to see such recordings on paper.

The data can also be burned to a CD or saved on a hard drive so that images and videos can be displayed on a computer or television. Here it is worthwhile to sort the recordings with the help of folders so that it does not take too long to search for specific images.

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