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The 10 Best Door Levers in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

Whether for a renovation or simply to improve your interior, there are little things to change that make all the difference. The door lever is one. Gone are the days of the old aluminum lever that didn’t hold properly and needed to be changed regularly. Today, handles are modern, functional and decorative.

The door lever is standardized, so it can be easily changed without being a DIY expert. Door handles have evolved with the materials, you can find wood, stainless steel, ceramic for example. You can customize the handle to match your interior design. Note that you also have the choice of color with now more original shades that enhance the entrance to your room.

Finally, the functions have also evolved to become more “technological” models. The handle with simple conventional lock gives way to more sophisticated products with biometric opening or even secured with code. Even in the nursery is evolving handle with rubber objects to avoid the little one’s head hitting this sharp object.

Best Door Levers

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How to choose the right door levers?

Before changing the door levers, check whether you need a lock or not. It happens that a certain model has the keyhole; The door lever then has a metal cover with the hole to guide the key.

In terms of the opening mechanism, it is independent of the lever. Usually you have a metal rod to activate the opening of the door that comes with it. The most important thing is the size of this rod, but in general it remains standard.

Your choice should be based on the appearance of the lever. Today you can find designer styles that will enhance your door. Note that it is important to take care of this aspect, because the door lever is the element in which we put his hand and eyes. Therefore, it is the first thing we will see when we come home. Whether for an exterior or interior door, do not hesitate to think outside the box to give your home a modern touch.

Tips & Tricks To Pick The Best Door Lever

Did you know that you hold a door lever in your hand a full 10 to 15 times a day? As a utility item, it is more important in our home than we sometimes think. Therefore, a door lever must match the interior design, home style and front door alike. But how do you choose the right door lever so that it integrates seamlessly with your home? We’ll tell you some tips and tricks!

Look at the door lever from a different perspective
At the reception, the front door and the door lever directly make an impression and determine the look of your interior. So, it is quite important to decide whether you want to continue the style of this (exterior) door lever in the rest of your home. When making this decision, you need to consider the following aspects: Color, design and choice of materials.

What is your style?
First, look at the general style of your interior. For example, can it be classified as country, retro or modern? This is largely what the door lever that suits you is based on. We help you with three clearly identifiable style categories: Classic & Rustic, Simple & Modern, and Vintage & Retro.

What color and material do you choose?
Like doors and flooring, door levers come in a variety of materials and colors. For the classic-rustic style, you can find mostly brass hardware and bronze tones in the collection. They harmonize well with white and wood tones in the interior. The style called vintage & retro is a bit playful and looks nostalgic. It looks good in bedrooms. These door handles are made of nickel and ebony, among others, and refer to models of the 1920s and 1930s. Is your interior modern? A visually fresh and sleek line of stainless steel products goes wonderfully with it.

Collaboration with designers
Intersteel is proud of its special concept of collaboration with interior designers Arjan Moors, Bas König and Erik Munnikhof. Designers of sleek modern door levers for interiors characterized by openness and minimalism. What makes Intersteel’s designs stand out is the harmonious interaction of the design handles, even with different shapes. Therefore, you can easily choose a different lever for each door in the house. Therein lies the power of design.

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