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best dual sim phones

The Best Dual SIM Phones in 2021

Author: Anthony Lee

Phone & Tablet Expert

Welcome to our big dual SIM phone test . Here we present you all of the dual SIM smartphones that we have tested. We have put together detailed background information for you.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you to find the best dual SIM smartphone for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. You will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a dual SIM smartphone.

  • More and more manufacturers of smartphones and conventional mobile phones are offering models with a dual SIM option. This is a very useful solution for people who want to use two numbers, for example at work or when going abroad.
  • With Dual SIM you can use two SIM cards (i.e. two numbers, e.g. business and private) on one mobile phone.
  • A smartphone that supports this solution has two card slots. So it is possible that text messages and voice calls for two different numbers arrive on one phone. Whether or not both cards are active at the same time depends on the dual SIM type.

Best Dual SIM Phones

Samsung Galaxy M20

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The Samsung Galaxy M20 is a very popular smartphone with dual SIM functionality, but it can do a lot more. This model has an impressive design with an Infinity-V 6.3 inch display. The dual main camera has an ultra-wide-angle lens and a resolution of 13 megapixels.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone, which is available in several colors, has an output of 5,000 mAh and promises a long runtime. The mobile phone also has an expandable memory of up to 512 GB for micro SD cards.

Huawei P30 lite

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The Huawei P30 lite is a top-class dual SIM smartphone with 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. The battery capacity might not be enough for every user. In this case you should take a look at our place 1.

The Huawei P10 Lite has a 6.15 inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 2312 pixels and is available in different colors. 

ASUS ZenFone Max Plus

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The Asus ZenFone Max Plus dual SIM smartphone also has 64GB of internal memory, which can be expanded to 256 TB via a microSD card. The battery has an average of 4130 mAh. Its 5.7 inch full HD display is protected by scratch-resistant gorilla glass.

The Asus Zenfone Max Plus with fingerprint sensor is a good, handy smartphone at a very good price and offers a main camera with 16 megapixels and triple autofocus as well as a front camera with eight megapixels.

FAQ’s: Dual SIM Phones

Who should use Dual SIM Phones?

A dual SIM smartphone is suitable for anyone who wants to use two SIM cards at the same time. This is particularly helpful if you separate work and private life or if you want to be available on two phone numbers abroad.

In the past, only a few smartphones had a dual SIM function. But the manufacturers have recognized the need and are equipping more and more models with it.

You have to think about whether you really need a dual SIM smartphone. If you want to use more than one SIM card, it is very useful.

Dual SIM Phones Manufacturers

Almost all mobile phone manufacturers now offer dual SIM smartphones, including the industry giants Huawei, Samsung, Sony and Nokia.

Huawei is an international company headquartered in China, where it was founded in 1987 as a consumer electronics manufacturer. Huawei also offers hardware and IT solutions.

But what does the name Huawei mean? The character 华 (Hua) stands for “Chinese” as well as for “excellent” and “wonderful”, while 为 (Wei) means “deed”, “act” or “achievement”, which together mean “great achievement” or “China can result.

Samsung is one of the largest South Korean corporate groups bringing together manufacturing and service companies from many industries as well as financial institutions. It was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chula as an export company.

Over the next three decades, the group expanded into a variety of fields including food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail. Samsung entered the electronics industry in the 1960s. The company’s main operations in Korea are in the city of Suwon.

Sony Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics and one of the world’s largest brands in this industry. It was founded on May 7, 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in Tokyo as Tokyo Communication Industry.

Sony became famous for its “Walkman” portable cassette recorder and also introduced brands such as Discman and Trinitron. The products include the MiniDisc, the PlayStation video console series, the Memory Stick or the VAIO computer series.

Nokia Corporation is a global telecommunications company headquartered in Espoo, Finland. The company was founded in 1865 as a paper pulp mill. It started using the Nokia name after production moved to the city of Nokia.

With the development of the IT industry, the company expanded the range to include computer monitors, followed by devices for mobile telephony based on digital circuits, telephones and interfaces, in order to finally concentrate all production on the digital telephone market.

What alternatives to dual SIM smartphones are there?

Single SIM phones are standard and two of them are the only alternative to dual SIM smartphones. You can only use one SIM card with this.

With a dual SIM model, you can use two SIM cards and separate work and private life or insert a second SIM card when you are traveling.

If you don’t need the second SIM card and don’t use it, a single SIM smartphone is enough.

Dual SIM Phones: Purchase Criteria

Dual SIM smartphones are available in different sizes. They also differ in the operating system and other technical functions.

It is advisable to compare the models with one another with regard to the following criteria:

  • Display
  • Operating system
  • SIM slot
  • Storage capacity
  • Camera

After you have analyzed these parameters, choosing the right dual SIM smartphone is much easier.


For some years now, the trend has been towards particularly large displays. The vast majority of smartphones now have displays with diagonals of 5 to 7 inches. A 6-inch smartphone is now standard.

The display size is very important for smartphones. Smaller models fit small hands, do not weigh much and fit well in the pocket. You can also use it to make calls more conveniently. Just try it out.

A large display, on the other hand, offers more space for content and usually also a better resolution. Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself what is important to you and it is best to first look at the different models and compare them with one another.

Operating System

The most popular operating systems for dual SIM smartphones do not differ from those for single SIM phones: Android, Apple iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. All operating systems have their advantages and disadvantages. You probably already have your favorite there.


Android is being developed under the auspices of Google, but the code is freely available. Many mobile phone providers choose Android instead of their own operating system. The Google Play Store offers many applications for smartphones with Android.


  • Fast, broad personalization options
  • A variety of uses
  • Open source


  • The system tends to stop when multiple applications are running at the same time


The iOS operating system runs on Apple devices. The system is popular because of its simple controls and the huge range of apps, but has been criticized for its closed nature. You can only get applications in the Apple App Store. You need a user account here.


  • Fast and stable
  • multimedia
  • Large number of uses


  • Difficult data transfer from PCs
  • Best compatibility only with Apple devices

Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile was developed by Microsoft. In addition, the operating system is not only used on smartphones, but also on other Microsoft devices.

Windows 10 Mobile supports so-called universal apps, which can run on both the mobile version and the PC version of Windows 10.

SIM Slot

Currently, manufacturers usually use two ways to use multiple SIM cards at the same time.

The hybrid slot is very popular, in which two SIM cards in the nano standard or a SIM card and a microSD memory card can be inserted. In this case, however, you have to decide whether you want to use two phone numbers or just one and a memory card.

Fortunately, there are now also dual SIM smartphones with two slots in which you can insert two SIM cards as well as a microSD card. Some manufacturers also offer models with a larger slot with two slots for SIM cards and one for a memory card.

Storage Capacity

Which smartphone has the best camera? It is difficult to give a clear answer to this question. The popular belief is that the more megapixels, the better the images. Unfortunately that’s not true.

In addition to the resolution itself, a number of other elements affect image quality. For example, the brightness of the lens is also important.

A smartphone with a good camera has optical image stabilization and fast autofocus. It is worthwhile to include this information in the purchase decision and not just pay attention to the resolution of the camera.

A smartphone with a good camera is usually more expensive. However, if you take a lot of photos, constantly take selfies for Instagram or even want to shoot extraordinary videos, you shouldn’t shy away from this investment.

Facts about Dual SIM Phones

How does a dual SIM phone work?

Dual SIM is a feature that allows you to use two SIM cards. A dual SIM smartphone keeps a separate contact list, SMS, MMS and e-mail box for each SIM card. Most current models support two cards.

Some cell phones also have an option in which both cards are active in parallel. With the dual SIM card you can easily combine work and private life, but also separate them if you wish.

The function can also be used to communicate with one card via phone calls and SMS and to surf the Internet with the other card, because you don’t have a data flat with the first. Special buttons or symbols in the menu are used to switch between the cards.

Types of Dual SIM Phones

There are basically three types of dual SIM cards: active, standby and passive.

Dual SIM Active

With Active Dual SIM, both cards are active at all times, so you can use both numbers at the same time (this is possible thanks to two GSM antennas integrated in the smartphone).

During a call on a card, you will be immediately informed by a tone when someone is about to call the second number.

The caller hears a message that they have to wait because the primary line is busy, and you can hang up the current call and switch to the other.

Dual SIM Standby

Both cards are also active with standby Dual SIM, but only until one of the cards is occupied (e.g. due to a voice call or internet use). Then the second card is temporarily deactivated.

Smartphones with standby DualSIM only have one GSM antenna. Because of this, a second call is diverted to Voicemail or there is a busy signal if you are on the other card at this point. But you cannot accept this call.

Dual SIM Passive

With Passive DualSIM only one card is active and the user can manually switch between card no. 1 and card no. This solution is currently only rarely used by manufacturers.

Dual SIM Smartphone and WhatsApp

Basically, WhatsApp can be used on a dual SIM smartphone with two SIM cards without any problems – after all, you can only link one phone number to the account anyway.

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