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The Best Electric Brooms in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

Regular vacuuming and mopping always ensures a high level of well-being in an apartment. However, minor mishaps often happen, such as dropping a bag of chips, an old coffee filter or some baking mix, for which we do not want to bring out our vacuum cleaner. In this case, an electric broom can be quite useful.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Electric Brooms

What is an electric broom?

The electric broom is a cleaning tool that resembles the classic broom only at first glance. On the broom handle, there are rotating brushes at the bottom, as well as sweeping rollers, which are powered by the battery. The rotating brushes rotate in all directions, which helps users clean, because the dirt particles are thus collected directly and collected in the collection container integrated in the broom.

The electric brooms from the test can be equipped with a rectangular head or with a triangular brush head. Typical for this type of cleaning device is the flat shape of the attachment, which allows it to get under the bed or sofa. Often there is a flexible joint between the broom handle and the broom head, which makes cleaning under the furniture and in the corners of the room even easier.

Especially for smooth floors such as laminate, parquet and tiles, the electric brooms from the test are very suitable. Many models can also be used on a carpeted floor if the carpet pile is only short. The convincing performance of the electric broom test winners is particularly evident when animals are part of the household. Cat and dog hair can be removed easily and thoroughly with the help of the battery-powered brooms.

However, it is preferable to use a device with a sweeping roller, because the hair and lint can get caught in the brushes, making it more difficult to clean the electric broom itself. Some of these cleaning devices are therefore supplied with replaceable brush head.

How does an electric broom work?

The electric broom is put into operation by pressing the On/Off switch. That is all that is needed to start the brushes. During the sweeping process, the brushes rotate and in this way loosen dust and dirt. These dirt particles are transported to the designated container, which you have to empty afterwards.

Generally, the collection container is located in the central part of the handle. At the bottom of the brush head there is also a dirt trap. Unlike the vacuum cleaner, the electric broom from the test does not have a bag.

Typically, a charger comes with the cordless broom so that the battery can be easily recharged after using the device. Depending on the design, the battery is removed from the broom for charging or it remains in the device, which is connected directly to the charging station.

Some of the brooms with rechargeable batteries have an elbow joint so that they can be bent. This also allows you to clean the area under the bed or under the dresser, because the lower element is designed to be quite flat.

After cleaning with the electric broom, you empty the dirt collection container and the dirt trap flap. When looking for a suitable device, many buyers are guided by how easy it is to clean. Some manufacturers include a cleaning brush in the delivery package to make this job easier for users. After all, only if the sweeping bristles are cleaned after sweeping, the floors will remain clean during the next cleaning pass.

The electric brooms are more practical and convenient in their function than the normal brooms, but more lightweight and quicker to hand than the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, they are ideal for intermediate cleaning and do not require a power cord due to the battery operation. When using them on carpets, however, users should bear in mind that electric brooms only work on carpets with a pile height of up to about 10 mm.

The electric broom test winners allow the bristle length to be adjusted. This allows you to adjust the devices to the degree of soiling and, for example, remove pet hair more easily. With the right bristle setting, the electric brooms can even work more thoroughly than the classic vacuum cleaners. However, it can happen that you have to clean up in certain places, because the electric broom does not have a suction effect. Especially at transitions or in joints, a little dirt may stick.

Typical areas of use for the cordless broom are floor coverings such as laminate, parquet, tiles, natural stone, concrete and short-pile carpet.

Advantages of an electric broom

In the test of electric brooms, several advantages of these practical household helpers stood out. Among other things, these devices are easy on the back, because you do not have to bend down again and again to pick up the swept dirt. Instead, these battery-powered devices have a collection device that can be emptied after sweeping.

Compared to the vacuum cleaner, the electric brooms impress with their ease of use. Neither a power outlet nor a cable is needed, so floor cleaning can be done easily and flexibly. One press of the switch button is enough to start the electric  broom, and it is just as easy to switch it off again.

The battery-powered brooms examined in the test can therefore score many plus points for quick cleaning in between. The cleaning result is also an argument, even if the electric brooms cannot absorb the dirt. If you want to remove a few crumbs of dirt from the floor, you can save yourself the trouble of bending down and reaching for the dustpan: the battery-powered broom is the more convenient solution here.

The electric broom also shows what it can do when cleaning the entire apartment. There is no need to move a power cable, but you can clean the floor surfaces in all rooms without putting the device down. At the same time, the light weight of these battery devices is noticeable, which can be carried up and down the stairs without any problems.

Unlike the simple household broom, you do not have to move the electric broom itself, because here the sweeping movements are performed by the rotating brushes on the head. They sweep the dirt particles directly into the collection container, which you only have to empty after cleaning the floor.

Basically, it is recommended to empty and clean this container after every single use. Depending on the situation, you can also postpone the emptying and cleaning of the collection container to a later time. This makes sense, for example, if you have visitors in your home and want to remove the crumbs in between.

The advantages become particularly apparent when you look at the different areas of application for which you can use the battery-powered brooms from the test. The devices are suitable not only for smooth surfaces such as tiles and parquet, but also for carpeted floors, if the pile is not too high. The stairs are also no longer a problem with it, whether they are covered with protective carpet or made of smooth wood or stone.

Due to their practical shape, the electric brooms eliminate dirt even in difficult corners and edges. You do not come into direct contact with the dust and dirt when emptying the collection container, so the normal flow is not disturbed, in addition, users benefit from the convenient on/off switch. The low height of the brush head makes it easy to get under the couch or other furniture.

Due to the fact that the tested electric brooms work very quietly, there is no need to keep the siesta, as is the case with vacuuming. The price is also an important plus point for some customers. Even the test winners of the electric brooms are offered significantly cheaper than the mediocre rated vacuum cleaners.

Compared with the favorites among vacuum cleaners, you can save even more money when buying a cordless broom. Due to the fact that the electric broom works without a bag, it is also easier on the wallet. However, consumers should know that the electric broom usually can not completely replace the vacuum cleaner.

Depending on the design of the device, the batteries can be removed for charging, or the complete electric broom is connected to the charger. Modern rechargeable batteries, with which the electric brooms are equipped, have a reliable capacity and a long service life. So regular charging is enough, so you do not need to replace the batteries completely.

Among other things, the battery-powered brooms can be found in households of seniors or people with health impairments. When you are no longer so agile and your strength decreases, the lightweight electric brooms are easier to use than the vacuum cleaner. The result can be seen. Users of these cleaning devices are pleased with the simple operation and the fact that they do not have to spend time cleaning the floor.

In a young household, the electric broom is also popular. Just a quick sweep before the parents come to visit saves having to reach for the vacuum cleaner and then wipe the floor. The result is not quite optimal, because dry cleaning can not produce absolute hygiene, but for the moment it is enough.

Types of electric brooms

When categorizing the electric brooms into different types, the first thing that stands out is the shape of the brush head. This is either rectangular or triangular. With the triangular model, you can get into the corners of the room particularly well, but the rectangular heads are more extensive and work somewhat more efficiently.

Regardless of the shape and size of the head, the brushes and/or sweepers rotate in all directions. This principle of operation is present in all types of electric brooms. Depending on the exact dimensions of the brush head and handle, these devices are particularly comfortable to use and get under relatively low furniture. This saves users from having to move furniture away to sweep underneath.

Certain differences in the cordless brooms examined in the test become apparent, among other things, when the battery quality is checked. If possible, the battery should have a long runtime. If you want to use the device for 45 to 60 minutes at a time, the battery should be designed for this duration so that you do not have to take a break in between.

Only for sporadic and short-term use, buyers can also opt for a model whose battery lasts for a maximum of 30 or 40 minutes. After the subsequent recharging, which generally takes a few hours, the electric broom is ready for the next use.

Here, first of all, we will list the advantages of electric brooms over other cleaning devices: 

  • Hardly any space required for storage,
  • quickly at hand and ready to go,
  • extremely flexible,
  • suitable for many floors,
  • no cable is in the way,
  • sweep and pick up dirt without bending,
  • easy to use, automatic switch,
  • easy emptying of the collection container,
  • low weight,
  • reasonable purchase price,
  • comfortable operation.

The disadvantages of electric brooms:

  • The cleaning result can not compete with the vacuum cleaner,
  • the electric broom itself still needs to be cleaned (emptying the container).

The electric brooms can also be divided into several types. Below, the model without elbow joint, the electric broom with elbow joint and the variant with integratable dust wiper are presented in more detail. This guide and test of the electric brooms also provides a brief list of the advantages and disadvantages in each case.

The question of which device you ultimately choose depends on your own requirements for convenience and cleanliness. In addition, the size and nature of the floor surfaces play a role.

In the case of cordless brooms without an elbow joint, users benefit from a particularly light weight and high stability. Due to the fact that there is no joint, there is also no predetermined breaking point. However, it is not possible to reach all surfaces with the model without elbow joint. If you want to reach the floor under the sideboard or under the bed, you have to bend down or get on your knees.

Only at the point of connection to the head there is a joint that keeps the brushes on the floor. The battery sweeper without a joint has a particularly close resemblance to the classic broom and is correspondingly easy to use.

The advantages of the electric broom without elbow joint:

  • low dead weight,
  • high stability,
  • easy to use.
  • low cost.

Disadvantages of the electric broom without elbow joint:

  • limited comfort.
  • difficult to get into corners and under furniture.

In the case of the electric broom with elbow joint, it is possible to angle the front part with the cleaning head. This makes it easier to reach the surfaces under the sofa or in the corners. For this, there may be certain problems with the stability of the electric brooms. Most devices with elbow joint allow the front part to rotate in all directions. On the one hand, this 360-degree joint offers great flexibility, but on the other hand, it becomes difficult to keep the electric broom on track.

Here, the angle can adjust without you wanting it to. In the test winners of the electric brooms, there is partly a fixation, but this must always be released first, if you want to set a certain angle for cleaning the floor.

The advantages of electric brooms with elbow joint:

  • Comfortable sweeping even under furniture,
  • difficult corners are easy to reach
  • high flexibility,
  • more comfort when cleaning the floor.

The disadvantages of electric brooms with elbow joint:

  • The handle is less stable than the models without additional joint,
    slightly higher price.

The battery-powered devices with integrated dust wiper have a wiper in addition to the rotating brush on the head. This increases the cleaning effect and picks up fine dust better. However, the electric brooms with such a dust wiper are usually not equipped with as many brushes as the other models. This means that you can use it to remove dust better, but other dirt particles are more difficult to remove. In addition, you can not neglect the cleaning of the dust mop, which affects the ease of use of these devices.

The advantages of electric brooms with integrated wiper:

  • Fine dust is held and removed,
  • the cleaning effect on the surfaces is better.

The disadvantages of electric brooms with integrated dust wiper:

  • For the most part, there are fewer brushes,
  • traces of dirt can remain,
  • cleaning the device requires more effort.

How are electric brooms tested?

In the test of electric brooms, several product features were studied, always taking into account the suitability, capacity and effectiveness. When choosing a model, buyers should know what floor coverings they want to clean with it and how large the total area is that they regularly treat with the electric broom. The following features were particularly scrutinized in the electric broom test.


The weight of the battery pack is an essential point for many buyers. Especially when the device is used by seniors, it should not weigh too much. The broom should also not be too heavy for an apartment over several levels. The majority of the electric brooms in the test weigh between one and two kilograms.

The material of aluminum or plastic is light in the hand, which is an important feature compared to many other electric household appliances. Usually, the battery sweepers become heavier with additional functions. Here, prospective buyers should consider what is more important to them: more functionality or a comfortable weight. The lightweight models stay under 1 kg and sometimes even under 800 g. However, for the professional cordless sweepers, one must expect a minimum weight of 1.5 kg.


The size of the battery pack says something about its space requirements for storage. In addition, a look at the head dimension tells you whether the device is suitable for a larger area or rather for small rooms. The larger the brush head is, the faster you can finish sweeping the floor area.

With some cordless brooms, it is possible to adjust the length of the handle. Thus, the device takes up less space in the broom closet. However, the test winners of the electric brooms, which are designed for professional use, usually require more storage space, because they have a larger head.

Maneuverability & Flexibility

A rotating joint often makes the sweepers particularly maneuverable and can easily get into the corners and under the furniture. Those who have become accustomed to working with the battery-powered broom with an elbow joint can skillfully maneuver the head section in the desired direction.

In addition, the cleaning bristles can be adjusted in height on some devices. This flexibility qualifies the battery-powered brooms for cleaning different floor coverings. Thus, one second you can sweep up the tiles and the next clean the bathroom carpet.

Bbattery Life & Charging Time

With the cheap models, the battery may not be of particularly high quality and only last for a few minutes. However, if you want to use your broom for slightly longer lasting jobs, you will need a stronger battery. Electronic sweeping brooms typically have a battery life of between 30 and 60 minutes, but there are also units with weaker batteries that only run for just under 20 minutes.

If the electric broom is used on a carpeted floor, it will need more power. This affects the battery capacity. By losing more power, run time can be reduced by up to 50%.

When considering how high the battery capacity should be, the charging time should also be taken into account. If the battery lasts longer, it will also take a correspondingly longer time to charge. For devices with a battery life of 20 to 60 minutes, a charging time of at least four hours should be expected. In some cases, complete charging also takes up to 16 hours.

Some electric brooms have an indicator light that informs the user about the battery charge level. This tells you when the battery needs to be recharged or when the charging process is finished.

Floor Suitability

The question of floor suitability plays a major role in the purchase decision for an electric broom from the test comparison. If you have mainly smooth floors in the apartment, you can use this device in any room. But for carpets, you need a cordless broom with the appropriate equipment.

A look at the product details shows which devices are exclusively suitable for smooth surfaces and which models can also be used for carpets.

In most cases, cordless brooms are equipped with plastic or natural hair bristles. These are basically suitable for all types of floors, but care should be taken to ensure that hard bristles do not scratch or damage the carpet. The exact product description provides helpful information here and clarifies to customers which materials can be cleaned with the battery-powered broom.

If you are using your battery sweeper for the first time, you can also test it in an inconspicuous corner to see if the floor suffers from the treatment.

Cleaning Effort

The battery sweeping brooms should remove the dust and dirt, but they also need cleaning themselves. This should be as uncomplicated as possible and be done quickly. Especially when the electric broom is also used for cleaning carpets, hair as well as dust can get stuck in the bristles.

These traces must be thoroughly removed, otherwise the cleaning device will not work properly the next time. Basically, the bristles are easy to reach, so this cleaning action should not take much time. Emptying the dirt collection container usually only requires two handles.


Many manufacturers give a warranty of up to three years on their electric brooms. Within this period, you have the option to return the device for repair in case of a defect. The problems can occur in various places, for example, directly at the handle or at the joint, at the collection flap or at the accumulator.

However, as soon as you disassemble something yourself, the warranty expires. Therefore, as a precaution, you should contact the dealer or the producer to take advantage of the free repair service under warranty.

Especially if the electric brooms are equipped with many extras, a longer warranty period is worthwhile. Height-adjustable brushes or an elbow joint are considered sensitive areas. The more complicated the design, the more the risk increases that something will break when using the cleaning device.

Therefore, in case of doubt, customers should look for a cordless broom with the longest possible warranty period.

What should I look for when buying electric brooms?

If you are looking for a battery-powered broom, you should not only look at the price, because even the test winners are relatively cheap. A look at the build quality is worthwhile in any case. The top products impress with their robust design as well as their functionality.

In addition, they are often equipped with special accessories so that you can use them for different floor coverings. Of course, you should also pay attention to the battery life, which is generally a maximum of one hour, but with some devices only 30 minutes.

Depending on the nature of the floor, the battery life may be shorter, as more power is required on carpet than on a smooth tiled floor. The charging time depends on the battery capacity and is usually between four and twelve hours. For some electric brooms, the charging time can also extend up to 16 hours. The corresponding information can be found in the detailed product data of the devices.

If you use the battery-powered broom for a longer period of time, a replacement battery may be worthwhile. While the original battery is already charging, you can use this second battery in the electric sweeper and continue floor care.

The special equipment – an elbow joint, a special switch or other details – affect the ease of use. Depending on one’s own requirements and physical condition, it may make sense to buy a battery-powered broom with improved comfort elements. For example, the switch is often located on the handle and is easy to reach, but in other models it is found further down or directly on the brush head.

The cleaning of the battery-powered broom itself refers to the emptying of the dirt container as well as the tools available for cleaning the bristles. However, the main focus of the purchase decision is the floor cleaning.

Many of these devices have a four-sided brush system, which also allows dirt to be picked up in these four directions. Other battery sweeping brooms are equipped with a triangular brush head and work accordingly in three directions. If you choose a broom with an elbow joint, this relieves the strain on your back and makes it easier to clean the floor under various pieces of furniture. With a rotation of 360 degrees, the broom easily reaches all corners, but you have to make certain sacrifices in terms of stability.

Electric Broom Accessories

A charger for the battery is often provided as an accessory for the electric brooms from the test. In some cases, the manufacturers also offer a second battery, which saves the users the waiting time caused by charging. Depending on the design, the charger can sometimes also be used for other cordless tools.

There are other accessories for a battery-powered sweeping broom, such as additional brush attachments that expand the range of applications. Depending on the surfaces to be cleaned with the electric broom, it may be useful to buy even softer and/or harder brushes. It is important that these attachments fit on the broom and do not come loose during floor cleaning. If you are not sure whether the bristles have the right degree of hardness, a small test is helpful.

Some of the electric brooms have an integrated wiper. This can also be replaced in some devices. A second floor mop or a new cover should be purchased from the same manufacturer. If you choose a different brand, this replacement part may not fit exactly.

To complement the battery sweeper brooms from the test, there are several other cleaning utensils. Most households still use the traditional sweeping sets. Hand broom and dustpan help to remove small dirt. If you want to save yourself the trouble of bending over, you can reach for a regular broom and a sweeper, which is also on a long handle. Often, these long-handled sweeping sets have fasteners so they can be attached to a cleaning cart. In some cases, the sweeping brooms have an additional rubber lip, which promises a particularly good cleaning result, even if wet cleaning is not used.

To mop small areas, a small mop or wringboy is suitable. In addition, in the bathroom and other areas, you can use a grout brush to perform a thorough cleaning. Also helpful is a complete mop set, which is used both in the cleaning industry and in private households. It is suitable for hygienic cleaning of sanitary rooms and kitchens. Depending on the construction, such a wiping set can also be used outdoors.

A pressure pump sprayer can be helpful in removing localized traces of dirt or cleaning stairs. This is a spray cleaning, which provides a reliable result.

Electric Broom Alternatives

The electric broom is the convenient evolution of the classic broom and can be easily replaced by it. However, the normal broom requires a bit more strength from the user, even though it doesn’t weigh much, because you have to move it across the floor yourself and also use a dustpan to pick up the swept-up dirt.

The classic electric vacuum cleaner delivers a similar result to the electric broom from the test, but here you have to carry more weight and also have limited mobility due to the power cord. In addition, a vacuum cleaner is much louder than the battery-powered broom and can therefore not be used during quiet times.

The mop is basically not an alternative to the electric broom, because it works differently. For this you need water, a bucket and a construction for wringing. Therefore, the work with the mop is more laborious already in the preparation. However, compared to the electric broom from the test, the result after wiping is visibly better.

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