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best face masks

The Best Face Masks in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

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best face masks

More and more people with a respirator mask can be seen here in western countries. In many pharmacies and online, face masks are hardly available anymore.

But does a respirator really protect against the infection with the new virus and if so, what properties should the respirators have to really reduce the risk of transmission?

We got to the bottom of the question. In the following, we present the best respirators masks that can reduce the risk of potential infection and then discuss how you can best protect yourself in everyday life.

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N95 respirators are already sold out in many online shops. There are also many dubious shops online. The following offer from a major English online retailer is probably the best place to go for certified N95 respirators.

Together with N99 masks, N95 respirators are among the models that promise the best protection against the virus. The bearers not only protect themselves from infection but also fellow citizens.

By wearing a mask, the emission of virus particles is significantly reduced and the risk to others is also lower.

There is a choice between masks with valve and without valve. Since both types promise protection against the virus, this decision is not that important.

Note: As with other online shops, the offer is limited. It may, therefore, be that the masks are sold out quickly. If possible, the masks should be pre-ordered quickly.

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A alternative are the surgical face masks:

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Washable & Reusable Face Masks

The washable and reusable face masks are a real alternative to a respirator. Such a mask is not suitable for the medical field (no N95 or N99) but can help to reduce the risk of infecting yourself or others.

The face masks are made of two-ply cotton and can be washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 60 ° C (disinfectant wash) or 95 ° C (hot wash).

A major advantage of people is that the masks have a positive influence on their own behavior. Many infections arise because people subconsciously touch their faces with dirty hands. A mouth guard largely prevents this.

Notes: The mouthguards should be washed before wearing them for the first time and are not medically certified.

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You can find more here.

Facts about Face Masks

  • Masks are currently sold out in many places. Due to the high demand, many companies have now switched their production to respiratory masks.
  • Respirators are divided into different classes: FFP2, FFP3 and N95 are the best known.
  • FFP 3 and FFP 2 respirators are used in the medical field. In fact, all types of masks protect to a certain extent.
  • The goal must be that as many people as possible put on a mask when they go out in the future. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an FFP 2 mask. A simple face protection is enough to reduce the risk of infection for yourself and others.
  • In this way, the spread of the viruses can be slowed down and the hospitals can cope better with the rush.

The best respirators

Below is a list of the best respirators that are currently available.

We try to keep the list up to date, but some offers are no longer available after a short time. In addition, the prices between the individual respiratory masks differ significantly.

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FAQ: Face Mask

How does a Face Mask help against the viruses?

Many people believe that a normal mouthguard protects against infection and in-fact, they serve as third-party protection, because they reduce the release of the pathogen by an already infected person.

Since the course of the disease can also run without recognizable symptoms, wearing such face masks is advisable for everyone. If everyone took such precautions, it would have a recognizable effect on virus containment.

Respirators with or without a valve?

Respiratory masks of the same protection class generally have the same protective effect, with or without a valve, if used correctly.

A valve is required for particularly small and hard respirators with thick filter fleece since otherwise the breathing resistance is too high and the risk increases that breathing air flows past the respirator mask when inhaled.

In terms of price, respirators without a valve are often cheaper.

Which Face Mask material should I get?

Polypropylene, cotton, and silk are used in the production of respiratory masks. After processing, these materials filter most bacteria and viruses in the air.

Consumers noted that respirators made of silk or polypropylene are very comfortable to wear.

How do I wear a respirator correctly?

In order to achieve the desired effect, it is very important that the respirator fits as close as possible to the face. The mask should cover the nose and mouth well. The respirator mask must never be too loose, otherwise, too much air and possible pathogens will be inhaled.

Especially around the nose, you should adjust the mask to the face, as gaps can often occur here.

What properties should my breathing mask have?

If you are possibly infected yourself and do not want to infect your fellow human beings, you can wear commercially available face masks in order to release fewer pathogens into your environment and to slow down the spread of the viruses.

If you are afraid of being infected, you should pay attention to the permeability of the mask when buying a respirator. Depending on the class, masks have very low permeability and are therefore ideally suited to reduce the risk of infection.

A commercially available face mask will not be able to protect you from the pathogens in the air. These are too permeable when worn. The typical mouth guards are only helpful for those who are already infected, in order to prevent other citizens from being infected.

A respirator mask (or also an N95 respirator mask) reduces the risk of infection due to its low permeability. However, these masks cannot prevent infection by 100 percent.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should pay attention to regular and thorough hand washing and disinfection.

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