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best flashlights

The 15 Best Flashlights in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

best flashlight

A flashlight is your reliable companion for trips into the wild, camping and at home. Also in the glove compartment of your car you should always have such a mobile light source with you so that you can find your way around in the dark in an emergency. There are different variants from the classic flashlight to the headlamp. In addition to the popular LED flashlight, you can also use a black light flashlight or a Cree LED flashlight.

In our flashlight comparison, we present a selected number of models in different price ranges that could be of interest to you. You get extensive information about each product. Find out what is involved in terms such as light output or lighting range and which points are particularly important when buying so that you can be satisfied with your new flashlight for as long as possible.

What is the best Flashlight?

1. Anker LC40

The Anker LC40 flashlight is a practical LED flashlight that you can purchase at an affordable price. The device has a flashing function that lets you be well prepared for camping, hiking, cycling and any emergencies. All functions can be controlled with a single button.

This flashlight is exceptionally bright with its 400 lumen Cree LEDs. It provides extremely bright light at a distance of 100 meters and radiates a total of up to 180 meters. You can choose from the following three modes: “Bright”, “Low” and “Flashing function”. Depending on the intended use, you simply decide on the desired mode.

Thanks to IP65 waterproof, you don’t have to worry about your flashlight even during heavy rain. The high-quality aluminum housing is as shock-resistant as it is robust. You get a really reliable and durable device that will be your faithful companion.

If you choose three AAA batteries, you will still get up to four hours of brightness non-stop. High-quality LEDs ensure a total of over 50,000 hours of operation. The flashlight is not only particularly compact and can therefore be carried in almost any pocket. It is also as light as a feather and therefore ideal for excursions. The lamp has a non-slip surface that ensures a firm grip. Set up vertically, the flashlight serves as an emergency light. It can also be easily attached to your bike.

The Anker LC40 flashlight is supplied with a hand strap and operating instructions. Batteries, however, are not included in the scope of delivery. With this product, you benefit from an 18-month guarantee and competent customer service.

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The HIILIGHT LED Flashlight 2500 is one of the brightest small all-round flashlights that the market currently has to offer. At a fair purchase price, you get a device that is as visually appealing as it is functional and that will also convince you with its reliability.

This flashlight is solidly constructed and equipped with one of the brightest CREE LED chips. With the practical, rotatable and sliding head, you can adjust the focus of the lamp in no time at all. With a strong push on the button you switch your flashlight on and off again. If you only press lightly, the lamp switches between the following settings:

  • Extreme
  • Medium
  • Weak
  • Strobe
  • Flash

The flashlight also convinces with the material quality. Particularly durable aluminum was used for this. The device is compact, stable and water-repellent, so that it is also ideal for outdoor use. The zoom function is practical.

The flashlight LED shines brightest with a lithium-ion battery 18650 or 26650. Alternatively, you can also ensure operation with three AAA batteries. The HIILIGHT LED flashlight 2500 is supplied with a hand strap and an adapter for 3 x AAA batteries.

3. Mag-Lite 2 D-Cell

If you’re ready to spend a little more money on a flashlight, the Mag-Lite 2 D-Cell LED flashlight might be a good choice for you. In terms of quality, this lamp outshines most competitors and knows how to show off its strengths in many ways.

This is a high-performance LED flashlight that provides very bright light. The manufacturer speaks of a range of up to 388 meters, and even if the device may not be the brightest flashlight of them all, it is still a very good value. Whether hiking, camping or other outdoor activities, with this companion you will never be in the dark again.

For the handbag, this flashlight is less suitable. However, you are in the right place here if you want a robust flashlight and it is not a problem for you if it weighs a little more. The housing is made of high-strength aluminum anodized inside for maximum corrosion protection.

The Mag-Lite 2 D-Cell is splash-proof IPX4-rated, so you can use it outdoors at any time without worrying that the next rain shower will affect operations. The black LED flashlight is powered by batteries, which you have to buy extra.

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4. Binwo CREE LED

The Binwo CREE LED flashlight offers you a lot of power at an amazingly low price. You get a waterproof, very bright LED flashlight, which is ideal for sports and various outdoor activities. But it can also provide you with valuable services when it comes to car breakdowns, hunting or fishing.

With its modern design, the flashlight is a real eye-catcher. However, that’s not all, the device also knows how to convince in terms of functionality. The lamp is non-slip and water-repellent. You don’t have to fear even the most adverse weather conditions.

The operation of this flashlight is easy. All you have to do is tap the button to switch modes. You can choose from a total of five modes: High, Medium, Low, Flash and SOS. The flashlight is also perfect for sending help signals in an emergency.

It is best to operate the Binwo CREE LED flashlight with a 18650 battery or three AAA batteries. However, these are not included in the scope of delivery. All in all, the price-performance ratio is great.

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5. LE 1000lm LED

Would you like to have professional light for mobile use? Then choose the LE 1000lm LED handheld spotlight. This device is much more than just an LED flashlight and it not only knows how to impress with its robustness, but also with its diverse functions.

To give you a quick overview, we have summarized the most important product features of this handheld:

  • Searchlight with two different brightness levels
  • Work and warning light
  • up to 500 meters beam width
  • rechargeable battery
  • integrated power bank
  • Battery status indicator
  • splashproof
  • practical carrying strap


Thanks to the super bright CREE LED, this special flashlight can reach up to 1000 lumens. It is not the most powerful flashlight ever, but it provides a wonderfully bright light for all kinds of activities such as camping, outdoor sports, fishing or even night work in the dark. The two brightness levels deliver either 1000 lumens or 400 lumens. On the two sides of the housing you will find a white and a red glowing light. The handheld spotlight can therefore also be used as a warning light.

The LE 1000lm LED portable spotlight can be recharged at any time via USB. The capacity of the battery is 3600 mAh, the charging time is given as about four to five hours. You can choose from five different light modes. The built-in power bank is another useful feature. That way you can charge your smartphone or other electronic devices on the go. With a weight of 848 grams, this flashlight is not a lightweight, but it is extremely robust and of high quality.

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The FENIX flashlight TK16 can be classified in the comparatively high-priced range. However, numerous customer reviews and ratings show that you can get something of high quality here for your money. The device is considered as an emergency lamp, which knows how to impress with its very good light intensity and ease of use.

The flashlight has two limit switches, which you can use to control all functions quickly and easily. The stroboscope is activated directly via the second switch, which can prove extremely important in an emergency. On the other hand, you can use the main switch to set the momentary or continuous light, which you can use in the four brightnesses mentioned.

The FENIX TK16 flashlight is ideal for outdoor use not only because it is very light at 122 grams. It is also quite compact and waterproof to IPX-8. You can operate the lamp with either a 18650 battery or two C123 batteries. The flashlight is delivered without batteries, but together with a belt case, a replacement seal and a wrist strap.

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7. Olight® M1X Striker LED

With the Olight® M1X Striker LED flashlight, you are choosing a model that costs a little more. You will get a flashlight that is as compact as it is light and of high quality, which has almost always received top ratings. 

With a maximum output of up to 1000 lumens, this flashlight equipped with a CREE XM-L2 LED brings a lot of power and luminosity. There is also a beam spacing of 190 meters. Operation is done via an easy-to-use double switch. You can choose from five different brightness levels:

  • Turbo: 1000 lumens
  • High: 350 lumens
  • Medium: 60 lumens
  • Low: 10 lumens
  • Moonlight: 0.5 lumens


There is also a special 10 Hz stroboscope mode for self-defense in emergency situations. The LED flashlight is shockproof thanks to its high-quality processed aluminum body. It is waterproof IPX-8-rated to a depth of 1.5 meters. The flashlight is operated with a 3400 mAh battery.

The scope of delivery of the black, 159 gram light Olight® M1X Striker LED flashlight includes a 18650 mAh battery from the manufacturer, two replacement O-rings, a hand strap, a battery magazine and the operating instructions.

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8. LED Lenser P7.2

The LED Lenser P7.2 flashlight is a comparatively high-priced model that is aimed at professionals and private users alike with the highest demands. The modularly designed flashlight was equipped with a dynamic switch, so that it is even suitable for use by the police and the army.

The flashlight was equipped with lenses from the Advanced Focus System and the focusing mechanism of the newly developed system Speed Focus. The light output of this LED flashlight is up to three to four times higher than that of conventional rod torches with a light bulb. Choose between a circular light or a sharply focused light that extends up to 260 meters.

Your LED Lenser P7.2 flashlight is battery operated. You need four AAA alkaline batteries for this. Regardless of whether you go for a walk in the evening, camping or other activities in the dark, you can enjoy the modern technology and the extreme durability of this model, where the price-performance ratio is right.

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The HIILIGHT LED torch 2000 is a bestseller. But not only the very low price should count as a purchase argument here. The quality also speaks for itself and you get a really good flashlight in stylish black, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

We have put together some important points for you that distinguish the LED flashlight:

  • High quality aluminum housing
  • Particularly bright light beam
  • Compact dimensions
  • Five different light modes
  • Operation with batteries or accumulator possible

The flashlight’s aluminum housing is shockproof and water-repellent, so you don’t have to be afraid of downpours. The lamp will also provide you with reliable services in emergency and dangerous situations. It has an extra strong XM-L-6 chip, which complements the new optics system perfectly.

The LED flashlight easily fits into any pocket, no matter where you want to take it with you. Of course, you can also use the lamp in the household. With a strong press on the orange button you switch your flashlight on or off. A slight pressure is necessary to switch between the individual lighting modes. In this case, these are extremely bright, medium, weak, strobe and blinking. A zoom / focus function is also included.

The HIILIGHT LED torch 2000 is a real all-rounder and you can operate the device with the ergonomic housing either with three AAA batteries or a 18650 battery. A corresponding adapter is included.

10. LE Zoombar CREE LED

Are you looking for a feather-light and particularly inexpensive flashlight that knows how to convince in terms of optics? Then we have a recommendation for you. Be sure to take a closer look at the LE Zoombar CREE LED flashlight. In the following we will present this model to you in a little more detail.

The bright light beam of the flashlight can be adjusted as required. Either illuminate your surroundings over a large area or focus on a distant point with a bright light beam. Choose between the Spotlight function for distant lighting and the floodlight for large-area illumination.

The flashlight has a robust aluminum housing. It is scratch and light resistant, shock and vibration resistant. Another plus point is the long service life. The white LEDs guarantee over 30,000 hours of operation. Thanks to IP44 certification, the flashlight is water-protected and you can also use it in the rain.

In order to use the LE Zoombar CREE LED flashlight, you have to insert three AAA batteries. These are included in the delivery.

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11. MagLite 3D-Cell LED

You can buy the MagLite 3D-Cell LED flashlight at a moderate price. The robust lamp is suitable for a wide range of applications in everyday life, at work and in leisure.

The flashlight was tested according to ANSI FL 1 standard and it is splash-proof according to IPX-4. This means that you can also use the device safely during outdoor activities – in good weather as well as in somewhat more adverse conditions with rain or hail. A pressure switch makes operation particularly easy.

The shockproof aluminum housing can withstand a lot without affecting the functioning of your flashlight. The maximum brightness of the LED flashlight is 131 lumens, the weight is 425 grams.

Your MagLite 3D-Cell LED flashlight comes in classic black. Up to 80 hours of lighting time are possible with the right batteries.

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12. Varta Indestructible LED F10

The Varta Indestructible LED F10 flashlight brings you a diverse range of services for little money. It is not only very suitable as a work lamp, but can also be used for all kinds of leisure and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, climbing and more. With this flashlight you are perfectly prepared for a power failure.

The model belongs to the special Varta Consumer “Indestructible” line – and the name says it all. The design is designed for maximum durability and in terms of robustness, the flashlight is hard to beat. But it is best to read the most important product properties for yourself:

  • Shock-absorbing, rubberized lamp head
  • Withstands falls from a height of up to 9 meters without damage
  • Splash-proof according to IPX4
  • Made of high quality, specially hardened aircraft aluminum
  • Cree 1 watt high-performance LED with special lens optics
  • Two light levels (120 lumens and 19 lumens)
  • Up to 160 meters lighting range
  • Up to 40 hours of light in energy saving mode


If you operate the flashlight in normal mode, the battery life is five hours. Whether craftsmen, extreme athletes or ordinary consumers who value quality and durability – with the Varta Indestructible LED F10 flashlight everyone gets what they want. This model is considered almost indestructible and can not only withstand a fall from a great height, but also tremendous pressure, strong impacts, rain, heat and dirt cannot harm the flashlight.

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13. Walther Pro PL70

The Walther Pro PL70 flashlight is a handy device with excellent luminosity. A high-quality workmanship meets an affordable price, even if the flashlight does not belong in the “bargain” category. 

The flashlight offers you four different brightness levels: 100 percent, 40 percent, 10 percent and Tactical Defense Strobe (TDS), a special strobe function for self-defense in difficult situations. The product was made from high-quality anti-reflective aircraft aluminum and is therefore a prime example of robustness.

Furthermore, the flashlight is characterized by an aluminum reflector and a scratch-resistant lens. You don’t have to worry about, especially during outdoor activities, that ugly scratches could limit the usability of the lamp. There is also a Temperature Protection System (TPS) and a Multi Battery System (MBS).

The Walther Pro PL70 flashlight has a range of 215 meters, 155 meters or 90 meters, depending on the setting. It offers up to 9 hours of lighting. At 142 grams, it is pleasantly light. The batteries required for operation are included in the delivery, as is a belt pouch and a wrist strap for the safe transport and use of the flashlight.

14. Kraftmax X1000 LED

The Kraftmax X1000 LED flashlight is a modern high-performance Cree flashlight that comes with an extensive accessory package. The price is reasonable, because the lamp also comes with a wide range of useful functions and is considered robust and long-lasting.

With this flashlight a very good illumination of the near and far range is guaranteed, no matter whether you want to use the device at home or on the go. A practical feature is the storage function. This ensures that your last light level setting is always saved and you can access it very quickly.

It is a tactical flashlight with a strobe flash button, which was made of aircraft aluminum. Military Type III hardened stainless steel was used on the lamp head. The integrated microelectronics with intelligent control guarantees you constant brightness. Look forward to 700 lumens of luminosity. There are a total of three light levels:

  • Low: 15 lumens and about 120 hours of runtime
  • Middle: 380 lumens and about 4.8 hours of runtime
  • High: 700 lumens and about 1 hour running time


The IPX-8 standard waterproof Kraftmax X1000 LED flashlight is delivered with a tactical ring, a bag, a belt clip, an arm strap and suitable spare parts. To operate it, you need two CR123 batteries or a 18650 battery

15. EverBrite Mini

With the EverBrite Mini Flashlight Set you are well equipped for all kinds of activities such as cycling, camping, climbing and more. For a small price, there is a complete set consisting of four handy flashlights.

The small flashlights each have a strap for particularly convenient storage and carrying. Simply put the lamp of your choice in your pocket or even carry it with you in your wallet, because the mini flashlights weighing just 58 grams are so compact. The high-quality aluminum housing stands for robustness, stability and long durability. The light intensity is at least 30 meters.

Your mini flashlight can be found easily in the dark. The self-illuminating rubber handles ensure this. 9 LED beads provide a radiantly bright light.

Whether green, yellow, blue or pink: your EverBrite Mini Flashlight Set has the right lamp for every taste. The AAA batteries required for operation are conveniently included in the delivery. They allow use for about 10 hours each.

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All You Need To Know About Flashlights

What is a flashlight?

A flashlight is understood to be a light source that is generally as small and handy as possible, that is not dependent on external power supply and is suitable for mobile use. The term “flashlight” stems from the fact that the lamp can ideally be stowed in every pocket and carried with you. Whether this is a handbag, jacket or even a pocket depends on the model. There are both mini flashlights and comparatively large versions.

As already mentioned, the flashlight does not draw its energy from the socket. Rather, it is powered either by batteries or a rechargeable battery. This means that it can also be used as reliable emergency lighting in the event of a power failure, for example. Even if you have a car breakdown in the dark, it is a reliable helper. Therefore, a flashlight should not be missing in any glove compartment. It is important that you charge the battery regularly or check the batteries and replace them if necessary if they become weak.

The flashlight offers a high degree of flexibility and it can be used for all kinds of activities, for example in the outdoor area. It is your companion for night hikes, cycling or climbing at night. You should always have a flashlight with you when camping. The flashlight is used when various tasks are to be carried out in poor lighting conditions without a fixed light source nearby.

How is a flashlight constructed?

Flashlights are characterized by the fact that they are usually rather elongated. In the front part of the slim device, which is usually conical, the light source is located behind a round glass pane. In the past, it was always a classic light bulb, now the LED flashlight is particularly popular.

In the middle part, which is often round in shape, you will usually find the compartment in which you have to insert the batteries. The compartment can be opened and closed using a mechanism that varies from flashlight to flashlight. The opening can be placed on the side, but also at the lower end of the tube. Make sure that you insert the batteries in the correct position.

The switches for controlling the flashlight are usually located on the side of the elongated tube. Depending on the model, the various functions can often be controlled with just one or a few switches. A flashlight can be made of plastic or metal. Aluminum in particular is very common these days and ensures a high degree of robustness.

How does a flashlight work?

When it comes to the functioning of a flashlight, it is important to distinguish between the classic variant with a built-in light bulb and modern LED flashlights. The light bulb is equipped with a conductor and a contact, which is connected to the upper area of the battery by the light plate. The lower part of the battery, however, is connected to a contact in the lower area of the device. This creates a circuit that you can open and close by pressing the on / off switch on the flashlight. That means nothing more than turning the light on and off.

A luminous base with a mirror surface underneath the light bulb ensures an even more intense luminosity of the classic flashlight. Depending on the model, you may need to use multiple batteries to ensure that the lamp operates. If you have decided on a modern LED flashlight, then it is the LEDs that provide a radiantly bright light. A special reflection system is used. The more LEDs were installed, the higher the luminosity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a flashlight?

Before you decide to buy a particular flashlight, it certainly makes sense to deal with very basic questions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a device? We have created a list for you:


Mobile light source for orientation in the dark

Completely independent of a power connection

Mostly small, handy and light

Radiant light for work and leisure activities

Valuable even in emergencies and for self-defense


Lights up only as long as batteries are charged

Batteries are harmful to the environment

Not all models are shock and water resistant

All in all, the list of disadvantages is rather clear. With a powerful battery, a pleasantly long operating time can usually be achieved and you also protect the environment. When making your selection, you can make sure that your future flashlight is as robust and waterproof as possible if you attach great importance to these properties.

Which flashlight is the best choice?

The question of all questions: which is the best flashlight? When answering this question, the decisive factor is undoubtedly what standards you personally apply to such a device and what expectations you have. While some would like to have a flashlight that is as light and inexpensive as possible, certain functions or properties are important to others. In order to orient yourself here and to find out which points will be important for your purchase decision, you should consider the following questions:

  1. What light output should the flashlight have?
  2. What lighting range do you need?
  3. How long should the light last?
  4. Should the power be supplied by batteries or a rechargeable battery?
  5. Do you want the flashlight to be waterproof?
  6. Should the device be as light and compact as possible?
  7. Do you value special modes such as an SOS or strobe function?
  8. What should the main purpose be?
  9. What is the maximum amount of money you want to spend?

If you have formed a personal opinion on each of these points, you are already a few steps further. We will go into some of the aspects mentioned below in more detail.

Flashlight - which manufacturers are there?

Flashlights are made by many different manufacturers these days. The range on the market is broad. From very affordable entry-level models to high-priced devices for professional emergency personnel, everything is available. You will always come across the following brands when it comes to flashlights:

  • Anker
  • MagLite
  • LE
  • Fenix
  • Varta
  • Walther

Other leading manufacturers include Foursevens, Olight, Coast, ThruNite and Streamlight. If you want to buy a cheap flashlight, it is certainly worthwhile to look for corresponding no-name products, which do not necessarily have to be worse.

What types of flashlights are there?

When it comes to flashlights, different distinctions can be made, for example when it comes to the design, the material used or the light source. The classic flashlights are particularly widespread and can be purchased in all conceivable sizes, designs and colors. Some have a hand strap, others don’t. An alternative to the flashlight are the so-called hand lamps, which are significantly larger and also have a lot to offer in terms of light output. A characteristic of these devices is a handle for convenient transportation and safe use. Some flashlights can only be operated with batteries or rechargeable batteries – in most cases, however, both variants are possible.

What does a flashlight cost?

As with most products, there is an immense price range for flashlights. While you can buy simple models for around US$10, there is hardly any upper limit. For example, high-quality branded flashlights can sometimes cost several hundred dollars. In order to be of good quality, however, you definitely don’t have to spend that much money.

Often a low-cost model already fulfills its purpose, whereby it is of course always important what you want to do with the flashlight. As a rule, the cheapest variants can be suitable for home use only. If you want a powerful LED flashlight for outdoor activities and more, then you should definitely find it in the price range of US$30 – US$80.

How many lumens should the flashlight have?

An important aspect when buying a flashlight is brightness. This is given in lumens. A good guideline when it comes to an LED flashlight for home use is around 500 lumens. This value should even be sufficient for some outdoor activities. If you want to be on the safe side and make no compromises when it comes to outdoor use, it’s best to choose a model with at least 1000 lumens.

Which lighting range is recommended?

A simple answer to the question “which lighting range is recommended?” can hardly be given. As always, what matters most is what you plan to do with your future flashlight. If the device is only to be used in your own four walls, a low lighting range is sufficient. However, if you want to use the flashlight for outdoor activities such as hiking or even cycling, then you check that the light range is slightly larger. With a value of 200 to 500 meters lighting range (also called beam range) you are already in a very good range. Some models even shine up to 700 meters.

Battery pack or single-use batteries - which is better?

When it comes to the power source of a flashlight, there are basically only two options: either the device is equipped with one or more batteries or with a rechargeable battery. But which of these two alternatives is actually the better choice?

It depends on what is most important to you. If you want to get a particularly good light output, powerful batteries are ideal. If, on the other hand, you want to use less electricity and do not pollute the environment more than necessary, then rechargeable batteries are the best choice for you.

When choosing the flashlight, you should immediately pay attention to the power source with which the respective device can be operated. Because some devices only work with single-use batteries or rechargeable batteries. However, there are more and more flashlights today where both are possible and you can make your own decision.

Where best to buy the flashlight?

You can buy your new flashlight in many different ways. Either you go to a specialty shop or electronics store near you, or you look around on the Internet to find out what the numerous online shops have in store for you. You can even find what you are looking for in the supermarket or discounter if there are corresponding offers and special sales.

The more money you want to spend on your flashlight, the more important it is that you inform yourself thoroughly beforehand and deal with the matter. You can do this on the one hand in specialist shops, where ideally a competent seller is at your side and can explain the advantages and disadvantages of individual models to you in detail. However, you have to assume that you will usually pay a slightly higher price in the store.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the Internet, you have the best opportunities to carry out a comprehensive flashlight comparison. We are already presenting some selected models and you will find the cheapest price online in no time. If you know exactly what you want, the online shopping option is definitely time-saving, convenient and almost always cheaper. Advice and service on the Internet have also improved steadily and many shops offer you support by email or even on the phone.

What is a black light flashlight?

In addition to the classic flashlight for daily use and special models for professional personnel, there is also a very special variant: the black light flashlight. It is also known as a UV flashlight. But what is such a device suitable for?

The black light flashlight is primarily used for geocaching. But there are also other areas of application. We have briefly summarized the most important fields for you here:

  • ideal for geocaching
  • for pet owners
  • for checking documents

A UV flashlight is virtually indispensable, especially for geocachers. For outdoor use, it should be as robust as possible and, above all, waterproof. If you have pets, you can use such a lamp to make traces of the animals’ urine visible, for example, so that they can be removed more easily. When buying, also pay attention to the so-called wavelength. Generally speaking, black light flashlights are quite inexpensive, but they are also rather limited in terms of their areas of application.

What is a focusable LED flashlight?

Another special case are focusable LED flashlights. The main thing here is that the light beam can be precisely adjusted or focused. If you are interested in a focusable LED flashlight, you can choose from the following model variants:

  • Thrower
  • Flooder
  • Allrounder


A thrower is a flashlight that is designed to illuminate the greatest possible distances. The spot of the light cone is therefore comparatively small here, but more focused. Headlight ranges of 300 meters are not uncommon for a thrower. The lamps often shine even further. The rather narrow beam of light is a disadvantage. The close range is also poorly illuminated in such a model.

If you choose a flooder, you will receive a flashlight that can be used to illuminate wide areas evenly. The focus here is more on the close-up area, which should be illuminated as broadly as possible. The disadvantage of this variant is the rather poor range in the distance. A Flooder flashlight is perfect for work or walks in the dark, for example.

If you are not sure, just choose an all-round flashlight. Both in terms of width and range, these models deliver a decent result.

Who invented the flashlight?

The flashlight is now part of our everyday life, but it was so revolutionary when it was launched. But who actually invented this practical utensil? The Englishman David Misell is considered the inventor of the flashlight, 1899 is given as the year of the invention. Misell sold his patent to the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company, now known as Energizer. In 1906, the German Paul Schmidt also filed a patent for a battery-powered flashlight.

Flashlight apps or classic flashlight?

Whether for Android smartphones or the iPhone – flashlight apps have spread at a rapid pace in recent years. But what is to be made of it? Are these applications really a serious alternative to the classic flashlight? Or do you have to look at it more as a gimmick? It is ultimately a question of belief and the truth is somewhere in between, as always.

The apps, many of which you can download completely free of charge onto your mobile device, are certainly sufficient for simple, occasional home use. Especially if you are looking for a reliable light source for outdoors, you should consider that such a highly sensitive smartphone is anything but robust. In this case, you should definitely rely on a “correct” flashlight. Another aspect is without question data protection. With apps, you never know exactly which data is tapped by the developers and what they are used for. With an “old school” flashlight you drive safer in this regard too.

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