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best gaming chairs

The 12 Best Gaming Chairs in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

best gaming chair

Nowadays gaming chairs (office chairs with a racing seat design) are more than a short-term hardware fashion. If you work on your computer for a long time or play a lot, you need a chair that is ergonomic and remains comfortable even after long-term use.

It was around 4 years ago that office chairs advertised for players with a racing seat design became a trend. It was initially dismissed as short-lived by PC gamers, but nevertheless it lasted and has not died down until now.

In the beginning, the market for gaming chairs was still small. Manufacturers like Maxnomic (Need for Seat), DX Racer or the AKRacing models were the top dogs among the gaming seats offered for players. With Corsair, Cougar, Noblechairs, Nitro Concepts, Vertagear, Thunder X3, Speedlink, Sharkoon, Tesoro, LC Power and Gamdias, other manufacturers have been competing for the favor of customers playing on the PC since mid-2017.

At the end of 2018, some new gaming chair providers entered the market, including companies such as Gamechanger or Gosuchair that come from the old-school office chair area.

In contrast to the gaming chair variants with an office chair background such as the one in the Gamechanger L, Gosuchair 360/800, Recaros Exo Platinum or the Backforce, there are differences in the design of the currently available standard models, the choice of colors and the materials of the covers.

In the basic construction, however, many models differ only slightly from one another and often have the same equipment features, which ensure that the player sits ergonomically and tension-free. These includes armrests that can be adjusted not only in height, but also horizontally (left / right and forward / backward), a lockable rocker mechanism and a lumbar support in the form of a pillow or a lumbar support integrated into the backrest. We’ll show you what else to look out for when buying a gaming chair.

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1. Maxnomic Dominator

The Maxnomic Dominator is a gaming chair that is fairly average in terms of features and is available in five colors. Special back cushions ensure that you always stay ergonomically in a stable position. Unfortunately, the construction is not made for tall or heavy people. You can buy the chair in small (1.65 m to 1.70 m) or medium (1.71 m – 1.84 m). The model is only designed for a maximum load capacity of 100 kg. That is very little for the price – many competitors are designed for 120 or even 150 kg.

Unfortunately, the Dominator also has no ventilation slots, which could promote sweating. However, this does not weigh so badly, since the synthetic leather is very easy to clean and maintain. Fortunately, a neck and a lumbar support pillow are included in the scope of delivery. Your back posture will be optimally supported ergonomically.

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2. DXRacer King Series (K11)

The King Series K11 relies on the well-known DX racer design and differs from the majority of other gaming chairs in the price range of US$500 in terms of design and material selection. Instead of the usual synthetic leather, breathable mesh is used here. The wide seat has the typical sporty “wings”, but since these are very discreet, there is also room for wider buttocks.

Even high weight is not a problem: According to the manufacturer, the chair can handle up to 150 kg. The thick padding offers a pleasant resistance. The delivery includes a pillow for the neck and pelvic area. However, the pelvic cushion is only recommended for people under 1.80 m, because as a taller person you slide too far forward on the seat with the cushion.

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3. Noblechairs Hero (Real-Leather Version)

With the Hero, Noblechairs offers a large gaming chair that is aimed at players who spend a lot of time in a seated position and at the same time make certain demands on comfort and robustness. Thanks to the high-quality processed cover made of real leather, the Hero (leather) promises a long service life without the typical abrasion surfaces, which is very common with synthetic leather.

According to other buyers, all of the manufacturer’s models are solid quality. The Hero can be fully adapted to your seating position – pelvic and neck pillows provide additional comfort. The gas pressure spring corresponds to class 4 and supports a maximum weight of 150 kg. If you want the same seating comfort and do not need the real leather you should choose the significantly cheaper synthetic leather version.

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4. Noblechairs Hero

The Hero is the largest model by Noblechairs and comes in synthetic leather. The Hero models are aimed at players who spend a lot of time on the chair and do not want to forego comfort. The synthetic leather variant is much cheaper, but you lose the quality of the material because real leather is much more robust than synthetic leather.

Nevertheless, the Hero offers a high level of ergonomic flexibility and extremely thick seams, which enables a long service life. The class 4 gas spring is designed for a maximum weight of 150 kg.

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5. Vertagear Triigger 350

With around US$800, the Vertagear Triigger 350 is quite a luxury model even among the gaming chairs that tend to be expensive anyway. The materials speak for the price: the covers are made of leather, the frame is made of steel, the gas pressure spring carries a lot of weight. In terms of design, the model can also stand out from the competition and in terms of ergonomics, it surpasses most of the representatives in this category.

The most important pro argument for the high price is the longevity of the product. Even if the high-quality materials wear out after a few years, the ten-year manufacturer’s warranty still remains.

Are there cheaper gaming chairs with comparable ergonomics?
The design of the Triigger 350 is unique among the gaming chairs. Backrests and seating surfaces in the form of nets are otherwise only found in conventional office chairs.
The mesh backrest can be found in abundance in the price range below US$250, for example with the Topstar Open Point SY Deluxe or the Lavita from hjh. Models with a seat made of mesh are a rarity, as this type of seat is not in great demand and wears out quickly if no quality material is used.

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6. Sharkoon Skiller SGS4

The Skiller SGS4 is a typical gaming chair that is aimed at more demanding gamers. Its greatest strengths include the good adaptability of the stand and the freely adjustable backrest. It includes pillows for the neck and pelvic area.

The padding is relatively thick and the backrest is ergonomic. The construction is stable and the good gas pressure spring can withstand loads of up to 150 kg. A small drawback is the artificial leather cover, which has been shown to wear out faster than real leather and is also less breathable.

7. hjh Office Gamebreaker VR 12

The feet for the rollers are made of metal, which promises high long-term stability. The backrest and seat are covered with colored synthetic leather, which according to the manufacturer is said to be particularly abrasion-resistant. So far, there have been no complaints from testers and reviewers about premature wear.

Real leather is much more durable and robust. A wooden frame is integrated in the seat and backrest, which generally lasts shorter than a metal frame. So all in all, this is not an eternity product, but given the relatively low price, it is stable enough.

Are the armrests firmly integrated?
No, the armrests are not assembled at the factory and can optionally be omitted. If you want more flexible armrests instead of the two-way adjustable armrests, you can order optional 4D armrests directly from the manufacturer, which are adjustable in all directions.

8. hjh Office League PRO

According to buyers and testers, the seat cushion is rather soft, while the backrest is somewhat firmer. The padding on the armrests is not very thick. The supplied pillows and lumbar pillows can help to adjust the seating experience to individual preferences.

The rolls are specially designed for use with carpets. There is a brake mechanism in them. If someone is sitting on the chair, it grips and prevents it from rolling away. This prevents unsightly marks on carpets.

How durable is the chair?
Fortunately, the stand is made of metal, so involuntary breaks are unlikely. The gas pressure spring belongs to class 3, which is common for gaming chairs under US$500. It is sufficient for loads up to 120 kg.

According to other reviews, the synthetic leather has an abrasion resistance, but experience has shown that it does not withstand permanent loads as well as real leather covers. The frame of the backrest is made of wood, which can give way under constant load. So overall not a product for life, but stable enough for a few years of intensive use.

9. Nitro Concepts C100

As a gaming chair, the Nitro Concepts C100 is characterized by its robustness and appearance. In contrast to many competitors, the C100 is also available in simple black – ideal if you don’t want a chair in striking colors. The chair is made of synthetic leather, which makes maintenance much easier.

Thanks to a class 4 gas spring, you can load the chair with a maximum of 120 kg. Although the backrest and seat are comfortably padded thanks to cold foam, the chair lacks the last bit of ergonomics due to the lack of cushions. In terms of price, you cannot go wrong with the C100 –  It is one of the cheaper models.

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10. Nitro Concepts S300 EX

The S300 EX from Nitro Concepts can compete with the well-known competition from DXRacer, AKRacing and other. For around US$300, you can get a very solid and well-made seat for your gaming desk. As usual in the price range, you have to deal with a synthetic leather covers, but the gas pressure spring is of high quality. It can withstand up to 135 kg.

You can adjust the backrest, the armrests and the seat height to your needs. The armrests are flexibly adjustable, but cannot be completely fixed. This means that the armrests can be inadvertently adjusted. A nice extra is the included additional pillow, which can be attached with a strap in the neck area.

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11. Sharkoon Elbrus 3

With the Elbrus 3, Sharkoon has a particularly great gaming chair in its portfolio, which you can purchase in five different colors. The chair is extremely robust thanks to a solid steel frame that has been additionally reinforced and, according to the manufacturer, is designed to withstand a weight of up to 150 kg.

The Elbrus 3 comes with a neck and pillow, which you can both remove and change in position as you wish. You can also change the height and length of the armrests. The equipment offered is definitely impressive, especially since the chair is not in the upper league in terms of price. There are quite similarly equipped models for twice the price. 

12. Corsair T2 Road Warrior

The T2 Road Warrior can not stand out significantly from the competition, but at least it is quite flexible and even allows the inclination of the seat to be adjusted. The upholstery looks robust, as does the quality of the frame construction and the base. The shape of the upholstery means that despite the relatively wide seat, you might touch the side with your thighs, which can be disadvantageous especially during long sessions or in the heat.

The armrests are freely adjustable, but are not padded and not very stable. Two additional cushions for the neck and lower back can be used to further adapt the seating position to personal preferences. The comparatively short guarantee period and the cover on synthetic leather do not exactly inspire confidence in the longevity of the chair.

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How are Gaming Chairs rated?

A good gaming chair should be comfortable, ergonomically shaped and robust as possible. That is why test editors put these three aspects through their paces. The comfort is usually described in detail, whereby of course the body size of the test person should always be taken into account.

In any case, the padding should be relatively thick so that the compression does not lead to excessive hardening of the seat after long use. The adjustability of the seat height, the backrest and the armrests are also decisive for the seating comfort. The more leeway you have here, the better.

The gas pressure spring in the base should also be able to carry the highest possible weight without risk. Gaming chairs generally perform well, since you can usually find better gas springs than in conventional office chairs.

Since you do not want to change the chair too often, value is also placed on high material quality and robustness. Models with synthetic or even genuine leather cover cost more, but perform better in tests and promise a longer durability. A look at the materials of the base and frame of the chair is mandatory. Metal or aluminum clearly precede plastic and wooden inserts.

What should you look out for when buying a Gaming Chair?

If you are a little taller or heavier, you should pay attention to the adaptability of the seating position. A look at the maximum adjustable height and the possibility to adjust the backrest is advisable.

If you want to use the chair for a long time, you should consider investing more in a real leather cover if the desired model has different covers to choose from.

If you are a little heavier, it is worth taking a look at the maximum load. Most gaming chairs tolerate between 120 and 160 kg, which corresponds to gas spring class 4. Depending on the preferred seating position, a lumbar pillow supplied is another reason to buy. 


It is well known that tastes are different, and the manufacturers want to cater to the different tastes with a very large range of different models.

In general, the user can of course let his creativity run wild when buying, but always keep an eye on a coherent overall picture.

After all, the desk is usually not in a separate room, and of course the same applies to the chair bought afterwards.


A trial sitting or even long-term testing should actually always take place before buying. Because many models may look very comfortable at first glance and in the numerous pictures, but then completely disappoint when actually sitting.

It can also be very helpful to study the relevant reviews on the Internet. Because the users are of course focusing on comfort, even with long-term use. It is precisely here that the aspects come to the fore that may not necessarily be noticeable at first glance.

A good example: the ventilation in the chairs. Air circulation plays a very important role, especially when you sit for long periods. Otherwise sweating and moisture have no chance of escaping. For this very reason, most models have corresponding recesses in the backrest through which this circulation takes place. When buying, you should always make sure that these are definitely available for the corresponding gaming chair.

Choose the right variant

Not all models are really the right choice for every user. Some chairs are only designed for a weight of around 120 kilograms. If you weigh more, you should definitely attach great importance to this. Of course, the manufacturers provide the relevant information directly so that it can be recognized at first glance.

There are also some differences in the dimensions of the seats, which should be considered when buying. Those who are relatively slim can confidently neglect this, but this looks very different for corpulent users. Because there are suitable models from numerous manufacturers that are specially adapted for this purpose.

How do gaming chairs differ from conventional office chairs?

Gaming chairs stand out from normal office chairs primarily because of their design. Most models have racing seats as their design and offer high backrests with headrests and wing-like bulges on the side, so that you sit like in a shell. They are also very variable in the coloring. The high-quality gas pressure springs are also rarely found in conventional office chairs. The price level for gaming chairs is on average higher.

What types of gaming chairs are there?

Especially in the private gaming area, the gaming chair has become indispensable today and is already replacing the classic office chair very often.

The advantages are mainly in the comfort area, because the various models on the market are optimized for this.

Thanks to the soft upholstery and the special adaptation, the gaming chairs are particularly suitable for long-term use.

Because it is precisely in this area, i.e. in popular gaming, that you often find yourself sitting for hours. The modern chairs play out their advantages here with the special adjustment of the backrest and ensure the necessary comfort.

The gaming chairs also support the respective user to the best of their ability during actual gaming. Because with the special armrests and the optimal alignment or adaptation to the respective gamer, the user can concentrate on the actual and important area, namely gaming.

The chairs are also simply unique in terms of their appearance and stand out from the crowd. Because many users attach great importance to this aspect and ensure astonished looks. However, the manufacturers also go to great lengths to really meet customer requirements with the corresponding offers.

Numerous models on the market today appeal at first glance and also attract everyone’s attention in the office.

It is not only the bright colors that are responsible here, there are also various variants on the market for the design and choice of patterns and ensure that there are exactly the right ones for every taste.

The gaming chair is also the right choice for another area of ​​application.

Because these special chairs are being used more and more in so-called e-sports tournaments.

These are real competitions around the world in which many users participate. Hundreds of participants spend many hours here, maximum concentration is required. The modern gaming chair should of course not be missing.

Because even in the office or at work, which requires long periods of sitting and working, these are a popular alternative to the classic office chair.

The practical thing here is of course the fact that no special features have to be taken into account.

Immediately after assembly, the first afternoon can be spent on the new chair and the unmatched comfort can be experienced while sitting.

In addition, thanks to the extensive selection, the chairs are a very good choice for this area.

Advantages & Areas of application of Gaming Chairs

In general, of course, the chairs differ only slightly, the general functionality is identical in almost all models. However, major differences can be identified and clarified in the selected materials and in the resilience.

When selecting the material, the customer can choose between three different covers. In addition to the classic PU and real leather, some models also have a fabric cover.

First a general statement: the choice of cover says very little about the general quality or price range of the respective gaming chair. Models with the respective cover are represented in both the lower and the upper price ranges. In the end, every cover has both advantages and disadvantages, so it is often a decision of personal taste in the end.

At the same time, there are significant differences in resilience and size, which make a subdivision in the gaming chair area possible. Because the gaming chairs are designed for a maximum load of only about 120 kilograms by default.

In other words, if this limit is exceeded repeatedly and continuously, the chair will usually quickly be damaged or at least be significantly less comfortable.

If you put more weight on the scales and still do not want to forego the comfort and functionality of a modern gaming chair, you can choose a correspondingly reinforced model.

There are also a large number of modern offers on the market today that are specifically aimed at this target group. With a maximum load of up to 150 kilograms, these are also very suitable for high weights and at the same time offer the appropriate security and are still pleasantly comfortable even after a few months.

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