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best gaming headsets

The 11 Best Gaming Headsets in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

best gaming headset

Gaming headsets not only ensure that you get the best possible sound when playing your favorite games, but they also enable clear communication in multiplayer games. The selection of gaming headsets is extremely diverse because there are numerous manufacturers that specialize in this gaming accessory.

If you are looking for a good gaming headset, then you are in the right place. Below you will find 12 very good gaming headsets and all the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding this product category.

1. Logitech G430

The gaming headset from the popular manufacturer Logitech guarantees detailed sound. This gaming headset with the model name G430 is available for a very reasonable price. You can look forward to Dolby 7.1 surround sound on your PC.

As a special feature, Logitech intrigues a noise reduction function in the built-in microphone. In addition, this model is equipped with easy-to-use volume control and a mute option – sounds settings can be quickly adjusted.

Especially when it comes to comfort, you can count on this headset. Logitech integrates comfortable ear cushions so even wearing these gaming headsets for several hours will be easy for you.

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2. AIBOONDEE Gaming-Headset

The AIBOONDEE gaming headset is available at a significantly lower price. This model is suitable for both the PC and all common consoles, such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or the Nintendo 3DS. You will benefit from maximum compatibility.

The manufacturer relies on a modern design, whereby the ears are enclosed by cushions. This provides a good all-round sound, which also applies to maximum air permeability. AIBOONDEE uses a skin-friendly leather material for the ear pads. There are no problems even with a longer wearing time.

A microphone is also available with this gaming headset. This mic offers good noise reduction, which is not to be neglected, especially in multiplayer games. Thanks to the slightly longer microphone design, it is no problem to adjust the angle of the mic exactly as you need it.

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3. BENGOO G9000

Customers of the online platform Amazon can buy another bestseller in the field of gaming headsets, which is characterized by numerous consistently positive reviews. This is the BENGOO G9000 PS4 gaming headset, which, contrary to the manufacturer’s description, can also be used with various other popular game consoles and with the PC.

The BENGOO G9000 is a stereo gaming headset with a closed design. The sheathed cable contains a volume control and a mute function for the built-in microphone. The 40mm neodymium drivers ensure an all-round good sound. Especially in games with a lively sound field, solid quality can be expected.

You can also count on good properties when it comes to comfort. For example, the manufacturer relies on synthetic leather and soft over-ear pads, which also offer you the advantage of ambient noise insulation. This model comes with LEDs that have been integrated directly into the two ear cups.

4. Kingston HyperX Cloud II

With the HyperX series, the Kingston brand offers exactly the right equipment for real gamers. If you have a larger budget, then a gaming headset from this manufacturer may be suitable for you. Especially the Kingston HyperX Cloud II gaming headphones are recommended, which are available for a reasonable price.

You can count on virtual surround sound that is hardware-controlled. The good wearing comfort is ensured thanks to the memory foam on the bracket and synthetic leather ear pads. Due to the closed headphone design, you benefit from passive noise elimination, which is especially important for ambitious gamers.

The Kingston HyperX Cloud II gaming headphones always have flexible compatibility. The manufacturer has installed a USB port that is suitable for PCs and Macs. There is also a classic jack plug for use with a PlayStation and Xbox.

Kingston attaches great importance to the best possible communication in chats. For example, the manufacturer of this gaming headset optimized for the leading programs TeamSpeak and Skype.

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5. Beexcellent Gaming Headset GM-1

In the area of reasonably priced gaming headsets up to 30 dollars, you benefit from a large selection of well-equipped models. The Beexcellent GM-1 gaming headphones are of good quality, not only in terms of general design but also the surround bass sound and the design of the earpiece.

The microphone also ensures good speech transmission, so you can safely communicate with your gaming friends in multiplayer matches. Of course, the built-in microphone shields background noise.

The headband of this gaming headset is individually adjustable and can be easily adapted to the head. The manufacturer uses skin-friendly leather for this so that there will be no major problems even when worn for several hours.

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6. beyerdynamic MMX 300 Premium

If the price should play a subordinate role for you and you prefer a real premium headset for gaming, then the beyerdynamic MMX 300 premium over-ear gaming headset might be a much better option for you. This headset is already available in the second and therefore further developed edition.

For this surcharge, which is quite impressive compared to the gaming headsets already presented, you can expect better quality in almost all important points.

First of all, of course, this affects the sound that beyerdynamic ensures for professional users with this high-quality gaming headset. You can count on a detailed sound, regardless of whether you have connected the gaming headset to your PC, Mac or console.

Beyerdynamic integrates a volume control with a mute switch for the microphone. There is also a button on the remote control for you to take calls, which is quite convenient.

Beyerdynamic uses velvety soft earpads for a comfortable fit. You can wear this gaming headset for many hours. As a further accessory, you will find a practical transport case as well as a jack adapter and an extension cable in the scope of delivery.

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7. Sades SA926T

In a chic camouflage design, this gaming headset from the Sades brand is ready for you. The gaming headset with the model name SA926T can be used for the PlayStation as well as for many other consoles and the PC.

The 50mm neodymium drivers of the Sades gaming headset SA926T ensure good sound. Otherwise, the manufacturer relies on soft materials for all contact points with the head, which are quite durable, so that you can use this gaming headset safely and over a longer period.

If you use the Sades SA926T, you can look forward to a sophisticated noise-canceling. The closed design of the headphones ensures that the external sound is well shielded from the user.

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8. Logitech G231

As an alternative to the previously presented gaming headset from the manufacturer Logitech, we would like to introduce the model G231 from the popular Prodigy series to you. This gaming headset is characterized by a high-quality stereo sound and works wonderfully in conjunction with a game console and the gaming PC.

For the most intense gaming sessions, the manufacturer uses special sports ear pads that are very soft. These pads have been covered with a performance material so that playing for several hours will not be a problem thanks to the soft units.

When it comes to sound, you can count on a solid sound. Logitech attaches great importance to a foldable microphone design, so you can easily carry the gaming headset in a pocket. Logitech integrates a control element directly on the cable. With this you can, for example, simply mute the microphone or adjust the current volume individually.

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9. EasyAcc G1

The products of the EasyAcc brand are quite popular on the online platform Amazon, which is primarily due to the good build quality and the low prices. Of course, you can also expect the following features from the EasyAcc G1 Virtual 7.1 surround sound gaming headset.

The manufacturer still uses a switchable vibration. The bass is then supported again so that it feels like you are right in the middle of the action. You should be already familiar with such an effect, especially with Dolby Surround films.

7.1 surround stereo sound is ensured for you thanks to the integrated sound card. The microphone is individually adjustable, as far as the situation is concerned. You can also use the control to make a few more settings directly on the cable, including the volume.

For a comfortable fit, EasyAcc uses a special headband for the G1 gaming headset. This adapts optimally to the head size so that even playing for several hours can be ensured without any problems.

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10. Logitech G633

Logitech offers a special headset for ambitious gamers in the area of ​​pro gaming hardware. The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Pro gaming headset has been designed in a modern style and offers 7.1 surround sound.

With maximum compatibility, you can use the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Pro gaming headset with all popular gaming platforms.

Above all, the different lighting options are really impressive. The LEDs are fully customizable via the G-keys, which is quite practical. RGB lighting with up to 16.8 million colors is also available here.

But the general features of a classic headset were also implemented well by Logitech. The comfort as well as the built-in microphone, which offers active noise reduction for perfect communication, is great!

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11. Sennheiser Game One

The renowned manufacturer Sennheiser is known for its high-quality audio technology. If you attach great importance to the best possible audio quality, then don’t make a mistake with the Sennheiser Game One gaming headset.

This model offers open acoustics and good comfort when worn. Sennheiser provides interchangeable cables so that you can connect the headset to both a console and a PC. Due to the soft ear pads, even long gaming sessions are no problem at all.

Intuitive operation is ensured for you thanks to the volume control that Sennheiser integrates on the right earpiece.

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All You Need To Know About Gaming Headsets

Everything important for the purchase decision

As a real gamer, you need a gaming headset. The advantage of these audio devices is that you not only benefit from the best possible game sound but can also communicate with your fellow players in multiplayer mode. This is particularly relevant for first-person shooters and generally influences the game quality quite strongly.

When choosing a good gaming headset, there are a few basic features to consider. On the one hand, this applies to the sound quality. The same also applies to the microphone and the general comfort with which the gaming headset is characterized. All of these points must be given so that you can play as well as possible with your gaming headset on the console or with the gaming PC.

In this guide, we would like to answer all of your questions about gaming headsets in detail. The goal is that after reading through the buying guide you can narrow down the gaming headsets that are suitable for you and that you will find exactly the right model for your application.

Gaming headsets for the PC and consoles

If you would like to use your gaming headset with the PC, it is usually only necessary to connect the headphones to the computer. This is easy for you to do via USB or jack. As a result, you should then commit to software that supports communicating with your fellow players. In such a case, the TeamSpeak and Discord programs are particularly suitable.

With consoles, such as the Sony PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, the use of gaming headsets differs. You only have to connect the gaming headsets to the controller. Since the manufacturers of the consoles support the corresponding functions, without the need to install additional software, which is quite practical.

Which gaming headset models are available for you to choose from?

Below are several basic types of gaming headsets that are fairly common and differ from each other. In the following paragraphs, find out which gaming headset is best for you.

Gaming headsets with a closed design: Over-ear designs are available for gaming headsets. These designs surround the ears. Compared to overlying models, you benefit from better sound shielding. This often results in good sound quality, and noise from the surroundings is also better shielded.

Gaming headsets with an open design: As an alternative to the over-ear headsets, you can also opt for gaming headsets that have been designed with an open design. These headphones lie directly on the ears and score primarily with a lightweight design. If you do not want to completely shield yourself from the outside world with your gaming headset, then it is best to choose such a model.

Gaming headsets with a half-open design: Compared to the open headphone designs, there are hardly any differences between the gaming headsets with a half-open design. However, these models often have significantly thicker padding. This ensures that the ear canal is better shielded and good sound quality is generated. In addition to a rich sound, you can benefit from a solid shielding of the ambient noise with these gaming headsets.

The most important features of a good gaming headset

Before choosing a gaming headset, you should carefully read the features shown below. You can determine which properties the headset should have in any case.

Wired or wireless?

Most manufacturers still produce the gaming headsets with a cable. However, wireless headphones are in demand today, so it is not particularly surprising that some gaming headsets that can be used without a cable. These models are usually more expensive than wired gaming headsets.

Besides, wireless gaming headsets usually work via radio and thus transmit the signal from the audio source directly to the headphones. This often requires receivers that have to be connected to the audio source. If, on the other hand, the transmission takes place via Bluetooth, you benefit from a range of up to 10 meters, which should be sufficient for classic home use.

When choosing a gaming headset, make sure that you can live with a cable. If you hardly move around at your desk while playing, wired gaming headsets are always sufficient. On the other hand, if you want to benefit from the maximum flexibility, then opt for wireless versions that some manufacturers offer. But keep in mind that gaming headsets with a cable do not require a separate power supply. With wireless gaming headsets, you always have to pay attention to a battery that needs to be charged.

Noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation can have a massive impact on the game sound. If there is good noise reduction, you can dive straight into the game world and benefit from deep bass. Often, you will recognize opponents much sooner due to the better sound quality. But not only the speakers of the gaming headsets are equipped with such a function, but also the microphones. Finally, it should always be ensured that you understand your teammates as well as possible in multiplayer.


Good gaming headsets ensure 7.1 surround sound for you and thus provide a real cinema feeling. Especially with first-person shooters, this represents a massive improvement in the overall game quality. If such a backdrop is very important to you, please make sure that the selected gaming headset supports surround sound.

Comfort, dimensions and weight

Especially when it comes to headphones, comfort plays an important role and should always be given. After all, you may be playing frequently for several hours at a time, so annoying gaming headsets would be a big problem. In terms of comfort, the ear pads should be as soft as possible. Besides, the general weight is also relevant to keep the load on the head as low as possible.

We advise you to simply read the opinions and reviews of other consumers about the gaming headsets you are most interested in. However, the particularly inexpensive models usually do not offer such good comfort.

The right gaming headset for different players

The price for gaming headsets ranges from 20 dollars to versions that cost up to 300 dollars. Of course, these expensive gaming headsets are primarily intended for real professional gamers. We have attached an overview to you, which you can use as a guide to help you choose the right gaming headset for you.

Gaming headsets for casual gamers: For real bargain hunters and gamers who are not that competitive, the inexpensive gaming headsets, which are available for up to 30 dollars, are highly recommended. These versions offer a good sound but have clear shortcomings in terms of comfort and general workmanship.

Gaming headsets for gamers: If you play regularly and several times a week, you should plan a little more money for a good gaming headset. We recommend models from 50 dollars that provide a good sound and offer noise suppression. But you can also spend up to 100 euros on solidly manufactured gaming headsets, which in this case are also good for you if you plan long-term use.

Gaming headsets for users who want to be flexible: For gamers who want to play without a cable, only wireless gaming headsets are suitable. These versions are more expensive, although you can often count on good surround sound. Most of these models work with the Bluetooth radio standard, so you are always guaranteed a secure connection with a good range.

Gaming headsets for professional gamers: As true professional gamers, the special product series from the manufacturers Logitech and beyerdynamic are very good for you. For this, you should plan at least 150 dollars as a budget. For this sum, however, you get a gaming headset that is characterized by a hi-fi sound and ensures good wearing comfort for gaming for several hours.

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