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best gaming keyboards

The 14 Best Gaming Keyboards in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

best gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards are an important tool for real gamers – and those who want to become one. These keyboards are the connection between the gamer and the gaming computer. Playing on the computer is about milliseconds and precision – and that is exactly what the gaming keyboard brings to the table.

Even if many think that a gaming keyboard is the same as standard office keyboard – it is not so – at least in the gaming sector. Gamers expect their keyboard to have configurable macro keys and lighting that can be flexibly adjusted. Some of the gaming keyboards still offer some additional features that delight the gaming world. In our comparison, we would like to explain what makes a good gaming keyboard and what differences there are in general with these gamer keyboards.

What is the best Gaming Keyboard?

1. Logitech G213

The Logitech gaming keyboard is a higher-priced keyboard for gamers. It is possible to provide five separate lighting areas with an individual color selection. You can choose from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colors.

The size of the gaming keyboard is the standardized size that exists in the field of gaming keyboards. The keys on the Logitech G213 keyboard are ultra-fast, 4 times faster than a conventional keyboard. The anti-ghosting matrix ensures optimum control while you press several buttons at the same time.

The integrated palm rest speaks for the Logitech gaming keyboard. And with the adjustable feet, you can individually fine-tune the gaming keyboard to your needs.

The special multimedia controls are another plus point of the Logitech gaming keyboard. With the multimedia buttons you can play videos or music, mute or pause if necessary. The volume can be adjusted using the controls.

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2. KLIM Chroma keyboard

The KLIM gamer keyboard is a gamer keyboard that convinces with a long service life. The manufacturer states in the product description that the keyboard has a lifespan of 20,000,000 clicks – this corresponds to a lifetime of approximately 15 years.

The KLIM gaming keyboard is said to be very quiet, the typing noises are muffled. The response time of the buttons is about 2ms. With a weight of 490 grams, the KLIM gaming keyboard is very light.

When it comes to lighting, the KLIM Chroma gaming keyboard offers three-color lighting that divides the keyboard into three distinct areas. The LEDs are bright and can therefore be seen very well in the dark. The illumination of the keyboard can be deactivated by pressing a key on the back. In terms of price, the KLIM Chroma Gamer keyboard is one of the affordable gaming keyboards in our comparison.

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3. Lioncast LK15

16.7 million colors – that’s impressive. Especially when you consider that this amount of colors can be seen on a computer keyboard.

The Lioncast LK15 gaming keyboard offers you these color setting options using a dedicated software. The multi-color lighting and the LED pipe create the right atmosphere when playing. You can adjust the brightness individually.

The repetition rates of the buttons are adjustable, thus ensuring the ultra-fast response times. The keys are relatively high and offer a comfortable posture when writing and playing. The integrated, ergonomic wrist rest firmly connected to the keyboard is also ideal for a good and relaxed posture.

Four different user profiles for different games can be called up without software. Additional profiles can also be saved on the keyboard. In many cases, the competition does not set an n-key rollover for their gaming keyboards – Lioncast does with this LK15 gaming keyboard. You can also switch between n-key rollover and 6-key rollover – directly on the keyboard.

On the left side, 6 macro keys are installed on the gamer keyboard, which can be assigned to four different macro modes. These macro assignments are not only helpful in games, but can also be useful for graphics programs or programming. The extensive software also offers the possibility of making countless selection options, such as:

  • the key assignment
  • different timings of different macro modes or
  • the backlight

The multimedia bar rounds off the functionality of this Lioncast LK15 gaming keyboard. This gaming keyboard is priced in the mid-priced range.

4. Razer Ornata Chroma

This gaming keyboard is equipped with the so-called Mecha membrane keys. These keys, specially developed by Razer, blend the soft pressure point and the tactile click of a mechanical key on the keyboard. This combination ensures a high release speed when playing or working. The half-height button caps also ensure faster triggering.

The backlight of the keyboard can be set as desired with 16.8 million colors. The palm rest is ergonomically shaped and offers good comfort, especially for longer gaming sessions.

The gaming keyboard is available in the following variations:

  • Membrane keyboard
  • with control and LED and
  • with LED lamp starter set

The special features are reflected in the price – the Razer Mecha membrane gaming keyboard is one of the expensive gaming keyboards in our comparison.

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5. Corsair K55

This Corsair gamer keyboard is a multi-color keyboard with RGB lighting. In addition to the keyboard, it contains a mouse and a mouse pad – but in a slightly different design than the classic mouse pad.

The keyboard is divided into three dynamic zones with RGB backlighting, which give you 10 effects. The gaming keyboard is equipped with six programmable macro keys. The keyboard also has dedicated controls for volume and media playback.

The keys of the gaming keyboard are quiet and responsive – exactly what you would expect from a gamer keyboard. The keyboard has a palm rest that offers additional comfort while playing. However, it can also be removed.

The Corsair keyboard has the so-called anti-ghosting function – key combinations are carried out exactly as you would expect from the keyboard. The price of the Corsair multi-gamer keyboard is in the higher price segment.

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6. AURSEN Gaming Keyboard

The AURSEN gaming keyboard has 104 keys & 12 have multimedia functions. The keys are interchangeable and the spacebar has been improved compared to the previous models. In addition, the gaming keyboard has a large palm rest that makes ergonomic working or playing easier.

You can choose between 7 different backlights on the keyboard. You can change the settings directly via the keyboard and do not need any software, as is required for some gaming keyboards from the competition. Flashing frequency and brightness can also be set directly on the keyboard.

This Aursen gaming keyboard is a long-lasting and splash-proof keyboard. According to the manufacturer, the keyboard lasts for 50 million clicks. The Aursen gaming keyboard definitely scores in terms of price – it is one of the cheapest gaming keyboard in our comparison.

7. Victsing Keyboard

The Victsing gaming keyboard is a mechanical keyboard. It has 104 keys and offers the option of working with several keys at the same time thanks to anti-ghosting. The response time of the individual keys is very fast.

The manufacturer specifies the durability of the gaming keyboard with 50 million keystrokes. The characters on the keyboard should also not fade due to the laser carving technology.

9 light patterns can be adjusted so that they correspond to certain playing styles. Own lighting combinations are also possible. The gamer keyboard is water-repellent and has 4 drainage openings.

12 multimedia shortcuts give you the ability to access volume, media, calculator, mute and other functions. In terms of price, the gamer keyboard can be found in the mid-priced range for gaming keyboards.

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8. Roccat Horde AIMO

This keyboard belongs to expensive gamer keyboards in our comparison. The Roccat Horde AIMO Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard has a precision key layout – the fingertip design makes it easier for you to differentiate between the keys. Roccat has combined the advantages of a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard – the result: unbeatable precise and direct trigger points.

The Aimo lighting system is an organic lighting ecosystem from Roccat. Tuning buttons and the tuning wheel enable even faster and more intuitive operation and control of multimedia – Volume, brightness, lighting and more. Everything is individually adjustable. You will also find five macro buttons in the immediate vicinity of the main button area, which offer you further options for working and playing.

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9. KLIM Lightning Hybird

This PC keyboard for gamers is the upgraded version from the 2018 keyboard. It is a hybrid semi-mechanical keyboard. The hybrid keyboard like this one shows exactly when a key is pressed and activated. This allows you to type much faster, which in some cases offers you an efficiency increase of up to 15% or more.

The KLIM gaming keyboard is a keyboard that has 7 background colors. You can choose between these background colors – without any drivers. In addition, the Lightning can change the colors automatically, creating impressive effects.

The KLM Lightning Gamer keyboard weighs just over a kilogram – so it can be described as a real heavyweight. As a result, the keyboard is naturally stable and stands firmly on the desk. 

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10. Logitech G910

The Logitech G910 keyboard is a mechanical gaming keyboard and, according to the manufacturer, is one of the fastest mechanical RGB gamer keyboards in the world. The mechanical Romer G-Switch ensures a 25% faster trigger than conventional keyboards for the PC.

The RGB lighting is customizable, which means that each key can be assigned and adjusted from a color palette of over 16 million colors. In addition, the Logitech G910 gaming keyboard has nine programmable keys that allow you to make your own assignments. In this way, complex commands can be executed quickly and precisely.

The advantage of this gaming keyboard from Logitech is that it allows immediate access to the in-game data via the tablet or smartphone via the Arx Control app and the smartphone dock without having to interrupt the game. The Logitech gaming keyboard is one of the most expensive gaming keyboards in our comparison.

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11. Sharkoon Skiller Pro Plus

This keyboard for gaming comes from the manufacturer Sharkoon and is equipped with LED lighting in 7 colors. You have the option of adjusting the lighting – from 10% to 100%, pulsating or as a color gradient.

The keyboard layout is in the – for gaming keyboards the usual layout – three-block design. In addition to multi-key rollover support, 3 profile, 6 macro and 9 multimedia keys are also available.

The gaming keyboard Skiller Pro includes a gaming software that can be used to carry out individual programming for the key assignments in games and applications. For example, you can assign certain keys to keystrokes, macro loops, delay times or Internet functions yourself. It is possible to deactivate the Windows key on the keyboard and the functions of the arrow keys can also be changed.

This gaming keyboard is equipped with the rubber dome technology – it is also available as a mechanical keyboard. However, this is almost twice as expensive as the rubber dome keyboard. The Sharkoon Skiller Pro Gaming Keyboard is one of the mid-priced gaming keyboards in our comparison.

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12. aLLreli K643

This gaming keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that is equipped with 105-Key anti-ghosting. This means you can work with several buttons at the same time, since each button is controlled by independent switches. As a result, the response times for games are very fast. 5 macro buttons are individually programmable – without any additional software.

The RGB backlight of the gamer keyboard is adjustable and has 8 different lighting modes that are easy to control and set.

In terms of price, the gamer keyboard K643 from aLLreli is one of the more expensive gaming keyboards.

13. Sharkoon Skiller Pro

The Sharkoon gamer keyboard is a backlit gaming keyboard that promises maximum gaming enjoyment. This gaming keyboard has the following features:

  • Multi-key rollover support
  • 6 macro buttons
  • 3 profile buttons
  • 9 multimedia buttons

Dedicated software is supplied with the keyboard with which the keys can be individually programmed. Keystrokes or delay times, but also the media and internet keys can be assigned accordingly. The functions of certain keys can also be swapped.

In terms of price, the Skiller Pro is one of the more affordable gaming keyboards in our keyboard comparison.

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14. Logitech G810

The Logitech gaming keyboard is one of the more expensive gaming keyboard that we present to you in our comparison. The mechanical Romer G-Switch has a very high response time for the keys – compared to conventional mechanical keyboards, this is up to 25% faster.

The RGB lighting is individually adjustable and you can choose from a color palette of over 16.8 million colors. You can personalize each key on the keyboard. Customization is done using the Logitech software that comes with the gamer keyboard. You can also customize the F1 to F12 keys. Using the software, you can synchronize the lighting effects with other Logitech devices, which can lead to very special effects.

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All You Need To Know About Gaming Keyboards

What exactly is a gaming keyboard?

A gaming keyboard is a PC keyboard that is specifically designed for gamers’ requirements. The functions of the gaming keyboard are much more extensive and specific compared to a classic keyboard for the PC. In addition, the response time of the keys on the gaming keyboard is much faster. Most gaming keyboards are equipped with a USB cable, which is connected to the gaming PC. The connection via the USB cable guarantees that there are no dropouts during the game, as with the wireless connection. In addition, the response time of the wired gaming keyboard is slightly faster than that of the wireless gaming keyboard.

The way the gamer keyboard works is basically similar to the way the classic computer keyboard works. However, the gamer keyboard has its very own finesse, which makes this keyboard so popular with gamers and gives it a special status.

The gaming keyboards are equipped with a special circuit board inside. The majority of gamers’ keyboards are designed so that each key has its own connection.

However, when gaming, different keys have to be pressed at the same time, so the gaming keyboards have to be constructed in such a way that any key combination is possible.

Some gaming keyboards have the so-called WASD keys, which are usually highlighted optically and / or in color. These buttons can be used to control certain characters within a game.

In some offices you will also come across these gaming keyboards every now and then – but here the keyboards are probably used more for work. The advantage is simply that the gamer keyboards are high-quality work tools that are ergonomic and durable.

In our comparison, we listed a longevity of up to 50 million keystrokes on some keyboards. This long durability also distinguishes the gaming keyboards.

What are the expectations of a gaming keyboard?

Of course, gamers place certain demands on gamers’ keyboards – and they are not that small. What do gamers expect from their special gaming keyboard?

  • A good gaming keyboard should be compatible with different computers and operating systems.
  • The gaming keyboard is characterized by the individual assignment of the keys.
  • Keys should be individually programmable – with appropriate software from the manufacturer or directly via the keyboard.
  • As already described in advance, gamers generally expect the keyboard to have a long service life. Many manufacturers also guarantee that the color on the buttons does not come off – even after thousands of clicks. Mechanical gaming keyboards easily reach 50 million keystrokes and more.

Here again for a better overview the advantages and disadvantages of a gamer keyboard:


Gaming keyboards are of high quality

additional function keys

programmable function keys and key combinations

very fast response time of the buttons


much more complex than a classic keyboard

Gamer keyboards are more expensive

What types of gaming keyboards are there?

Gaming keyboards are available in different versions, with the mechanical gaming keyboard being the most popular keyboard among gamers.

With the mechanical gaming keyboard, each key has its own spring. This spring releases the pressure point and then moves the button back to its original position. With mechanical gamer keyboards, it is not even important that the key is pressed completely. The mechanism on some models works so well that the button only needs to be pressed halfway and it responds accordingly.

The advantage of mechanical gaming keyboards is that several keys can be pressed at the same time. The software registers every single keystroke, regardless of the number of commands received at the same time.

The term key rollover has been used in one or the other product description. Some of the gaming keyboards have a key rollover of 6 – this means 6 keys can be pressed at the same time.

Keyboards that are connected via USB, however, only allow up to 6 simultaneous entries. In contrast, gaming keyboards with PS / 2 ports can process an infinite number of inputs. However, this type of connection belongs to the older connection versions.

The technology of the mechanical gamer keyboard is much more durable than that of the classic PC keyboards. Mechanical gamer keyboards are more expensive than the semi-mechanical gaming keyboards, for example, which are also available on the gamer market.

These semi-mechanical gamer keyboards have no springs. With these keyboards, a rubber or silicone tip ensures that the key moves back to its original position after operation. These gaming keyboards are cheaper to buy, but have to struggle with disadvantages compared to mechanical gamer keyboards.

Another disadvantage that the semi-mechanical gaming keyboards bring with them: the so-called key ghosting. It is not possible to press several buttons at the same time, since neither the hardware nor the software provide it.

What should you look out for when buying a gaming keyboard?

Quality should come first when buying a gaming keyboard. Gaming in particular demands a lot from the keyboard and for this reason you should choose the right gaming keyboard from the start.

In addition, the keys of the gaming keyboard should be individually assignable, so that you can react to certain games by pressing the corresponding key. High-quality and good gaming keyboards can be programmed individually – in some cases using the supplied software or directly via the keyboard.

Very good gaming keyboards offer you the opportunity to swap the functions of the keys – such as the gaming keyboard from Logitech, the Orion Spectrum G810, which we presented to you as the last of the keyboards in our comparison.

The connection from the computer to the keyboard – for “real” gamers – is made via the USB cable, since the response time works more smoothly and without interruptions due to the direct connection compared to a wireless connection.

The pressure point or the material can also play an important role for your purchase decision. The pressure point of the gaming keyboard is often an important point when it comes to gaming. Can the keys be pressed well, do they feel good and do the keys reliably return to their starting position?

The lighting, which is so typical for gaming keyboards, can usually be adjusted and adjusted as desired. The question is whether this should be mentioned as a purchase criteria.

With some of the gaming keyboards it is possible that the lighting for each key can be set, while with others it only works block by block.

LEDs are installed in the gaming keyboards with RGB lighting, with whose support the individual keys are illuminated. However, when purchasing the gaming keyboard, you can ensure that the keyboard’s key symbols are illuminated. The gaps on some keyboards are illuminated, but this is not really practical.

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