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best gaming mouse

The Best Gaming Mouse in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

best gaming mouse

PC games are fun and basically every one of us has spent more or less time in front of the computer playing our own favorite games. If you spend a lot of time playing regularly and have set yourself the goal of becoming particularly good in a game, you obviously need adequate equipment. This includes, for example, a good computer with a modern graphics card, a gaming controller, a chair and a good PC mouse. Passionate players are not satisfied with using a conventional computer mouse – they prefer to play with a special gaming mouse.

In our detailed gaming mouse guide, you will learn the differences and what advantages it brings with its use. Before that, we present some of the best models on the market in a gaming mouse comparison. We have put together everything you need to find the perfect mouse for your gaming passion below.

1. Roccat Kone AIMO

Powerful & versatile

The first gaming mouse, which we want to take a closer look at, has an excellent price-performance ratio and is perfect for those who want to pursue their gaming passion – Roccat. It is a professional mouse for high demands. It has everything a passionate player could wish for and is also characterized by a chic look and high-quality workmanship. With these features, the comparatively high price is more than justified and the purchase will pay off.

The ergonomic design of the mouse ensures that it fits comfortably in every grip and every hand size – this mouse is only suitable for left-handed people. The longevity and long functionality of the keys have been tested with 50 million keystrokes – so you will still have a long time from this mouse even with frequent use, without having to worry about declining functionality.

Inside the Roccat gaming mouse is an innovative and powerful owl-eye optical sensor with a resolution of up to 12,000 dpi. As it should be, the values can be adjusted individually at the touch of a button and downgraded to up to 100 dpi. The polling rate is variable and adjustable up to 1,000 Hz. More flexibility is hardly possible and the Kone AIMO mouse is ideal for all gaming requirements.

In addition, the gaming mouse has a memory with a size of 512 MB and keys that can be assigned multiple commands. In total, 23 different commands can be programmed at once. The Roccat Swarm drivers help to make programming quick and effective and offer numerous customization options of all kinds.

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2. Logitech G203

Wired Gaming Mouse

This Logitech gaming mouse is perfect for those who want a solid model that is fun and efficient to play with. The design of the mouse is straightforward, simple and without frills. This mouse is not suitable for left-handed people and not for those with very large hands. Everyone else will be pleased with the versatile functionality of this mouse model.

The LED lighting alone, including various modes, can be personalized in many ways. You can choose from 16.8 million colors to customize the RGB lighting of the Logitech gaming mouse. Simply download the associated software and adapt the lighting to your own visual preferences.

The Logitech mouse has a total of six buttons that you can program individually using the appropriate software. It is not difficult to familiarize yourself with the handling and programming and all functions are both easy to understand and self-explanatory. The mouse’s optical sensor has a sensitivity of up to 6,000 dpi. In games, these dpi values ​​can be reduced to up to 200 dpi. It is up to you how sensitive the mouse is to movements. Perfect to adapt the values ​​to the most varied game requirements and to exploit the range of possibilities as effectively as possible.

In terms of the number of queries that are carried out with this mouse model, there are as many as 1,000 per second. This corresponds to a polling rate of up to 1,000 Hz. This means that the Logitech mouse is very fast and perfect for games in which the most important thing is speed. Another feature worth mentioning is the advanced key spring tension, which gives the user a refined, precise click experience.

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3. Sharkoon Drakonia Black

Gaming Laser Mouse

The design of the Sharkoon gaming mouse is one of the many special features of this mouse model. The design elements are arranged like dragon scales and not only offer a secure hold, they also look excellent. It is a pure right-handed mouse. However, the ergonomic design enables the hands and fingers to adopt a natural posture and does not cause any problems even when playing for hours. The material of the gaming mouse is equipped with a special texture that prevents sweat when playing, so that you can always hold the mouse firmly in your hand.

The Sharkoon gaming mouse has a total of eleven buttons, which you can program individually. As with the two models described above, this is achieved using software that is not difficult to understand. The LED lights can also be individually defined and there are millions of colors to choose from. All settings, whether it is a key assignment or the LED colors, can be stored in the mouse’s internal memory. So you can call up your individual settings on every computer and do not have to do the programming again and again.

What about sensitivity and polling rate? Pretty good! You can switch the dpi values up to 8,200 dpi with a click of the mouse, but much lower values are no problem. You can set the polling rate up to 1,000 Hz. As you can see, this gaming mouse offers a lot of flexibility for the user and individual game requirements are no problem for the Sharkoon Drakonia Black Laser Mouse.

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4. Lioncast LM20

Gaming Mouse for high demands

With the fourth mouse model in our gaming mouse comparison, we want to introduce you to the most powerful mouse to date. Not only does this PC gaming mouse have a lot of features and functions – with a weight of 115 grams, it is also one of the lightest mice in comparison. All in all, the Lioncast gaming mouse has a total of 19 buttons that you can program as a player. 12 of the buttons are thumb buttons on the side. Literally, you could play a game without a keyboard and have all the commands you need in one mouse.

The other product features of this model are also excellent. You can increase the sensitivity up to 16,400 dpi at the touch of a button. Of course, much lower values can also be set, so that you can individually adjust to the respective game requirements. Polling can be set at up to 1,000 Hz – and here too you can opt for lower values. This model is a laser mouse and it is equipped with the powerful Avago 9800 laser sensor.

The design of the game mouse is more than impressive. It looks chic and modern and at the same time has clear lines and a straightforward look. Lioncast’s gaming mouse is designed for right-handed users – those who steer with the left hand will have to look around for a different model. The mouse is wired and the cable is long enough to allow ample freedom of movement. The specially shaped feet of the mouse are geared towards gamer use and the mouse does exactly what it should at all times.

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5. Roccat Modular Nest

MMO Laser-Mouse Gaming

The Roccat Nyth gaming mouse also made it into the comparison – and for many reasons. One of these reasons is the sophisticated design of the powerful mouse. Although it is only intended for right-handed users, those who control their mouse with their right hand will be delighted with the design. With this gaming mouse, it is possible to replace the side parts. The user has the choice whether to hold the mouse in the claw or palm grip. According to your own needs – and without having to keep your fingers in an unnatural position.

The owner of the mouse can also create his own button layout and change the mouse buttons as required. There are 18 buttons in total and they can all be programmed using special software. With the interchangeable keys, you have a total of 33 different ones to choose from and you can keep the remaining keys in the case that comes with the mouse. As for the polling rate, it is 1,000 Hz – and this means a response time of one millisecond.

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6. KLIM AIM Chroma RGB

Gaming Mouse for ambidextrous use

This mouse from the manufacturer KLIM not only looks super chic, it is also equipped with some refinements that make it stand out from the mass of computer mice. First of all, there is the simple and at the same time modern design with which the gaming mouse can convince. Of particular note here is the flexibly adjustable RGB backlight. Countless colors are available and you can define various effects, such as “wave” or “breathing”. You can adjust the brightness or intensity of the colors purely according to your wishes.

Inside the gamer mouse there is an optical sensor of the latest generation. With a response time of 2 milliseconds, the mouse is one of the very fast models. The dpi values can be set anywhere between 500 and 7,000 dpi and the player can control how sensitive the mouse is to movements. Furthermore, the PC mouse has a weight of 222 g and is one of the heavier versions.

This model cannot come up with a lot of buttons. However, the two buttons and the wheel can be programmed as required, so there is flexibility in this regard. Programming is not complicated and with the right software, all settings can be made in a few minutes. Customize the gaming mouse to your gaming preferences and enjoy high sensitivity and polling rates of up to 1,000 Hz.

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Mouse for eSports

With the BenQ ZOWIE FK1 gaming mouse, we want to take a look at another model that is equally suitable for left and right-handed users. The special design of the mouse ensures that all buttons are easy to reach with both hands. This is made possible by the fact that both left and right thumb buttons are attached. The mouse is designed so that it feels comfortable in every hand and is ergonomic. Furthermore, the shape of the gamer mouse offers ideal control with bent fingers and with a flat hand position.

The manufacturer BenQ removed the complex LED lighting for this computer mouse and concentrates on the essentials. Without elaborate design refinements and with clear lines, this mouse stands out from the crowd of stylish, colorful gaming mice with its “boring” exterior. The computer mouse is equipped with an optical sensor and it is a wired model.

As far as the resolution or sensitivity of the sensor is concerned, the player, as is so often the case with gaming mice, has control over how high the sensitivity is. The possible values are 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 dpi. In terms of USB signal rate, the values can be set at 125, 500 and 1000 Hz. According to the manufacturer’s description, this mouse was specially developed for eSports – however, it is suitable for all other game genres.

The mouse is equipped with a total of eight buttons. They cannot be programmed separately. The mouse cable is two meters long and offers enough freedom of movement for playing. All in all, it is a solid model that is functional but does not have many features and technical refinements.

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8. FNOVA RGB Gamer Mouse

Wired Gaming Mouse

In our gaming mouse comparison, we want to look at another mouse that has an excellent price-performance ratio. The gamer mouse is equipped with numerous features and impresses with its design and ergonomic design. The shape of the mouse ensures that the hand and fingers have a comfortable grip when steering and that there is no pain even with regular long use. The surface of the computer mouse ensures safe guidance even in hectic games and the specially shaped side grips support every type of grip. Both the left and right mouse buttons were subject to an extensive durability test by the manufacturer and tested for 20 million clicks each.

All in all, there are eight buttons that the wired gaming mouse has – and they can all be programmed individually. You can decide what you the respective button should do for you. The software is straightforward and easy to understand even for beginners. If you want to customize the gaming mouse apart from the key assignment, you can adjust the LED lighting and choose from various modes and 16.8 million colors.

The cable of this mouse is around 1.7 meters long and does not restrict the player’s freedom of movement. In addition, the mouse for gamers is compatible with numerous operating systems, such as Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, and Vista. Despite the design and features that clearly distinguish this mouse as a gaming accessory, you can of course also use it for all other activities – for example if you work or just surf the web.

9. Trust GXT 180 Kusan

Gaming Mouse for beginners and professionals

This mouse is equipped with RGB lighting and you can choose from millions of colors. There are different modes of the LED lights, so there are countless possibilities. The mouse has a simple and classic design – and only for right-handed people. The surface of the mouse from the manufacturer Trust is provided with an anti-slip coating, so that nothing can go wrong even with the most rapid movements and quick reactions. 

Furthermore, the Kusan mouse is equipped with a powerful optical sensor that comes with a resolution of up to 5,000 dpi. Of course, the dpi rates can also be downgraded to adjust the sensitivity to the conditions of the games. The player chooses the polling rate and can set values of up to 1,000 Hz. It is therefore up to you how quickly and sensitively the mouse reacts when playing.

In order to optimize the gaming experience for the user and to create a gaming mouse that meets the highest gamer requirements, the manufacturer has asked for help. This mouse was created through the collaboration between Trust and the gaming experts from Epsilon eSports. The mouse is available at a more than a fair price and the price-performance ratio is excellent for the many features that come with the gaming mouse.

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10. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Gaming Mouse for professionals and those who want to become one

In terms of price, the Logitech Hyperion Fury gaming mouse is one of the more expensive models, but the purchase will be worthwhile for gaming enthusiasts. Not only the chic exterior of the mouse can convince, but also the many features and possibilities that are hidden under the stylish hood are excellent and leave nothing to be desired. The price-performance ratio of this optical, wired mouse is impressive.

The design is modern and provided with many details. Despite the sophisticated design elements, ergonomics was not neglected. This right-handed mouse ensures a secure hold and lies very well in the hand. The coating of the material ensures that the mouse does not slip even in the heat of the moment and can be controlled precisely in any situation. Logitech attaches great importance to durability with this gaming mouse. Before this model was launched, the durability of the mouse was tested with up to 20 million clicks.

Speaking of exact control – this gaming mouse has been developed for a wide variety of game genres and the player decides at the touch of a button how quickly and sensitively the mouse should react to movements and commands. For example, if you want pixel-perfect accuracy, the resolution is set to 250 dpi. On the other hand, when it comes to fast maneuverability, settings of up to 4,000 dpi are possible. The signal rate is up to 1ms and this corresponds to 1,000 Hz. 

The Hyperion Fury Mouse from Logitech is factory-equipped with eight pre-programmed buttons. This means that you can put it into operation as soon as you receive it, without having to worry about the configuration. If you want, you can also program each of the buttons individually and adapt them to your playing preferences. The set key commands can then be saved in the form of user profiles and called up again as required.

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11. Razer DeathAdder Elite

Chroma RGB gaming mouse 

And again it is an RGB gaming mouse that made it into the comparison. And again there are 16.8 million colors. Not only the colors can be selected , but also the pulsation of light and the intensity or brightness of the colors. The materials from which the mouse is made are high quality and the excellent workmanship guarantees a long life.

This gaming mouse has been developed for right-handed users – and they will be delighted by the excellent ergonomics and an anti-slip coating. The braided fiber optic cable is very light and more than two meters long. The Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse ensures freedom of movement. Weighing 105 grams, the computer mouse for gamers is one of the lightest models in a gaming mouse comparison.

With the exception of the left-click button, you can set all of the mouse buttons individually. The software that makes this possible is straightforward and by no means only intended for gaming experts. All in all, the gaming mouse from Razer will particularly delight the professionals or enthusiastic hobby gamers. Those who only play on the PC from time to time will probably be put off by the rather high price of this model. But of course the investment will be worth it for everyone, because this mouse is not only suitable for playing, but also for all other computer work.

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12. ECHTPower Mouse

High flexibility

This gaming mouse is equipped with everything that professionals and passionate hobby players need with such a mouse. It is fast, it has a modern and powerful optical sensor and it can be personalized in many ways. The features of this ECHTPower gaming mouse include, for example, the LED light design with 13 different light modes, between which you can switch at the push of a button. A dream for every LED fan.

You can individually program a total of eight mouse buttons and link them with commands of your choice. You can get the most out of every game genre. Programming or defining the keys is not difficult and easy to understand even for newcomers. As far as compatibility with the different operating systems is concerned, the gaming mouse is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP and Vista as well as with Mac and Linux computers.

As is the case with almost all other gaming mice, the dpi values and thus the sensitivity of the sensor can be gradually adjusted or changed. Depending on the level, the color of the LED elements also changes so that the user knows at a glance which setting is currently valid. The possible levels that can be selected by pressing a button before or during the game are 1,000, 1,600, 2,400, 3,200, 5,500 and 9200 dpi. The polling rate or polling rate is 500 Hz and no changes are possible here.

The wired mouse has a cable with a length of 1.8 meters. The cable is robust and will show no defects even after long use. The length is sufficient so that you don’t have to restrict your freedom of movement when playing. With a maximum weight of 145 grams, the gaming mouse is not too light.


Gaming Mouse for a small price

This LED gaming mouse is one of the cheapest models. But the low price doesn’t mean that the player has to compromise on the quality of the mouse. With this mouse you will get an excellent gaming experience. This right-handed mouse has dimensions of 12.5 x 4 x 7.1 cm and weighs 145 grams. The design is futuristic and the mouse is decorated with LED elements.

 In total, the HAVIT mouse for gamers has four different dpi levels: 800, 1,200, 2,400 and 3,200 dpi. You can change these with a click to adapt the sensitivities to the course of the game or the genre. There are six programmable buttons and assigning commands is quick and easy. The optical mouse is wired and the cable has a length of about 1.7 m. Even if it is not the longest cable that can be found in the gaming mouse comparison, this length is still sufficient to allow the player a lot of freedom of movement.

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14. HoLife Gaming Mouse

7200DPI for Pro Gamers

The last gaming mouse comes from HoLife. The HoLife gaming mouse is ergonomically designed and weighs less than 150 grams. The ergonomic gaming mouse ensures that the hand and fingers are never in an unnatural position. As a result, the hand does not get tired and you do not have to worry about the hand being damaged by the unfavorable position. The ergonomic design is responsible for making the mouse ideal for large hands.

Another advantage of this mouse model is the fact that the material from which the computer mouse is made has some special properties. No matter how many hours you spend gaming, there are no fingerprints or sweat stains on the surface. This reduces the need for cleaning. The mouse’s ABS material has been developed for a long service life and there will be no signs of wear for a long time.

As far as the mouse buttons are concerned, there are a total of seven buttons, all of which you can program independently. To do this, install the associated software and adapt the handling of this gaming accessory to your individual requirements. There is even more flexibility due to the fact that you can set both the sensitivity and the polling rate to different values at the push of a button. The dpi values that can be selected are 1,200, 2,400, 5,500 and 7,200 dpi. The polling rate can be set to the following values: 125, 250, 500 and 1,000 Hz.

All You Need To Know About Gaming Mice

What exactly is a gaming mouse?

Gaming mice are computer mice that have been specially developed for games of all kinds. Many people play PC games and conventional computer mice can not do what a special gaming mouse was developed for. Such a mouse should make the game as efficient as possible and support the player in a safe and successful way of playing.

There are countless manufacturers and models on the market and it can be very difficult to choose one of the models. However, a good choice is especially important for those who want to be among the best gamers in their game. Because, as is so often the case in life, there are sometimes clear differences when it comes to quality and performance.

A gaming mouse that is cheap does not have to be inferior at the same time. When it comes to choosing, much more important than the price, it depends on how well the mouse fits your own requirements and how well it can deliver what the manufacturer promises in practice. In order for you to be able to find the best gaming mouse for your individual needs, it is first important to know how such a mouse works at all and what is essential for gaming mice.

How does a gaming mouse work ?

Since there are different types of gaming mice, they are based on different technologies. The functions differ depending on whether it is a laser or an optical mouse:

Optical Mouse

In such mouse there is a light emitting diode on the underside. If the mouse or PC is switched on, the diode sends a light beam onto the surface and this is then reflected from the surface. The reflection is recorded by a sensor and processed into a signal. The direction and speed of the mouse movement can be read from the reflected light beam.

Laser Mouse

As the name suggests, such mice do not work with diodes, but with a laser beam. In comparison to optical mice, such laser performs far more precisely and this technology is therefore often used in gaming mice.

At the beginning of the computer age, there were also mechanical mice with a ball inside. Such mice had numerous disadvantages and were also very inaccurate. Mechanical computer mice are no longer manufactured today.

What is the difference between a gaming mouse and a conventional computer mouse?

Even though gaming mice work in principle the same way as conventional computer mice, there are some differences. There is, for example, the fact that a gaming mouse often has more buttons, since this is often necessary or at least helpful when playing. A mouse for gamers can also be recognized by the design, because it is often unusual and has individually programmable LED lighting.

A good gaming mouse has an ergonomic shape, so that hours of play have no side effects on the hand and fingers. Such a model lies particularly well in the hand and ensures a natural posture. For many modern games, it is required that the mouse is very sensitive or can recognize the smallest movements. The sensitivity of a mouse is usually given in dpi (dots per inch). It is a characteristic of a good gaming mouse that a high-performance sensor is built into it, which registers the tiniest movements.

What types and designs of gaming mice are there?

All in all, in addition to the mouse technologies described above, there are some other aspects and designs that distinguishes gaming mice from the computer mouse models. We would like to briefly explain the most important of them:

Wireless Mouse

The signals that the sensor registers are not transmitted via a cable, but via radio. A particularly popular and widespread type of transmission is Bluetooth. A Bluetooth mouse or any wireless mouse does not draw its energy from the computer, but has to be supplied with power in a different way. This is ensured either with batteries or with rechargeable batteries including a charging station.

Number of buttons

There are further differences in the number of buttons attached to a mouse. Usually there are two or three buttons, the third one is usually activated by the scroll wheel. Gaming mice, for example those specially developed for MMORPG games, have even more buttons and on many models you can even program the button function yourself.

Mice for Left-Handers

Most models are intended for right-handers and someone who wants to operate the mouse with the left hand has a much harder time finding a suitable model that is not too expensive. For those who are looking for a left-handed gaming mouse, symmetrical mice are recommended as an alternative. These are designed so that they can be used with both hands.

What are the advantages of gaming mice?

If you play regularly, you know that just a few moments can make the difference between winning and losing. But precision is also a decisive factor – and not just for first-person shooters. Fast reaction, accuracy and lightning-fast decisions are everything and if you don’t have the right tool for your own passion, you will never be able to exploit the full potential.

A good PC mouse for gamers has a very high polling rate and can react precisely to the smallest movements. The additional buttons allow you to make the next move without having to reach for the keyboard of the computer – valuable time savings that bring game advantages. A gaming mouse is also equipped with a special underside, which ensures that no dirt can penetrate and that the mouse can slide particularly easily on different surfaces. The best gaming mice don’t even need a mouse pad and work equally well on almost all surfaces.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Gaming Mouse

Before you choose any gaming mouse, you should first compare different models and find the model that best suits your needs. But how can it be compared and which aspects are important when it comes to the best mouse for gamers? Here are some of the key criteria for choosing a gaming mouse:

LED or Laser

There are a few things that speak in favor of the laser mouse, because it is generally far more precise than a mouse that works with a light-emitting diode. In addition, a laser mouse can be used on more surfaces. However, this decision is also one of the budget. A laser gaming mouse is usually more expensive than a comparable optical LED mouse.


Passionate gamers spend many hours a day with their favorite hobby. But even those who only indulge in their passion from time to time use their gaming mouse again and again. It is very practical to have a mouse where the hand and fingers are naturally placed and the user does not get dislocated. If you keep your fingers in an unnatural position while playing for a longer period of time, you should not be surprised if your hand starts to feel tired or even hurts. Ergonomics are not only important because of posture, they also play a role when it comes to a mouse for large hands, for example.

Right-handed or left-handed

A gaming mouse for left-handed people is not so easy to find, but it is needed when playing. Either look specifically for left-handed mice or choose a symmetrical mouse that works well for both hands.


In many games it is extremely important that the mouse passes the commands on to the computer fast. It is best to look for a mouse that has a high sensitivity. This can be seen in the dpi values. Note that sensitivity that is too high can sometimes be a disadvantage if, for example, you aim and the crosshair went pass the target due to the high sensitivity. Polling rates can be regulated in stages.

Polling Rate

This value, which is given in Hz, expresses how often the driver of a computer “queries” the mouse for its movements. The more often this happens, the faster the movements are directed to the PC and implemented. So while the dpi rate says something about the accuracy, the polling rate denotes the speed of the communication with the PC. As with the sensitivity, it is advantageous to be able to set multiple polling rates in order to adapt to the respective game conditions.


With a conventional mouse, it is sufficient if at least two keys are available, with which every computer mouse is equipped anyway. For a gaming mouse, there should be a few more. Ideally, there are not only fixed buttons, but also buttons that can be programmed. Such a mouse offers maximum flexibility and can be turned into perfect gaming accessories.


There are many gamers who prefer the mouse to be particularly heavy. For example, providers of good gaming mice equip their models for weights that can be removed in whole or in part. Players can decide how heavy the mouse should be. In addition, such a mouse can only be weighed down, for example, at the front or only at the back, and thus better adapted to your own game preferences.


Of course, the optics should also play a role if you want to buy a gaming mouse. Such mice are usually equipped with a futuristic design and offer light effects that have nothing to do with the game quality, but look nice. However, this is purely a matter of taste and says nothing about how successful you will be in your favorite game or how well the mouse performs.

How much does a gaming mouse cost?

The selection of different gaming mice is large and there are different models for every price range. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a cheap gaming mouse is of poor quality. Of course, an expensive mouse will have more features, possibilities and usually a longer lifespan, but it does not have to mean that every player needs all the extras. Basically, the best price-performance ratio and the criteria that you, as a player, consider important for a mouse are decisive when buying a mouse.

You can get a cheap and good gaming mouse for around US$25. Depending on what you are looking for with such a mouse, the cost of the purchase can easily climb to three-digit amounts. Such mice are then equipped with all the technical refinements that you can only imagine and leave no questions or wishes unanswered in terms of gaming experience.

How much you invest in a gaming mouse depends not only on your individual requirements, but also on how often and how much you want to play in the future. For casual gamers, who only play computer games from time to time, it is rather not worthwhile to choose the top model and to invest large sums. What does a high-end mouse do if the full potential cannot be used? So it is always a personal decision and not one that can be universally justified.

The best-known manufacturers of gaming mice

As already mentioned, the gaming mouse market is large and growing. But not every provider can come up with models that satisfy customer requirements and offer good quality. To give you a little orientation, we have compiled the most well-known manufacturers of gaming mice.


One of the most well-known manufacturers of computer accessories of all kinds is Logitech. The Swiss company has made a name for itself internationally in its sector and the Logitech products are all characterized by high functionality and high-quality construction. You can get a Logitech mouse from just US$20. But you can also opt for a Logitech gaming mouse that costs US$200. Logitech is sure to have the right model for every budget.


The US company Razer also has one or two PC gamer mice in its own portfolio. Both wired and wireless models are available from Razer – and here too there is a lot to discover in terms of prices and range of functions and offers for every requirement.


The manufacturer Lioncast specializes in gaming accessories such as keyboards, headsets and even mice. The range includes a small but fine selection of gaming mice, all of which are priced in the middle segment.


Sharkoon is a specialist in the field of computer technology. In addition to computers, there are housings and power supplies as well as a wide variety of storage solutions to discover. In the gaming sector, Sharkoon not only offers gaming mice, but also keyboards, headsets and special mouse pads. The Sharkoon mice are all high quality and have been developed for different gamer requirements.


Roccat is a German company that is dedicated to the sale of gaming peripherals. In addition to keyboards, headsets and special gaming pads, Roccat also has a range of gaming mice. No matter whether it is a wireless gaming mouse or a wired version – Roccat has a computer mouse for every requirement. As for the price range, there are mice from US$40 to US$140.

Where can you find the best gaming mice?

In principle, it is entirely up to you where you buy your PC or gaming mouse. There is a selection of such products both on the Internet and in large and small electronics markets. However, there are powerful arguments in favor of shopping in an internet shop. First of all, there is a much larger selection of mouse models and manufacturers than in a local shop. For reasons of space alone, many on-site dealers will not be able to accommodate all of the options in their own business. Online retailers have it much easier. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you have the whole world of gaming mice in front of you online and can compare the different models in pajamas on the couch at home.

Not only the huge selection, but also the prices are usually much better online. Due to the high level of competition and the universal accessibility of all competing products, it is not so easy for the individual manufacturers to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of potential customers. This is best achieved through low prices and a wide range of discounts. It will be financially worthwhile to prefer online shopping to local shops.

Even if you can look forward to personal advice in a local store and the experienced seller can give you a personal recommendation, there are simply many more ways to find out more about the various gaming mice online. This is possible through the many customer reviews and test reports that can be found online for every product. In this way, a good picture can be obtained of how the respective mice perform in practice.

Maintenance of a Gaming Mouse

You should devote some time to your gaming mouse every now and then to keep it clean and to maintain it. Even if the construction of such mice does not allow protection and dust to accumulate inside, cleaning is still advisable at regular intervals. It is best to wipe the gaming mouse with a microfiber cloth. If the dirt is stubborn, you can dampen the cloth, but you should make sure that it is best not to get wet near the mouse.

Make sure that the mouse is not exposed to harmful environmental influences. Direct sunlight is not good for electronic devices, as is extreme heat or cold. Also make sure that the mouse is not somewhere where it can simply fall from a great height.

History of the computer mouse

How did it all start and who is responsible for making mice an integral part of everyday computer life? The history of the computer mouse goes back to 1963, when the American computer technician Douglas Engelbart worked with his team on various pointer devices.

One of these devices was the computer mouse. However, it was not until 1968 that the team presented the finished mouse to the public. The first mouse worked on the basis of two wheels that were aligned at right angles to each other. This development received little attention at first, because computers were hardly widespread at the time and those who owned PCs coped well with the keyboard shortcuts. So there was no real need for them to switch to PC mice.

At the same time, other companies and developers were working on similar devices and devices. For example, a patent was filed by the Telefunken company with the patent office in 1966, which explained a device that could identify 3D objects on a screen using a “trackball”. It is not known whether Engelbart or the German company Telefunken had this idea first, but the Patent Office did not grant a patent for either of the two inventions.

Further development and the new generation of mice

The further development of the first pointer devices and thus the first “ball mouse”, which most of us still know from earlier, was presented and used in 1973 – as a component of the workstation with the name “Xerox Alto”. In 1980 the computer system “Lilith” came onto the market and this system, which was equipped with a mouse developed by the Swiss computer scientist Niklaus Wirth. However, this computer system did not become an economic success because both the mouse and the necessary interface cost hundreds of dollars.

The computer mouse market really got going when Steve Jobs bought the rights to Xerox and hired his staff to develop an improved mouse that cost a fraction of what the previous models cost. US$25 was the price that Steve Jobs envisioned for a PC mouse. The subsequently developed ball mouse was the predominant example for computer mice for personal computers in the 80s and 90s.

Optical mice on the rise

The development of optical mice, which were equipped with a diode and a processor, began as early as 1980. At the same time, there were several concepts that were developed. The breakthrough of such PC mice only came when there were became inexpensive. In the 1990s, the optical mice began to push the ball mice out of the market.

At the end of 1998 there were the first models that could be connected to a PC via a USB port. The first mice without cables came onto the market in 1991. They came from the Logitech company and communicated via radio with the computer. Eleven years later, Logitech, in collaboration with Microsoft, manufactured the first Bluetooth mouse.

The first laser mouse for the personal computer sector was introduced in 2004 and it was again the manufacturer Logitech that presented this innovation to the world. This time the innovation was created in collaboration with the company Agilent Technologies.

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