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best microwaves with grill

The Best Microwaves With Grill in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

A microwave is known to cook hot food in minutes. With the microwave with grill you have even more options. The uncomplicated operation helps people from all generations to heat or grill the desired meals.

Emerson 1100W Griller Microwave Oven

Emerson 1100W Griller Microwave Oven
  • 1.2 cu ft of cooking space Metal front and black cabinet
  • 11 microwave power levels 1 pure grill power level
  • 99-minute, 99-second digital timer Time and weight defrost…
  • 9 pre-programmed recipes: Popcorn Potato Frozen pizza Frozen…

Farberware 1100-Watt Microwave Oven with Grill

Farberware 1100-Watt Microwave Oven with Grill
989 Reviews
Farberware 1100-Watt Microwave Oven with Grill
  • 1.2-cubic-foot cooking capacity, sized to fit on your…
  • 1100 watts of cooking power and 10 power levels allow you to…
  • Premium Black Stainless Steel design finish helps reduce…
  • Unique dual cooking functionality–Grill and Microwave–…
  • 9 One-Touch cooking programs allow you to heat up everyday…

Samsung MG11H2020CT Countertop Grill Microwave Oven

 Our Pick
Samsung MG11H2020CT Countertop Grill Microwave Oven
  • GRILLING ELEMENT – Enjoy hot meals in no time with a…
  • AUTO COOK – 37 cooking presets, such as popcorn and auto…
  • CERAMIC ENAMEL INTERIOR – Built to stand up to daily use,…
  • INTUITIVE CONTROLS – Thanks to the LED display, making the…
  • POWERFUL COOKING – Defrost, re-heat, and boil your…

Panasonic NN-GN68K Countertop Oven Microwave + Broiler Grill

 Our Pick
Panasonic NN-GN68K Countertop Oven Microwave + Broiler Grill
  • Flash press broiler allows the microwave oven to be used for…
  • Genius sensor cooking built in automatic genius sensor…
  • Microwave controls 7 preset auto cook menu items, 13. 4…
  • Minimum countertop footprint smart, compact microwave…
  • Rated output power (microwave): 1000W, rated output power…

Frequently Asked Questions: Microwaves with Grill

In the microwave with grill, casseroles get a crispy crust and baked rolls get nice and crispy: You can’t do this in a simple microwave and the preparation takes much longer in the oven.

Leftover food is warmed up in no time in the microwave with grill. Many people still use the device mainly for heating food. The microwave can do a lot more, as you can see from the various program functions. Depending on the degree of innovation of the microwave ovens, you can set the heat and time manually or select a specific program. Simply heat up yesterday’s pasta for just three minutes or activate the grill function and after a few minutes enjoy a pizza with a crispy base: many preparation methods are possible.

What is a microwave with grill?

The microwaves with grill from the test are extended models of the classic microwave devices. These devices cook dishes or drinks by supplying the necessary heat. This works with the help of electromagnetic waves that are reflected in the cooking space. The turntable used here and a reflective wing distribute the heat evenly inside. You can check through the appliance door with a viewing window that everything is running as desired.

The microwaves with grill are combined devices that are equipped with a grill in addition to the microwave function. This extends the area of application without affecting the size of the device. Correspondingly little space is needed for the microwave with grill.

How does a microwave with grill work?

In the case of microwaves with grill, the classic microwave function ensures that the contents are heated. The magnetron that produces the microwaves is responsible for this. These spread in the interior of the device and cause the liquid in the food to vibrate. The resulting friction between the molecules causes the necessary heat. The crockery itself does not heat up if it remains empty, because there is no water here that can absorb the vibrations.

In addition to the pure microwave system, the microwaves with grill from this test have integrated infrared radiation that activates the grill. This form of heat radiation creates the typical grill effect.

The innovative test winners of the microwave with grill often even manage to prepare complete dishes. They bake a casserole or they manage to bake the pizza base perfectly crispy. Cakes and rolls are also perfect in such a microwave.

The exact functionality is closely related to the setting options. With the newer microwaves with grill you don’t have to think twice: you switch to popcorn, pizza or vegetables, and shortly afterwards you can enjoy your favorite specialty warm or hot. Other models are set to the desired running time and temperature using rotary controls.

With the combination models of the microwave with grill, users have access to various preparation systems. In some cases, such a device also works as a small-format hot air oven. The performance levels and programs make flexible use possible.

What are the advantages of a microwave with grill?

In the microwaves with grill from the test comparison, you can realize a variety of recipe ideas. Of course, the devices are always suitable for simply warming up the leftovers from the previous day. But they are often also used to prepare soups or side dishes. The low time required is particularly advantageous: it only takes a few minutes for the soup to be hot or for the cheese to melt on the pasta bake. With the additional grill it is possible to bake rolls or try out special recipes. Compared to baking or grilling in the oven, the microwaves with grill require less electricity, which is a clear advantage in everyday use.

A typical use of the microwave with grill is defrosting. If you forget to take the frozen food out of the freezer early on, the microwave oven helps: it doesn’t take long before the food is gently thawed.

In the test of microwaves with grill, the main focus is on the advantages over conventional microwaves. The grill makes it possible to prepare grilled chicken or other delicious, crispy specialties. By choosing the right program, the dishes get exactly the consistency they are looking for. With the innovative devices it is even possible to combine several operating modes. These either run simultaneously or they run through one after the other.

Thanks to their compact size, the modern microwaves with grill can also be accommodated in a smaller kitchen. In a household where the kitchen is rarely used, the microwave oven can even replace the stove.

What types of grill microwaves are available?

The microwaves with grill are available as free-standing devices and as built-in models. The free-standing microwaves are particularly easy to integrate into the kitchen: they can be placed directly on the worktop or on a low cupboard.

If you don’t want to waste space, you can screw a suitable bracket to the wall and attach the microwave here. Some devices have been developed for the substructure: These are screwed directly to the kitchen wall units. In this way, the floor space is also retained, but the location of the microwave is determined in the same way as for wall mounting.

The built-in microwaves with grill are integrated into the kitchen cabinets. A wall or tall cabinet is generally used for this. The kitchen experts recommend placing the microwave near the oven so that the heating devices are in the same region.

When it is completely installed in a cabinet, the result is a uniform look, and the cables cannot be seen. Ideally, the microwave with grill should be installed at shoulder or eye level so that you don’t have to bend down to put the food in and out.

The advantages of microwaves with grill:

  • Great space savings,
  • Energy efficiency,
  • short heating time,
  • versatile dishes are to be prepared, including bread rolls or grilled chicken,
  • safe program functions,
  • gentle cooking and defrosting.

The disadvantages of microwaves with grill:

  • Higher price compared to standard devices,
  • If the interior is damaged, radiation can escape.

How are microwaves with grill tested?

When testing the microwave with grill, the focus was on functionality. This relates on the one hand to the microwave device itself, on the other hand to the integrated grill. The following is a detailed list of the relevant product features. These should clearly demonstrate which extras are required for grilling, gratinating or other cooking processes.


The performance of the microwave can be seen from the power consumption. This also allows an assessment of the grill performance. The wattage indicates the maximum power. It should be noted here that the microwave devices consume more energy with a higher total output.

The 800-watt microwaves with grill are usually sufficient for moderate demands. These collect plus points in terms of energy consumption and provide a decent result when cooking. If you are not prepared to compromise, you should reach for a device with at least 900 watts. The cooking result is a little better here if you switch the microwave to a higher level. The test winners of the microwaves with grill have an output of up to 1,100 watts.

With some devices, the consumption changes depending on the power level that is switched on. This can be observed especially with the combination models such as a 3 or 4-in-1 microwave. In microwave mode, the power is 800 watts, while 1,200 watts are available for grilling. Such a microwave device also runs at 1,100 or 1,200 watts in hot air mode. These performance data are the basis for a homogeneous result.


Different sizes were investigated in the test of the microwave with grill. When using the device, the volume is an important characteristic, after all you want to have enough space for the food that is being prepared in the device. To calculate how big the capacity should be, you should start from the number of family members.

The guideline values state that a microwave with a capacity of around 20 liters is required for single and two-person households. If there are more people in the household, the volume should be correspondingly larger so that you cannot only reheat or cook individual portions in the microwave with grill.

Program Functions

With several microwave programs it is possible to prepare each dish in its own way. Automatic programs are often available, which are marked with symbols for vegetables, fish and meat. Other programs are about the type of preparation. Here you can choose between thawing and grilling. The larger the program selection, the easier it is to switch on.

Temperature Levels & Time Setting

In addition to the programs, most microwaves with grill have the option of freely setting the temperature. This means that consumers can adapt the cooking level to the respective food. The ability to regulate the cooking temperature prevents, for example, the pasta from becoming too soft or the gratin on top from becoming too hard. There is also the timer, which is used to set the cooking or heating phase.

Steam & Hot Air Function

If a microwave oven is equipped with special functions such as steam cooking and hot air, dishes rich in vitamins can be cooked particularly gently.

The classic cooking method is not used here, but steam is used. This keeps the vegetables a little crunchy and keeps their nutrient richness. The corresponding device functions allow individual preparation.

Defrost Function

Most of the microwave ovens with grills have a special defrosting program. This thaws the food that has just been removed from the freezer relatively quickly and yet gently. Depending on whether the dishes are ready-made or ingredients, the food can be heated up completely or used to prepare other dishes.


For varied dishes, the microwaves with grill are often equipped with special elements. In addition to the turntable used as standard, there is not only the grill grate, but there are also other special features such as baking trays or washers for pizza. Such a crisp tray supports the distribution of heat and thus promotes the crisp effect. This means that the microwave can also be used to bake frozen pizza or flatbread. If such elements are not yet included in the scope of delivery, you should consider purchasing them separately.


The color and look of the microwaves with grill can be adapted to the kitchen furnishings. In addition to the popular stainless steel and glass design, device fronts in black and white are also available. There are also some unusual microwaves that are noticeable, for example, by their red color.

Typically, the glass door of microwave ovens is rectangular and thus resembles the standard design of an oven. However, a few microwaves have a round or oval glass element. Depending on the size and the controls, the field of view can be a little smaller or larger. Rotary knobs or flat switches, a minimalist look or a functional design, the various microwaves with grill from the test fulfill many wishes.

What should I look out for when buying microwaves with a grill?

The microwaves with grill should match the existing kitchen equipment and also be selected correctly in size. Among other things, the design is the decisive factor, because the microwave oven should fit harmoniously in a modern kitchen. Buyers should think about where they want to mount the microwave with grill: the device is very comfortable to use at about head height, but a slightly lower height is also practical and is a bit easier on the back. However, if the microwave is below the countertop, it is no longer as convenient to use.

The various device functions are also decisive for the selection of a microwave device. After all, nobody wants to grapple with cumbersome instructions for a long time; the device should be intuitive to use. The modern microwaves with grill are suitable for this, which have clear identification so that users can immediately see which program they have to activate to grill a chicken or to heat milk.

An overview of the prices shows that microwaves equipped with a grill are often not much more expensive than devices without a grill function. This additional function saves you an additional device such as a small oven and also collects plus points in terms of consumption values if you compare them to the oven or other kitchen appliances.

Microwaves with Grill Accessories

A number of accessories are available for the microwave with grill. Most of all, many newbies wonder whether you need special dishes for this. In fact, in many cases you can use the bowls and plates you use every day. However, you should first check whether the symbol with the three wavy lines arranged one above the other is on this harness. This symbol stands for the microwave and allows the dishes to be used in the microwave oven with grill.

The special dishes for the microwave are often available in a multi-part set. The containers are often suitable both for transport and for use in microwave ovens. The bowls with lids can even be used for freezing. Depending on the purpose for which the container is currently being used, press the lid firmly on or place it the other way around on the microwave bowl. When heating in the microwave with grill, the lid should no longer be firmly attached to the bowl, because now it mainly serves the purpose of a splash guard.

For the use of the microwave and grill there is, among other things, the Crisp plate, which supports the grill function with its special coating. This special plate should promote the baking effect. It is used, for example, to bake a pizza.

A special microwave rice cooker can be used to prepare rice. Portioning is particularly easy here. In the supermarket you can now find various special products for microwave ovens: No wonder, because the microwave rice is ready extremely quickly. Even the pressure cooker cannot keep up with that.

A microwave egg cooker is also available. This special device saves you having to constantly look at the clock. Instead, the timer of the modern microwave with grill is used: So the Sunday eggs are cooked exactly as desired.

For frequent use, it is worth buying several covers. The different versions are tailored to the combination with flat plates or higher bowls. With a microwave cover like this, nothing splashes against the inner walls when heating up meals. However, the covers are only suitable for standard operation, because when the grill function is switched on, the temperature rises, and only a few covers are suitable for this.

When installing the microwaves with grill from the test, mounting accessories may also be required. Some elements such as the mounting plate and possibly a few screws may be included in the delivery, but often one or the other part is still missing. The power connection cable is usually included.

Cleaning products specially developed for the microwave can be found in supermarkets, specialist shops and online. The spare parts that are required in the event of a defect can also be ordered from the dealer or on the Internet.

Microwaves with Grill Alternatives

The microwaves with grill from the test are intended to make cooking easier for consumers and accelerate processes in the kitchen. Nevertheless you can still prepare the food in the tried and tested way, i.e. in a saucepan or in the oven. Depending on how the oven works, heating or baking doesn’t take that long. However, you always have to use at least one saucepan, while the leftovers from the previous day can simply be placed in the microwave oven on the appropriate plate to heat them up.

Infrared ovens are also suitable for certain dishes. These reach the desired temperature within a short time and help to thaw dishes or to heat them straight away for eating. With an infrared oven you can not only stew and stew, but also bake and grill. Light bulbs, which have a high output, are responsible for the heat. Compared to a classic stove, however, the infrared ovens consume much less energy. The time required is comparable to that of microwave ovens. In addition, the infrared ovens can also be transported and they only require little storage space.

A steamer is ideal for gently and quickly heating food. However, the price is much higher than the microwave with grill. In addition, operation is not quite as convenient and you need more space – but at the same time you have more space inside.

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