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best hair straightener

The 11 Best Hair Straighteners & Flat Irons in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

best hair straightener

In a few minutes from an unruly hairstyle to shiny, beautiful hair: Many buy a straightener with exactly this in mind. The best hair straighteners promise maximum results from the first use. Depending on your preference, flat irons of any hair length give a curly or smooth style. Frizzy curls can be tamed with a straightener and straight hair gets the finishing touch.

In the following flat iron comparison, the main focus is on the function, application and practical extras that high-quality flat irons bring for sustainable hair care. We will also talk about the risks of using a hot iron.

Find out what makes a good straightener and what you should pay attention to when buying the styling device in our straightener guide. We provide practical tips that help with the daily styling and handling of the hair straightener. How often can you straighten your hair? What do the good straighteners do? What are the advantages and disadvantages of styling? We have concrete answers to these and other questions.

1. Remington S9500

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The Pearl straightener from Remington has a high-quality ceramic coating with real pearls and a ceramic heating element. It is therefore not surprising that this flat iron reaches its full power after 10 seconds. The temperature can be set as desired using the digital control element. Temperatures of 150 to 235 degrees Celsius are possible with the S9500. The key lock ensures that you do not inadvertently adjust the temperature. If you select the Turbo Boost, the straightener heats to the highest temperature level of 235 degrees Celsius.

Remington Pearl’s design is fashionable and chic. Shimmering pearl shine combines with a playful cherry blossom design and makes the hair straightener a styler. The Remington hair straightener is delivered in a case in which you can store the straightening iron to save space and take it with you on trips. In terms of price, Pearl is one of the cheaper flat irons in comparison.

2. Braun ST750

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The Braun Hair straightener Satin Hair 7 uses Iontec technology. This technique reduces the risk of static electricity, which unfortunately is one of the most common problems with conventional hair dryers. At the push of a button, this straightener releases millions of active ions that act as a conditioner. The ions settle around every strand of hair, creating the moisture that may be lost through heating.

The temperature setting of the Braun Satin Hair straightening iron is done in 5-degree steps – from 130 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius. The hair straightener is heated in 20 seconds. The advantage of the Braun straightening iron lies in the movable NanoGlide ceramic plates, which distribute the pressure evenly over the hair. This will protect your hair from damage. Last but not least, the low price is well received by customers.


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If you are looking for a hair straightener that is easy to handle and has advanced technology, the BESTOPE hair straightener with a 25-millimeter plate could be a worthwhile purchase. Thanks to the PTC ceramic heater, your hair retains its natural shine. You can choose the temperature in 10 heating levels between 130 and 230 degrees Celsius. You can start styling your hair after just 30 seconds. This hair straightener from BESTOPE is suitable for both fine and thick hair. The operation is extremely simple using the display.

The even heat distribution is guaranteed due to the technology used. The plate width of 25 millimeters is suitable for every hair length. You can style narrow bangs, but also give longer hair shape with the BESTOPE straightener. The straightener switches off automatically after 1 hour so that you don’t have to think all day whether you switched off your straightener.

The use of your new BESTOPE straightening iron is fun thanks to the 360-degree rotating cable because it does not get tangled during use. The device comes with 100 to 240 volts AC voltage, so you can use the device while traveling. The voltage is adjusted automatically when connected to a compatible adapter.

4. Grundig HS 7230

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We would like to recommend a high-quality straightening iron that could also be suitable for you from the manufacturer Grundig. This is the straightener with the model designation HS 7230, which comes from the Catwalk Collection.

With this hairstyler, you benefit from several advantages, such as a double ceramic coating. Thanks to this refinement of the styling plates, a particularly easy-care treatment of the hair is ensured. Besides, the manufacturer relies on an individual temperature setting in a total of eight different levels, which is practical.

In terms of security, you can also rely on the Grundig HS 7230 for several advantages, such as a lock function. This prevents the temperature from being inadvertently changed during use.

A high-quality cosmetic bag that is heat resistant will also be sent to your home. The same applies to a heat-resistant mat on which the Grundig HS 7230 Catwalk Collection straightening iron can be easily placed when it is not needed after use.

5. ghd gold Styler

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With the ghd gold styler you are particularly well equipped if you would like to benefit from a straightener that is characterized by a rather elegant design and is easy to use. You also benefit from the patented dual-zone technology. For you as the user, this offers the advantage that constant temperature regulation is necessary for you.

When you switch on this straightener from GHD, the best possible styling temperature of 185 ° C is automatically set. You do not have to pay attention to any other controls on the device itself. This straightening iron is already heated up in just 25 seconds after being connected to the power and can be used to straighten the hair.

6. ghd max Styler

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With the ghd Max Styler you are particularly well equipped if you would like to take care of silky smooth hair and glamorous curls that offer a large volume. In comparison to the straightening iron from this manufacturer already presented above, this variant is recommended especially for women who have particularly thick and long hair.

To enable simple styling, the manufacturer ghd integrates slightly sliding and rounded plates. This ensures a particularly simple operation. Of course, you can also expect modern ceramic heating technology for this high price. This has the advantage that the technology is not so harmful to the hair and the styling can be done particularly easily.

We advise women with thick hair in particular to use the ghd max Styler hair straightener. However, the manufacturer’s article descriptions show that in principle all hair types are also well suited for this straightener.

7. Remington S7710

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When it comes to high-quality hair straighteners that are particularly easy to use, the models from the manufacturer Remington are always recommended for you. The Remington S7710 Pro-Ion Straight hair straightener, which is available for you at a good price and offers various advantages compared to similar models.

The manufacturer relies on modern ion technology and an ultra tourmaline ceramic coating. This should result in less frizz. The same also applies to a static charge on the hair. Compared to the ghd max Styler straightener, the styling plates in this variant are 110 mm long and springy. The plates are already heated up in just 15 seconds so that easy use can be ensured.

8. Golden Curl GL829

The Golden Curl straightener GL829 is one of the professional styling devices. This model is suitable for all hair types and convinces with its simple operation. The manufacturer sells the straightener with a 5-year guarantee, so you benefit from long-term use. Regardless of whether you have thin, thick or curly hair, the Golden Curl straightening iron GL829 can be individually adjusted to your hair.

The manufacturer uses practical floating plates in its design. This makes it easy even for beginners to ensure beautiful styling results and tame unruly hair.

9. KIPOZI Profi

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A professional straightener that is equipped with particularly wide plates can be found in the offer of the manufacturer KIPOZI. Here you benefit from 4.5 cm wide plates that will smooth the hair particularly well.

The temperature of this professional flat iron is particularly easy to adjust. The individual settings can be made from 80 to 230 ° C. The manufacturer also integrates a practical function for automatically adjusting the temperature. This is especially important when you consider the general heat protection that should be followed when straightening your hair.

In addition to the KIPOZI professional straightening iron, you will also find a velvet bag and instructions for use.

10. Remington S3500 Ceramic Slim

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The S3500 Ceramic Straight straightener is one of Remington’s other alternatives. This straightener ensures 4 times the protection. This is ensured by the anti-static ceramic tourmaline coating on the smoothing surfaces. Besides, the styling plates appear relatively narrow and extra long at 110 millimeters, which makes them particularly comfortable to use.

As many users confirm, this straightener heats up in just 15 seconds and will be available shortly after switching on. You can set the temperature individually from 150 to 230 degrees Celsius to ensure particularly gentle styling.

11. Braun ST780 Sensocare

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The Braun flat iron has SensoCare technology. It adapts continuously from the hairline to the hair tip. The display works progressively compared to the other flat irons, as the Satin Hair 7 always provides ongoing feedback on the styling process.

Precise sensors are responsible for this, which analyzes the hair 20 times per second and detect the moisture content. Thanks to the rounded Cool Touch tip, the straightener can also style waves and curls. Braun also stores the individual properties of your hair.

In terms of price and performance, Braun delivers iron in the upper price range. There are a few smart extras for this that pay off when styling and styling.

What is a flat iron?

In the beginning, two metal rods were used, which are connected via a hinge and, due to their heat, produce a soothing effect.

The two metal rods were usually heated over an open fire and then used to straighten the hair. In return, the risk of burning yourself often increased – on the face and hair. Most of all, the heat dried out the hair. Individual strands became brittle and broke off. In recent years, the hair straightener has undergone really smart improvements that last but not least protect the hair.

How does the flat iron work?

Today’s straighteners consist of two elongated plates that are connected by a hinge to open and close the straightener. The power supply warms the two opposite plates. You now place individual strands of hair between the styling plates and press the straightener together to pull the hair slowly through. With the help of the heat, the hair appears smooth and shiny. Some straighteners also offer the option of styling waves and curls.

Who is the straightener suitable for?

The hair straightener is part of the standard equipment in many bathrooms in addition to the hairdryer and hair care products. If you want to straighten and style unruly hair within a few moments, you are well-advised to use the hot iron.

Straightening irons are used for almost every hair length, although it is harder for very short hair to get single, short strands of hair between the plates. The advantage of a straightening iron lies in its simple application and an immediately visible effect even with a few strong curls. Besides, even isolated strands of hair can be straightened.

What are the best straighteners?

The question cannot be answered easily. After all, users place individual requirements on the temperature and size of the heating plates. A straightener with a temperature capacity of up to 170 degrees Celsius would quickly reach its limits with thick hair but is perfectly adequate for thin and brittle hair. The good straighteners in our comparison convince with a flawless processing, a pleasant and safe grip and safe use.

6 Tips for the correct usage of flat irons

If you don’t want to damage your hair while straightening, you should take a look at the following tips. After all, we work with enormous heat that comes into direct contact with the hair structures and the surface. Excessive heat treatments can have negative consequences for hair health. It is all more important to use the right styling aids.

The right straightening iron

For short hair, we recommend a small and narrow iron and for very long and strong hair a straightener with wide and large heating plates. The good models use a coating of titanium, ceramic or tourmaline and range from 75 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius.

Dry hair

No straightening iron may be used on damp hair. First, you should blow dry your hair thoroughly. Some of the straighteners come with an indicator that triggers an alarm as soon as the hair is not dry enough. Otherwise, you would double damage the structures in the heat.

Proper combing

Take your time and comb your hair thoroughly, strand by strand. Short and tousled hair can burn faster. It is better to split the hair into strands and work slowly. This takes a little longer but protects the hair structures.

Use heat protection products

There are several heat protection products for hair in the drugstore and the care department. In contrast to the use of the straightener, these are applied to the towel-dried hair and massaged in. Treat your hair to a cure or hair mask at least once a week to strengthen the structures.


Under no circumstances should you use the straightener every day. The hair should be given a day or two to recover from the heat treatment.


Do not use hairspray and gel. This can stick to the hair structures and will unnecessarily affect them.

Step-by-step instructions: Straighten hair yourself

For best results, keep the following points in mind when using a straightening iron.

  1. Determine your hair type and condition. With dry or damaged hair, you should rarely straighten. Before you start straightening, give your hair a neat pre-treatment.
  2. Use heat protection when smoothing. Various products protect the hair from the heat of the flat iron. These are available as spray, mousse or fluid and prepare the hair for heat treatment. The heat protection forms a barrier between the hair and high temperatures of the hair straightener.
  3. Divide the hair into individual sections that you style in sequence. Start with the under hair and finish with the top hair.
  4. For straightening, only use individual thin strands that you insert into the straightener.
  5. However, you must not attach the hot plates directly to the hairline. Leave some space.
  6. Pull the straightener quickly through your hair so as not to cause punctual damage.
  7. If you are styling curls or waves with the straightener, wrap the strand of hair around the top plate and pull it down. Wrap the strands loosely around the panels.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of flat iron?

For many women, hair straightening is part of the daily morning routine. But isn’t the frequent use of the flat iron harmful to the hair as it is exposed to great heat?

With healthy and strong hair, daily straightening at low temperatures is less of a problem. On the other hand, you damage sensitive and damaged hair by straightening it frequently.

You should take care of your hair so as not to damage or damage it too much by straightening it. Regardless of the structure of the hair, it is important to apply heat protection to the hair before straightening.


  • Straighten hair in a few minutes
  • Shiny finish even for brittle hair
  • Automatic switch-off and key lock
  • LC display for a better overview
  • Temperature levels and rapid heating up in 30 seconds


  • High temperatures can damage the hair
  • Do not straighten damaged hair too often
  • Heat poses a certain risk of burns

What types of flat irons are there?

The appearance and function of the flat irons are similar. However, there are differences in the size of the plates. So-called travel flat irons or mini flat irons come in a smaller size than the standard styler. They are small and handy, and can easily be stowed in a bag or a suitcase. The user has to accept compromises in performance and temperature.

The difference with the flat irons lies in the coating of the plates and the temperature.

What does ion technology mean?

The plates are either made of ceramic or coated with a ceramic coating. Modern hair straighteners integrate ion technology. Negatively charged ions settle around the hair when it is straightened and provide it with moisture.


Other straighteners are equipped with a temperature controller. In this case, the user can regulate the temperature. You don’t have to work with excessive heat. The heat can usually be set from 80 to 230 degrees Celsius.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of flat iron?

When buying a flat iron, you should make sure that you can regulate the temperature of the flat iron yourself. Alternatively, you can choose a model that checks the hair structure yourself and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

It doesn’t matter whether the temperature can be adjusted using a wheel or by pressing a button on the display. The hair straightener with display has a key lock in most cases so that you do not accidentally adjust the temperature.

The plates work like an iron, which acts on the hair from both sides with the necessary heat. A specific coating of the plates ensures gentle and sustainable smoothing. In this context, hair straighteners with a ceramic tourmaline or Ultimate Glide ceramic coating ensure a good smoothing result.

The equipment can also influence the purchase decision. Numerous hair straighteners combine a swivel joint so that you do not get caught in the tangle of the power cable and effortlessly carry out every movement. The automatic switch-off increases the safety of the iron. In this way, the systems switch off after a specified time, should it remain unused. This always pays off if you ever forget to switch off the straightener or unplug it.

If you don’t want to waste time, you decide on the heating-up time. Most straighteners in comparison take between 30 and 60 seconds. To avoid damage to the hair, the temperature should not exceed 200 degrees Celsius. The straighteners from ghd and Braun have the advantage of automatically adjusting the temperature to the hair structures.

Swivel and cable length

Most bathrooms have little space to make your hair. If the cable does not follow your movements, it will soon twist. However, if a straightener has a rotating cable joint, you do not have to move into the bedroom. The cable goes with every rotation. This increases freedom of movement and opens up the possibility of not only straightening the hair but also conjuring curls.

Ceramic heating plates protect the hair

The heating plates are the heart of the straighteners. In the good flat irons, these plates are made of ceramic and an innovative coating. If the price drops significantly, there is no longer enough budget for the ceramic fittings. Here we come across metal plates that have a ceramic coating. In contrast to the full equipment, these cheap flat irons often overshoot and reach temperatures that are much too high. This can lead to damage to the hair.

Individual temperature levels

Not every hair is the same. Whether thin, shiny, brittle, colored, bleached, thick, strong, unruly or fragile: the hair places high demands on sustainable care. All the more important is the individual temperature setting. The good straighteners bring heat levels or have step-less temperature control.

Take your time and adjust the straightener. Time is also an important factor when it comes to heating up. Very few are willing to wait a few minutes in the morning or before leaving for the straightener. Most test portals rate a warm-up time of 30 seconds as the standard by which all hair straighteners can be measured.

Straightening iron versus curling iron: what’s the difference?

The difference between the flat iron and the curling iron is in the functions. With a straightener, you can tame frizzy or unruly hair and give it a natural shine. Whereas the curling iron is intended to style curls of different sizes in the hair.

With a rotatable cable joint, the straighteners are also able to turn curls with the appropriate technology. In this area, however, you will not outstrip the curling iron as it is the specialist when it comes to waves and corkscrew curls.

Flat irons and curly hair - does it work?

The combination of high-quality plates and high temperatures allows you to tame even very curly and frizzy hair. However, you should invest more time and work very carefully.

Divide the hair into sections and work your way through the entire hairstyle step by step. Take individual strands of hair and place them between the two plates of the straightening iron and slowly pull them through to the tips of your hair.

You may drive through the individual strands of hair several times to see a visible effect. If nothing works at all, use special smoothing products. You apply this to the hair, for example as a cream, fluid or as a spray. As a rule, these smoothing products are applied to wet hair after washing to penetrate deep into the hair structures. Then the hair is dried as usual before you start with the flat iron. The straightening products make the hair easier to comb and smooth so that they react better to the straightening iron later.

The right care after smoothing

The styling products and heat protection offer sustainable care. Care products with argan oil are also recommended. The vitalizing oils protect the hair over a long time and make it more resistant. Argan oil also provides vitamins and soothes the scalp.

How are the tests done?

You can only style your hair gently if you use the straightener correctly and follow the operating instructions.

The straight hair is made of keratin. It is a protein. The structure of the ion compounds and oxygen bridges can be changed briefly by heat. How to clamp the strands between the hot ceramic plates to work from the roots to the tips. The action of heat can break the oxygen bridges and deform the hair. In principle, all straighteners showed this effect in the test. In the before and after comparison, the hair looked much smoother. In most cases, this effect wears off after around four hours.

At the same time, hair straighteners give your hair more shine. Combability also improves. The enormous heat exposure should not be underestimated, because the upper layer of hair is melted. Accordingly, you should bring fine or damaged hair into contact with temperatures of up to 170 degrees Celsius. Healthy and strong hair can withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius. The frequency with which the hair straightener is used also plays a decisive role. The more you use the straightener, the more stressful the heat is on the hair structure.

Even if you distance yourself from high temperatures, the selection and application of the flat irons are not easy. For example, if the housing heats up too much, there is a risk of burns. With other devices, the systems do not switch off automatically. This can be very dangerous if you forget to pull the plug. For this reason, the experts advise only selecting devices with automatic shutdown.

How did the experts test the flat irons?

First and foremost, it’s about the result. After all, users want a hair straightener to have beautiful hair in the shortest possible time. The experts, therefore, examined the following components in the straightening iron test:

  • Static charge
  • Smoothing
  • Combing
  • Shine
  • Brittleness


Last but not least, the durability of the finished hairstyle is crucial for the test assessment. So the straight or curly hair should persist for the next 4-8 hours. Finally, there is an evaluation of the handling via the instructions for use, handiness and temperature control. The flat irons, which can reach the desired temperature in just a few seconds, are particularly positive. Finally, the experts carried out a 400-hour long-term test to examine the resilience of the iron. Last but not least, the risk of burns and electrical safety are included in the evaluation of the hair straightener.

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