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The 4 Best Hand Blenders in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

We tested dozens of hand blenders. For us, the best is the Braun Multiquick 9005X. It can also be used to puree hard ingredients without any problems, it is easy to use and easy to clean and scores with more than enough power. It is made of solid stainless steel – and does not cost the world. What more do you want?

In the kitchen there are always tasks that you don’t want to solve with a large mixer, because a hand blender is often enough. But as our test has shown, not every immersion blender is up to every task in the kitchen. We have extensively tested blenders for you, from cheap to expensive.

1. Braun MQ9007 MultiQuick 9 Immersion Hand Blender

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The Braun MultiQuick 9 is a bit big and is sometimes a bit heavy in the hand, but that is easy to get over once you have seen what this powerhouse can do in a very short time. The pureeing performance is very good and all ingredients are pureed in no time with the powerful 1,000 watt motor. In addition to a measuring cup, a whisk attachment is also included as an accessory. If you need a lot of pureeing power, the Braun is the right choice and we think it’s the best hand blender in the overall package.

2. Philips ProMix Hand Blender

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The hand blender ProMix from Philips convinced first and foremost with its push button, with which you can continuously determine the degree of efficiency – you don’t have to switch to a turbo button for a particularly high level. The device is well made and we also really liked the to-go cup that came with it. The pureeing results are impressive – the banana shake and soup were not only even, but also prepared quickly.

3. Esge G 200 Gastro

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The hand blender from the Swiss company ESGE is almost legendary. It has been in production for decades and has a dedicated fan base. In the test it pureed everything to our complete satisfaction. Although it only has 200 watts of power, it does an excellent job – not every blender with such a low wattage can do that. But the magic wand has a particularly high speed and thus shreds everything. However, it is also very expensive: depending on the model and accessories.

4. Braun Multiquick 505 Hand Blender

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The Braun Multiquick 505 is a high-quality, reliable device that does what it should and is also inexpensive. The stainless steel head is solidly processed and the device lies comfortably in the hand. The handpiece is covered with plastic, but does not make a cheap impression. A second plastic attachment is included for finer work. We couldn’t find any shortcomings here and recommend the device for bargain hunters.

Immersion Hand Blender: All You Need To Know

A hand blender or immersion blender is a small but fine kitchen helper that should not be missing in any household. Especially when only small amounts of food are to be chopped up, you don’t always have to use the large stand mixer – if you have one.

When pureeing, revolutions are more important than watts

Before you get a hand blender because you haven’t had one before or your old one has given up, you should think about what you want to do with it in the future. There are a few possible uses, but not all are relevant for everyone – and then a cheaper device may also do.

The motor power of the hand blender indicates how much power can be used during mixing. Obviously, a higher wattage means that harder ingredients such as nuts or hard vegetables can also be chopped up without any problems. This is also the case in most cases – but not only the performance is decisive, the number of revolutions also plays a major role in the pureeing process. Unfortunately, it is almost never mentioned in hand blenders.


So that the new kitchen helper has as many possible uses as possible, you should pay attention to which accessories are included. Some manufacturers provide lots of extras for a relatively low price. From a mixing bowl to a whisk to dough hooks, everything can be included – but it doesn’t have to be. Often enough, no accessories are included in the scope of delivery, in which case you may have to buy them expensive.

Some hand blenders have a lot of accessories, others none at all

A hand blender can be used for mixing soups and sauces, milkshakes, fruit puree, smoothies, whipped cream and dough – if the appropriate accessories are available. So you can cover a lot of work with little effort and then only have to wash the stick or put it in the dishwasher.

You should therefore make sure that the blender foot can be removed. Because that not only simplifies cleaning by hand, only then can you leave cleaning to the dishwasher.

The hand blender should have at least two speed levels and, if possible, one power level. This means that the power can be dosed well and there is less splash.

In addition to devices with cables, there are also devices with batteries. This saves you the annoying cable, but the hand blender always has to be charged. It’s only worth it if you use it every day. Therefore, we did not have battery blenders in the test.

The Best Hand Blenders: Our Test

From the huge range of hand blenders, we have selected models that cover the entire price spectrum from cheap to expensive: We wanted to know if the price difference was justified. The answer: not really – but it also depends.

A banana milkshake, for example, is just as good with the cheapest hand blender as with the most expensive. However, there are differences when pureing a vegetable soup.

Bananas all puree well – there are differences when it comes to vegetables

Since a hand blender is mostly used to chop vegetables in soups or to make a milkshake, we made soup and tested how well the hand blender can get the vegetables small. There were also milkshakes. We also paid attention to how much the respective content splashes during mixing and whether the device also has enough power to shred even harder ingredients.

In all test, we also measured the time for the banana milkshake until everything was evenly and finely pureed. All devices moved within 15 to 30 seconds. For the vegetable soup, we gave all mixers 30 seconds to compare the mixing performance. Since we made a large pot of soup for all hand blenders and then processed individual portions with the same ingredients, everyone had the same conditions.

If different attachments were included with one device, the normal multi-attachment was always used to make the results comparable. More accessories, together with a low price, had a positive effect on our test result.

Test Winner: Braun MQ9007 MultiQuick 9

The Braun MultiQuick 9 has everything a good hand blender needs to have in the home kitchen – it mashes perfectly, is easy to clean, easy to use and affordable. That is why, for us, it is the best hand blender for the household kitchen.

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The first thing you notice immediately is that the MultiQuick 9 is made almost entirely of stainless steel. This has the advantage that no plastic particles can loosen when pureeing hot liquids, as can certainly happen with inexpensive devices that are made entirely of plastic. Stainless steel also looks good and fits in every kitchen. Our test winner is also a real performance monster: It brings an unbelievable 1,000 watts to the knife and can therefore also easily chop raw ingredients.


It is also a real eye-catcher visually, but also quite massive – unfortunately it was the heaviest puree in the test field. The power button has a child safety lock that can be unlocked with the thumb. Safety is of course a good thing, but whether a hand blender really needs child safety is more of a question for us.

The speed is regulated by just one button – the more pressure you exert, the more the hand blender mixes. We also find this a somewhat unfortunate solution, as you never really have control over it. A simple adjusting wheel would be easier and better. During the pureeing process, you always had everything under control and you hardly had to use any force to cut the ingredients into small pieces. It looked significantly different with some models.

Practical Test

As far as the test results are concerned, we cannot complain. The MultiQuick performed all tasks to our complete satisfaction, but is sometimes almost too powerful for simple pureeing tasks. In the pureeing tests we carried out, the Braun mixer performed brilliantly: the milkshake was creamy within seconds and it also had no problems with the vegetable soup. Neither heat nor fibrous ingredients could harm him.

Even when we made pesto, everything went as expected. The pine nuts were crushed so that no pieces remained and the basil and parsley were completely melted into one mass. For the milkshake we used 1½ soft bananas and 200 milliliters of milk – an amount that fits well in a slightly larger glass.

The milkshake result of the Braun MultiQuick 9 was just as good as that of the other hand blenders – creamy and without bits. The difference, however, is that the handling turned out to be very easy despite what felt like it was heavy. The Multiquick is equipped with what is known as ActiveBlade technology, with which the upward and downward movement is recorded and transferred to the blades. This should produce an even finer puree result with less effort. This actually makes the work easier – practically no force is required to turn the ingredients into pulp.

The MultiQuick mixed the soup a little finer than the other hand blenders and it took just six seconds to get the test soup small. So when it comes to pureeing the vegetable soup, the MultiQuick was far ahead. Even at medium level, he pureed the ingredients without any problems and no great effort was necessary. The soup turned out creamy and there were no problems with splashing.

Finally, the performance monster von Braun should show what it can do with the whisk. To be honest, we were very curious to see whether all the power was not too much of a good thing for this task, but the Braun surprised us positively: The switch, which you can use to dose the strength with your finger, worked perfectly and even allowed very little Put power in the whisk. Compared to the whisk of the Kenwood competitor, the impression was many times better – there it shuffled wildly and made more dirt than it stirred the dough.

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Philips ProMix Hand Blender

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The Philips ProMix Blender is very comfortable to use, which is mainly due to the stepless push button, which also includes the turbo mode. The sensitivity is not too high, so that you really have to squeeze a little more if the highest power level is to be activated. The button is made of plastic, but still makes a solid and durable impression. It’s also nice and big, which makes it all the more pleasant to use.

The hand blender is made of stainless steel and plastic and is one of the heavier models. With its 800 watts, both banana shake and vegetable soup are pureed quickly and finely in our test.

Only removing the attachment could be a bit easier – you always have to remember that you just want to free a spilled hand blender from its attachment with one hand. The button for unlocking is nice and sturdy and large, but it is difficult to press so that it does not necessarily work on the first try.

Overall, the Philips ProMix is still a great device that is not too expensive and that we would like to recommend.

Our Picks: The Best Hand Blenders

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