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The Best Hand Mixer for the Kitchen in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

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What is the best hand mixer?

A hand mixer makes it easy to whip up and mix food. This saves you a lot of sweat and muscle power. The following points should be considered before the purchase:

Sufficient attachments: The kitchen appliance should at least be supplied with stirring and dough hooks.

Sufficient power: For solid doughs, a hand mixer with a high wattage of up to 500W is necessary. For egg whites, cream or batter, a device with lower power (250-300W) is sufficient.

Multiple Speed Levels: An additional turbo button helps you to mix your food even faster.

Easy to use: The hand mixer should be easy to use and not too bulky.

Safety: Ventilation slots avoid your hand mixer running hot. Additional overheating protection is important.

The 15 Best Hand Mixers

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Hand Stirrer: Turn it on & knead!

A hand mixer should not be missing in any household. They are also known as hand blenders, electric mixer, and kitchen mixer. This refers to an electrical device for mixing or kneading food, which is also used for whipping cream. In the past, you had to manually whip up the cream with your hand and a whisk. Thanks to the handheld mixer, this is easily done by hand nowadays. For all sorts of doughs, whether sweet or savory, but also pudding and sauces, the hand mixer is a useful appliance.

Equipped with various attachments such as stirring and kneading hooks or even so-called “whiskers”, you will be impressed by the possibilities. Some hand mixers can even be converted into a blender. The offer is truly huge and the decision for the right device can quickly become a test of patience. We took the challenge and put together the best models for you in our hand mixer comparison.

Attention: Incidentally, the hand mixer should not be confused with the food processor or hand blender. Even with the kneading machine, the small hand mixer is not the same. However, you will find many models that will look similar.

What do I have to consider when buying a hand mixer?

The different models differ significantly, especially in the price. For a multi-functional device, you should expect to pay about twice the price, but you save yourself but the purchase of a second device and have many features in one. But no matter which variant you choose, the following should be considered:

The performance depends on the ingredients
There are big deviations from mixer to mixer. Which performance and watt power is right for you depends on what you want to knead. Here’s a rough guide:

    • Light foods (cream or eggs):  250-300W
    • Sponge cake or biscuit dough: 350-450W
    • Heavy doughs (yeast dough): 500W+

Variety with different attachments

As a minimum, kneading and stirring hooks should be included. This allows you to whip up eggs and cream, as well as mix lighter doughs. If you prefer a multi-functional device, you have the choice between different attachments such as a blender or even a shredder for herbs or onions. Pay attention to the wattage here. If you want to crush harder foods, such as nuts, your hand mixer needs the power for it. In this case, we would rather recommend you a blender.

Multiple speed levels for more control

Your hand mixer usually has different speed levels. Depending on the model, you can have up to 12 different speed levels. Some manufactures even include a so-called turbo button which will give you the extra kick of power.

Lightweight for easy operation

Although the hand stirrer does most of the work, you still have to hold it yourself. This can be tedious, especially with solid, heavy doughs. Make sure that your hand mixer is not too heavy but still stable and fits well in your hand. Most hand mixers weigh between 1-2 kg. Rubberized handles provide the necessary grip. There are also hand mixers that can be attached to a mixing bowl. This saves you effort and power.

Pick the right material

Most models are made of plastic and some high-quality hand mixers have a stainless steel body. The chic stainless steel look is particularly suitable if your other kitchen appliances are also made of stainless steel. Something more important than the appearance is the durability – this should be guaranteed in any case.

Overheating protection

Depending on which recipe you want to make, the hand blender can get a little bit hot. You need to pay attention grabbing a hand mixer with an overheating protection. The mixer will automatically shut off if it gets too hot. Otherwise, cables or components made of plastic can be damaged quickly.

The ventilation slots in the housing also protect against overheating. These should not be directed forward – otherwise, the hand blender will blow into the flour. Especially when adding ingredients to the mixing bowl afterward, this can be very annoying.

A safety lock prevents you from accidentally pressing the eject button during operation.

Accessories and technical refinements

In addition to the attachments, some manufacturers also include other accessories, such as a mixing bowl, a measuring cup or even a citrus juicer. However, the accessory package has its price, which depends on the manufacturer and scope. Braun, Bosch, and Black+Decker offer a lot of accessories.

The latest hand mixer models come with additional features. Especially useful is a splash guard. At the beginning of the mixing process, flour clouds or milk splashes around the mixing bowl. This happens if you set the speed too high at the beginning. The splash guard ensures that the hooks begin to move slowly and then gradually increase in speed.

LED Displays and indicator lights tell you what speed you have chosen or how long you have been mixing.

Easy cleaning

When whipping, stirring and mixing – it is almost impossible to avoid any mess. The housing should be easy to clean. As a rule, you should wipe the housing with a damp cloth after use . The attachments are ideally dishwasher safe.

What’s better: Blender or Mixer?

It is absolutely up to your personal preference. The question is: how much available space do you have in the kitchen?. A hand mixer can be stowed away quickly and does not take up too much space. A blender, on the other hand, usually needs a little more space – but it can be comfortable to use because you do not have to hold on to it all the time.

But beware: despite their similar name, the devices have different functions. The blender is mainly used to chop fruit or vegetables rather than shredding. Although the performance of the hand blender is higher, it is not designed for continuous operation and quickly reaches its limits under load.

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