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best induction magnetic milk frothers

The Best Induction Milk Frothers in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

Induction milk frother in the test – the best devices for perfect enjoyment. An induction milk frother ensures creamy milk froth – but you should consider a few things when buying one, because the induction milk frothers stand out in the test with differences.


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HadinEEon Milk Frother, 4 in 1 Electric Magnetic Milk Frother

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FAQ’s: Induction / Magnet Milk Frothers

What is an induction milk frother and how does it work?

The induction milk frothers in the product test basically all work according to the same principle. An electromagnetic field is generated inside the induction unit, which is mostly located in the base of the devices in the tests.

The energy of the magnetic field is transferred to the bottom of the container that holds the milk. There, the energy is converted into heat and the milk is heated.

To froth the milk in the induction milk frother, the container contains a stirring insert inside. When inspecting the models in the practical test, it turns out that this stirring unit is located at the bottom or in the lid area of the device.

Some of the induction milk frothers that were tested allow you to set temperatures or heating levels. However, the juxtaposition in the test shows that there are also models that do not have this function.

How are magnet milk frothers tested?

When checking and examining the various induction milk frothers, special attention is paid to the handling in the test run. The temperature setting options also play a role in many tests to determine the best model and thus the comparison winner.

Ultimately, the milk foam consistency is a decisive factor in the product test, because it contributes significantly to the taste and the test result. The best milk foam in the test is very stable.

In an attempt to compare induction milk frothers with each other, various criteria are required. In the tests, attention is often paid to the capacity.

This is often divided in a survey into the capacity for just heating the milk compared to the capacity for heating plus frothing the milk.

Handling is another criterion for testing an induction milk frother. The ease of use is important for the use of the milk frother. In addition, the tests mostly weigh whether the device can be cleaned efficiently.

In line with the purpose of the induction milk frother, the ability to adjust the temperature is a point of comparison in the tests. Some of the devices have the ability to create cold and warm milk foam.

Individual temperature gradations in the warm range can also be set on many models. An important criterion for coffee connoisseurs is the milk foam consistency. This can be determined very well with a sample.

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