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bluetooth keyboards for iphone

The 4 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for iPhone

Author: Anthony Lee

Phone & Tablet Expert

We tested 21 bluetooth keyboards. The best is the Logitech K380. It is well made and gives a pleasant typing feeling, connects to several devices and has an unbeatable price-performance ratio. What more do you want?

Above all else, you have to be able to do one thing with a keyboard – type intelligently. And there are more differences than you might think at first glance. A good keyboard should not only be used for typing, but also for gaming. After all, you want a keyboard to cover as many areas of application as possible.

We took a close look at seven Bluetooth models over a period of several weeks and paid attention to both how they behave in writing and when playing. And, of course, they had to work as well on a Mac & iPhones as they did on a Windows PC.

1. Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

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In the jungle of Bluetooth keyboards, Logitech is setting a real exclamation point with the K380. The K380 is a good choice, especially if you want to address multiple devices with the keyboard. But even if you only use it on one device, the Logitech K380 convinces with great workmanship, good typing experience and a chic design. The bottom line is that it currently offers by far the best price-performance ratio.

2. Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

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A bluetooth keyboard on the go is practical for smartphones and tablets. Those looking for something like this are best equipped with the Universal Mobile Keyboard from Microsoft. You simply open the keyboard and there is a groove in the lid into which you can insert mobile devices. The mobile keyboard is very suitable for smartphones and the like. However, it is not recommended as a desktop replacement.

3. Apple Magic Keyboard

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If you are a friend of the Apple world, the Magic Keyboard from Apple is of course interesting, of which there is now also a version with a number pad. The Magic Keyboard has the advantage that it is tailored to Apple’s operating system, which makes working much easier. The typing experience on the very thin keyboard takes some getting used to, but the very flat design is good for stressed wrists. The prices for the two keyboards from Apple are steep.

4. Wireless Keyboard, TeckNet

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The Tecknet Slim offers good quality for little money. But it can also only be used via radio and does not support Bluetooth. But if you can live with it, you get a super-light keyboard that is great for typing. In this price range, you can get over the batteries that are not included in the scope of delivery.

The perfect Blueooth Keyboard for iPhones

The search for the perfect keyboard is not only of interest to prolific writers. Alongside the mouse, the keyboard is still the most important input device – which makes choosing the right keyboard all the more important.

If you want to free your desk from annoying cables, look for a Bluetooth keyboard – and you will find a huge range. We rummaged through the mass of Bluetooth keyboards and selected the most interesting ones based on test reports, customer reviews and popularity and then tested them extensively.

More and more keyboards offer the possibility to connect not only to one, but to several devices. The manufacturers are paying tribute to the development that many want to control not only a PC or Mac, but also smartphones, tablets or living room devices such as Amazon’s Fire TV via keyboard. Above all, our test winner can score here, because Logitech has accommodated the complete key layout for Windows and macOS in the K380.

Unfortunately, all tested Bluetooth keyboards lack a numeric keypad. There are only a few manufacturers who offer Bluetooth keyboards with an integrated number pad, and separate number pads with Bluetooth are also available – but none of them really convinced us.

While some Bluetooth keyboards rely on integrated batteries and high mobility, others come with background lighting or complex drivers that can be used, for example, to adjust the special keys.

The keys on Bluetooth keyboards are consistently flat and are reminiscent of laptop keyboards. If you prefer higher keys, you have to use cable keyboards. All keyboards in the test lay flat on the desk, and fold-out stands, as offered by many cable representatives, are not found in the test field.

How did we test the bluetooth keyboards?

We have tested a total of 21 Bluetooth keyboards intensively over several weeks. We not only connected the keyboards to a Windows PC and a MacBook Pro, but also to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. With every keyboard we have written thousands of lines of text and noted the special characteristics of the keyboards.

We also tested the keyboards in special situations. Especially when gaming, the keyboards had to prove whether they were also suitable for action-packed games. For example, we played the fast shooter “Doom” and the action adventure “Batman: Arkham Knight” with the various Bluetooth keyboards. Work is fun this way!

Good: Even with the cheapest models, there were no major delays in entering text in our tests. This means that all keyboards are also suitable for controlling games. Professional gamers will of course prefer wired versions in order to completely eliminate the input lag, but the demands of “normal” gamers will easily satisfy the tested keyboards.

If the Bluetooth keyboard is to be used in the living room, we also have good news: the device only dropped out at a distance of at least eight meters. All test candidates are therefore suitable for controlling a media PC or a streaming box such as Amazon’s Fire TV from the sofa.

Ultimately, choosing the right Bluetooth keyboard is always a question of personal preference. Despite our clear recommendation, you should try a keyboard yourself if possible before buying it. Because everyone has different preferences when it comes to aspects such as keyboard travel, key spacing or the arrangement of special keys.

However, changing the keyboard always requires a bit of getting used to. Ideally, you should sit down with the keyboard of your choice and type some text before you decide.

Test winner: Logitech K380

After many thousands of keystrokes, we decide: The Logitech K380 is the best keyboard for most people. It offers a high level of writing comfort, connects to up to three different devices and does not cost much.

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Design & Quality

The Logitech K380 stands out from the competition in terms of looks. This is not only due to the fact that the version we tested comes in a blue case for a change (but it is also available in gray), but above all because of the buttons: Instead of the typical rectangular ones, the Logitech has round ones with a pleasantly concave one Deepening.

We like that for the letter keys at first glance, but with the command keys we initially have our doubts whether they are not too small. But they dissipate quickly: even those who work extensively with key combinations have no problems with the round command keys.

Incidentally, Logitech has printed the assignment of the command keys for both Windows and macOS. As soon as the keyboard is connected to the corresponding system via Bluetooth, the key assignment changes accordingly. Especially when testing the Logitech K380 on Apple’s MacBook Pro, this was a great help and made switching between the systems very easy.

The Logitech K380 does not have an integrated battery. Instead, the two supplied AAA batteries should power the keyboard for up to two years. Of course, we couldn’t check whether this is true during the test period, but we suspect that the batteries will last as long at best with little use. Alternatively, you can of course also use rechargeable batteries in AAA format – this is kind to the environment.

With a weight of around 420 grams including batteries, the keyboard is surprisingly heavy, but is also stable on the desk. If you want to take the keyboard with you on your travels, a lighter keyboard may be a better choice.

Touch and typing feeling

With its small external dimensions, the K380 takes up comparatively little space on the desk. Despite the compact design, the keys are well spaced from one another. The letter keys as well as the Alt, Command, Shift and Co. keys can be reached comfortably, typing errors are a rarity.

The keyboard has a very pleasant stroke and gives you a pleasant typing experience after just a few minutes. The keystroke is clearly defined, nothing rattles, and we cannot detect a delay in input either.

Personally, we would have liked a little more space between the keys, but that falls under “a matter of taste”.

Bluetooth and driver

The waking up of the keyboard from standby mode, including the Bluetooth connection, happened almost instantly in all tested devices, the Logitech K380 is no exception.

The special feature of the K380 is the ability to connect it to up to three devices at the same time via Bluetooth. You can switch between the connected devices using the highlighted keys F1 to F3; this can also be done with a key combination if required.

The change is quick, the keyboard is usually ready for use on the new device in less than two seconds. Pairing the K380 is also quick and reliable.

This makes the Logitech K380 the perfect keyboard for anyone who wants to control multiple devices with one keyboard. In our test, the Logitech K380 performed flawlessly with Windows and macOS as well as Android and iOS.

We also liked the Logitech Options driver software. The system expansion available for PC and Mac makes it possible to change the assignment of the special keys on the K380 or to switch the function of the FN key. For example, the top row of the keyboard can be used either as special or classic F-keys – only a few keyboards offer this option.

The only thing that bothered us was that the Logitech K380 does not have a light in the caps lock to indicate whether it is activated. This can be shown on the screen using the driver function.

Otherwise, the Logitech K380 convinced us all along the line, and it also cut a good figure in gaming.

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Alternative Bluetooth Keyboards

In our opinion, the Logitech K380 is the best Bluetooth keyboard if you use it alone or alternately at home with a PC, Mac, TV or mobile device. But there are also cases for which other keyboards are better.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

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Anyone looking for a Bluetooth keyboard for on the go is best served with the Universal Mobile Keyboard from Microsoft.

The Microsoft keyboard is a mobile Bluetooth keyboard for smartphones and tablets. It has a hinged lid with a groove in which there is space for mobile devices. That worked excellently in the test, even Apple’s bulky iPad 3 finds a stable hold in the lid of the Microsoft Universal Keyboard.

But the lid can also be removed and placed anywhere on the desk. The keyboard can also be used as a wireless keyboard for a laptop or desktop PC. Microsoft is not limited to the Windows world, you can switch between the key assignment for Windows, Apple and Android devices using a toggle switch.

The Microsoft Universal Keyboard is ideal for everyone who wants to quickly convert their iPhones into mini laptops. It is only of limited use as a desktop replacement, because the compact external dimensions mean the keys are small and are quite close together. Despite the good workmanship and the pleasant keystroke, the typing experience is comparable to a small 10-inch netbook and requires some getting used to.

The Universal Mobile Keyboard gets its energy from a micro-USB port. The integrated battery lasts several weeks without any problems. If it is empty, Microsoft promises that 10 minutes on the charging cable are enough to make the empty battery fit for a working day. Since the keyboard switches itself off automatically as soon as the lid is closed, it is also protected from sending senseless messages during transport.

However, some customers report problems with the battery that could not be charged after a short time.

It is also the only keyboard in the test that completely dispenses with an F-key row. Instead, the number keys in combination with the »FN« key act as a substitute. This is especially a problem under Windows: Typical key combinations such as “Alt + F4” to close programs can only be implemented with a little finger acrobatics.

We therefore prefer the alternatives from Logitech and Apple on the desk. The well thought-out lid construction and the flexible key layout make it perfect for use on the go.

Apple Magic Keyboard​

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For those who mainly or exclusively use Apple devices, the Bluetooth keyboard from Apple is of course interesting. Apple’s Magic Keyboard has become a lot thinner compared to its predecessor. In addition, Apple has switched from batteries to an integrated battery. It is charged via a Lightning cable, which is also used on the iPhone or iPad. One battery charge lasts for several weeks, especially since Apple has done without keyboard lighting.

In the meantime, Apple has finally introduced a Bluetooth keyboard with a number pad. The Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad corresponds to the Magic Keyboard in terms of design and typing feel and is also charged via a Lightning cable.

As always with Apple, the design and workmanship are flawless, and the aluminum finish undoubtedly looks extremely classy.

The biggest advantage of Apple’s keyboards is that they are tailored to use Apple’s operating system. The special keys can be used to call up functions such as Mission Control or the Launchpad. But there are also keyboards from third-party manufacturers that support this key assignment.

We were also able to use the Apple Magic Keyboard relatively easily under Windows. The special keys on the F-key row, such as the volume control, then do not have any function. Traditionally, the Mac does not have a »delete« key to delete text in the opposite direction, only the »backspace« for deleting text in the opposite direction. If you are used to deleting in the other direction, you have to use the key combination »FN + Backspace«.

In addition, to switch between systems, the keyboard must first be logged off and then logged on again. The same applies to the connection with iPad and Co. If you regularly use the keyboard with other devices, it is cumbersome.

We liked the fact that the two Apple keyboards are very flat. You hardly have to bend your hands when the heels of your hands are comfortably resting on the desk. This reduces the susceptibility to the annoying carpal tunnel syndrome.

Compared to the predecessor, the key travel is also a good deal shorter due to the flat design, which we initially felt took some getting used to in the test. After a while, however, we were also able to display texts reliably and quickly with the new Apple Magic Keyboard.

However, the keys of our test model »click« much more strongly than those of the other premium keyboards in the test. The writing experience is more like the new, thin Macbook than that of the MacBook Pro models, which shouldn’t be for everyone.

And then there is the high price. At Logitech, there are illuminated buttons for less money. If you want to rely entirely on Apple, there is no alternative. Everyone else does better with one of the Logitech variants.

Wireless Keyboard, TeckNet​

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The Tecknet Slim Wireless Keyboard is not only particularly light and small, but also extremely cheap. It is therefore hard to believe how well this keyboard can be typed over long distances.

The small keyboard is of course missing some keys, such as a number pad or scrolling. However, they are often not needed at all, so that only the arrow keys that are a bit too small can be criticized here. Tecknet also thinks of a small LED that indicates when the battery is empty.

If you take it very carefully, the Tecknet Slim we tested should not actually appear here because it does not offer Bluetooth. The connection to a PC or tablet is established via a USB radio receiver and should work without difficulties under Windows, Android and ChromeOS.

In any case, there were no problems with the connection, so we can highly recommend the Tecknet Slim, especially because of its good typing properties.

Also, with such a low price, one shouldn’t complain that no batteries are included. You usually have them at home anyway. With two small AAA batteries, the keyboard lasts up to a month, and with moderate use even significantly longer. To save energy, the Tecknet Slim can also be switched off with a small switch on the underside.

A holder is also built into the battery compartment in which the receiver stick can be transported. This way it is not lost and always has a secure place directly on the keyboard.

If you are looking for a good keyboard at a really low price and can do without Bluetooth, you should definitely take a closer look at the Tecknet Slim.

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