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The Best Ironing Machines in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

Ironing machines have been used since grandma’s time. An ironing machine uses pressure and heat to completely flatten a garment. With or without steam, ironing machines smooth the ironed clothes without you having to turn them back and forth or flip them over first. We have identified and compared the best ironing machines.

Steamfast SF-623 Mid-Size Steam Press

 Our Pick
Steamfast SF-623 Mid-Size Steam Press
847 Reviews
Steamfast SF-623 Mid-Size Steam Press
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT — When you choose a Steamfast product,…
  • QUICK HEAT UP TIME— A 5. 07-ounce easy-to-fill water tank…
  • MULTIPLE FABRIC SETTINGS —5 fabric settings (nylon, silk,…
  • STEAMING SURFACE — Non-stick pressing surface measures 20…
  • EQUIPPED FOR THE JOB — Accessories include a spray bottle,…

PurSteam Professional Series Garment Steamer

PurSteam Professional Series Garment Steamer
1,263 Reviews
PurSteam Professional Series Garment Steamer
  • 🔎 MOST POWERFUL STEAMER IN THE USA: We designed it to be…
  • 🔎 BUILT-IN IRONING BOARD & HANGER: Gives you the…
  • 🔎 LARGE 2-LITER WATER TANK: Steams continuously for up to…
  • 🔎 USER-FRIENDLY STEAMING: One-touch steam button controls…
  • 🔎 BURN PREVENTION SAFETY CAP: Prevents opening the water…

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

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Rowenta Master Valet IS6300

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SpeedyPress Compact Ironing Steam Press

SpeedyPress Compact Ironing Steam Press
377 Reviews
SpeedyPress Compact Ironing Steam Press
  • AS SEEN ON TV | REDUCES IRONING TIME: Offering 7 times the…

PurSteam Garment Steamer

 Our Pick
PurSteam Garment Steamer
4,962 Reviews
PurSteam Garment Steamer
  • Large Capacity – 61 oz. tank heats up in 45 to 60 seconds…
  • Stop Ironing! – Up to 248 °F steam penetrates deep and…
  • Fabric Friendly – This powerful steamer is suitable for…
  • Included Accessories – Easily hold garments in place when…
  • We’re Here to Help – If you experience any issues with your…

SereneLife 1400 Watt Machine-1400W

SereneLife 1400 Watt Machine-1400W
179 Reviews
SereneLife 1400 Watt Machine-1400W
  • AUTOMATICALLY DRY AND IRON CLOTHES: Automatically dries and…
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL GARMENTS: For almost all outer garments…
  • SAVES TIME AND MONEY: This ironing aid saves time and money…
  • EASY TO USE: After the wash, the garments are easily pulled…
  • TEMPERATURE RATE: Thanks to temperatures of up to 65 ° C,…

Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press

 Our Pick
Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press
1,639 Reviews
Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press
  • SUPERIOR SATISFACTION — When you choose a Steamfast…
  • QUICK HEAT UP TIME — A 10-ounce easy-fill water tank heats…
  • MULTIPLE FABRIC SETTINGS — Digital controls with 5 fabric…
  • LARGE STEAMING SURFACE — Non-stick pressing surface…
  • EQUIPPED FOR THE JOB — Accessories include a spray bottle,…

Frequently Asked Questions: Ironing Machines

What is an ironing machine?

Ironing machines can make ironing easier if you have to iron large piles of laundry at home every day. With or without steam, ironing machines smooth out the ironed laundry without you having to turn the clothes back and forth or flip them over first. Once placed in the ironing machine, the laundry becomes smooth immediately.

Known as a hot ironer or an ironing press, ironing machines are more than efficient. However, the rather high purchase price should soon pay for itself through savings on ironing. if not used properly, textile parts could be damaged. But the use of an ironing machine can be learned quickly.

How does an ironing machine work?

The modern ironing machine smoothes the laundry with heat and pressure or tension in the Ironing Machine Test. It depends on the model whether rollers are lowered onto the laundry or the laundry slides through a trough. With the steam function, even dry laundry can be smoothed with the ironing machine.

If the ironing machine in the test does not have a steam function, then dry laundry can be moistened beforehand with a spray bottle. The lower the speed of ironing, the easier to handle ironing machines.

The speed can be adjusted via a rotary switch. Other models are operated by a foot switch. A reverse gear is also possible if the laundry is not properly inserted. In addition to the roller speed, the ironing temperature and steam output can be regulated on high-quality ironing machines.

Advantages of an ironing machine

An ironing machine has a much larger ironing surface than an iron. Ironing will be faster if you have learned the appropriate dexterity in placing the laundry. It will save you time if you have to do a lot of ironing. Especially with large and flat pieces of laundry such as sheets, pillows, comforter covers and table linen, you will achieve the perfect results with an ironing machine.

Due to the high contact pressure of the ironing machine, the ironed linen becomes smooth faster. You would have to press with a weight of 7 kg on an ironing board to build up the same pressure with an iron as with an ironing machine.

A shirt ironing machine is a category among ironing machines. It saves the need to go to the shirt ironing shop or the shirt cleaning shop. The shirt ironer is suitable for all tops, for jackets, blousons and jackets. Some models even iron pants.

An ironing machine requires more space than an ironing board. You need to set up a steady workstation at the ironing machine, because you can iron while sitting. Other ironing machines can be folded on edge and take up less space when stored. The least space is taken up by inflatable shirt ironing machines. Ironing machines are many times more expensive than regular irons or steam ironing stations. They can cost US$1000 and more.

Types of ironing machines

Ironing machines are divided into shirt ironers, ironing presses and hot ironers. While the shirt ironer resembles a clothes dummy, ironing presses and hot ironers press the laundry smooth between plates or rollers. The hot ironer pulls in the laundry. The laundry must be “iron-moist” for this.

Shirt Iron

The shirt iron removes wrinkles from shirts, blouses and shirts with the help of hot air. It smoothes and dries the clothes in a single operation. This takes six to eight minutes per item of laundry. In the test, shirts stay smoother better after two minutes of cooling time on the shirt iron. Thus, a time window of ten minutes per shirt must be reckoned with. Initially, the damp garment is stretched on the shirt iron and fixed with clamps.

There may be weights attached to the clamps to pull the fabric down. All buttons of the shirt must be closed and the collar must be turned up. After that, the automatic shirt ironing machine is switched on. This produces hot air after switching on, which flows into many no channels in the inflatable ironing mannequin. The shirt iron inflates from the bottom up, the shirt is stretched and dried by the hot air flowing out of the exhaust ports.

For XXL sizes, some models are expandable with zippers on the sides. Simple shirt irons consist of a mannequin with holes (inflatable garment bag) over which the shirt is pulled. Then you hang the inflatable garment bag on a clothes hook and blow hot air into the garment bag from below.

You create the hot air with a commercial hair dryer, which can be found in every household. Others consist of a heating and steam generating device and a clothes hanger with holes. In the test, shirt irons are an alternative to hand-ironed shirts. However, the result is not directly comparable to hand ironing.

Those who need particularly smoothly ironed shirts will not be satisfied with a shirt iron. Cuffs and collars need to be re-ironed. Shirt irons are available from Siemens (Dressman), Cleanmaxx or Rowenta.

Ironing Press

Ironing presses work with steam. They are particularly suitable for large and smooth pieces of laundry. The devices combine pressure with heat and steam. The piece of laundry is placed on the lower working plate (trough) of the ironing press. Then press down the upper working plate of the ironing press.

Due to the horizontal position, the piece of laundry does not slip. A contact pressure of between 40 and 50 kg and a steam quantity of 80 to 120 mg per minute are advantageous for smoothing the laundry items. The upper plate of the ironing press should open wide to the top, so that you do not burn your fingers.

With the accompanying sleeve board and with an ironing pad for tricky cuts, the ironing press replaces conventional steam irons. Due to the adjustable temperature for all types of materials, ironing presses are also suitable for delicate textiles. There are special ironing presses for suit pants.

How are ironing machines tested?

Ironing machines are tested in test reports according to the most important criteria:

  • Temperature selection: Are there different temperature settings for delicate and robust fabrics?
  • Contact pressure: What contact pressure does the ironing machine generate? is it considered sufficient to eliminate creases?
  • Steam function: Can the laundry be smoothed with the help of steam or do I need a spray bottle? Steam is not necessarily a mandatory feature on an ironing machine, because the laundry is put into the ironing machine when it is damp. The steam is generated by the damp laundry itself. A steam function is only helpful for laundry that is already dry.
  • Size of the water tank: What is the volume of the water tank? Are there two tanks available?
  • What kind of water is used: Does the ironing machine work with tap water or do I have to buy dematerialized water?
  • Width of the roller: Do I need to fold large pieces of laundry?
  • Is the roller end clear for ironing collars and cuffs?
  • Variable speed of the roller for a slow or fast pull-through of the laundry pieces.
  • Operation clear or not?
  • Hand or foot switch: Do I have to stand while ironing or can I sit down? Does the foot control have different positions, for example, for ironing, for steaming and for lifting the ironing tray?
  • Child safety and finger protection: Does the roller stop when fingers enter the feed area?
    Emergency release: Can the laundry be removed from the ironer without power?
  • Foldable: Foldable models save space. Foldable models are also less expensive to transport.
  • Accessories: What accessories are available for the ironing machine?

What should I look for when buying an ironing machine?

How much space does the ironing machine need? Is this available in the apartment? What is the size of the ironing surface? The common width of an ironing machine is one meter. However, versions with a width of 140 cm are also available on the market. The widths of ironing machines are divided as follows:

  • 60 cm to 65 cm for home use
  • 85 cm to 140 cm for small businesses
  • 100 cm to 20 cm for commercial ironers

Before the first use, the roller with the ironing cloth is often protected from dirt with a foil. The foil must be removed before the first use. To do this, insert the plug into the socket. In the test, the now ironing trough lifts off automatically. The roller is now exposed and the foil can be removed.

The wider the roller of the ironing machine is, the less often you have to fold the laundry pieces and the higher the contact pressure is, the less force you have to apply yourself. The temperature should be adjustable to the different fibers of the textiles. A temperature controller, similar to that on an iron, is useful.

Ironing machines with steam require a sufficiently large water tank. In the case of Miele, you can work with one tank of water for 40 minutes. In the ironing machine test, Miele makes ironing machines with a two-chamber water tank system. So one tank always contains hot water while you refill the other tank.

Often, you can operate the ironing machines with tap water. Then they need to be decalcified regularly. When operating with dematerialized water, there are follow-up costs.

Are the roller ends freely accessible? This is necessary when ironing complicated pieces of laundry and when ironing shirts. If the ironing machine has a large stacking space, then the ironed laundry is stored without creases. Otherwise, you broke a clothes rail next to your workspace. Available are pass-through ironers, which eject the piece of laundry on the other side. A return-feed finisher ejects the piece of laundry on the input side.

You have the choice between a trough finisher or a cylinder finisher. With a trough finisher, the linen is fed past a heated trough. Most ironers for private use work according to the principle of a trough ironer. The trough ironer generates a higher contact pressure and is ready for use more quickly.

With a cylinder ironer, the laundry is guided past rotating cylinders with belts. Such ironers are often used in commercial ironers. Two people are required to operate them. The amount of work is also higher and the belts need to be replaced from time to time.

Ergonomics is not an insignificant factor when ironing. If you can sit while ironing, your back will be relieved. For the greatest possible freedom of movement at the ironing machine, a stool or a chair without armrests is suitable. Ironing machines, except shirt ironers, have a cover over the ironing roller.

Can this be easily replaced or at least wiped clean with a damp cloth? A cover made of 100 percent cotton is favorable. This absorbs the moisture produced during ironing well. In the available accessories for the ironing machine you will find replacement covers if the cover of the roller has become worn or dirty. What kind of storage space do you need? Can the ironing machine be folded or collapsed when storing it?

Equipped with transport wheels, the ironing machine is quickly rolled into an adjacent room after work. Note that foldable ironers must have a transport lock unlocked before first use. When moving, this must be reinserted. When transporting in the apartment, the ironing machine is only tilted slightly. You can move your folding ironing machine folded up or folded down. For unfolding, foldable ironing machines have an unlocking device.

Ironing Machines Accessories

  • Cover for ironing machines of different widths, folding irons and standing irons
  • Ironing cloth as an underwrap for the roller (needed when the ironing cloth on the roller does not carry the laundry properly or when it is dirty). A slight browning of the ironing cloth is normal and does not represent a functional limitation. A new ironing cloth should always be ironed damp.
  • Underwrap molleton to soften the ironing roller.
  • Set of mangle wax, wax cloth, trough cleaning cloth. The application of the trough cleaning cloth should be used 2-3 times a week. It removes deposits of detergent residues and starch from the work table. The troughs should be waxed before each ironing for good sliding properties. For this purpose, the mangle wax is sprinkled into the mangle wax cloth and the trough is wiped with it. If the trough, the lower work table, is not waxed, then the entrainment properties deteriorate. Drive and wrapping quickly close and the ironer loses its efficiency.
  • Ironing pads: they are pushed under difficult places on clothing, facilitating smoothing.
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