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The Best Laptop Stands in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

Welcome to our large laptop stand test. Here we present you all of the laptop stands that we have tested. We have put together detailed background information for you.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you find the best laptop stand for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. You will also find some important information on this page that you should definitely pay attention to when buying a laptop stand.

  • A laptop holder should ensure that you can set up your laptop in a comfortable position. As an addition, this can also have an extra cooling function.
  • Knowing what your laptop stand is for is important, as there are different types of these mounts, each with different purposes.
  • The material is of course important for the stability and price of the bracket. Depending on the type of use, you should therefore consider which one is right for you.

Best Laptop Stands

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand
  • Ventilated laptop stand helps keep laptops running cooler to…
  • Metal-mesh platform draws heat away from laptop
  • Adjustable height for increased airflow and comfortable…
  • Cord organizer with 6 slots promotes a tidier desktop
  • Measures approximately 13 x 11 x 7.2 inches (LxWxH) at max…

The AmazonBasics laptop stand is available in black and weighs 1.1kg. The dimensions of the laptop stand are 33 × 27.9 × 16.5 cm. In addition, thanks to the metal mesh surface, the laptop stand ventilates your device and thus prevents the laptop from overheating.

Another feature that this laptop stand can score with is the height adjustability. You can also adjust the incline of the support surface as required. There is also a cable guide on the back of the laptop stand, in which you can clamp up to 6 cables. This ensures that your cables can be stored easily and neatly.

The buyers report a very stable laptop stand. It is robust and resistant and therefore protects your laptop optimally.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Nulaxy Laptop Stand
  • Elegant Design: Nulaxy C1 Stand is designed to be simple and…
  • Dedicated to Each Detail: the aluminium plate can well…
  • Ergonomic Design: the C1 stand can elevate notebook or…
  • Ultra Stable & Heavy Duty: it is built with high quality…
  • Broad Compatibility: this laptop stand can work with all…

The laptop stand from Nulaxy is a stand on whose surface the laptop is positioned. The laptop stand is suitable for laptops with a screen size of 10-17 inches and its height can be adjusted. Thanks to its material and the incline, the laptop stand enables good air circulation.

Buyers of the product are particularly enthusiastic about the flexibility of the stand, as it can be dismantled into three parts and is therefore easy to transport. In addition, non-slip silicone pads stick to the feet, which guarantee a good grip.

Hama Notebook Stand

Hama Notebook Stand
  • Improve your positioning as your laptop can be raised up at…
  • Suitable for all notebooks with a screen diagonal of 39cm…
  • Portability is never a problem with its ultra slim-line…
  • Suitable for notebooks with a screen diagonal of 39 cm…
  • Ensures comfortable working conditions when a notebook is…

Whether for the couch, the table or for work: you can use this stand in many ways. In addition, it is not only suitable for the laptop, but also for reading a good book or as a mobile phone holder.

A non-slip material on the underside ensures a secure stand. The high-quality material makes the stand robust.

Frequently Asked Questions: Laptop Stands

What is a laptop stand?

Basically, a laptop stand is simply a holder for your laptop. There are different types that offer different functions. Therefore, you should always be clear for which function you need your laptop holder.

In the following we want to explain how you can differentiate between different stands and what you should pay attention to when buying.

What’s the point of a laptop stand?

Simply put, a laptop stand offers support for your notebook or laptop. It can also help you get a better view of your screen or make it easier to set up your laptop in some places.

You have a large selection of different models that offer many unexpected features. For example, there are brackets that are attached to a swivel arm and thus bring a lot of flexibility.

There are also others with which you can use your laptop comfortably lying on the sofa. The possibilities are huge and there is something for almost every need.

There are also a lot of laptop mounts that are themselves more technologically advanced. You can buy a holder with external cooling that is easily connected to your laptop via USB. In this way, your laptop stand can also compensate for some of the shortcomings of your device, such as overheating.

Types of Laptop Stands

There are tons of ways to categorize laptop holders. We decided to divide the whole thing into three areas.

  • For use
  • For the sleep mode
  • To exhibit

Laptop Stand for Use Cases

This is the most commonly used type of laptop holder, and probably the first one that comes to mind. This type usually consists of a sloping surface and an elevation at the end to keep the laptop from slipping. There are many versions of this type. For example, height-adjustable or with a swivel arm.

Anyone who sits at the laptop a lot will most likely soon complain of back or neck pain.

There are some alternatives, such as spending less time on the laptop or doing stretching and other gymnastics, or adopting a better posture while working, but we all know that this is sometimes not possible. For this reason, we recommend a laptop stand to everyone who regularly works on a laptop.

Laptop Stand for Sleep Mode

This type offers you a holder for your notebook when it is switched off. It usually consists of a kind of hemisphere with a slot to insert the closed laptop into. This species is seldom used by private individuals, as it only saves a small amount of space as a means of displaying it.

Laptop Stand to Display the Product

This type has the most potential for creative designs. It is mainly used when selling a laptop because it has no real practical use. The problem is also that this stand is supposed to present the device itself, which again limits the design options.

Unfortunately, the more flexible a laptop holder should be, the more it will cost

Laptop Stand: Purchase Criteria

In the following article we would like to show you criteria by which you can evaluate and compare laptop stands. So we want to make it easier for you to make the decision which is the right bracket for you.

In a nutshell, these are:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Customization
  • Cooling

In the following paragraphs we would like to explain these factors to you in more detail.

Not all of these criteria have to be important to you. You should weigh which one you give more or less weight to


The size is probably an important factor for most, because you don’t want the laptop to take up unnecessary more space with the stand.

However, you always have to consider the dimensions of your laptop in order to find the right mount. You shouldn’t buy a stand that’s too big or one that’s too small. It is therefore advisable to find out about the size of your device beforehand.

You may also want to take your laptop holder with you from time to time. Therefore, it should have no problem in your pocket. But if you only use it for home use, you only need to worry about the space it takes up.

If you have a particular laptop model, there may already be a custom-made mount for you. This can be a bit more expensive in some cases, but you can be sure that you will not have a problem with the size.


The weight of the mount may not be important to everyone, but the mobility of a laptop stand may be important to you. Some also want to always have their notebook holder with them. For these people, the weight of the stand should play a bigger role.

So if you not only use your bracket at home but also like to take it with you, then you should be aware that you should buy a lighter bracket. It is also important where you buy your stand. If you buy your bracket from a specialist retailer, you can simply pick it up there and check how heavy it is.

But the whole thing gets a bit more complicated with an online purchase. Although there is usually a weight here, it is often difficult to imagine the whole thing if you only see a number. We therefore advise you to stay under four kilograms in any case if you are very mobile, otherwise it will be a bit heavy with the laptop.


This point is more of a concern in rare cases, but we have included it here anyway as it should not be ignored. A laptop holder should also serve its purpose and not be lost at some point.

When it comes to resilience, it is not just a matter of the fact that the stand cannot bear the weight of the laptop, as this rarely occurs, but can also be treated like the holder.

If you realize that your bracket will go through a lot, for example because you often take it with you or there are children in the house, then you shouldn’t go for the most fragile model.

Unfortunately, there is no scale or measure here. In this case, it is best to rely on professional tips from the seller or, if you want to order your bracket online, on customer reviews.


This factor is the greatest and, for many, the most important. It’s about how your bracket can be adjusted. The height can be adjusted, but it can also be pivoted, both vertically and horizontally, or the stand can be folded together.

The height of the bracket is an important point and the question arises whether it is fixed or should be adjustable. Many would like to be flexible in terms of the amount, but this also entails a cost factor. It also ensures that the stand becomes more unstable, especially in combination with other adjustment options.

Did you know that you can even prevent a slipped disc with a laptop stand?

The crooked position in front of your laptop not only strains your back and neck, but also the intervertebral discs. A notebook support should therefore be used to avoid bad posture.

So you should always act with measure and goal when it comes to the adjustability of your laptop holder. Features that you don’t absolutely need should perhaps be left out in order to pay a lower price and guarantee more stability instead.


Many laptop stands also serve as external cooling. This is quite practical with powerful devices that often give up the ghost when too much heat. If the internal cooling devices are no longer sufficient, such a bracket can help.

The problem is that it limits the design and customization a bit. So you shouldn’t expect too many foldable parts and height adjustability.

In addition, the price naturally increases. To do this, you should find out whether the stand has its own battery or whether it needs to receive power from your laptop, which of course damages the life of your laptop a bit.

You have to decide for yourself which criteria seem important to you and base your purchase accordingly.

Facts about Laptop Stands

Which material do you prefer?

There is a wide range of materials to choose from when making a laptop mount. Starting with simple plastic, which is usually the case with stands with cooling, to various metals, wood or even strong cardboard that you can put together yourself.

When choosing the material, your preferences and the type of use are in the foreground, as each material has its advantages and disadvantages. The simplest measure here is stability. It goes without saying that a holder made of cardboard holds less than that of metal. But even with metal you should be careful that the moving parts are not processed too cheaply.

We have prepared a table for you with the various properties of the individual materials:

Very stable, long-lasting, only dangers: rust and fragile joints (with swiveling bracket)

Quite stable, relatively resilient, only weaknesses: limited flexibility (joints difficult to move) and a little less resistance to breakage

Fairly stable, long-lasting, integrated cooling possible, disadvantages: Little break resistance

Lightweight, flexible storage, weaknesses: Very easy to fold and susceptible to moisture

Depending on the material, the price can of course vary greatly.

Mounting Options

Basically it is clear that there are different mounting options for different laptop stands, all of which differ in their functionality and security.

There are tons of different brackets, we have decided to divide them into three categories:

  • Simple sloping surface
  • Different joints
  • Slot bracket

Simple Sloping Surface

This is the most common laptop stand. It usually just consists of a surface on which the laptop lies and a small elevation at the lower end to keep the laptop from slipping. This makes this holder very simple and offers an easy way to stow it away to save space.

On the other hand, this is exactly what limits the bracket, as the simple design means that many options are lost. For example, it is seldom possible to adjust the height or in any other way.


  • Simple design
  • Simple and space-saving storage


  • Little design options
  • Few options for adjustability

Different Joints

By that we mean that the laptop mount is adjustable. Either horizontally or vertically. This means that it can be set up in many places without any problems with the visibility of the screen. Some stands even have a swivel arm, which provides even more flexibility.

Unfortunately, the joints also ensure that the stability of the bracket suffers. So it can happen faster that something collapses even though it shouldn’t. The more joints the stand has, the more fragile it ultimately becomes.

Here is an example of a laptop stand with hinges to help you get a better picture:


  • Great flexibility when setting up
  • Finding a good angle easily


  • A little more fragile
  • Slightly susceptible to many joints

Slot Bracket

This bracket usually simply consists of a round pedestal in the middle of which is a slot. The laptop is then inserted into this slot. This holder is usually very small and space-saving, and also very robust, as it has few fragile areas.

The problem is that the PC cannot be used in this bracket. It only serves to keep the laptop switched off and can cause a slight risk of tipping over with some models if the laptop is too big.


  • Little space required
  • Pretty tough


  • Only for the turned off laptop
  • Tilts easily if the wrong size
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