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The Best Meat Grinders in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

The meat grinder enables the quick production of minced meat and other sausage products. For our best list, our experts have examined various tests and comparisons on the Internet in order to be able to show ratings for performance, engine, cleaning and many more.

BBday Electric Meat Grinder

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ALTRA Electric Food Meat Grinder

ALTRA Electric Food Meat Grinder
2,246 Reviews
ALTRA Electric Food Meat Grinder
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Chefman Choice Cut Electric Meat Grinder

Chefman Choice Cut Electric Meat Grinder
  • SPICE UP YOUR PROTEIN: Create delicious, custom sausages,…
  • MEET YOUR MEAT MAKER: With a variety of attachments, you can…
  • FRESH FLAVOR EVEN FASTER: This meat grinder has a powerful…
  • SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Durable suction cups lock the unit…
  • RESOURCES: cETL approved with advanced safety technology for…

Twinzee Electric Meat Grinder

BBday Heavy Duty Meat Grinder

BBday Heavy Duty Meat Grinder
  • 【Professional Powerful Engine & Fast Efficient Meat…
  • 【Multiple Accessories for Various Meat and Food…
  • 【Secrets of Making Chewy Meat with Patented…
  • 【Safe and Durable】Made of food grade material, the part…
  • 【Easy to Use, Convenient to Clean】 ①The reverse button…

Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder

Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder
  • Simply place your desired meats or vegetables into the…
  • Features high quality stainless steel blades and screens, to…
  • It’s compact lightweight and can easily be dissembled to…
  • Blades are fully enclosed, effectively eliminating any…
  • Features a super-powerful suction base to keep meat grinder…

LEM Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder

LEM Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder
  • All stainless steel construction, heavy duty hand grinder
  • Easy to clean
  • Rust resistant
  • Clamp accommodates width of 1 1/2″ thick
  • Includes: 2 stainless steel plates: course 3/8″ and fine…

Sunmile SM-G73 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G73 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder
660 Reviews
Sunmile SM-G73 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder
  • High Power and Strong Motor: Features 600W rated power and…
  • Stainless Steel Material: The big size wrapped body is made…
  • Fully Functional to Prepare Food : Meat grinder comes with 3…
  • Easy and Safety Operation: Big button with…
  • Manufacturer Backup: All of our Sunmile Meat Grinders has 1…

The Versatile Use Of Meat Grinders

The functioning of a meat grinder does not usually differ in terms of the now very different models that the market has to offer.

The food to be chopped is filled into the funnel and then transported and crushed by a special screw conveyor.

Depending on the model and setting, it is also possible to mix the meat with other ingredients and then turn this mass through a rotating knife disc with holes.

The meat mass obtained in this way is passed through these holes and can be fed to further processing in the following step.

Roast meat, mince, fillings and so on are usually made in this way, with various factors playing a role in the meat grinder. How is the performance, for example? How much food can be processed within what time? Which accessories are included? Is the quality of the meat grinder robust and resilient? Which technical features are noteworthy?

The discerning consumer rarely has the time to deal with these or other questions about the respective desired product. That is why external test institutes have made it their business to test meat grinders of different qualities and from different suppliers in order to offer the consumer a well-founded decision-making aid through professional evaluation and analysis.

Whether at home or in the catering trade, in the butcher’s shop or in other places – a meat grinder is an enormous workload relief and offers users of all needs only advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions: Meat Grinders

How does a meat grinder work?

The principle of how a meat grinder works is as simple as it is effective. The first thing to do is to roughly chop the material to be processed, for example meat, fish or vegetables, in order to make it easier to fill the funnel of the mincer.

From said funnel, the pieces are transported or forwarded on a type of screw conveyor, this being done either manually, for example with the aid of a hand crank attached to the meat grinder. Or the electric motor can be used, provided the device is equipped with one.

Motorized meat grinders usually work much faster and are therefore ideal for use in butchers, butchers and restaurants.

A meat grinder equipped with a motor is a very promising alternative wherever as much minced meat or sausage meat has to be produced in the shortest possible time.

Special Features

As soon as the filled, roughly cut pieces have reached the end of the integrated screw conveyor – this is usually the case within fractions of a second – they are pressed against a rapidly rotating knife disc. This disk is usually attached directly in front of a further, perforated disk, the round openings of which can be designed as required. The food is then pressed through these discs and crushed in the process. There is also the option of adding other ingredients, such as spices, to the mass to be processed during the painting process.

Depending on whether the end product, which is produced with the meat grinder, is to be coarse or particularly fine, the evenly arranged holes of the knife disc should also be designed. The bigger these are, the coarser the mass that can be produced with the meat grinder.

Basically, it is essential to use the appropriate knife disc before using the meat grinder. Of course, the device should be thoroughly clean beforehand in order to keep the potential risk as low as possible. It is worth knowing that the risk of bacteria or salmonella is particularly high with minced meat or sausage meat and special precautions must be taken accordingly.

What types of meat grinders are available?

Consumer demands for high quality food have risen sharply in recent years. Rightly. Because most consumers strive to feed themselves and their loved ones in the highest quality and multi-faceted way possible.

The demands placed on a meat grinder by the catering or the butcher industry are correspondingly high. So it’s no wonder that the selection has become very diverse in this regard. For example, a few years ago such a meat grinder was a device with which it was only possible to process pieces of meat into mince or sausage using leverage or manually, but quite a lot has happened here.

Certainly the crushing principle has remained the same in the broadest sense. But the possibilities of ensuring this in a high-quality form have changed. Much to the delight of quality-conscious consumers. Because the time saved when grinding meat in the course of this is impressive indeed.

How are meat grinders tested?

With meat grinders, nothing should be left to chance. In view of the fact that today there are very high requirements with regard to performance, quality, functionality, price and so on, it is not surprising that the customer looks very carefully when buying a new meat grinder.

It is irrelevant whether this involves manually operated or motorized meat grinders. The test criteria applicable in a test institute are therefore also user-oriented.

The meat grinders were tested, analyzed and rated by external experts according to these test criteria:

  • Even the outer packaging is included in the meat grinder test evaluation.
  • What about the quality? Is the meat grinder robust, scratch-resistant and are the individual components characterized by a long service life?
  • Is the selection of accessories appropriate? How many attachments are included in the scope of delivery? Are they easy to assemble or are they of good quality?
  • The security aspect plays a role. It is checked to what extent a possible hazard or injury potential could arise from the device or the knives located in it.
  • The slip resistance as well as the stability on the work surface are relevant.
  • The processing time is also a decisive test criterion: For example, how much meat can be processed or crushed per minute?
  • Is a pusher included?
  • Is the meat grinder easy to assemble or assemble and disassemble?
  • Is the device designed to be handy?
  • Can the meat grinder or the relevant parts be cleaned easily?
  • Last but not least, the price-performance ratio is of course also important.

As has been shown again and again in external meat grinder tests, good quality does not have to be expensive. In any case, it is the right of every customer to get an adequate product quality for his money. It is therefore important that all test criteria are fully met.

What meat grinder functions are important?

To put it in a nutshell: A meat grinder sometimes does “heavy work”. Such a device must therefore be designed to be robust and functional. Basically, a meat grinder should have these functions:

  • A meat grinder should chop or chop up meat, fish, dried baked goods or vegetables et cetera as “smoothly” as possible and at an adequate speed.
  • The knife or knives inside a meat grinder should be as self-sharpening as possible. In this way you can avoid removing the cutting tools from the device at regular intervals and sharpening them manually, which would be associated with a not inconsiderable expenditure of time. In the catering industry, but also in the butchers and butchers’ guild, everything has to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • The meat grinder should not slip on its work surface. It is therefore important that the device has either a rubber base that can be sucked in or non-slip rubber feet that do not lose their stability and adhesion even with greater effort. Because in this way there would be an increased risk of injury.
  • Ideally, the components of a meat grinder are dishwasher safe. The surface of a meat grinder should also be as scratch-resistant as possible so that no bacteria and germs accumulate. Purity and hygiene are particularly important in the food industry.
  • Demanding customers also appreciate it when the meat grinder has a pusher or a corresponding press flap so that the food to be processed does not have to be touched with the hands when it is poured into the funnel.
  • A high quality meat grinder is also characterized by the fact that not only a cutting knife and a perforated disc are included, but that several of these parts are included in the scope of delivery in different degrees of sharpness and sizes.
  • No matter whether big or small: A reliable and prompt operation of the meat grinder is essential. If it is necessary to adjust or move individual components before each use, this can also have a negative effect on the evaluation in a test.

In principle, very high demands are made on a meat grinder test winner in terms of functionality and performance.

Meat Grinder Alternatives

When it comes to finding adequate alternatives to the meat grinder, good advice can be expensive. In this regard, it is also important to consider your own wishes and requirements before deciding on such an alternative product.

It doesn’t hurt to first look at the basic properties of a meat grinder: The device should be able to chop a certain amount of meat, fish or vegetables, etc., or process it into mince or sausage meat at the most user-friendly speed possible. To get to the point, it is therefore no easy task to find an adequate alternative. Especially not when the demands on functionality, performance and quality are high.

Alternatives are of particular interest if they are of importance in terms of price, i.e. ultimately represent real savings. Otherwise hardly any consumer would be interested in doing without such an important product as the meat grinder.

Especially in the commercial sector, for example in the catering or butcher’s trade, it would be extremely bad advice to use an alternative to the meat grinder. Anyone who falls back on a classic kitchen appliance will soon notice that this is indeed a bad investment.

In the meantime there are certainly products on the market that work with a simple lever effect or with which the meat is filled through an opening and chopped by hand by operating the lever. But the fact is that such devices are really only designed for domestic use and are extremely unsuitable for use in the commercial sector.

Demanding customers, who are therefore primarily interested in “alternatives” in terms of price, would do well to have a look at a meat grinder test. Because in the course of this it quickly becomes apparent that it is quite easy to find high-quality meat grinders that meet individual requirements and that also represent a valuable “alternative” in terms of price.

So if you want to save money, you shouldn’t rely on “cheap” alternative products such as kitchen appliances or lever tools, etc. Because as soon as it turns out that they actually only do a limited job, they are disposed of anyway, so that the investment for this was completely superfluous … Therefore, it is advisable to use cheap meat grinders instead of spending a lot of money on alternatives.

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