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The 7 Best Gaming Controller for the PC in 2020

ps4 controller flying in air

Nowadays, even the hardcore PC gamers are starting to shift from Mouse & Keyboard over to a gaming controller. Many games are optimized for a controller as they are being published across Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, PC and more. Especially in third-person adventures, where the goals are irrelevant, a controller is ideal. Examples are the Dark Souls series, the Assassin’s Creed games or Monster Hunter: World. 

But there are many controllers on the market, and many of them are good. We introduce you to the pros and cons of the most popular pc controller to help you find the best one. By the way, all controllers mentioned here should be easy to connect to your PC or laptop. Not only are they compatible with their respective consoles but they are also compatible with other systems. Find out which gaming controller is the best for you.

What is the best PC Gaming Controller?

1. Xbox One Controller

The Microsoft Xbox One Controller is currently the undisputed standard for PC controllers and it is easy to see why it is. The gamepad for the PC is comfortable, chic, reliable and actually works with any game that just comes to your head. In addition, the Xbox One Controller can be connected to the computer via the USB cable as well as via Bluetooth. If you like to play wireless, you should definitely buy a charge kit. Many recommend the charging kit from AmazonBasics.

The D-Pad (directional pad) is going away from the circular style of the 360 controller and comes again in the form of a classic directional pad, which ensures better accuracy. However, this is not the case for fans of 2D fighting games like Street Fighter. The shoulder buttons are slightly curved so that the controller lies well in the hands and not only does it have a much more secure grip, but also every click is carried out with certainty. The sticks are also slightly curved inwards, which makes it very difficult for the thumb to slide off.

Another improvement over the 360 controller is the relocation of the menu button. This was raised further to avoid accidental inputs. When it comes to the quality of workmanship of an official Microsoft product, not much needs to be said. It is outstanding! And since the price is also below the average cost of the controller for consoles, everything here fits perfectly. 

Xbox Wireless Controller - Black
16,200 Reviews
Xbox Wireless Controller – Black
  • Compatible with Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, Windows 10
  • Includes Bluetooth technology for gaming on Windows 10 PCs…
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2. Xbox Elite Controller

If you have the opportunity to hold the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 times in your hands for about ten minutes, you will understand why this is the best PC controller of all time for us. Everything about this pad screams luxury. The customization options of the Elite Series 2 are almost unlimited and offer you full control over gameplay. The switch buttons and the D-Pad can be replaced in no time at all and even the degree of tension of the thumb sticks can be adjusted as desired. The weight of the controller is also comfortable in the hands and even after a half-day Call of Duty: Modern Warfare session, we never had a bad feeling.

One of the most important differences between series 1 and 2 is the included charging station, which is also a carrying case and supplies the battery with up to 40 hours of runtime. Games from the Google Play and App Store can also be played with the controller using a smartphone. The Elite Series 2 is simply connected to the respective device via Bluetooth.

The controller is probably a bit too expensive for most, but if you take gaming seriously, you will appreciate the customization and operation of the Elite Series 2.

Elite Series 2 Controller – Black
  • Play like a pro with the all new Xbox elite wireless…
  • Tailor the controller with new interchangeable thumbstick…
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  • Stay in the game for longer with upto 40 hours of…
  • MSRP $179.99

3. PlayStation Dual Shock 4

While many Xbox One consoles are in circulation, sales of the Sony Playstation 4 have long since overshadowed those of the Microsoft console. The majority also plays with the Dualshock 4 controller. The good news is that this controller can also be connected to the PC. The bad, it’s a little more complicated than a simple plug and play.

Sony’s DualShock 4 comes with a small premium, and as great as the Xbox One controller may be, Sony has somehow managed to process this premium in the right place, in comfort and quality. The sticks are a little larger than those of the Microsoft controller and are therefore easier to control. The handles also feel a bit more comfortable. In addition, the DualShock 4 boasts a rechargeable battery. Once you start to get used to it, it feels as if this feature should be a standard today.

Another advantage if you use the DualShock 4 as a PC controller and want to play games via Remote Play or PlayStation Now is that you don’t have to worry about finding out which button will now trigger the square of the Playstation controller.

But now for the bad part, if the game you plan to play on the PC does not supports the DualShock 4, it will be a little more difficult to establish the connection. For this you need software like InputMapper, which makes the game “think” that you play with an Xbox controller. After the software is installed and the DualShock 4 is connected to the PC, you can simply start playing, whether with a cable or without.

Apart from that, the DualShock 4 is a fantastic PC controller. If you already have a PS4, you can also use its controller directly for your PC if you have no problem with the little extra work. But if you are looking for a new PC gamepad, there are definitely easier solutions.

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 - Midnight Blue
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DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – Midnight Blue
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  • Note: Kindly refer to the user manual provided as a PDF…

4. Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Although we admittedly prefer to play with a wireless PC controller, Razer has won the advantages of wired pads for competitive games with the Wolverine Ultimate Controller. The controller can be used for both the PC and the Xbox One and has strongly reminded us of the Xbox One Elite Controller.

The Wolverine Ultimate also offers numerous, unique and above all useful additional functions. The action keys are assigned A, B, X and Y as usual on the Xbox controller and strongly reminded us of clicking a mouse when pressed. Even if this little detail may sound like little, it has made a huge difference for us. You could possibly compare it with a change from a normal keyboard to one with mechanical keys. While the supplied 3m USB cable seemed a bit annoying, the tactile buttons made up for it.

Of course, a peripheral device from Razer will no longer be able to do without RGB lighting. The company has also gotten to work and developed an app especially for Xbox One users. Unfortunately, everyone who wants to use the Wolverine Ultimate as a PC controller and want to make cosmetic changes must do so in advance on the console.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate
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Razer Wolverine Ultimate
  • With interchangeable thumbsticks and two interchangeable D…
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5. Steam Controller

The Steam Controller is difficult to compare with other controllers because, unlike traditional controllers, it tries to replace the mouse and keyboard. With the Steam Controller, you can play all games comfortably from the sofa on the TV – even games that were developed without controller support. The Steam Controller uses two large touchpads to replace the mouse. It has the usual four action buttons, start and menu button, as well as four triggers on the back and two buttons on the handle.

The Steam Controller is very hard to get used to. Personally, therefore, we would still prefer mouse and keyboard over a Steam controller. But if you prefer to play from the sofa, the Steam Controller is worth a look.

Steam Controller
4,032 Reviews
Steam Controller
  • Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite…
  • Features dual trackpads, HD haptic feedback, dual-stage…
  • Dual trackpads allow for 1:1 absolute position input via…
  • Dual-stage triggers can be used as analog, digital, or both…
  • Each of the Steam Controller’s input zones and buttons has…

6. Xbox 360 Controller

The Xbox 360 controller is still a very good controller despite its age. It is a bit smaller than the Xbox One controller and therefore ideally suited for very small hands. It is very light, which is pleasant for longer sessions. The key layout is very similar to that of the Xbox One controller.

The Xbox 360 controller is best suited for gamers with small hands.

7. Logitech F710 Gamepad

This PC controller has won our hearts and is by far the cheapest model on our list. The Logitech F710 not only costs half as much as the wireless Xbox One gamepad, but also weighs less than half.

Despite its solid build quality, the D-Pad feels a little loose and especially with faster games there were slight problems with the controls. The shoulder buttons also felt uncomfortable and offered too much resistance. Nonetheless, for casual gamers, the Logitech F710 remains the best PC controller and simply unbeatable in terms of price.

Logitech Gamepad F710
1,952 Reviews
Logitech Gamepad F710
  • 2.4 ghz wireless connectivity
  • Customizable controls with profiler software (requires…
  • Dual vibration motors support vibration feedback games
  • Works with windows xp, vista, windows 7 & windows 8

The controller is a nice addition to the mouse and keyboard.

We almost only play on the PC and in most cases with the mouse and keyboard. But every once in a while, it itches our fingers to play titles like Dark Souls or Assassin’s Creed. Then it is extremely convenient to have a controller at hand. You can get the best gaming experience from any controller mentioned above. Which controller suits you best is often a matter of personal preference.

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