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best potato graters

The Best Potato Graters in 2022

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

Norpro Stainless Steel Potato Grater, 1-Pack

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Küchenprofi Potato Grater/Shredder in 18/10 Stainless Steel

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ALLTOP Graters for Cheese,Nutmeg,Potato,Ginger and Garlic

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Alrens 3-in-1 Vegetable Slicer Shredder Grater for Potato

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5 in 1 Rotary Graters-VEKAYA Kitchen Veggie Mandoline Slicer and Potato Slicer

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Vinipiak Potato Grater

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What is a potato grater & how does it work?

With a potato grater, the production of potato puffers is much easier in comparison. According to the test, the models differ in appearance and design. Graters are among the most popular kitchen utensils. With it, you can grind raw vegetables and potatoes in a very short time during the practical test.

Types of potato graters

A potato grater can be used mechanically or electrically. While mechanical models are slightly cheaper in comparison, they require a little more force.

Electric graters, on the other hand, offer you the advantage of quickly grating a wide variety of foods during a test. In return, however, they are power-bound and usually a bit louder during a test run, like mechanical variants.

How are potato graters tested?

In a potato grater comparison, 5 criteria are particularly important.

Ease of operation
In a test, particular attention is paid to how easy it is to operate a grater. Depending on the model, the vines can be operated by hand or electrically. The electric version makes the work faster compared to the manual grater.

Robustness of the grater
Graters that were chosen as comparison winners in a test are made of stainless steel. They are not only robust, but also easy to clean.

Versatile use
A good grater you should be able to use for a wide variety of vegetables, fruits or cheeses. A test can show how versatile a specific device is.

Beautiful design
According to tests, many modern potato graters have a great look. They do not need to be stored in a drawer after use.

Since graters are very sharp, they should ensure safe handling. A finger guard should be present on a grater.

Common issues of potato graters

The five most common defects according to potato grater test are:

  • Only limited quantities can be grated
  • High effort required
  • Does not clean well
  • Holes or blade parts are too blunt
  • Electric model works too loudly
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