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best pc racing wheels

The Best PC Racing Wheels in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel

 Our Pick
Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel
8,387 Reviews
Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • Works on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC – Driving force is…
  • Realistic force feedback – G920 driving force is engineered…
  • Quality construction – With solid steel ball bearings in the…
  • Easy-access game controls – The D-Pad and console buttons…
  • Responsive pedal unit – The G920 comes with a separate floor…

PXN PC Racing Wheel, V3II

PXN PC Racing Wheel, V3II
1,402 Reviews
PXN PC Racing Wheel, V3II
  • 6 IN 1 RACING WHEEL : Compatible for Xbox one/Xbox Series…
  • MORE RACING GAMES: Compatible with most racing games on the…
  • 180 DEGREE ROTATION : Imitation racing wheel ergonomics…
  • Collapsible simulation pedals with Gas and Braking control.

HORI Racing Wheel

HORI Racing Wheel
2,668 Reviews
HORI Racing Wheel
  • Officially Licensed by Sony, and Compatible with PS4, PS3,…
  • Optimize performance on PS5 with firmware update
  • Full-size racing wheel and pedals optimized for authentic…
  • 270 degree turn radius with adjustable output options
  • Mount security with sturdy clamp system

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel
2,859 Reviews
Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel
  • 900 Degree force feedback base. Mixed belt-pulley and Gears…
  • Realistic “competition” wheel design: 11”/28 cm in…
  • Xbox One certified Embedded software: the racing wheel is…
  • English, French (Subtitles)

Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel
1,947 Reviews
Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel
  • Official racing simulator for PS4 and Windows.
  • 900 degree Force Feedback system: Mixed belt-pulley and…
  • Comes along side with the T3PA 3-pedal pedal set: 100% metal…
  • Sequential gear shifts are facilitated by the two large…
  • 11 inch/28 cm diameter racing wheel, with an ergonomic…

Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel
1,546 Reviews
Thrustmaster Ferrari Racing Wheel
  • Some games not compatible with product. Firmware updates may…
  • 100% compatible wheel in all racing games on PlayStation 3…
  • Wheel handles with Ferrari-like red rubber texture coating;…
  • Fully programmable: 2 sequential levers + 11 action buttons…
  • Thrustmaster bungee cord exclusive system provided for…

Frequently Asked Questions: PC Racing Wheels

What is a PC racing wheel?

A PC steering wheel is also called a gaming steering wheel, but you should not confuse it with a conventional car steering wheel. It is merely a replica that you can connect to the PC. Now, the steering wheel simulates driving in a vehicle in racing simulations.

However, a PC steering wheel from a comparison table can also be used for flight simulations if suitable thrust controls and elevator are available. As a rule, however, a PC steering wheel from a test is only intended for racing games. The big advantage of the PC steering wheel from a product test is that you get a feeling like in the car.

You no longer control the virtual car via the keyboard or a controller, but with a steering wheel, which results in greater gaming fun in comparison.

How does a PC racing wheel work?

The connection of the PC steering wheel from a slave position as well as the PC is usually made via a USB cable, which is simply plugged into a suitable USB socket of the PC. This not only transfers the data, but also supplies the steering wheel with power. Otherwise, you can easily compare a PC steering wheel with a real steering wheel. Just like in a car, the steering linkage transmits the movements to the wheels.

Via the sensors on the PC steering wheel from a test, the commands are transmitted to the virtual race in a matter of seconds. The gearshift, on the other hand, can be found directly on the steering wheel or separately in the practical test.

You can also still use pedals for acceleration, brake and clutch. These simply stand on the floor and are operated by foot. It is usually the case that you have to connect the pedals from a lineup separately to the PC.

Advantages of a PC racing wheel

There are many reasons why you should choose a PC steering wheel from a test. Studies have shown that driving with a PC steering wheel is much more fun. You no longer sit at the keyboard and get an unnatural driving experience, but you can feel like you are in the cockpit. As a result, you achieve a much more intuitive driving experience during the test.

The closeness to reality also speaks for the PC steering wheel from a comparison, because during the test run you will no longer feel as if you were sitting at the PC. Another big plus is that the difficulty level of the game is increased if you haven’t often driven with the PC steering wheel from a test. While this may take some getting used to at first, you’ll soon be driving around every corner quickly with the comparison winner.

Of course, a PC steering wheel in comparison has a very specific field of application. You cannot connect the device from a suitability test to consoles, such as the Xbox or Playstation.

However, there are some exceptions in the PC steering wheel test, which are tailored to several systems. However, this is rather rare. Otherwise, you can drive almost all types of racing simulations with a PC steering wheel. Make sure beforehand that the game is compatible with a PC steering wheel from a test. Otherwise, you test the steering wheel, but nothing happens.

Advantages of PC racing wheels

When comparing the different steering wheels, you quickly notice that there is a high level of congruence. You don’t know exactly what the differences are and what to look out for. For this reason, we show you the three most common types of gaming steering wheels in the test. You will quickly recognize the similarity, but also the differences.

PC racing wheels without vibration function

One of the simplest models in the PC steering wheel test is a steering wheel without vibration function, which also does without force feedback. In this respect, you do not feel anything in case of vibrations, for example, when you drive over a gravel road in the game. Therefore, the driving experience in a test is not as realistic as in a real vehicle. For this, however, the PC steering wheel without vibration function is ideal if you just want to test out this type of accessory or use it only rarely. After all, a PC steering wheel without vibration function is cheaper compared to the other products.

The advantages:

  • Quite cheap in comparison
  • Ideal as an entry-level device
  • Simple handling

The disadvantages:

  • No force feedback and no vibrations
  • Not so realistic

PC racing wheels with vibration function

Another type in the PC steering wheel test is a product with vibration function. It is relatively cheap and therefore worth considering. The evaluation showed that the PC steering wheel with vibration function is easier to use than a product with force feedback.

You can also feel one or two vibrations, so racing games seem more realistic. For gamers who only use the PC steering wheel from a comparison every now and then, such a product is recommended, because you have to do without the realistic force feedback. However, you also pay less money for it.

The advantages:

  • In the middle price segment
  • Practical vibration function
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Ideal for players who only play once in a while


  • Dispenses with force feedback
  • Only vibrations possible

PC racing wheels with force feedback

Do you drive on the PC every day in various racing simulations? In this case, you cannot do without a PC steering wheel with force feedback. In comparison, the steering wheels are equipped with one or two motors, which ensure that there is a recoil while driving. For example, when you drive over bumps in the ground.

This makes the driving experience of the PC steering wheel with force feedback very realistic and especially fun. However, there are also disadvantages, as a check shows. First and foremost, steering wheels with force feedback are the most expensive type in the test. In addition, the handling can be quite complicated, especially at the beginning.

The advantages:

  • Very realistic driving experience
  • High-quality workmanship

The disadvantages:

  • Highest price in comparison
  • Complicated handling

What should I look for when buying PC racing wheels?

You should not simply buy a PC steering wheel from a test, but it is important that you compare the different products beforehand. Of course, there are various points to pay attention to when buying, such as force feedback. This makes the driving experience feel much more realistic.

An alternative can be a vibration function, which imitates the race track with small jerks. Keep in mind that a PC steering wheel with force feedback often costs the most. Also important is the steering angle, i.e. how far you can turn the steering wheel.

Depending on the product, the steering angle varies between 180 and 900 degrees. For real race cars, 900 degrees is normal, which is why these steering wheels are particularly popular. In addition, you need to take a close look at the steering resistance. When driving a car, steering is not always smooth, which is why you sometimes have to turn more or less. Steering resistance can be used to imitate this.

However, also look at the pedals that come with most of the devices from a PC steering wheel review. Pedals are great for shifting gears, accelerating, or braking. It is important that the pedals are secure and do not slip constantly.

The table mounting should also be considered, because you don’t want the PC steering wheel to constantly slip away or wobble. The mounting must be very stable. The haptics is the feeling in your hands when you touch the PC steering wheel. Especially high-quality materials feel good, so you feel like you’re in a race car. Finally, take a look at the complete workmanship.

How to connect a PC racing wheel?

To enjoy a steering wheel from a test, you need to pay attention to how you connect the device. Otherwise, it will not work or you will not be able to enjoy all the features. Fortunately, connecting the PC steering wheel in comparison is quite simple. We will show you how it works in five steps.

Step 1

It is always a good idea to take a look at the user manual before connecting it. This is very practical, because here you can directly read how to connect the PC steering wheel from a test. It also describes what to look out for and how to set up the PC steering wheel from a comparison later. Thus, you save yourself a lot of trouble and hassle.

Step 2

Next, you should fix the PC steering wheel from a test. You need a free space at your desk, preferably directly in front of the screen. If you don’t have enough space, there are even special tables in stores that are only designed for steering wheels. Pay close attention to the fact that the PC steering wheel from a comparison sits well. It must not wobble, otherwise it can happen that the PC steering wheel from a test falls off or slips while driving.

Step 3

Most of the steering wheels from a test can be easily connected to the PC via the USB port. That means you need a free USB socket. You can find it either at the front of the tower or on its back. It is also often the case that you can connect various steering wheels with consoles in comparison. However, you will need a special adapter, which is not always included.

Step 4

Most computers will automatically install the PC steering wheel from a test. This means that as soon as you connect the steering wheel, the data is transferred to the PC and it automatically sets up the new device. If not, a driver is included with each product. Insert the CD and install the driver to get the best results.

Step 5

With many racing simulations, it is common that you configure the PC steering wheel from a test beforehand so that you can drive perfectly later. First, however, you have to check whether the respective racing simulation supports a PC steering wheel from a comparison at all. Especially in smaller games, which are not backed by a large development team, a steering wheel is not over-supported. However, this is not a problem for about 95 percent of all racing simulations.

PC Racing Wheel Accessories

A PC steering wheel from a test is already at accessory for the PC, but there are also many accessories for it. The right seat is important, because you want to sit comfortably while playing and at the same time feel like you are in a vehicle. That’s why there are matching playseats. Just as practical is a wheelstand, i.e. a desk especially for the PC steering wheel from a test. Gloves can be just as practical, because after about 30 minutes, driving the PC steering wheel from a test can become a sweaty affair.

Suitable gloves prevent this and ensure grip. It’s a similar story with shoes, because you’ll easily slip off the pedals with socks. Kart shoes are a good choice, but sneakers and sneakers with a thin sole are also suitable. They provide more grip and good braking pressure. If no pedals are supplied, these are another accessory. But gear shifters or a button box have also proven themselves in the PC steering wheel test.

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