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best raclette grills

The Best Raclette Grills in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

The raclette grill scores with Teflon plates and pans, in which delicious dishes can be conjured up. Our team of experts scrutinized various tests on the Internet in order to create a list of the best that included performance, dimensions, weight and many other functions.

Boska Holland Partyclette To-Go Taste

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Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette

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Indoor Grill Electric Grill, Techwood Indoor Smokeless Grill

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Indoor Grill Electric Grill Griddle CUSIMAX Smokeless Grill

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AONI Electric Raclette Grill Smokeless Party Grill

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Artestia Electric Raclette Grill with High Density

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Boska Holland Milano Collection Mini Raclette Set

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Frequently Asked Questions: Raclette Grills

What is a raclette?

A raclette is a great way to prepare delicious meals and a varied meal for all occasions. Of the kitchen appliances, raclettes are easy to use and inexpensive appliances that are quick to use and easy to maintain. The best raclette can be used with little fat consumption and has the tastiest results.

The raclettes differ slightly in size and handling and, depending on your preferences, you should choose a model that offers enough space for the food to be prepared with all participants in the raclette meal.

There are delicious preparation methods for raclettes, with recipes that everyone loves and that enable really cozy evenings with food or lunch for a big appetite.

How are raclette grills tested?

The test of devices shows that, in comparison, very different properties can be recorded and a test of the equipment that special properties of grill plates and pans also meet the wishes of customers. The raclettes have been designed very differently and differ in size and design.

The plates on which the delicacies are prepared are also made of completely different materials. Depending on your wishes, you can choose a suitable product.

A raclette test can be carried out according to various criteria. A comparison of raclettes in the test shows that certain models have a special non-stick coating and a special ceramic surface, while other models can have scratch-resistant and easy-to-care-for structures. Raclette buyers are interested in testing the handling and comparing prices and features. Quality is also important.

Raclette models that have a capacity for many people and still require a small space on the table are practical. Depending on the needs, a comparison can be made that a very important test criterion are the cooking time and the regulation of the temperature.

In the test comparison, the raclette with the best equipment is most recommended for users and, for example, a material such as a stone slab is often particularly easy to handle in order to get an even tan.

A comparison of the devices can also show how powerful the heating is and how gentle the preparation is. Because the inimitable aroma of the raclette is obtained above all when the food is gently heated. The test also finds out how the dishes can be most easily prepared, depending on the model, and how the individual participants in the raclette meal get along with it. In general, all models are designed so that the pans are easily accessible and everyone can quickly serve their own portion. Raclette is a lot of fun and everyone is happy to put together their own additional portion.


For a successful raclette meal, the device can be set up on the table and the individual ingredients can be prepared. All participants in the raclette meal can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and a test of the raclettes in the different branded products shows that customer needs are met in different ways.

With a raclette, it is important that it stands on a stable surface and a plate or a surface on which the food can be gently prepared. The device should be easy to maintain. In the test, it turns out that easy handling corresponds to what the kitchen wants.

Temperature control

Another aspect is that the temperature control can be carried out flexibly and according to your wishes, while the cooking works as quickly and easily as you want. For those interested in a new raclette, it is important to know how everything works and how many people can participate in a raclette meal.

In the raclette comparison test, the individual devices can show their strengths and, for example, offer a special capacity like the raclette from Korona.

Even for raclette parties with many people, everyone will find a small pan here and can adequately fulfill their own culinary wishes. The raclette meal always finds its climax in the serving of delicious dishes that everyone can warm up and then enjoy.

What do I have to look out for when buying a raclette?

A raclette should always meet your own needs and meet your own needs in terms of the capacity of the pans, as well as in terms of temperature control and maintenance.

A comparison of the products in the test clearly shows that the manufacturers value a beautiful design with functionally appealing technology and easy operation.

The comparison shows that the higher-priced models offer more performance and are therefore recommended.

What are the common disadvantages of raclette grills?

The devices offered in the test comparison are primarily designed for raclette participants who occasionally host such a meal and prepare the best dishes and eat together in a small company.

  • Unfortunately, with some devices there is little space for the big appetite and it is advisable to buy a second device. The products have different properties.
  • There are devices with ceramic or glass plates on which the dishes are prepared. Stone slabs or stainless steel slabs are also conceivable and, depending on the buyer’s wishes, you can purchase a corresponding device. These panels have different properties in terms of use and maintenance. It is only possible to use the product properly if you follow the care instructions. Therefore you should read the operating instructions and follow them completely.
  • If the device is used frequently, it must be cleaned again and again. For devices that take up more space, you have to see how they can be accommodated in the kitchen. For small companies it is therefore advisable to use rather small devices. If you want to cater to more people, you have to use devices with a larger grill surface or buy several devices. A raclette should always visually match the interior.
  • If you are looking for a suitable device, you should also consider the design accordingly. The market offers so many different brand models that the best device is available for everyone.
  • A test and comparison of the products shows that a device should only be selected after thorough research and then bought. A serious disadvantage arises when a customer has bought a device that would not be suitable for certain dishes that visitors would like to have or whose ingredients they have unwittingly brought with them.
  • Then the joy is there if you take into account what preferences the guests have with the ingredients and dishes. The models are generally easy to use, but before each purchase you should check whether they meet your own needs. It is therefore advisable to go through the descriptions carefully and compare them with your own preferences. In the test comparison, the customers are absolutely satisfied with the models of the higher-priced products, while the cheaper brands are also in demand.
  • The first-class products in particular can be used without hesitation. You have to be careful that the small pans are not too small and that there is space for them on the grill plate and that they can be reached from anywhere on the table. It is also important that nothing accidentally falls off the pan and lands on or next to the grill plate. Once the cooking level has been selected according to the requirements, grilling fun can begin.
  • If you choose a higher level, you have to be careful that the food is really carefully prepared and that it is well done. For a group of guests, a raclette meal is a welcome opportunity to have a nice meal and enjoy the company.
  • A suitable device that meets the wishes of the guests is recommended for everyone. There should be no disadvantages for guests who use more unusual ingredients. Because the preparation should be flexible. Fortunately, you can decide for yourself how long a dish should be heated up and with a grill on the top plate you can see exactly when a dish is really done.
  • If you have an intermediate deck, you don’t necessarily see the browning level and you have to keep checking how far the preparation is. The price, the workmanship, the handling and the size should not result in any disadvantages for the buyer. Therefore, one should thoroughly study the test and the comparison beforehand.

Which ingredients and dishes can be prepared with a raclette grill?

Mainly grilled vegetables, salads and grilled dishes as well as mushrooms and especially cheese. When comparing the devices, most users can primarily use the brands that allow the ingredients to cook quickly. Those who prepare their meals comfortably will be happy about the devices in comparison, which are the easiest to use here.

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