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The 6 Best Robot Mops in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

We tested more than 10 robot mops. The best for most is the iRobot Braava Jet M6. It cleans several large rooms of up to 50 square meters without interruption and with one battery charge and one tank of fresh water. We don’t have to top up the water every few minutes, replace the cleaning cloth or constantly carry the device to the charging station. After the work is done, the Braava drives back to the charging station, from where it will start up again soon.

More and more devices are coming onto the market with pure vacuum robots that either have an additional wiping function or have specialized entirely in wet wiping.

The tested devices are priced between US$100 and US$650 and are therefore not exactly cheap. The little robots performed more or less passably, but only a few recommendations were really good.

Read our test about the best robot vacuum cleaners.

1. iRobot Braava Jet M6

 Our Pick
iRobot Braava Jet M6
6,959 Reviews
iRobot Braava Jet M6
  • THE ULTIMATE ROBOT MOP – The Braava jet m6 robot mops like…
  • GUIDED BY SERIOUS SMARTS – With vSLAM navigation, the m6…
  • MOPS MESSES IN THE MOMENT – Coffee spill on the floor, Dog…
  • COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR CLEAN – With Smart Mapping, your…

The iRobot Braava Jet M6 combines cleaning appointments and independent charging with a large water tank and an effective wiping movement. It cleans easily for 1.5 hours. The Braava can do what good vacuum robots can do: create no-go zones and rooms in a floor plan of your living space. These can then be approached differently for the cleaning appointments.

The Braava Jet M6 can only wipe, so its volume is very low. Because it has no moving parts, damage to cables etc. is virtually impossible. Before using the Braava, you should have a robot vacuum cleaner do the work first or vacuum by hand.

2. Proscenic M7 PRO

 Our Pick
Proscenic M7 PRO
3,145 Reviews
Proscenic M7 PRO
  • [Separately Sold] Intelligent Dust Collector: This system…
  • Advanced Laser Technology: Upgraded laser navigation system…
  • Selective Cleaning: It gives you control on where you want…
  • Super Powerful Suction: Powered by a Nidec brushless motor,…
  • 5200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery: The extra-large battery…

The Proscenic M6 PRO not only cleans and wipes at the same time, no, its advanced mapping with laser navigation allows cleaning planning for each individual room. Only the test winner can do that.

Compared to the many robots that simply pull a damp cloth under themselves, its cleaning effect is better thanks to the Y movement. In addition, the heavy weight of the robot weighs evenly on the wiping cloth. In the app you can define cleaning dates and rooms, but also adjust the amount of water for wiping. The wiping pads are reusable.

3. iRobot Braava Jet 240

 Our Pick
iRobot Braava Jet 240 Superior Robot Mop
10,671 Reviews
iRobot Braava Jet 240 Superior Robot Mop
  • Superior robot mop with precision jet spray and vibrating…
  • Gets into hard to reach places, including under and around…
  • Automatically selects the correct cleaning mode based on the…
  • Mops and sweeps finished hard floors including hardwood,…
  • Maximized edge design gets into corners and along edges;…

4. Kyvol Cybovac E31

No products found.

5. iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550)

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550)
4,968 Reviews
iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550)
  • EMPTIES ON ITS OWN – Forget about vacuuming for months at a…
  • GUIDED BY SERIOUS SMARTS – With vSLAM navigation, the s9…
  • DETAILED POWERFUL CLEAN – PerfectEdge Technology with…

6. Neato Robotics D7

Neato Robotics D7
2,892 Reviews
Neato Robotics D7
  • Corner-cleaning ‘D’ design — round robots can’t reach…
  • Intuitive & Easy. Neato’s advanced engineering is all…
  • Laser-guided mapping — D7 technology intelligently…
  • Floor cleaning for carpets, hardwood, kitchen tiles –…
  • Pet hair specialist — imagine your floors without pet hair….

Robot Mops: All You Need To Know

Mopping robots are mostly robot vacuum cleaners with an additional mopping function, but there are also devices that only mop. Combination devices with a wiping function have, in addition to the functionality of the vacuum robot, a water tank and a wiping base. Ultimately, this is nothing more than a flat board to which a cleaning rag is attached. The water flows out of the tank by itself or is applied drop by drop to the attached cloth using a pump.

Spray nozzles are a third way of applying water. They splash water on the floor every few seconds. The iRobot Braava Jet M6 and the Medion MD18379 work like this. The following wiper rag distributes it or the cleaning roller picks it up.

The tank of mopping robots is usually removable so that it can be easily refilled at the sink. It is only rarely built into the device.

How good are the robot mopping result?

While the vacuuming colleagues pick up dust, sand or hair, the mopping robots take care of the surface: the last remaining dust is removed with a damp wipe and the surfaces are given a nice, clean shine.

You shouldn’t expect more: greasy, sticky or even dry stains that need to soak are not something that a combination device or a specialized robot mop like the Braava 390t can handle. This simply requires more mechanical force than a 3 to 4 kilogram device could provide.

In plain language, this means that you can have a mopping robot drive for everyday use, but your mop will still be responsible for the basic cleaning – up to the corners and under every cupboard.

Can Robot Mops clean a carpet?

Some mopping robots also drive over carpets, others go on strike. That depends on the construction: The Braava 390t lies with its entire weight on the cleaning rag and pushes itself over tiles, parquet or linoleum. This contributes to the useful cleaning effect.

Textile coverings, even if they are flat, are insurmountable obstacles for him. The robot initially pushes itself on the carpet, but turns around when it notices the excessive resistance of the underground. This is how the iRobot Braava Jet M6 reacts.

Combination devices that vacuum and mop, on the other hand, can usually run over flat floor coverings or rooms with carpets. This is the case with the Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid, ZACO V5sPro, Blaupunkt Bluebot XBoost, ZACO A9s, Deebot Ozmo 610, Deebot Ozmo Slim 10, ZACO V80 and the Proscenic M6 PRO. Before buying, you should pay close attention to the information on suitable floor coverings.

Floor Damage & Maintenance

Mopping robots clean with wet mopping microfiber cloths (iRobot Braava Jet M6) or cleaning rollers, which you have to buy specifically for your model. You can wash out such reusable towels or rolls by hand or in the washing machine and use them for many months. At some point, however, a replacement will be due.

There is also the change of side brushes, roller brushes and HEPA filters. Expect at least one change per year.

It is best to check before you buy what consumption costs will be incurred.

As with the simple vacuum cleaner robots, the side and roller brushes have to be freed of curled hair and the like on a regular basis. You should clean the inside of the water tank every three months with vinegar or a special cleaning liquid.

Mopping robots have a tank with 120 to 850 milliliters of water. That’s not enough to flood the apartment.

Nevertheless: In unfavorable cases, for example if the side brushes get tangled in a thin cable, the robot can lie where the wet wipe is. Then the rag soaks the floor for hours. Nothing happens to tiles or plastic coverings, but water stains can cause permanent damage on wooden floorboards or real wood parquet. This is also the case when the robot drives into the loading bay with the wet rag or stops on a wooden floor after work.

To prevent this from happening right from the start, you should place the charging base of robots with a wiping function on tiles or a water-resistant surface. If the mopping robot is active, you should also be back in the apartment as soon as possible in order to free it after a malfunction and to remove the wet cleaning rag.

Because of the wetness problem, some manufacturers do without programmable working hours. The robots can then only be started manually, for example the Braava 390t.

Many others, on the other hand, can drive according to the schedule and then return to the charging base, such as the iRobot Braava Jet M6, Proscenic M6 PRO or ZACO A9s.

The Best Robot Mops: Our Test

For the test, we procured more than 10 robot mops in several stages and subjected them to a comparison test. The most important question: Does the cost-benefit ratio speak for the robot? Are we faster, more thorough and cleaner with the mop?

In order to answer this question for every robot, we took a close look at the devices. In other words: We used them in our household. We answered the following questions ourselves:

How much effort does it take to operate the device? We are done with the mop on our ground floor within half an hour, including filling the bucket and putting away the tools. Of course, the robot takes longer and is not as thorough. It doesn’t get into every corner and it doesn’t even put the chair aside. So for a ride that covers almost everything, you’d have to put all your chairs up and tidy the floor properly. You have to do the same with the mop, but not so consistently. The mopping robot must be brought into position for its journey and then collected again – unless it leaves its charging station.

How many programs are there and how do I set them up? Robots have more or less programs that can be selected by pressing a button on the device, on the remote control or in the app. Device buttons and remote controls have proven to be more practical, because nobody wants to fumble on their smartphone while cleaning. The devices should offer at least a point cleaning, an area mode and edge and corner travel.

How often does water need to be refilled? Mopping robots sometimes have tiny fresh water tanks. These have to be refilled, at least after every trip. Some devices report by voice when the tank is empty.

How much time does it take to clean the tanks or wipes? Even if only fresh water is filled in, such a tank must be rinsed every few months with detergent or vinegar.

If there is a dirty water tank, it should be rinsed with a cleaning agent every time after work is finished and every two to three weeks. The wipes can usually be rinsed by hand and some of them can be washed in the washing machine.

In the test, the robots had to prove themselves on tiles and on parquet. We tried the selective cleaning on the tiles and smeared chocolate once and quark once on the floor. We wanted to know how well the robots can remove those dirty spots that are already a bit dry and greasy.

Test Winner: iRobot Braava Jet M6

The iRobot Braava Jet M6 finally brings the scheduling convenience of a good vacuum cleaner robot to the world of wet mopping. It drives off on his wet-proof charging station and returns again. Modern mapping with rooms and no-go zones is also on board. Ultimately, the most important thing is also liked, the cleaning performance. It is achieved by spraying and moving back and forth.

 Our Pick
iRobot Braava Jet M6
6,959 Reviews
iRobot Braava Jet M6
  • THE ULTIMATE ROBOT MOP – The Braava jet m6 robot mops like…
  • GUIDED BY SERIOUS SMARTS – With vSLAM navigation, the m6…
  • MOPS MESSES IN THE MOMENT – Coffee spill on the floor, Dog…
  • COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR CLEAN – With Smart Mapping, your…

The iRobot Braava Jet M6 had to run on tiles and floorboards in the test. With its height of nine centimeters, the Braava fits under many cupboards, chests of drawers or beds.

In the quick cleaning mode, i.e. with little liquid and little overlap, the water tank easily covers 60 square meters. In maximum mode, it’s over after 30 square meters. We do not recommend this mode for unsealed wooden floors, as sometimes a lot of water remains. However, we have never been able to detect puddles.

In auto mode, the Braava will immediately cover the entire floor. We wanted to have a map created and that works in learning mode by cleaning all connected rooms several times. The Braava Jet M6 then suggests rooms on the map. We can change, accept and name them.

No-go zones are the next step. We define what the robot should avoid.

It becomes interesting when planning. We determine the right rooms for each cleaning appointment. Kitchen and hallway every day, the study only twice a week. No other mopping robot offers such a detailed planning and only a few of the vacuum robots are able to do this. A map of the operating area is often drawn, but it only serves as a report.

The iRobot can continue mode, so it can reload in between and then continue. The Braava Jet M6 comments on all processes verbally.

There is another advantage for technical reasons: As a pure mopping robot, the Braava has no moving parts apart from its wheels. Getting caught on laces or cables should be rare.

The charging station with cable management and the base plate were successful so that the mopping robot does not stand on the wooden planks with a wet cloth during the charging process.

The Braava Jet M6 is very quiet during the cleaning process, the only audible noises come from the drive wheels and the spray nozzle.

Navigation in the room

iRobot relies on cameras for orientation in the Braava Jet M6. In the future, certain objects, such as animal excrement, could be recognized and avoided. Today, however, camera navigation has the disadvantage that it hardly works in the dark.

The M6 doesn’t like darkness either. The robot wipes a surface in 30 minutes when it is light, and takes almost 1.5 hours when it is completely dark. Added to this is the fear of potential buyers that the robot will constantly watch them.

The navigation works perfectly with light. The Braava Jet M6 finds its way around the room well, it rarely turns in a circle for orientation. It travels in overlapping paths, the robot circles small obstacles such as chair legs at a short distance. It drives past edges with a minimal distance, there are seldom edges of dust. Occasionally it encounters obstacles.

It only does the spraying process when the area in front is free. The spraying of valuable real wood furniture is almost impossible. However, before each spray, it backs up half a meter.

Cleaning Agent

iRobot includes a sample of its own hard floor cleaning solution. This is for tiles or other smooth, insensitive coverings. On our wooden floorboards, the Braava only ran water with a dash of vinegar.

In the instructions, the manufacturer writes that the robot can only be operated safely with the above Braava-Jet solution (or with water). No other cleaning solutions should be used. We don’t know if it should be slavishly followed.

We know from other manufacturers that decalcified or distilled water is prohibited. It is about metallic contacts that could corrode, or nozzles that calcify or are chemically attacked.

In addition to the cleaning agent, the box contains a reusable wet wipe and two disposable wet wipes. There is also a cloth for dry cleaning and two disposable cloths for the same purpose.

Stability & Quality

The compact Braava Jet M6 doesn’t have to hide in terms of workmanship. The exterior of the chassis is appealingly robust, and this also applies to the flap with the water tank underneath. The solid tank drips, but the water cannot damage anything, because the recess in which it is placed is like a tub.

The tank is mechanically fixed with the folding handle and the water connection is sealed. The tank could not even fall out if the device is upside down with the lid open.

At the front there is a circumferential bumper that mechanically registers obstacles. The cover is made of a matt, white plastic. The bumper edge is set off by a rubberized edge strip. A nozzle is integrated in the bumper, from which the robot sprays water onto the floor in front of it.

Cleaning & Comfort

On the top there are three buttons for spot cleaning, start / stop and return to the base station. With these buttons you can use the Braava independently of the app and the time control.

The Braava can be used with disposable or reusable mopping cloths. The latter can be washed by hand or in the machine. All cloths have a plastic carrier with which they are attached to the device. This wearer is unlikely to withstand ten machine washes, which is why we recommend hand washing.

Positive: The eject button for the mechanically attached wipes on the front. Sensitive people do not have to touch disposable wipes, they can fall straight into the rubbish bin.

It makes sense to fill the tank for dry wiping too

There are drying towels, some of which are already in the box. The machine recognizes by a code on the carrier whether it is dry or wet and starts the corresponding process with or without water.

Speaking of water: 475 milliliters fit in the tank. It is useful to keep this tank filled at all times, because then there is a higher weight on the cloth even when wiping dry.

With its height of almost nine centimeters, Braava fits almost anywhere underneath. Carpets are recognized and bypassed: the Braava Jet M6 recognizes permanently laid carpets through the suddenly increased frictional resistance. The low bumper recognizes any carpets lying on top as an obstacle.

Of course, the iRobot cannot remove encrusted food residues or greasy grease stains, its mechanical strength is not sufficient. In addition, it does not recognize whether in front of such a spot. Every area of the room is cleaned with the same intensity.

The robot first moves back, then it sprays water, then it drives back and forth again. Then things move on again. Thus, the Braava systematically drives four times over each area. That is more than any combined mopping and vacuuming robot can do. Loose dirt and dust are completely removed, everything shines with a pleasantly matt sheen.

Mopping Results

One thing is clear: the Braava Jet M6 takes its time. Our almost 50 square meters are cleaned in one to one and a half hours. The Braava systematically travels in tracks, avoiding double cleaning.

The cleaning performance is satisfactory to good, depending on the setting selected, and even very good for a robot.

Step 1: Basic cleaning with a dry wipe or vacuum cleaner

The disposable electrostatic dry wipe collects hair and dust. Alternatively, the reusable dry wipe included in the scope of delivery can be used.

However, we recommend a second robot vacuum cleaner for preliminary work, which picks up coarse dirt and hair. The working hours of the robots could be coordinated.

Step 2: Wet cleaning with a reusable cloth

The wet wiping multifunctional pad cleaned vinyl floors, tiles, laminate or floorboards with clear water. This removes dust, but also simple dried-on coffee stains.

Alternatively, you can add cleaning agents to the water if that corresponds to your floor covering. We advise against using chemical cleaning agents on oiled wooden floors. Here we just put some vinegar in the cleaning water.

The special iRobot cleaning agent is not a miracle product that suddenly removes stains that cannot be removed with simple water. We tried it, the results are not much better. The lack of cleaning pressure, the lack of exposure time but also the unheated water are the causes.

The cleaning agent helps to achieve a slightly better shine, but it is not completely streak-free even then. This is where wheel marks sometimes come into play – less on wooden floors and matt tiles, but more on vinyl and glossy tiles.

Three cleaning modes

In maximum mode, the iRobot drives more overlapping paths and sprays a lot of liquid. In the fastest mode, the overlap is less pronounced and significantly less fluid is used.

Stains are removed, the Braava Jet M6 can do that better than the hybrid models. The robot creates simple stains, for example from coffee, in the first run. The same applies to mud stains on the shoes in the hallway. However, you should not expect a perfect result, a few spots always remain behind.

Larger impurities or greasy substances such as mustard or honey should be removed manually by users. Otherwise, the robot spreads such substances in the vicinity rather than eliminating them.

Any disadvantages?

The friction pressure is still low. The wet wiping effect is better than with the combi models, but the result does not come close to manual wiping or mechanical wiping with the roller. The Braava does not remove very dry stains.

Robots don’t see smeary spots. Some things, such as toothpaste or jam, are spread rather than wiped away. Tire tracks sometimes remain visible because the robot pushes the cloth in front of it and then drives over the cleaned area.

The long cleaning time of up to 1.5 hours for 40 to 50 square meters could be a disadvantage, but it is due to the thoroughness. If you have to go faster, the wet wipe setting can be reduced in the app.

The accessories are comparatively expensive. We recommend compatible replicas of the wet wipes or dry polishing cloths.

In the dark, the camera navigation suffers noticeably: the cleaning time can triple.

 Our Pick
iRobot Braava Jet M6
6,959 Reviews
iRobot Braava Jet M6
  • THE ULTIMATE ROBOT MOP – The Braava jet m6 robot mops like…
  • GUIDED BY SERIOUS SMARTS – With vSLAM navigation, the m6…
  • MOPS MESSES IN THE MOMENT – Coffee spill on the floor, Dog…
  • COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR CLEAN – With Smart Mapping, your…

Proscenic M7 PRO

Even if the iRobot Braava Jet M6 performed best in our test: Its price does not fit every budget. We can recommend another mopping robots that is significantly cheaper: the Proscenic M7 PRO.

 Our Pick
Proscenic M7 PRO
3,145 Reviews
Proscenic M7 PRO
  • [Separately Sold] Intelligent Dust Collector: This system…
  • Advanced Laser Technology: Upgraded laser navigation system…
  • Selective Cleaning: It gives you control on where you want…
  • Super Powerful Suction: Powered by a Nidec brushless motor,…
  • 5200mAh Lithium-Ion Battery: The extra-large battery…

There is little to complain about with the Proscenic M6 PRO. The combi robot can vacuum dry with the solo dust tank (400 ml) and vacuum and wipe simultaneously with the combi tank. The dark combination tank has 200 milliliters of water on board, so the space for dust is reduced to 300 milliliters.

The highlight of this robot is the targeted, scheduled cleaning of certain rooms on the floor. The robot can process up to five maps, which means that it recognizes 5 floors or apartments and performs the cleaning task there. It could mean wiping the hallway with plenty of water on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m.

The Proscenic M6 PRO automatically creates maps when it drives in new surroundings and it defines spaces in these maps just as independently, which you can then name. When planning, you choose a specific card, e.g. B. the ground floor, and activate individual rooms. Only the test winner allows so much planning down to the last detail.

The thoroughness and cleaning performance when wiping do not have to hide. The wiper does not come close to the Braava Jet M6, but thanks to the Y-shaped movement and robot weight on the mopping pad, the effect is passable. However, the M6 PRO cannot remove dried-in dirt or sticky material.

The cleaning is carried out room by room in lanes. The amount of water can be set in the app in three stages. But not only that. If you like it thoroughly, just activate the two-time cleaning.

Whether wiping or vacuuming, after an interruption, the robot continues its work where it left off. Proscenic M6 PRO can overcome thresholds up to 20 mm high, the wipe simply follows.

The simple removal of the wiper support is positive: the robot does not have to be lifted or even placed on its head. You simply push the carrier in from behind while lying on the floor. This is an advantage, because dirt can trickle out of the tank when lifting and turning the device, the tank has no non-return valve.

The dust compartment of the combination tank is particularly easy to empty in 3 steps: take it out, remove the filter, pour it out. So here it is emptied through the filter opening. The solo dust tank, on the other hand, is opened and there is an additional step.

The heavy base is rarely moved by the robot. It has large charging contacts, which is why manually turning off the robot always finds the contacts immediately. The charging base has cable wraps and non-slip feet.

The Proscenic M6 PRO ran for 62 minutes on our ground floor and cleaned 40 m². It grabbed almost all the dirt spots, which corresponded to a cleaning rate of 81%. The volume varies depending on the suction strength set.

The Proscenic does not have a moisture-resistant base plate. You should definitely place the robot with the combi tank on tiles. The device moves back to recharge after use and then stops with the damp wipe.

Due to a bug in the app, the Proscenic M6 PRO could not wipe without vacuuming. We would have liked to have seen it silent once. The device is clearly audible when vacuuming, even in quiet mode. The robot rarely bumps into the furniture: The laser navigation works very precisely, which is why the robot drives cleanly along the object at a distance of one centimeter.

As nice as the deliberate driving style is, the 9.4 cm high Proscenic does not fit under every sofa. The laser tower sometimes gets stuck on low cabinets. In addition, no obstacles are detected that are only a few millimeters above it.

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