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best security cameras

The 10 Best Security Cameras in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

best security cameras

The demand for more security is increasing year by year. It is a natural need for everyone to feel comfortable and secure in their home. Technological progress finally makes sophisticated surveillance technology accessible to private users. Not only commercial properties, but also private houses can be monitored seamlessly by smart IP cameras. The brazen burglars find it difficult to commit their crimes while video surveillance is ongoing. If they are not put off by the sight of modern surveillance technology alone, a shrill alarm will put them on the run. The surveillance camera records also help identify and convict the thieves.

Our product comparison introduces you to the best surveillance cameras and helps you to compare IP or WiFi video cameras that fully meet your requirements and protect your property from intruders.


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A particularly recommendable IP camera of the brand INSTAR is characterized by extremely positive and numerous reviews of the customers. In addition to solid workmanship and many modern functions, there are also some individually adjustable alarm features that are really impressive with the INSTAR IP camera.

If you want to access this camera via the cloud, this is not a problem at all. However, as a special feature, it should be mentioned that you benefit from some advantages when purchasing this camera in terms of the server location. INSTAR is a German company, in which the servers are located, which ensures good data security for you.

In addition to the simple setup, there are also many apps available for almost all common platforms, so that you can access the contents of the IP camera from anywhere in the world. Optionally, it is no problem that the content is stored in the cloud. Here you benefit from particularly clear management of all recordings and a detailed display of all videos that have been recorded.

An overview of other INSTAR IP camera functions

  • OmniVision 720p HD image sensor
  • 90-degree wide-angle lens
  • 2.4Ghz WLAN b/g/n or LAN
  • 12 IR LEDs for night vision

This IP camera is also well equipped for night vision because a total of twelve LEDs are available so that a good range can be achieved.

2. APEMAN 720P

This camera delivers sharp images and receives a lot of praise from users. The APEMAN model is mostly rated positively and is one of the favorites of the buyers.

Easy installment and decent picture quality

This small surveillance camera is quickly installed and connected to a WiFi router. The manufacturer recommends connecting the camera to the router via cable. It is, therefore, a so-called IP camera with its own network address. If desired, the images can also be saved on an SD card. During the day, the video recordings are delivered in convincing HD quality, the night vision scores with a long-range of around 10 m.

This compact camera is equipped with an intercom so that both an acoustic alarm signal and contact with the people in the room are possible. The camera is only intended for indoor use and must not be exposed to the weather.

Recommendation – practical all-rounder

The APEMAN model is to be recommended to all those who are looking for an inexpensive entry-level model and who value quality at the same time.

3. Netgear VMC3030

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This model is a very high-quality surveillance camera for outdoor use that can be integrated into an existing network. The buyers are largely convinced and emphasize the excellent image quality and easy control.

Outdoor module for  Netgear surveillance systems

The very compact camera can be installed quickly and easily thanks to a patented device and delivers video recordings in excellent HD quality. The manufacturer also promises razor-sharp images at night. The module streams the videos encrypted and therefore inaccessible to strangers. The recordings are saved on external servers, whereby the storage space is made available to Netgear users free of charge.

Practical battery operation with long-life lithium-ion batteries ensures greater flexibility. For this reason, the VMC3030 module from Netgear is not the first choice for permanent recording. On the other hand, the camera remains independent of the power supply and therefore works particularly reliably. It should also be taken into account that this surveillance camera cannot be swiveled.

Conclusion and recommendation – ideal for professional and semi-professional surveillance systems

It is worth using the outdoor module Netgear VMC3030 as an element of smart surveillance systems in combination with other modules for outside and inside. Wherever security is important, the systems from Netgear are just right.

4. Victure 1080P FHD WiFi IP Camera

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The Victure indoor surveillance camera is versatile and functional. This product is gladly bought and receives almost exclusively enthusiastic feedback.

Wide field of vision and high security in data transmission

This surveillance camera can be swiveled via remote control on two axes – on the horizontal by 355°, on the vertical by 100°. These are very decent values that enable thorough monitoring of the corresponding rooms. Another positive aspect is the excellent video quality of 1080 pixels. Not only during the day but also at night, the model promises a very good view in a radius of 10 m.

The Victure surveillance camera is connected to the main electricity socket, which is why continuous video recording is not a problem. The model is equipped with a microphone and loudspeaker, so the camera can emit an acoustic alarm signal or be used to establish contact.

Recommendation – high-quality surveillance camera for indoor use

The Victure IP camera scores with high-quality workmanship and first-class image quality. Everyone who needs a reliable surveillance camera for more security benefits from the model.

5. ieGeek Security Camera CCTV

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This surveillance camera, designed for outdoor use, is very popular with buyers and receives mostly positive feedback. In addition to the very good image quality, praised service and the longevity of the camera are praised.

Razor-sharp images day and night, suitable for versatile use

The surveillance camera from ieGeek is designed for year-round outdoor use thanks to a high protection factor IP66, but can also be used indoors without any problems. The resolution of 1080p even shows fine details on a video. The integrated infrared light diodes provide sharp images even in the dark, within a radius of 10 m.

The ieGeek surveillance camera must be connected to the power supply, which ensures stable operation. An intercom is usually not included in this type of outdoor camera, so the model is used only for monitoring and not for communication.

Recommendation – high-quality IP camera for outdoors

The surveillance camera ieGeek helps to keep unwanted guests away from private property or company premises. The device is designed for professional use, among other things, and even meets high-security requirements.

6. ROXTAK IP Camera

The mini camera from ROXTAK convinces with its well-thought-out design and reliable function. The IP camera receives mostly praising feedback from consumers, whereby the attractive price-performance ratio is emphasized again and again.

Flexible, versatile and secure

This model stores the video recordings on an SD card, whereby the storage capacity up to 128 GB is no problem for the device or it can stream the video directly to external servers. The video recordings in HD quality with a resolution of 720p ensure that even finer details remain clearly visible. The night vision function delivers sharp images within a radius of 6 m – this is generally not too much, but is usually sufficient for indoor areas in private areas.

The camera is designed for indoor use only and must also be connected to the mains electricity supply. Thanks to the constant power supply, the camera can be used to permanently monitor certain areas.

Recommendation – can handle many tasks

Whether used as a baby monitor or as protection against the bold thieves – the surveillance camera ROXTAK convinces in every role. The IP video camera is a practical all-rounder and not least impresses at a moderate price.

7. YI Smart Security Camera by Xiaomi

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These two IP cameras from the Yi brand are primarily designed for monitoring private rooms and exclusively for indoor use. Consumers are enthusiastic about the surveillance system and emphasize both its user-friendliness and good image quality.

Two cameras for seamless monitoring

The two cameras deliver images in a contemporary 720-pixel resolution, according to users, the image quality remains convincing even at night. The recordings can either be streamed directly into the Yi cloud or saved internally on an SD card. Unfortunately, the device only accepts memory cards up to 32 GB – by today’s standards, this is somewhat poor.

Installment is straightforward in most cases, and control is intuitive. The cameras are equipped with microphones or loudspeakers: it is, therefore, possible to sound an acoustic alarm signal, which is intended to drive the intruders away, and to communicate with the people in the apartment.

Recommendation – a successful model for private use

The functional surveillance cameras from Yi Technology score with their uncomplicated operation and ensure greater security against break-ins. This mini system is recommended to everyone who wants to purchase a high-quality surveillance system at an attractive price.

8. Wansview 1080P Wireless WiFi Camera

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This IP camera enjoys a very good reputation among users and is praised for its razor-sharp images and uncomplicated setup.

Excellent day and night vision, simple operation

The Wansview surveillance camera records videos in a resolution of 1,080p – this is above average and promises a decent picture quality. Thanks to the 36 infrared light diodes, a very good night vision is guaranteed up to a distance of 10 m. With this model, the video recordings can be streamed wirelessly or via cable, but there is no interface for a memory card.

According to consumers, the camera can be easily installed and connected to a router. Images are delivered in contemporary quality that could be used as evidence in the event of a break-in. Some critical voices can be heard due to the frequent false alarms, although the sensitivity of the camera can actually be adapted to individual needs via the app.

Conclusion – decent video camera for monitoring driveway, house entrance, and garden

With the Wansview model, the outdoor area can be reliably and seamlessly monitored. This IP camera is suitable for anyone who wants to purchase a high-quality surveillance camera at a moderate price.

9. KAMTRON 1080P HD Security Camera

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Another surveillance camera, which we would like to introduce to you based on numerous positive reviews, comes from the manufacturer KAMTRON. This is a swiveling version that offers automatic motion detection and can therefore also be used very well as a baby monitor.

The KAMTRON surveillance camera could be of particular interest to you if you are looking for a model that is very easy to install and also ensures access via the Internet or the cloud. The video material recorded by this camera is available in formats of up to 720p.

The practical night version is also worth mentioning. So you can easily use this surveillance camera in the dark as the image is converted accordingly. Several users with different devices are also able to access the image at the same time.

Recommendation – practical surveillance camera for private users

If security is a top priority for you and you are looking for an inexpensive IP camera, make no mistake with this model from KAMTRON due to the excellent quality and easy installation. Many users who have committed themselves to this model especially praise the use as a baby cam thanks to the very good night vision.

10. Netatmo Presence Security Camera

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This model is characterized by modern multifunctionality and very high-quality workmanship. The Netatmo Presence surveillance camera for outdoors is one of the bestsellers.

Successful combination of surveillance camera and outside light

The surveillance camera Netatmo Presence impresses with a high image resolution of 1,080p. The image quality is impressive not only during the day but also at night, at a distance of up to 15 m. The images can be streamed to a central location or saved locally on a micro SD card. The corresponding card is already included in the scope of delivery of the surveillance camera.

The Presence surveillance camera from Netatmo is also an energy-efficient LED floodlight. The light function is linked to the motion detector, the light intensity can be adapted to the specific needs for more comfort. According to users, the installation is straightforward, the function is reliable and the image quality leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to a HzO nano-coating, this camera is suitable for year-round use outdoors.

Recommendation – surveillance camera for high demands

For all users who attach great importance to security and are willing to invest a three-digit sum in a smart device, the Netatmo Presence is well served.

What is a security camera?

A modern surveillance camera is a compact video camera that is specially designed for video surveillance of private or commercial properties. Each surveillance camera is equipped with a motion sensor. A video recording starts when activity is detected by the motion detector, at the same time either an alarm signal is triggered and / or a corresponding notification is sent to the owner.

A modern surveillance camera is always an Internet-enabled IP camera because an IP address is assigned to this electronic device. Some cameras can both connect to a WiFi router and transmit the data via mobile radio to a paired smartphone or tablet.

How is a surveillance camera constructed?

Despite their different optics and fields of application, the IP cameras are basically all similar in structure and have several identical elements. The core of every surveillance camera is understandably a compact digital video camera, today usually equipped with a sensitive CMOS sensor (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) and a wide-angle lens.

The video camera is mainly designed for creating video recordings, but can also take photos if necessary. The models presented deliver video recordings in HD quality with a resolution between 1,280 x 720 pixels and 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, the image resolution for photo recordings moves from 2 MP upwards.

In addition to the mini camera, another element, namely a WiFi interface, is of crucial importance. A surveillance camera can be connected wirelessly or via a cable to a WLAN router. In addition, several high-end surveillance cameras have a radio interface to connect to the mobile network and to transfer the data to a smartphone or a comparable mobile device.

Such surveillance cameras do not need a WiFi router to go online. A large part of modern surveillance cameras has a slot for an SD card or a micro SD card for local recording of the video recordings.

The third core element of a surveillance camera, which is an integral part of its equipment, is a motion detector. A motion sensor, or a passive infrared detector, uses electromagnetic waves with a very high frequency to “scan” the surroundings. Only objects that themselves represent a heat source can serve as triggers, including people, animals, but also vehicles.

Several models are also equipped with a small electric motor and can be swiveled via remote control. The sensitive technology is packaged in a robust housing that is dust and water-resistant in outdoor surveillance cameras. In the section on the features of the IP cameras, you will find further information on the individual features and functions.

What type of security cameras exist?

There are hundreds of models and versions of IP cameras on the market that differ from one another in many respects. However, the entire range can be divided into four large groups, some of which overlap.

Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras

While most outdoor cameras are also suitable for indoor use, the indoor cameras cannot be installed outdoors due to the lack of weather protection. The two groups also differ in their structure, with the indoor cameras more often having a swiveling head and attractive design. These cameras are suitable for installation as well as for mounting on the wall or ceiling.

The cameras for external surveillance are designed purely functionally and almost exclusively designed for wall mounting. Among the outdoor surveillance cameras for the consumer sector, models with a motor are rather an exception, which is not due to the design, but above all has legal reasons. In the next section, we explain what has to be considered when using IP cameras.

Mini cameras with power connection or with battery operation.

Most surveillance cameras today have to be connected to the main supply. This ensures stable operation and serves as a guarantee that the camera will not unexpectedly quit its service. A camera or a monitoring module with battery operation, on the other hand, is more mobile and continues to film even if a burglar cuts off the power supply, for example.

Where can a security camera be used?

These digital video cameras are specially designed to monitor objects and people. The primary goal of such a camera is to provide usable data in the event of a break-in in order to convict the thieves. A surveillance camera is also intended to deter uninvited guests. It is known that a large number of burglars only try their “luck” where there are no adequate security measures. Just the sight of a surveillance system and the shrill alarm signal deter most intruders and put them to flight.

Whether the video recordings are accepted as evidence by a court depends on the specific case. It must be clearly demonstrable that the recordings actually originate from the specific break-in or attempted break-in. In addition, sufficient details should be recognizable to identify the intruder, so a high resolution and a high frame rate from 20 fps are helpful.

The following rules must be observed when monitoring using a security camera:

  • First, only your own property or property may be monitored. Public paths and facilities may not be filmed.
  • Second, the people who may enter the property or apartment should be informed by video surveillance.
  • Third, people such as babysitters, cleaners, etc. should not be monitored or filmed secretly. A written consent of the respective person is absolutely necessary.

In addition to burglar protection, surveillance cameras are often used as a replacement for a baby monitor. An indoor video surveillance camera is on average cheaper than a specialized baby monitor and also convinces with high image quality.

Basically, there is nothing to be said against this purpose, but some aspects have to be considered. First, only if an IP camera is equipped with a microphone and also reacts to noise and not just to movements can the model be regarded as a full replacement for a baby monitor.

Secondly, hardly any surveillance cameras alert the user if the power supply or the Internet connection is faulty. Thus, complete monitoring of baby sleep is not 100% guaranteed.

Third, the modern baby monitors are equipped with a lot of additional functions that not only serve for better monitoring but also entertain the little ones.

As an alternative to the high-quality baby monitor, a surveillance camera is only of limited use.

The surveillance cameras are also popular for observing animals, with surveillance of pets being particularly useful. Thanks to a loudspeaker, the absent owner can even calmly talk to his four-legged friend and thereby quickly resolve anxiety situations.

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