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best senior cell phones

The Best Cell Phones For Seniors in 2021

Author: Anthony Lee

Phone & Tablet Expert

Welcome to our big senior cell phone test. Here we present you all senior cell phones that we tested in more detail. We have put together detailed background information for you.

We want to make the purchase decision easier for you and help you to find the best senior mobile phone for you.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. You will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a cell phone for senior citizens.

Table of Contents

Quick Overview

  • Elderly mobile phones are characterized by their ease of use, the clear text display on the display, the large buttons and, in most cases, a special emergency button.
  • Although cell phones for seniors overlap in their functions, the models can be roughly divided into the types of senior cell phones, senior cell phones, emergency cell phones, senior cell phones and large-button phones.
  • The size of the cell phone, the display and the individual keys are the most important criteria for the usability of a senior cell phone.

Best Cell Phones for Seniors

Best senior cell phone with emergency call function

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With its ease of use, this Emporia cell phone is the perfect companion for anyone who needs a simple cell phone with telephone, SMS and MMS functions. In addition, snapshots can also be taken with the 2MP camera.

Thanks to the illuminated and extra-large buttons, this mobile phone can be used by all seniors with visual difficulties.

It also offers a big extra with its emergency call function. Because on the back of the phone there is an emergency call button that can be used to alert up to five contacts. At the same time, when it is activated, an alarm is triggered to inform the immediate vicinity of the emergency.

Best senior cell phone for the visually and hearing impaired

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This senior mobile phone from BLU JOY is perfect for the visually impaired. The display and font size can be set as desired. In addition, the large illuminated buttons help with use.

Another factor why this cell phone is suitable for seniors is that the sound quality is very clear and loud. With the ability to adjust the volume, nothing stands in the way of making phone calls with hearing impairments.

Customer favorite among senior cell phones

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This mobile phone scores with its conventional design and is therefore popular with many customers. Nevertheless, it is equipped with all the extra functions that a senior mobile phone needs.

The keys are extra large and illuminated. The same goes for the display. In addition, the mobile phone is equipped with three direct selection buttons and an emergency alarm.

In addition, this cell phone helps all seniors with hearing difficulties. Because the mobile phone not only has an extra loud and clear sound, it is also hearing aid compatible. This means that this mobile phone can be used at any time even when wearing a hearing aid.

Best senior cell phone with a long battery life

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This phone is easy to use thanks to its large buttons and simple operating system. In addition to a 0.3 megapixel camera, it is also equipped with an emergency button.

The special thing about this mobile phone is a long talk time and a great standby time.

FAQ’s: Cell Phones for Seniors

What is a senior cell phone?

A cell phone for the elderly has been developed for people who cannot use the newer generation of cell phones or who have difficulty using them.
Above all, the mobile phones were also tailored to the target group who have impaired vision, impaired hearing or are ill.

These types of cell phones are usually equipped with extended basic functions that are particularly useful in an emergency situation.

For people who are sick and need medical help, this can be a helper in everyday life and even protect it.

For which groups of people are senior cell phones suitable?

Many people, not even seniors, know the feeling when you first have to familiarize yourself with new technologies. Sometimes it works and you get it right away and in some cases you have to seek help.

The cell phone for the elderly was developed so that people who are not familiar with new innovative technologies can have access to cell phones.

In addition, the specially developed cell phones are also produced for people with poor eyesight and hearing impairment. People with dementia also benefit from the developments because they have special functions.

Which landline phone is suitable for seniors?

First you have to think about which functions you can use or for what purpose you want your phone.

A normal landline telephone is easy to overhear if one is dependent on a hearing aid or the buttons and the display are too small.

If your eyesight or hearing is impaired, these devices will help you in everyday life.

When making your selection, make sure that the device is tailored to you and that it has all the functions you need.

What types of telecommunications equipment are there for the elderly or people with a disability?

For household use there are large button telephones with very loud ring tones, a large display with contrast setting and an emergency bracelet.

As an active senior citizen or someone who needs medical supervision, there are cell phones with a GPS location function that can be operated via the emergency call button. Other models are offered as flip phones, smartphones or bar phones.

Which smartphones are suitable for seniors, especially those who have a restricted field of vision or are hard of hearing?

Some smartphones have the read-out function, the writing can be enlarged and the display can also be changed.
However, special cell phones for seniors offer a more equitable type of use and tailored functions.

The advantages are decisive in this case. You benefit from a larger touchscreen or even a special operating system that was specially developed for seniors.

The preprogrammed emergency button can be used to connect to the emergency call center and call for help. Of course, the hearing aid can be connected to the smartphone and set the ringtones very loud.

What do I do if I’m lost and want to go home or if I’m in an emergency situation?

Do you also know the situation when you are lost in your thoughts and walk down the street without paying attention and suddenly stand at an intersection and no longer know where you are?
Nothing sounds familiar to you, also the people are unknown to you or you have even arrived in a remote area?

In this case there is either the emergency call with GPS location function or the navigation function like in a car.

If you are one of the more active people and like to be on the go, you can configure your mobile phone at home and install special applications.

When you are traveling or on excursions, your relatives can reach you via the Internet and you can also use the apps to share your status.

For example, you can activate tracking so that you can follow your steps.

With an emergency cell phone, which is also available for children, you can be located if you are in a medical emergency and need help. You can also ask passers-by to help you and notify relatives.

If you are very active in sports, you can even use this type of outdoor cell phone on a skiing holiday. Newer generations work very well in tracking.

Where should I place my landline phone?

If you have a cardiovascular disease, it would be optimal to place the phone in the bedroom. In the event of an emergency, you can operate it immediately.

What do I do if I have an emergency at home?

For emergencies at home, there are special mobile phones that also come with an emergency bracelet.

So if you fall at home and you are in an emergency you simply press the button on your bracelet and an SMS or a call is made immediately.

These cell phones also have a reminder function for taking medication. Others have a fall detection function that is measured by acceleration sensors.

If you are unable to move after a fall, an emergency call is automatically triggered.

Which functions does a senior mobile phone support?

Basically, you can at least make phone calls, write SMS and also use an emergency call button. Other models such as smartphones offer more extensive functions than the common models.

So you don’t have to do without WiFi, Internet or even applications. With a senior smartphone you can access the full range of functions and have extras such as the emergency call button, a larger display with color settings of your choice.

You can record your vital functions via an app. Many innovative models also include high megapixel cameras.

Can I put a senior cell phone around my neck if I am not familiar with cell phones and can no longer use them?

There are also special cell phones for such cases that have buttons but no display. These models offer the well-known emergency button and cell phone location.

Other models with advanced features include an eyelet for attaching a loop. If you have problems with your motor skills, a simple emergency cell phone is just right for you.

It can be operated easily by pressing the buttons and only has the emergency button, several selection buttons and on and off button.

So if you are on a walk and an emergency occurs, you press the emergency button that immediately notifies the emergency center.

If it happens that you have no one in your environment who can help you with the operation or questions, courses are offered in the VHS on the subject of senior mobile phones.

Such cell phones can now also be purchased for children.

How do I use a senior cell phone?

Most telephones are designed to be intuitive so that they are easy to use. Most cell phones have basic equipment that is close to the usual landline devices.

Only the smartphones with extensive functions require a little practice. If you have already used a cell phone then you will get along with it in a playful way.

The operating instructions are explained quite clearly with illustrations so that you can easily configure your mobile phone.

By programming the speed dial buttons, the annoying typing of long telephone numbers is no longer necessary.

What accessories are there for the cell phones?

You have a wide selection of accessories for your mobile phone, such as bags in different colors, designs and sizes, mains charging cables and replacement batteries.

For the more active outdoor fans there are even waterproof covers, protective films and chargers for the car in many price ranges.

Protective covers are available in bright colors as well as in elegant shades, which also have a recess for the emergency button.

Types of Cell Phones for Seniors

To find out which phone is best tailored to you, here are the most popular types of phones:

  • Senior cell phone
  • Seniors smartphones
  • Emergency phone
  • Senior telephone
  • Big button phone
  • Senior landline phone

Each of these devices supports certain functions that also have advantages and disadvantages.

Here you can find out which functions which phones have and for whom it is suitable.

Just make a few thoughts for what purpose you want to buy a device, then it will be easier for you to make a pre-selection. Because there is now an incredibly large amount of telecommunications equipment.

Senior Cell Phone: Advantages & Disadvantages

The senior mobile phone is available in different versions such as the clamshell or bar phone. The models have correspondingly larger buttons and a larger display.

In principle it works like all the others, only it differs in design, execution and functionality.

Flip phones are generally wider than the normal models and also have the emergency button. Bar phones have very wide keys and a larger display.


  • Different versions
  • Big display
  • Every price range available


  • E-mail function only possible from the manufacturer
  • Not always robustly built
  • Limited app offer

With the Internet-enabled devices you can set up your e-mail account, but there are manufacturers who have their own service and you can only set up your address via this service. To do this, you would then have to redirect an email from your previous provider.

Because there are many models and versions, there are devices that are not very robust.

You have numerous applications, but this can vary with the manufacturer so that you cannot download or install apps via the usual shops.

Senior Smartphone: Advantages & Disadvantages

As the name suggests, it is a smartphone that is tailored to the needs of older people.

This is a smartphone with very large buttons, a display and other extras. If you don’t want to do without the internet and applications then this is exactly the right device for you.

A big difference here to the respective devices is the battery life because it depends on whether you make a lot of calls or surf the Internet.


  • Easy handling
  • Extra applications available
  • Internet ready


  • A paid course may have to be attended
  • Smartphone with many extras in a higher price range
  • Battery life

Although the smartphone is built out intuitively, if it happens that you cannot handle it, there is still the possibility to attend courses that are subject to a fee.

Models with extensive functions such as GPS, Bluetooth, and the ability to pair your hearing aid as well as other extras are in the higher price range.

Emergency Phone: Advantages & Disadvantages

The special emergency mobile phone is a device that can be hung around and has no display.

It is operated using number keys that can be preprogrammed, but it does not have a numeric keypad to dial numbers.

The device is built very robustly to absorb shocks and falls. This device is more suitable for emergencies as it is often used in winter sports for avalanche victims.


  • Suitable for emergencies
  • Emergency button
  • Pretty tough


  • Intended for specific purposes only
  • Minimal features
  • Only stored numbers can be dialed

In contrast to the other devices, this is a minimalist cell phone with the most necessary technology and scope, but with the most important features.

Senior Telephone: Advantages & Disadvantages

This is a landline telephone with many extras such as large buttons, very loud ring tones and other extensive functions.

The phone looks like a normal landline phone, only it has larger buttons, louder ring tones and is easier to use because it has the most necessary functions.

The phone can be configured and programmed quickly using the simple operating instructions. For relatives, it is a simple phone number to be stored in the speed dial button if it is too complicated for you.


  • Extremely loud ringtones
  • Simple instruction manual


  • Short range emergency bracelet
  • Cordless handset can be misplaced

For your safety, devices have been developed that have a corresponding emergency bracelet, but only have a short range so that it can only be used in the apartment.

The advantage of the landline connection is that you know where you have set it up, so you don’t have to search for the receiver. In the case of the cordless telephone, the handset contains a battery that has a certain service life.

Big Button Phone: Advantages & Disadvantages

Large button telephones have a simple structure, since it is only possible to display extra large buttons here.

This type of phone is not only preferred by the elderly but can even be seen in some offices. Basically, one can assume two large groups here. Once the versions as cell phones and landline.

Due to increased radiation values, there are now new devices that have lower values ​​so that you can also set up your device in the bedroom.

In the meantime, the devices also go into standby mode so that the battery life is spared and less power is used.


  • Eco mode
  • Lower radiation
  • Is not always recognizable as a large button phone


  • Partly minimal equipment
  • Small phone book

A lot has changed in terms of design and the telephones are not always recognizable as large button telephones.

Sometimes there are devices that only have buttons that are provided with images so that they have to be programmed. Not every telephone has an extensive telephone search, so a comparison is worthwhile here.

Senior Landline Phone: Advantages & Disadvantages

The telephone for the house connection has large buttons and a simple operating system. Landline phones are tailored to both people with hearing loss and people with impaired vision.

The landline variant is available in cordless and corded. The simplest phone consists only of buttons that can be provided with a picture. If you then click on one of the symbols you will be connected to your selection.

Other models of landline devices have a larger range of functions, for example extremely loud ring tones as well as large buttons and a large display with contrast settings.


  • Large buttons and contrast display
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Extremely loud ringtones
  • Easy operation


  • Some models come at a high cost

The smartphone version is more suitable for people who have already owned cell phones and are used to new technology.

A smartphone has almost all the properties that other cell phones have. The difference lies on the one hand in the design and several functions that have been optimized. The keyboard and the applications are shown much larger than on other telephones and the mobile phone is built much more robustly to withstand a fall.

In addition, the display has a higher color contrast, which is ideal for people with poor eyesight.

Senior Cell Phones: Purchase Criteria

Based on the following factors, we would like to show you which products you can compare and evaluate. You can filter out your suitable product using exclusion criteria and see whether it is suitable for you.

In summary, these are:

  • Display size, resolution and color display
  • Standby time
  • Emergency button
  • Big buttons
  • Camera
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Phonebook entries
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Design
  • More functions

In the following sections you can find out about these factors and how to deal with them.

Display size, resolution and color display

The display size depends entirely on your preferences.

There are different types of displays here in sizes and shapes. A smartphone has the largest display with a color display, usually in high resolution, in very good quality.

So-called emergency cell phones usually come without a color display and are designed to be as minimal as possible.

Most flip phones have a color display that also has a larger display and you can read the text without effort. Some devices have a touch display that can be used to operate the mobile phone.

On the mobile phone you can always adjust the contrast or the font size according to your needs.

Even older people do not want to spend long reading complicated operating instructions, which is why the menu navigation should be understandable and easy to use.

Standby time

Do you make a lot of calls or do you get calls from time to time?

This is where the devices vary the most. There are cell phones with a standby time of around 20 days or some with just 7 days. If you don’t make much phone calls and are often on the go, you should look at devices with a long standby time.

Emergency button

This function can be a decisive factor for your health and another purchase criterion.

So that you can trigger an emergency call, you simply press the button and you will then be connected to the emergency call center or to your family. It always depends on what your device supports. It can also be in combination or just one of both.

So pay attention to what seems most important to you when choosing. A combination of both has the advantage that several people can be reached.

To trigger an emergency call, press the emergency call button and you will immediately be connected to the emergency call center. If you have a device that also supports speed dial buttons, SMS will also be sent or your family will be informed.

You can create a phone number list in advance and all people will be called one after the other until you are finally put through.

However, the emergency call button should not be too easily accessible, otherwise false alarms can often occur.

Big buttons

Bigger keys make reading easier for you? Then you should pay attention to your selection.

In the meantime there are devices with very large keys that either contain the numeric keypad or have a few shortcut keys without a numeric keypad.

In an emergency, you can use your mobile phone quickly by pressing the button with the person you want to call. Next to the buttons are the names of the people you can select.

So if you have a restricted field of view or another visual impairment, large keys would be just right for you. In addition, the keys are sufficiently spaced apart.


Another useful tool if you like to be active or if you don’t want to do without it just to be safe.

If you are in an emergency situation, your location will be sent via GPS via the emergency call button. With the fall detection, the position sensors determine whether the person has fallen and send an emergency call.

To prevent an answering machine from accepting the call, the person must confirm the emergency call.

If you are in an emergency situation and make an emergency call, an SMS with GPS location is also sent at the same time. This function allows you to be found faster.

This function can save your life, especially if you are also dependent on medication and have lost your way. If safety is important to you in this case, you can take a look at the GPS models.



You can easily take photos on the go and capture memories.

You can view your snapshots on your PC, send them via MMS or transfer them via Bluetooth. You can also set the photos as your wallpaper.

There are also various camera equipment from low MP resolution to very high MP resolution. A comparison is also worthwhile here if you like to take photos on the go and want to capture memories for your family.


With this function you can pair your hearing aid if you need one or pair other devices, for example, to send photos or other documents.

You can also connect your headset to Bluetooth so you can work and make calls at the same time.

Hearing aid compatible

It doesn’t always have to be loud.

If you are dependent on a hearing aid or if you hear a little worse, you can opt for a device that can be paired with your hearing aid or has extremely loud ring tones.

Make sure that your hearing aid model can also pair with the mobile phone. Not every cell phone is compatible with all hearing aids.

So don’t be afraid to look for the model that is exactly tailored to your hearing aid.

Phonebook entries

Your phone book for on the go without memorizing a number.

You don’t need to memorize long and innumerable numbers because you can save over 500 numbers in some devices.

Also look at models that offer fewer phone book entries because you can get confused if you have a lot of entries.

Dimensions and weight

With the flyweight in your pocket, you can go on long walks without the cell phone bothering you.

The new generation of cell phones or smartphones are built very minimally. You don’t even feel the emergency call button built into the device in your pocket.

Depending on your taste and function, you can opt for a simple or light cell phone. Nevertheless, you should always make sure that the device offers the functions you need.


The eye is on the phone. Or which mobile phone looks good and has all the functions you need?

Cell phones come in all possible colors and color combinations. Of course, you should also make sure that it has all the functions that you really need or are dependent on.

Just looking at the design and then doing without the emergency button can cost your life or endanger your health if you find yourself in an emergency situation.

There is now a large selection of devices on the market that are both elegant and robust. So you can choose which functions are important to you and which design your desired device should have.

More functions

Small but great.

The flashlight is not only available as an app on smartphones but is even built into some cell phones.

For your safety in the dark, to unlock the door or in other situations, you can use this function as an aid even if you have a low battery.

You can enter your important appointments in the integrated calendar and then have them remind you without forgetting an appointment and birthdays. Most devices have an integrated alarm clock.

So it is worthwhile to compare here and take a close look at the various functions.

You don’t have to do without music either, because most devices have an MP3 player, radio and can even record messages.

Another plus point of senior cell phones is the material. They were built to withstand falls. Also look here if you need this function as the cell phones can also be very expensive.

If you are busy, you can conveniently make calls using the hands-free function.

A particularly useful function when driving a car or in everyday work at home. If you receive a message, you can have it read aloud to you very conveniently using the read-out function.

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