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best touchless trash cans

The Best Sensor Trash Cans in 2022

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

Practical and hygienic – with a sensor trash can, you no longer have to use your hands to open the lid. According to our evaluation of hundreds of customer reviews, the LED infrared sensors seem to work flawlessly and impress in the modern kitchen.

Price-wise, they are also not more expensive than “normal” trash cans. Our excellent consumer portal has filtered out the best models based on external tests.

Note: Even though some sensor trash cans are called “smart trash cans”, none can be opened via voice assistant or app yet.

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can

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EKO Mirage-T Touchless Trash Can

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NINESTARS CB-DZT-50-9/8-1 Touchless Sensor Trash Can

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Glad Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can

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iTouchless 14 Gallon Sliding Lid Automatic Sensor Trash Can

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SensorCan 13 Gallon Battery-FREE Automatic Sensor Kitchen Trash Can

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iTouchless 13 Gallon Automatic Trash Can with Odor Control System

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NINESTARS DZT-50-13R Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can

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Touchless Trash Cans

Trash cans come in a wide range of variations. Versions with an integrated sensor are currently very popular. These trash cans open by themselves and thus make handling much easier. With a sensor trash can you have many different choices. Whether in size or material, there are many different designs.

Depending on the size of the household, should be the selection of a sensor trash can. In this test and comparison, you will learn everything about the new sensor trash cans of the well-known brand manufacturers.

When buying, pay attention to the size of the trash can and, of course, the workmanship. If you choose one of the test winners from this comparison, you will automatically get a good price-performance ratio.

How are Touchless Trash Cans tested?

In this test, the sensor trash cans had to fulfill a large number of test criteria. Only the products that were able to complete all of them positively made it onto the list of test and comparison winners.

These points were of particular importance:

  • Quality
  • Processing
  • Handling
  • Price
  • Durability and reliability

Common Issues

In the test as well as comparison, the experts also looked at the known shortcomings and weak points for you. A sensor trash can must, of course, function properly. If this is not the case, you should rather keep your hands off it. The following shortcomings and weak points are repeatedly mentioned on the Internet and comparison portals:

  • Sensor does not react
  • Quality not good
  • Batteries must be changed often
  • Not enough capacity
  • Poor workmanship
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