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best smart watches

The 12 Best Smartwatches in 2021

Author: Robert Wilson

Electronics & Peripherals Expert

best smartwatches

A smartwatch not only shows the current time but also displays notifications if you have received an email or a WhatsApp message.

But there are many different smartwatches with a variety of features that are suitable for different target groups. With this buying guide, we would like to help you and ensure that you commit yourself to the right smartwatch.

Below you will find an overview of the 12 best smartwatches, whereby we provide you with the features and our own conclusions.

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What is the best Smartwatch?

1. Apple Watch Series 3

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This Apple smartwatch offers a mobile radio option and can, therefore, be used to make calls without an iPhone. Just take any calls or have a convenient voice message sent via Siri – very convenient.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is particularly suitable for sports. Take your training to the next level easily and stay connected during your sporting activities.

The Apple Watch Series 3 has a GPS module and an altimeter, which is particularly interesting for joggers. You can also conveniently stream more than 45 million songs via Apple Music with this high-quality processed smartwatch.

An intelligent activity tracker is also available as the other Apple Watch models. So you can easily celebrate your success and take on new challenges. The connection with the iPhone is of course still useful and recommended to expand the range of functions immensely.

2. Samsung Gear S3

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Samsung also offers several smartwatches with the Gear S3 model series. The Samsung Gear S3 has a 1.3-inch display and can be easily connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Thanks to the IP68 standard, you as the user are assured that this smartwatch is both dust and waterproof.

Tizen OS is used as the operating system. So you can easily install all your apps and adjust the system comfortably. So if you would like to track running and leisure activities smartly, this is easily possible.

Due to the classic design, the Samsung Gear S3 is reminiscent of a conventional wristwatch. Nevertheless, all modern functions are on board that you would expect from a good smartwatch. For example, just turn the bezel or press one of the buttons. Even without a smartphone, you can access many great functions on the Samsung Gear S3.

3. Huawei Watch 2

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The manufacturer Huawei is known for solidly manufactured smartphones that score with a good price-performance ratio. You can expect similar advantages with the Huawei Watch 2. This model is equipped with the OS Android Wear 2.0, which is easy to use and can be easily adjusted.

Thanks to the integrated GPS and GLONASS, the Huawei Watch 2 enables you to easily track all values. A heart rate measurement is also no problem for this wrist device.

If you attach great importance to an always ergonomic design, make no mistake with the Huawei Watch 2. The manufacturer relies on a high-quality ceramic case. The battery life is also really impressive. You can use the Huawei Watch 2 with one charge for more than two days.

4. Apple Watch Sport

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For all athletes for whom the latest Apple Watch Series 3 is a little too expensive, the Apple Watch Sport is particularly suitable. This smartphone is still one of the more expensive models – but you can also look forward to good build quality and much more.

The Apple Watch Sport is equipped with a GPS module and is therefore ideal for you to record all results while jogging. Thanks to the aluminum case, the Apple Watch Sport looks much fancier than other smartwatches and you can look forward to some good features.

The functions heart rate monitor, acceleration sensor and gyro sensor are particularly impressive. If you have fully charged this model, you will benefit from 18-hour battery life. You can also adjust the power reserve and simply maximize battery life.

5. Fossil Q Explorist

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The Fossil brand primarily stands for stylish fashion accessories such as jewelry, wallets and bags. But Fossil also offers smartwatches. A good model is the Fossil Q Explorist Smartwatch.
The Fossil Q Explorist Smartwatch is equipped with a black stainless steel case. It comes with a silicone bracelet so that you can wear this smartwatch quite comfortably. Fossil ensures everything necessary for the Explorist Smartwatch to be waterproof.

The different functions that the Explorist Smartwatch by Fossil offers the user are also very interesting. Not only can you set the current clock face individually, but you can also conveniently control music and use Google voice control. Smart activity tracking and an LED lamp are also available for you.

6. TicWatch Pro

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Inexpensive models with solid ratings now follow as further alternatives to the smartwatches of the established manufacturers. It starts with the TicWatch Pro smartwatch, which is equipped with a leather strap.
This smartwatch has Google’s Android Wear as its operating system. You benefit from all Google advantages and direct implementation of the Google Play Store and all apps. Google Assistant is also very interesting.

The TicWatch Pro smartwatch scores with two display modes. You can benefit from all the advantages of an AMOLED panel. If you fully charge this model, you can use the smartwatch for up to 30 days if the essential mode has been switched on.

7. QIN II Smartwatch

You can use this modern wristwatch from the brand QIN with both an Android smartphone and an Apple iPhone. Thanks to Bluetooth, the connection to your phone is easily established and the data collected by the smartwatch can be conveniently saved and analyzed.
Due to the 4G option, you can also make independent calls with the QIN II Smartwatch. It is also easy to transfer your messages from WhatsApp. In addition to a pedometer that can be operated very easily, you can analyze your sleep.

The design in particular scores with style and elegance. This smartwatch is ideal for you if you want to benefit from a smartwatch with the look of a classic timepiece.

8. Willful Smartwatch

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The design of the Willful Smartwatch is very reminiscent of the Apple Watch. However, due to the low price, it is clear that you cannot expect the same processing power as from Apple.

Nevertheless, the Willful Smartwatch is a solid alternative for you, for example, if you are looking for an inexpensive model for your offspring or for testing.

This device has all the standard functions that you would expect from a good smartwatch. You can not only count all the steps but also the calories burned. If you have also connected the Willful Smartwatch to the smartphone, it is no problem that all notifications are displayed on the watch.

9. Kuangbin K88H

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The Kuangbin K88H is a smartwatch that was designed as a classic watch. This smartwatch is available in many different colors for you to order and the low price makes the Kuangbin K88H one of the entry-level models. You have to expect less quality, which is not surprising given the price.

Not only can you analyze your sleep with the Kuangbin K88H Smartwatch but also measure steps and much more. This watch is also easy to use and also has a practical heart rate sensor. Your heart rate is monitored for 24 hours, whereby you benefit from an automatic function.

The bracelet also has a surprisingly high quality, using genuine leather. If you have connected the Kuangbin K88H Smartwatch to the smartphone, you can also take calls, whereby the corresponding option must be activated in the menu of the device.

10. Samsung Gear Sport

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From the top manufacturer Samsung, we would also like to introduce you to an alternative model from the smartwatch sector. This is the practical Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch SM-R600, which is available for you at a fairly good price.

This smartwatch from Samsung, which is characterized by a very sporty design, is waterproof up to 5 meters. This model from the South Korean brand is particularly suitable for swimmers. Detailed swimming tracking is possible for you using the official Speedo app.

Samsung also integrates GPS and an easy-to-use MP3 player. In this respect, you can also save all kinds of music on the Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch SM-R600 and access it easily on the go. If you use Spotify in the premium version, the individual titles can also be saved offline on the smartwatch, which offers further advantages in terms of education.

11. YAMAY Smart Watch

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This smartwatch from the YAMAY brand was designed just like the Apple Watch and can also be paired with Android smartphones compared to the iPhone manufacturer’s model.
In addition to a step and calorie counter, this model from the lower price range has many other functions. You can also control the music or have all your smartphone notifications displayed, such as your emails or messages from WhatsApp.

12. AMAZFIT Smartwatch

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Similar to the YAMAY Bluetooth smartwatch already presented, the AMAZFIT brand delivers another clone of the Apple Watch, but it has been better implemented.

If you would like to use the Apple Watch, although you are afraid of the high price, you can definitely use the AMAZFIT. This model is IP68 certified and therefore waterproof.

Once you have fully charged the internal battery, you can look forward to a 45-day period. Otherwise, the display scores with a good resolution and you can easily track all your running routes thanks to the GPS function.

All You Need to Know About Smartwatches

For many consumers, a smartwatch, like a smartphone, is already a daily companion. The functions offered by a smartwatch are particularly diverse. This means that most models can not only count the steps that you take every day but also measure your heartbeat and establish an active connection to your smartphone so that you can be informed directly about all incoming messages.

There are many different smartwatches today. Models that are available to choose from are visually reminiscent of classic watches. The same also applies to modern smartwatches that are equipped with a display and can hardly be compared to a conventional watch. If you would like to get a new smartwatch and are unsure which model is right for you, just use our buying guide. We have put together an overview of all the important features and functions that a good smartwatch should definitely have for certain target groups.

Overview of Important Smartwatch Functions

Before making your purchase decision, it is very important that you check the functionality of the electronic wristwatch that you would like to commit to. This will reduce the likelihood of wrong purchase.

1. Display

Most smartwatches are equipped with modern screens, which are reminiscent of the displays that are also used on smartphones. In comparison, the screens are of course much smaller. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to a few things, especially the pixel density and the display size.

Many manufacturers state the pixel density in ppi. The larger the value, the higher the resolution of the display. Please pay attention to a screen that offers a pixel density of at least 200 ppi. Otherwise, the representations on the display are quite pixelated.

The general technology of the display also plays an important role. Inexpensive smartwatches usually have a classic LC display. On the other hand, you benefit from a significantly better display with displays that are based on OLED technology.

2. Battery

A smartwatch is an electronic device that is operated wirelessly. You need a battery that should have the largest possible capacity to ensure good use in everyday life. If you do not want to charge your smartwatch every day, the battery capacity should be sufficiently available to be able to run for a good 48 hours. Inexpensive smartwatches can usually be conveniently charged using a cable. Modern models, however, often have an induction function, so wireless charging is not a problem at all.

3. Connectivity

Most smartwatches are connected to a smartphone, using Bluetooth wireless technology. Central details are then transferred, provided that these functions are not supported by the smartwatch. The smartwatches often also send important information to the smartphone, which in turn is used by external apps. This primarily affects fitness apps or programs that count the steps taken or monitor sleep.

4. Smartphone Compatibility

As the most popular smartwatch, the Apple Watch can only be used with the iPhone. Accordingly, a purchase of this smartwatch is not recommended under any circumstances if you are using an Android smartphone. Google also provides the Watch OS operating system, which is based on Android, to various manufacturers. Most manufacturers rely on this system, which is also known as Android Wear. So before you buy a smartwatch, please check that it supports the current version of your operating system on your smartphone, since the smart wristwatches should generally always be connected to the mobile phone if you would like to take advantage of all the functions.

5. Phone Functions

If you would like to make phone calls with the smartwatch, the wristwatch must have a SIM card slot. If this is not the case, a mobile phone function can only be ensured thanks to a direct connection with the smartphone. However, if the smartphone is not available or has no reception, you cannot make calls with your smartwatch.

6. Internal Memory

Some smartwatches have the option of storing a lot of different data. This applies primarily to music, pictures and extensive contact lists in which you can browse – a sufficiently large memory should be available. Please also consider this feature, although it is usually not possible that the internal memory can be expanded using certain cards.

7. Sensors

In the area of ​​the smartwatch that rests on the wrist, the manufacturers install different sensors. These sensors measure different things to ensure certain functions. In this context, we are primarily talking about the pulse. Often, location data is also better evaluated with the help of the sensors, which is particularly true of steps taken. Cheap models in particular generally do not have a GPS module. If such a function is of central importance to you, please remember that such a feature should be available on your desired smartwatch.

8. Bracelets

Many consumers appreciate the possibility of exchanging the wristwatch for classic watches. Because of this, some manufacturers have also provided such an option for their smartwatches and offer different bracelets to change. In this context, there is talk of the Apple Watch, for example, for which there are countless bracelets made of a wide variety of materials for you to buy. Special silicone bracelets are available, which offer various advantages, particularly in everyday life or during sporting activities. The same also applies to metal bracelets and bracelets that are made of leather or other materials. So if you appreciate such a variation, please remember that you can replace the bracelets on your smartwatch.

9. Water & Dust Resistance

Since you carry your smartwatch on your arm every day, the case also comes into contact with a lot of dust and dirt. Because of this, the smartwatch should be protected accordingly, especially when it comes to moisture, for example when you wash your hands. Many manufacturers integrate special water and dust resistance or a degree of protection for this. So check this and then choose a suitable smartwatch based on your usage behavior, which also ensures sufficient functions.

10. Accessories

In addition to the additional bracelets, there are also other accessories for certain smartwatches that you can buy. Practical protective covers are often available, which are particularly useful for you when it comes to the particularly expensive purchase of a smartwatch. The same also applies to protective films that you can attach to the displays of the smartwatches. A good film then protects against annoying scratches, which is not to be neglected, especially with smart wristwatches, since the display size is quite small and the small screens are operated directly by touch with the fingers.

Which Smartwatch is suitable for you?

After we have put together an overview of the various features that a smartwatch should have, we have provided you with some information regarding certain target groups. So immediately determine which smartwatch is particularly suitable for sporty people or for consumers who attach great importance to the design or the look.

Smartwatches for Athletes

With a smartwatch, you can primarily track your sporting activities and take advantage of certain successes or advances for better motivation. But not all smartwatches are well suited for athletes. In any case, make sure that your smartwatch is equipped with a silicone bracelet or offers the option to swap the band. In addition, various features should be ensured, such as an option for pulse measurement.

This is very important to avoid overexertion and to be warned in good time. Especially as a jogger, your smartwatch should also be equipped with a GPS module to determine which routes you have run. If, on the other hand, it is not a problem for you to carry your smartphone with you when you run, you can also do without this GPS module on your smartwatch.

Different models should be mentioned as good examples of smartwatches that are suitable for athletes. This primarily applies to the Apple Watch and the various Fitbit brand smartwatches.

Smartwatch in a Classic Design

However, if you prefer a smartwatch that hardly differs in appearance from a conventional watch, some models are available for purchase. These usually have a classic watch design with the advantage that you can also various LEDs to display certain notifications from the smartphone on the smartwatch. If you just get a call or you have received an e-mail, the LED display lights up, which is quite practical. As a good example, you can use the FOSSIL smartwatch or a model from the Michael Kors brand.

Exclusive Smartwatches

Certain smartwatches are available for more than US$1000 and can therefore also be assigned to the range of particularly exclusive models. The popular Apple Watch, for example, is available in extravagant versions, but the functions hardly differ from the sports versions. However, these differences primarily concern the materials used in production. The case is often made of a different precious metal, which also applies to the bracelets supplied. So if you want to ensure a certain style with your smartwatch, you should rely on such an exclusive model, which you can also find in the offer of the manufacturer Apple.

Smartwatches for Children

Especially for children, it makes little sense if you buy a particularly expensive smartwatch. In such a case, choose an inexpensive model that can also be connected to the smartphone. There are often some smartwatches available for less than US$50 that ensure the classic functions of a smart wristwatch.

Smartwatch vs. Fitness Bracelet

Consumers often ask themselves whether it would be better to buy a conventional smartwatch or a fitness bracelet, which is usually available at a significantly lower price. However, the functions are very different from each other, since it is about different target groups. We would like to take a closer look at them.

A fitness wristband, also known as a fitness tracker, is a wristband that ensures only a few functions compared to a modern smartwatch. This applies primarily to measure the steps taken. In addition, most fitness wristbands can also measure the pulse and pass the values ​​on a smartphone that is connected to the wristband. The prices for good fitness bracelets range from US$20 to 100.

A smartwatch, on the other hand, has many other functions that are particularly necessary for everyday life. From an alarm clock to speech recognition and control of the music, the range of features is almost infinite and continues to grow with updates from manufacturers. A direct comparison of the two product groups is therefore difficult. However, a purchase decision can be made quite simple: if you prefer sporting activities that you want to measure with your electronic companion, you can definitely use a fitness bracelet. In everyday life, however, a good smartwatch is much better for you.

Conclusion on choosing a good smartwatch

When it comes to a smartwatch, depending on the model, it often revolves around several hundred dollars that you have to plan for the purchase. Because of this, you should check your personal usage behavior and then commit yourself to an appropriate device that offers these properties. It may also be advisable that you first choose an inexpensive smartwatch to get warm with this new technology.

Perhaps you don’t need your smartwatch so often in everyday life or just want to get a taste of this technology. This is not nearly as revolutionary as smartphones, for example, which you can hardly do without nowadays.

Basically, you should consider whether you would like to use your smartwatch for sporting activities. If you prefer your smart wristwatch as a classic replacement for a conventional watch, your requirements for the respective smartwatch already differ. This is especially the case if you attach particular importance to an exclusive design or a particular style.

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