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The Best Steam Irons in 2021

Author: Joanna Davis

Home & Kitchen Expert

PurSteam Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron

 Our Pick
PurSteam Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron
  • Ultra-press Stainless Steel Soleplate – Thick chromium…
  • Easy Thermostat Control & Axial Steam Holes – Based on…
  • Cut Your Ironing Time In Half – With our Rapid Even Heat…
  • Safety Features – Keeping you safe at all times with our…
  • Unsurpassed Quality/ Live Customer Support – Water drops in…

Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer

 Our Pick
Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer
74,493 Reviews
Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer
  • 240ML capacity, lasts for 15 minutes of continuous steaming…
  • 700W steamer produces soft and long-lasting steam; 9ft power…
  • Not only a steamer for clothes, but a smart assistant for…
  • Portable garment steamer; light weight makes it an ideal…
  • What’s in the Box – 1 Hilife clothes steamer, 1-cup,…

BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes

 Our Pick
BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes
37,983 Reviews
BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes
  • Detachable 8.79-ounce water tank for 15 minutes of…
  • No leaking, no spilling with leak-proof design enables to…
  • 1200 watts with 30-second fast heat-up and powerful steam…
  • Safe to use on all fabrics and suitable for clothes,…
  • 3 additional attachments lint brush, soft brush, and creaser…

Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron
  • Stainless-steel soleplate with precision tip- Easy gliding…
  • 400 Plus Steam holes with 35 g/min of steam – provide…
  • Easy control thermostat knob – Easily select the ideal…
  • Use tap water to iron – Easily fill the iron with easy…
  • Safety comes first with rowenta – Automatic 3-way shut off…

CHI Steam Iron for Clothes

 Our Pick
CHI Steam Iron for Clothes
3,512 Reviews
CHI Steam Iron for Clothes
  • Made With Chi Flat IRON Technology. Designed Using the Same…
  • Powerful Steam for Effortless Ironing. With Over 300 Steam…
  • Fabric Guide. Choose Your Fabric Type and the IRON Sets the…
  • Precise Control. a Unique, Adjustable Steam Lever Goes From…
  • Premium Materials With Modern Style. the Titanium-Infused…

Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron | 1400 Watt

 Our Pick
Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron | 1400 Watt
17,012 Reviews
Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron | 1400 Watt
  • Steammaster steam iron features 1400 watts of power, large…
  • Clothes iron has a Shot of Steam feature for an extra burst…
  • 3-Way Motion Smart auto-off for safety and peace of mind….
  • Self-clean system keeps iron free of mineral deposits for…
  • Measures 6.375″ H x 6.25″ W x 14″ L; weighs 3 lbs. ; 8-foot…

BLACK+DECKER Easy Steam Compact Iron, IR40V

No products found.

BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen

 Our Pick
BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen
13,488 Reviews
BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron with Digital LCD Screen
  • 9 Preset Modes: Features a clear-view LCD screen, Stop with…
  • Double Ceramic Soleplate: Harder than stainless steel, super…
  • Be Safer with Auto Shutoff: We all get distracted at some…
  • All Pre-Tested and Fully Featured: Every Iron is tested by…
  • Fully Featured: Packs a huge list of features including an…

Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron

Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron
  • 1800-watt steam iron with SteamForce technology for fast,…
  • Integrated electronic steam pump delivers powerful burst of…
  • Pushes up to 30% more steam into material (compared to steam…
  • Smooth-gliding stainless-steel soleplate with nonstick…
  • LED ready indicator; smart steam motion sensor; 3-way auto…

BLACK+DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron

 Our Pick
BLACK+DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron
  • Even Steam Soleplate Design – The advanced soleplate design…
  • TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate – The enhanced nonstick…
  • SmartSteam Technology – Take the guesswork out of ironing….
  • Vertical Steaming – Use the iron as a steamer for quick…
  • Automatic Shutoff – For added peace of mind, the iron shuts…

Frequently Asked Questions: Steam Irons

What is a steam iron?

An iron and especially the steam iron is a useful helper for all housewives, which can now be found in almost every household. The steam iron has the advantage over the dry iron that the laundry can be gently smoothed with the help of steam.

This steam comes from the nozzles located on the bottom of the iron. The moisture combined with the heat ensures that your textiles are smoothed particularly quickly. The steam output of ordinary steam irons is on average 40 grams per minute.

How does a steam iron work?

Steam irons work with a unique combination of heat, pressure and steam compared to normal dry irons. The heat is generated by a heating coil located in the bottom of the iron. This is made to glow by electricity and thus heats the soleplate. The temperature regulator is also important for the proper functioning of the iron. This prevents the iron from overheating.

A crucial difference in comparison with the dry iron is the integrated water tank of the steam iron. Thanks to this, you have the possibility to slightly moisten your laundry before ironing, which sustainably improves the ironing results. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to moisten your laundry, but you can work exclusively with the hot steam.

On the bottom of each steam iron there are tiny nozzles from which the steam comes out. Furthermore, most irons in the test have a rotary switch, with the help of which you can adjust the temperature. This control is important because some textiles are more delicate and should not be ironed so hot.

Cotton is the least susceptible and usually tolerates temperatures of more than 100 degrees Celsius without any problems. So here you may set your rotary switch to the highest setting without hesitation.

Silk and chiffon are the materials that you should only iron on the lowest setting. It is best to look at the care label if you are unsure about the ironing temperature. If you see three dots on the iron symbol, it means that a high temperature is allowed.

If only one dot is visible, you should be careful. Some textiles may not be ironed at all; in this case, the iron is crossed out.

What water to use for a steam iron?

In order to enjoy your steam iron for as long as possible, you should only use distilled water if possible. This is especially true if you live in an area with high water hardness.

How to clean a steam iron?

Especially the soleplate of a steam iron should be cleaned regularly so that it does not become dull and the ironing performance decreases. It also often happens that the soleplate gets dirty due to incorrect ironing; this is especially the case if the textiles are not ironed inside out as recommended.

Clean the soleplate only when the iron has cooled down completely. The easiest way to clean it is with a little vinegar water.

What soleplate should have a steam iron?

Most commercially available steam irons are equipped with a ceramic or a stainless steel soleplate. The ceramic soleplate has proven to be particularly durable in the test. In this context, also make sure that the soleplate has a high-quality coating.

Advantages of a steam iron

Compared to the normal dry iron, this one allows you to quickly and easily remove wrinkles from your clothes after washing. If you wear shirts or other business clothes every day and have to iron a lot, you will quickly be convinced of the advantages of a steam iron.

Garments made of heavy cotton or even linen often have stubborn creases after washing, which are difficult to remove with a dry iron.

Thanks to hot steam, it’s easy to get laundry wrinkle-free quickly. It is important that you already make sure when buying that the iron is as pointed as possible at the front. The more pronounced this tip is, the easier it will be for you to iron even hard-to-reach places in comparison.

Another significant advantage of a steam iron in the test: compared to a dry iron, such a model even allows you to refresh textiles hanging. So you don’t necessarily have to get out your ironing board, but you can treat shirts and other tops with a burst of steam even when they are hanging on the hanger.

Irons are useful everyday helpers that are suitable for most types of textiles. If you are not sure, take a look at the care label to see if and how hot you are allowed to iron the particular garment.

Good steam irons in the test offer you three temperature settings, with 110° being the lowest and 220° being the highest. 150° has proven to be the middle level.

Types of steam irons

The most common is certainly the iron with a cable. This has the advantage in the test that it is light and fatigue does not occur even after a long time. In contrast, there is the steam iron with a built-in rechargeable battery. In comparison, you will notice that these irons are much heavier.

However, in return, they do not pose a risk of tripping and accidents. In comparison, the iron with a rechargeable battery has the further advantage that it can be used on the go while traveling wherever there is no power outlet available.

If you decide to buy such an iron variant, make sure that the battery is as high quality as possible. In the test, it is noticeable that the ironing performance decreases when the power of the battery comes to an end. Battery irons are much heavier than corded irons and often weigh up to three kilograms.

A special form of iron is the steam ironing station. This is designed for ironing large quantities of laundry. For such a station, you not only have to have enough space available, but you usually also have to pay a little more. In return, however, you benefit from a significantly larger water tank and can iron uninterruptedly for longer.

How are steam irons tested?

If you decide to buy a new steam iron, it is necessary to consider some basic things in the comparison. The most important product feature in the test is certainly the power, which is specified in watts. Most models in the test have 2,400 watts, which proves to be quite sufficient in practice. Equally important, however, is the steam output, which is measured in grams per minute. It should be at least 40 grams per minute so that you can work effectively.

You should also attach importance to a high-quality ironing soleplate. Ideally, this should be made of ceramic, because this material is not only durable, but also glides very well over your laundry. Inexpensive models are even still equipped with an ironing sole made of aluminum; you should refrain from such. An alternative can be the stainless steel iron soleplate, which is usually found in mid-priced models.

Well liked in the steam iron test those models that are equipped with various additional functions. The anti-calcification system was particularly successful in the product test, as this ensures a long service life for your iron. The so-called textile detection can also be quite helpful in practice. An automatic switch-off function is also indispensable. You should not only pay attention to this for your own safety, but it also helps to save electricity.

The design plays a rather subordinate role. However, you should make sure that the steam iron is as pointed as possible at the front. This way, you can easily reach hard-to-reach places like the shirt collar or the button placket. Another important criterion in the comparison is the weight of the iron.

The lighter it is, the more points it can score in the test. Many of the models in the test are equipped with an ergonomically shaped handle and are thus particularly comfortable to hold.

Last but not least, take a close look at the services and warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer. If possible, opt for a well-known brand that scored well in the test. Tefal, Philips, Bosch and Rowenta are manufacturers you definitely won’t make a mistake with.

What should I look for when buying a steam iron?

If you decide to buy a new steam iron, pay attention to the wattage and the amount of steam per minute. Both comparison parameters in the test essentially determine how good the steam iron’s ironing performance is. If you order your iron online, you won’t have a chance to try it out beforehand. However, in this case, you can read through the customer reviews on Amazon, as they are quite helpful.

Strikingly, the two aforementioned sizes do not differ significantly in most models in the test. Good devices offer you a solid power of 2,400 watts and a steam burst of 40 grams per minute. The steam output, on the other hand, varies between 110 and 220 grams. The size of the water tank is also identical for most providers and levels out at between 300 and 350 milliliters.

Basically, those models that offer you innovative additional functions are more appealing in the comparison. Among the most popular features with which modern steam irons are equipped are:

  • Descaling function
  • Drip stop: prevents water from dripping onto your clothes
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Vertical steam: is used to smooth hanging textiles
  • Steamglide function: this is a special coating on the soleplate that allows it to glide more easily

The more functions a steam iron offers you in the test, the more expensive the purchase price usually is. So before you buy, think carefully about which of the functions you actually need and which you can possibly do without. Also, take a close look at the soleplate of the iron.

The soleplate made of ceramic is considered the best that is currently available on the market. A ceramic soleplate is not only scratch and corrosion resistant, but also has a natural non-stick coating.

Current offers and coupons should also be checked, which can quickly save 20 to 30 percent off the original purchase price. There are currently many coupons at Rossmann that are worthwhile.

Care Tips

Only with a certain basic care will you enjoy your steam iron for years. Above all, descaling is a procedure that you should perform from time to time. If white spots appear on your laundry or the steam iron no longer produces steam, it is high time to descale the iron.

Modern steam irons are equipped with an anti-scale cartridge. With these irons, you have no work at all, because you simply need to replace the cartridge. If such a cartridge is not available, just get a descaler and fill it into the water tank. Only a few pumping strokes are enough and the iron will be ready for use again.

Important: After the process, rinse the tank with sufficient water to remove all residues of the descaler.

By the way: Experiments have shown that you need to descale much less frequently if you use distilled water.

Especially in regions with very calciferous water, you should not use normal tap water for your steam iron if at all possible.

Steam Iron Accessories

The most important accessory for your new steam iron is without a doubt the ironing board. Of course, you can also iron on a table, but in terms of comfort, this type of ironing leaves much to be desired. In comparison, an ironing board has the advantage that you can adjust it individually to your body size. Also, the board is shaped so that you can effectively iron both pants and tops.

The cheap alternative to the ironing board is the ironing blanket. This is equally heat and steam resistant and can be placed on any type of table. Likewise, it may be advisable for you to acquire a lint roller. If your clothes have heavy lint, you should first remove it thoroughly before ironing the clothes.

Another accessory is the cleaning pen. If the soleplate of your iron has impurities, you can easily remove them with such a pen. This can also significantly improve the overall gliding performance of the iron.

Steam Iron Alternatives

If you regularly have to deal with large mountains of laundry, the steam ironing station is the ideal alternative to the steam iron. The advantage: It works much faster. Unfortunately, it not only takes up more space, but also consumes a bit more power than the normal steam iron in the test. In return, the steam ironing station has a much larger water tank, so you can iron several garments in a row.

The higher steam output and stronger pressure also speak in favor of the ironing station in comparison. This allows you to remove even stubborn wrinkles with ease. Steam quantities of up to 120 grams per minute are not uncommon with steam ironing stations; this makes them up to three times stronger than normal steam irons in the test.

In comparison to steam irons, dry irons do not produce steam. This type of iron is very cheap in terms of purchase cost. In addition, you do not need water compared to the steam iron. However, you will never be able to achieve the same ironing results with a dry iron as with a steam iron.

Another alternative to the steam iron in the test is the steam brush. Such a steam brush is quite different in appearance from the steam iron. An electric pump is integrated into the brush, which ensures a continuous steam output.

The advantage: the steam brush is handy, so you do not need an ironing board and can use it well when traveling. You can easily remove light creases and even light stains with the help of the steam brush.

With strong wrinkles, however, such a model quickly reaches its limits. Thus, the steam brush can not completely replace an iron. Nevertheless, you should think about buying such a helper, because a steam brush is very versatile. It can easily be used for cleaning curtains or upholstered furniture.

Likewise, you can use this handy device to iron delicate clothes that have sequins. Philips, Rowenta and also Grundig have such steam brushes in their product range.

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