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The Best Tablet Holders in 2021

Author: Anthony Lee

Phone & Tablet Expert

Your tablet cost you a lot of money and you probably use it every day. So it’s important to keep it safe. Or do you just need an auxiliary device that makes using your device easier or allows you to do other tasks while using it? We at the editorial team think: almost every tablet owner should also have a suitable holder for their device.

With our large tablet holder test, we want to help you with your purchase decision for the perfect tablet holder, or simply answer your questions on this topic. We have listed and explained different types of mounts. We have also listed the advantages and disadvantages of each of these variants.

  • We differentiate between many types of tablet mounts. Which bracket you choose depends heavily on the situation in which it is to be used.
  • If you like to have your hands free when using your tablet, we recommend a holder. We generally recommend a holder if you either perform another task while using the tablet and / or need to keep your hands free while using it. It also helps to put the tablet in a place where you can easily find it.
  • The quality of the bracket plays a major role. After all, you don’t want a bad mount to be the cause of a scratch or a broken screen. When buying, you should therefore ensure that the tablet is firmly seated in the holder. We also recommend brackets made of thick plastic, or at best aluminum.

Best Tablet Holders

Lamicall Headrest Tablet Mount

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The Lamicall Universal Tablet Holder is a holder that can be attached to vehicle headrests. The size-adjustable brackets allow you to attach smaller devices from 4.4 inches as well as larger devices up to 11 inches to the bracket. It has a 360 ° rotation function. The rubber lining also protects the device from scratches.

Are you looking for a holder for your smartphone or tablet in the car to entertain yourself or your fellow travelers? Then this is your best choice.

Tryone Gooseneck Tablet Stand

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The gooseneck mount from Tyrone has a movable, 76 cm long arm made of aluminum alloy and ABS material. This arm can be rotated in all directions. It has a reinforced clamp foot that can be attached to a table or a bed. Devices from 4 to 10.6 inches can be attached to the brackets.

Are you looking for a flexible bracket with a movable arm for your work table or bed? Then we recommend this product to you.

AmazonBasics Multi-Angle Portable Tablet Stand

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The portable tablet stand from AmazonBasics has an adjustable viewing angle for tablets, e-readers and smartphones from 4 to 10 inches. The removable rubber insert protects the device from damage and also stabilizes it. The stand can be easily folded up and transported.

Are you looking for a simple stand for your tablet PC that does its job and keeps your device safe? Then the stand from AmazonBasics is your best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions: Tablet Holder

What is a tablet holder?

Whether for the smartphone or the tablet – if you are not holding your device in your hand, you need an auxiliary device that positions it so that you can see the screen clearly. And like us, you have certainly already made many brackets yourself, from your water bottle or your bag.

You can certainly imagine something under the term tablet holder. You know that it is – as the name suggests – a holder for your tablet. Did you know, however, that you have to differentiate between a large number of types of tablet mounts?

In the next chapter we will explain what types of tablet mounts exist. But we can already tell you one thing: which bracket you choose depends heavily on the situation in which it is to be used.

When is a tablet holder recommended?

If you have to hold your tablet PC in your hand while using it, you probably won’t need a holder. This applies, for example, if you use the device to play games, or in general if you have to touch the screen often during use.

Here you have to ask yourself the following question: what exactly do you use your tablet for?

But if you like to have your hands free when using your tablet, we recommend a holder. For example, if you mainly use it to watch films or series. Or if you use your device’s navigation app in the car. We generally recommend a holder if you either perform another task while using the tablet and / or have to keep your hands free while using it.

A bracket also offers another benefit. It also helps to put the tablet in a place where you can easily find it again. Do you often lose your device or can’t find a useful place to put it down? Then we also recommend a tablet holder.

What alternatives are there to the tablet holder?

Unfortunately, there are not many alternatives to a classic tablet holder. In addition, they do not come close to the functionality of a real holder.

With some tablet PCs, you get a keyboard with the purchase that you can connect to the device. this often also serves as a cover and can be converted into a holder. If such a keyboard is included in the offer, you at least don’t need a tablet stand. The keyboard takes over this function.

Otherwise, you can convert many items in the household into a holder. In principle, a heavy object against which you can lean your tablet is sufficient. Your creativity is required here. However, such an object does not offer the functionality and stability of a classic holder. It can also only be used as a stand, or rather a backrest.

Another alternative to a tablet stand is a tablet pillow

Types of Tablet Holders

Tablet Holder with Special Mount: Advantages & Disadvantages

A tablet holder can have many attachments. It depends on the type of application which type of attachment your bracket has. So we have grouped the many special mounts in one category so as not to confuse you with countless types of tablet mounts.

If you need a mount for the car, you can think of many areas on your car that a mount can be attached to. You can attach a holder with a suction cup to the windshield. Otherwise there are also special brackets for the headrests or ventilation.

Tablet mounts with magnets can also be very useful. They also offer maximum mobility and operational capability. You only need a metal surface.

A bracket that can be screwed to a surface is not too mobile, but certainly more stable. Such a bracket is often combined with other types of attachment. Brackets that are attached to a wall and have a magnetic surface are therefore very interesting. You can attach your tablet to this surface. If that doesn’t work, you can buy a magnetic case.


  • Can be attached almost anywhere


  • Often a decision has to be made between mobility and security / stability

Tablet Holder with Swivel Arm: Advantages & Disadvantages

A tablet holder with a swivel arm, or gooseneck, is the most flexible variant that you can buy. At one end you attach the holder to an object or surface. At the other end is the holder for your device. These two parts are connected with a swivel arm that you can turn in all directions.

This bracket can be attached to objects or surfaces in different ways. That depends on how the bracket is attached. It is very flexible, but it does not offer maximum security and stability. A sturdy swivel arm is very important.


  • Movable / flexible
  • Can be attached almost anywhere


  • Not very stable and secure

Tablet Stand: Advantages & Disadvantages

A tablet stand is the simplest form of tablet holder. This is just a device that you place your device in. However, sometimes you can mount your tablet in the holder.

You can then place the holder on a surface such as your desk. This bracket is not overly secure as your device can easily fall out of the fixture if you drop the bracket. However, it is very mobile and very easy to use.


  • mobility
  • Ease of use


  • Not very stable or secure
  • Very simple / no special functions

Tablet Chest Mount: Advantages & Disadvantages

You can of course also carry your tablet on your body. This means your arm or your hand. If you don’t always want to carry your tablet PC in your hand, but still carry it with you during use, a kind of case with a strap will help you here.

The tablet is pushed into the case. There is a strap on the case that you can slide either your arm or your hand into. This bracket does not offer the optimal level of security and stability. But you won’t find a more mobile version on the market.


  • mobility
  • Ease of use


  • Not too stable or secure
  • Very simple / no special functions

Tablet Holder for the Wall: Advantages & Disadvantages

We distinguish between two variants of tablet mounts for the wall. The bracket can be screwed to the wall or otherwise fastened, or built into it.

If you build a bracket into the wall, and thus also want to fix your tablet to the wall, a laborious assembly awaits you, but the result is impressive. If you only use your tablet to control smart home elements, you can opt for this type of bracket. Plus, you’ll never lose your tablet again. These mounts are very safe and stable, but not mobile.


  • Very safe and stable
  • Device cannot be lost


  • Often fixed, therefore not mobile
  • Damage to the wall is assumed

Tablet Holder: Purchase Criteria


This means the compatibility of the mount with your device. Above all, your tablet should not be too big or too small for the holder. So before buying, find out about the models or sizes that can be used with the tablet holder.

You will often find the compatible size in inches in the description of a tablet holder. So make sure your tablet is the required size.

Most of the time, only the tablet model that fits in the holder is specified. Is it your tablet? Then you can buy this bracket.

Fortunately, many tablet holders are adjustable in size. They are compatible with all common tablet sizes. In the description of the bracket you will usually find the different compatible models and / or an agreed size interval.

Mounting type

A tablet holder is not just a tablet holder. As we already described in the last chapter, there are many different types of mounts for your tablet PC with different types of attachment.

Should it be fixed in the car with a clamp or just lie in a holder? So it is important that you think about which of these mounts you will need before buying.

Stability & Safety

A relevant quality feature is the stability of the bracket. This means the stability of the bracket itself and whether it stays in the position you set. The stability of your tablet in the holder is also meant.

You should pay attention to stability and safety, especially with a mount for the car.

You can tell whether these important properties are given, for example, by whether the clamps of the bracket are rubberized or damaged with knobs.

At best, a tablet stand should also be padded so that your device does not slip in the holder and get scratched.

Stability means security – not only for your device, but also for you. You should therefore pay attention to this property when buying a bracket for your car in particular.


Another quality feature is the material of your tablet holder. Most of the mounts you will find are made of plastic. Many are also made from aluminum. Tablet stands made of wood are nice to look at.

The stability and security of the holder and the material often correlate with one another. We recommend a bracket made of aluminum or thick plastic if the stability of the bracket and your device is important to you.


A normal tablet stand is not very flexible. You put your tablet PC in the holder and you can’t move your device much further. However, some tablet holders are flexible and movable.

Such a function is very useful in a car, for example.
Fasteners with a swivel arm, for example, you can turn into any position. Other holders have built-in rails that allow you to slide your tablet up and down. You can also rotate some brackets.


This means whether you can dismantle, transport and then reassemble the holder quickly and easily.

After all, you will need your tablet holder not just in one but in several places. In the car, bedroom or living room – of course you don’t want to have to buy a separate tablet holder for every location.

So if you want to use your tablet in different rooms or locations, we recommend that you make sure that the holder has a certain mobility when buying it.

Facts about Tablet Holder

How do I use a tablet holder?

How easily you attach your tablet PC in the holder naturally depends on the type of holder. Basically, the attachment and use of a tablet holder are self-explanatory.

If you have bought a simple stand or a holder in which you only have to put the tablet, then it is very easy for you. Many brackets have brackets. You have to attach your device between these and you can use the holder.

For more complicated mounts, such as those that need to be attached to the wall, read the instructions carefully. In general, we advise you to always read the instructions, if available.

What should you watch out for with tablet mounts?

You have now bought a holder and are wondering what you have to pay attention to when using such a holder. In itself there is not very much to consider.

We always advise you to ensure that your tablet is securely attached to the holder at all times. If it falls off the holder, it can be expensive.

If you want to use your tablet as a navigation system in the car or while cycling, it is also important to have the device booted up and the navigation app open before you set off. Set your destination and only start driving when you no longer have to operate the device while driving. This is how you can prevent an accident while using your tablet.

What are other useful functions of a tablet holder?

Let your creativity run free. You can also use a tablet holder for other purposes. How you can continue to use your bracket naturally also depends on the type of bracket.

A tablet stand can also be converted into a book stand or music stand. In principle, you can certainly store anything here that is roughly the size of your tablet. This also includes your smartphone, for example.

If your bracket has adjustable brackets, you can get even more creative and attach just about anything to it. Your smartphone can also be easily attached here.

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